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Becoming America

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BC: Becoming America tells the tale of the American Dream. From its very beginnings during the time of the pilgrims until present day, this dream has defined America. However, for most people the "American Dream" is a complex fairy tale that in unachievable. In Becoming America, this defining idea is stripped of all of the complexities, and laid bare to what it truly means.

FC: Spencer Starr's Mill 5th | Becoming America | N ich Gossner

1: Table of Contents Dedication.....................................................2 Personal Beliefs...........................................4 Article reviews.............................................6 Summary of American Dream....................16 Role of Persuasive Writing........................22 Perceptions of America..............................24 Realities of American................................26 Prospectus..................................................28 Happiness...................................................35

3: Dedication: This book is dedicated to Justin. For without his inspiration I would not have written this book.

4: Personal Beliefs: The American dream is a widely debated topic. Some think being famous is the American dream. To others its money. For others they simply wish to have able to support themselves. For me, I have always wanted to join the military and raise a family. I was raised in a home with four boys and a great mom and dad. I was raised in a suburb with a nearly 100 acre forest behind my house which served as the playground for my brothers and me. As we grew up we were | "I hope and dream to provide a great environment for my kids..." | able to explore and do almost anything we wanted in those woods. My parents were never overprotective and always gave us the freedom to be boys. Also my dad was a pilot for Delta Airlines. This allowed us to travel around the country even though we were not rich.

5: In my eyes achieving the American Dream would be to live a life as close to my father's as possible. I have dreamed of joining the military for nearly all my life. I would hope to be in the military for a while and start a family. Eventually, leave the military and settle down. I hope and dream to provide as great an environment for my kids as my dad did for me. This would be truly achieving the dream for me. To raise a family and give my kids the freedom and ability to grow up and achieve their own dreams. But this is the beauty of the American Dream. Each person's is different. In reality the American Dream is whatever a person strives to achieve in life Word Count: 268

6: Article Review 1 Meachon, Jon. Keeping the Dream Alive. Time, 21 June 2012. Web. 29 Aug. 2013. Jon Meachon’s article “Keeping the Dream Alive” effectively captures what the American Dream really is for Time.com. It starts out by explaining how achieving the American Dream is far more difficult to achieve than it has been in the past few decades. Many people even feel as if it is impossible to achieve. Meachon explains that even though it may seem like the Dream is dying, it will persevere. The American Dream has persevered through centuries and been through far more troubling times than the current economic situation. Meachon says that this is what makes America great. The article is easy to understand because of its simple wording and basic sentences. The article is useful for people who researching the American Dream. “Keeping the Dream Alive” targets average Americans and attempts to inspire them to achieve greatness, even when it seems impossible.

8: Article Review 2 Kiger, Patrick J. How the American Dream Works. How Stuff Works, 10 July 2012. Web. 15 Sept. 2013. Kiger explains several facets of the American Dream in his article “How the American Dream Works.” Kiger is a writer for How Stuff Works, which is a notable company that has published several explanatory books. The article begins by explaining much of the disagreement on what “The American Dream” really is. Kiger then goes on to explain its origins and evolution over the years.

9: Finally, he ends his article with how the American Dream can survive the 21st century. The article is easy to read and understand because of the step by step explanation Kiger uses to analyze the American Dream. The article is useful for students who want to know what the American Dream really is, and how it came to be. How stuff Works successfully analyzed the American Dream from several different viewpoints in this article.

10: Article Review 3 Rosen, James. The American Dream: New Models Show How Close - or Far Away - It Is. FOX News Network. 26 Sept. 2013. Web. 26 Sept. 2013. Rosen digs into ADCI and how it relates to the economy in his article “The American Dream: New Models Show How Close - or Far Away - It Is.” Rosen explains that the ADCI or American Dream Composite Index is a metric survey that that samples 1000 people online each month. The survey is then used to find out how close the nation as a whole is to achieving the American Dream.

