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Berrey Family 2011

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S: Berrey Family 2011

FC: BerreyFamily Album 2011 | g

1: The year 2011 was a very fun and exciting year for the Berrey family. We did lots of fun things and went to many exciting places. I pray that all of our years are as blessed as this one.

2: Jennifer's | Wrestling Meets !!

3: It was really exciting to watch Jenn compete in girls wrestling. It was a sport I never thought she would do and she looked great out there. Landon also really enjoyed watching and bringing his toys to play with in the stands. JAN 2011

4: Color Time | the boys ans Daddy enjoying some time together coloring. JAN 2011

5: January Birthday Party | In January we celebrated Jana Berrey, Carol Berrey, and Rachel and Evan Zilinek's birthdays. Everyone had lots of fun and ate lots of cake.

6: UNDERPANTIES | The Boys think it is so funny to run around and dance in their underwear which they call underpanties FEB 2011

7: FISHING | GAME | The boys really enjoyed the new fishing game that I got for them, they enjoyed matching the numbers and colors together. FEB 2011


9: For Valentines Day this year we gave the boys tin lunch boxes with candy and stuffed animal dogs. We also a Valentines social at the church and I made some desserts for everyone. FEB 14,2011.

10: We had an unusual amount of snow this year. It snowed and snowed and snowed and then snowed some more. THe boys loved it. We went on snow walks ans built a snowman, drank hot chocolate and caught snowflakes on our tongues. Feb 2011

12: To celebrate our five year anniversary, Brandon and I went down to Seattle and ate at BJ's restaurant, where we had a great meal and a really yummy cookie and ice cream dessert. These past five years have flown by and I can't wait to see what the next five years will bring us. I love you, honey! | 5 YEARS! | FEB 25,2011

13: AWANA GRAND PRIX! | This was the first year that both Landon and Cooper were able to both make a car for the grand prix race. Everyone had a lot of fun watching the race and the boys were really happy to get their ribbons. FEB 2011


15: It was bittersweet to watch Jennifer performing at her last home drill meet. She did a awesome job and won first place for the drill team and for drill commander. I can't believe that she is a senior this year and this was my last time to get to watch her performing. March 2011

16: Mt. Baker Trip

17: This was the first year that the whole family got a chance to go to Mt.Baker for the weekend. We stayed at the Mountaineers Lodge, and the boys had a great time going skiing and sledding and playing with their cousins Eris and Sophie. MARCH 2011

18: Kyleigh's

19: 5th Birthday Party | April 9,2011

20: My last year in my twenties, I feel so old, yet I know I have still have a lot of life to live and good things to come. I am so thankful for my husband and two wonderful boys. It's going to be a great year. | 29 YEARS OLD | April 17, 2011

22: Happy Easter 2011


25: Theme Nights | Awana is something the boys look forward to every week. Kite night and piñata night were probably two of their favorites. April 2011


27: This was the fourth and last time going to Jennifer's award ceremony for ROTC. It was really cool to see her being honored and getting all of her awards. I also got the chance to make the dessert which was 200 decorated cupcakes. I know that Jennifer has a great future ahead of her and I wish her all the best. I love you, little sister. MAY 7, 2011

28: Happy Mother's Day | I am a very lucky woman, with a wonderful family that makes me feel special. This Mother's Day, landon made me a card and gave me a picture of himself that he had made at school. We had a great time at church and I enjoyed a relaxing day at home May 8, 2011

29: Vampire Teeth! | At awana store night the boys got these vampire teeth which they thought were so funny to put on and scare each other with. may 2011

30: AWANA | Every year the boys look forward to the Awana carnival. They get to play on different bounce housed, eat lots of yummy food and play with their friends. May 2011



33: At Landon's preschool there is an annual event called fishing day. Family and friends are also invited and Cooper had a lot of fun doing