11: Rosen then goes on to explain how the number put out by the ADCI each month can be used to very accurately predict things such as the GDP or the average monthly jobless claims published by the government. The article is short and to the point, making it very easy to read and understand. The article would be useful for finding out how close America is to the American Dream, but does little to explain the concept of what the American Dream is. The article, posted on Fox News, explains a brilliant new idea, the ADCI, and serves as an advertisement of how the ADCI can be used to predict certain economic numbers.

13: Article Review 4 “American Dream”. Merriam-Webster, 2012. Web. 10 Oct. 2013. M-W.com take an extremely complex topic, the American Dream, and defines it eloquently and simply in their dictionary entry “American Dream.” Merriam Webster takes the concept of the American dream and says exactly what it means in everyday terms. They go on to explain the different ways many Americans achieve this dream. The most common dream, according to M-W, is a small town family living comfortably in a suburban home. Also, a brief history of the term’s origins is given, first being used in 1931. The article is fairly easy to read, being simply stated and written with everyday vocabulary. The article is useful for a plain summarized definition of the American Dream, but lacks detail to be useful for research. M-W.com takes an indefinable topic, and makes it clear and simple in the dictionary entry “American Dream.”

14: Article Review 5 Abraham, Molly. American Dream. Hour Detroit. 22 Oct. 2013. Web. 22 Oct. 2013. In Abraham’s article “American Dream” she talks about how the American Dream was achieved by two immigrants that came to the US in 1989. It starts off by giving the back story of these two Russian immigrants. Eventually, both of these immigrants came to the US and got jobs in the food industry. As they worked their way to the top, both contemplated life dreams. They met each other in 1996 and got married five years later. As the article goes on, it explains how they had both dreamed of opening their own restaurant.

15: After several years of marriage, the couple finally opened a soups and crepes restaurant that has had a fantastic reception in the Detroit community. The Article gives a perfect picture of the American Dream, explaining it simply, making it great for researching the American Dream. Abraham’s article serves as an example of the American Dream, but was in fact meant to be an extraordinarily positive critique of the restaurant itself.

16: The "American Dream" | The American Dream is an elusive goal that is very hard to achieve. Thousands of author's have tried to define this so called dream. Each one seems to have a slightly different idea about the American Dream. Each author successfully defines at least a portion of the Dream but most fail to capture it in all its glory. If a person backed up and looked at the American dreamed defined in all these different ways he might be able to see a clearer picture.

17: Some authors us the immigrant as an example of achieving the American dream. They see a poor helpless person stepping into American for the first time full of hope. Slowly the person rises from the bottom of society. Eventually he may start his own restaurant if that is his goal or even go for a political office. | "happiness and contentment are the common variable, and that is what defines the American Dream."

18: Others define it as the small town family living comfortably with a few young children. What each author seems to hit on is that the person in the end is completely satisfied with where they are at. It is similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. A person looks for the most basic needs first and then for the wants. According the Maslow, the last stage a person can get to is self actualization, which is being completely happy. If all the author's different definitions were combined, happiness and contentment would be the common variable, and that is what defines the American Dream. Word Count: 258

22: Made By Literature Over the years a strange idea developed about America. This idea was the American Dream. It began before America actually existed. It was what caused the settlers to go to Jamestown, and the pilgrims to go to Plymouth. The idea was that there was something better in the “promise land” across the ocean. Anyone who went to this land could control their own destiny. Of course these ideas of American being a “promise land” did not develop on their own; they had writers to create them. At first the writers simply were paid advertisers for joint stock companies. But as America developed, some of these rumors about America came true. As America grew, “Americans” began to give their opinion on what America really was. However, these ideas about America were not called the American Dream until 1931. Before 1931, one piece of literature that largely defined this idea was the Declaration of Independence. It said that every man had the rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It used logical appeal by stating every way Britain had denied Americans those rights. | "Life, Liberty, and The

23: The entire purpose of the Declaration of Independence and the Revolution was to guarantee those rights to people in America. The rights listed in the Declaration play a key part in forming what would become the American Dream. Another piece of literature that would have a large affect on the American Dream was the Mayflower compact. It was written when America was still called the Promise Land. It served as the first form of government and would even be used in part as a model of the future government of the US. Even when it was written, the Mayflower Compact was an extremely important document. It was written in an elevated language to give it credibility. This credibility kept the Mayflower Compact relevant when the Constitution was being written. Since the Mayflower Compact served as the first form of government by the people in the New World, it embodies what would become the American Dream. Writings like these and hundreds of others are essentially what shaped the American Dream. It was even in a book that the American Dream was first called the American Dream. These writings define the American Dream. Word Count :375 | Pursuit of Happiness"

24: America has always been thought of as a “melting pot.” America is composed of immigrants from hundreds of different countries all mixed together to form an American. Most of those immigrants came from Europe and Asia. All of these immigrants from all over the world chose America because they felt that they had no country. The country they lived did not care for them and were glad to hand them off to America. These people came to America because they thought it would be a fresh start. America had a new system of government unlike any other in the world. America was thriving economically and politically. | The Perceptions

25: America offered a chance for even the lowliest immigrant to rise up in society, and become whatever he wished. People wanted to become an American because they wanted to be a new person. De Crevecoeur describes how America is a new kind of place in his letter “What is an American.” He says that people can actually consider themselves a citizen in American, unlike other countries where they feel unwanted. De Crevecoeur uses emotional appeal to describe being an American, and what America is like. When Immigrants came to America they expected a fresh start with endless possibilities; they expected to thrive. Word Count: 210 | "They expected to thrive"

26: They thought many things of America, some of them were true, and some were not. In the movie An American Tail, a family of immigrants come to America from Russia. They had heard many tales of grandeur about America and many of them were true but, many had been grossly over exaggerated. They assumed that the danger would be gone. Of course this was not true. They assumed that everyone would be wealthy, and they would no longer be lacking anything. | As America got older, it gained in wealth, prosperity, and in size. Millions of immigrants came to America from all over the world. They came from Russia, from Europe, from Asia, and they even came from Britain. These immigrants came because they had a perception of America. | The Realities of

27: This was partially true because being “poor” in America is far richer than “poor” for the rest of world. But of course not everyone was rich. The family did find work however and were able to live meagerly, but still in relative comfort. While so many things about the perception of America were not true, the conditions were still far superior to anywhere else in the world. Word Count: 195 | The "Promise Land" | "These immigrants came because they had a perception of America."

28: Prospectus

30: Statement of the Problem: Gun control is an issue that has emerged more recently over the last several decades. Generally, more liberal politicians want to severely limit the gun rights of the average American. This impedes on the very basic rights of the American constitution and the American Dream.

31: Significance of the Problem: When the government begins to violate the the Bill of Rights of its own constitution, it creates a problem. The Bill of Rights was a huge part of what the American Dream was. It was guaranteed freedom. And when the government ignores this freedom, The American Dream dies.

32: Thesis: Gun control infringes on the Bill of Rights, takes away personal protection, and puts the country on a path towards socialism or even communism.

33: Information Needed: To prove that gun control could cause the death of the American dream you need historical back ground on the American constitution. You also need facts on the different communities in the US who have tried gun control. Research on other countries who have had gun control is needed. Personal interviews of the proponents of gun control will be helpful. The final thing needed is relevant information on the American Dream, and how it started out.

34: Conclusion: Gun control is a relatively new issue that threatens America. It could very easily lead to the death of the American Dream. To prove this however, all kinds of information is needed on America, and other countries who have attempted gun control

35: Happiness The American Dream seems to be an elusive goal that is assumed to mean accomplishing every goal a person has in life. Nearly every definition of the American Dream is different. The stereo type American Dream is a small town family living in a mid sized home:the fathers works a good job while the mother takes care of the kids. However, of any author, a psychologist named Maslow seems to get the closest to what the American Dream really is. He said that every person had certain needs, and that some of these needs take precedence over others. The final stage of his "hierarchy of needs" was called Self Actualization. This meant that a person was comfortable in life, had all basic needs meet, and was happy. The key word in his definition is happy. No matter how much or how little a person has, if they are happy, they have achieved the American Dream. Word Count 151

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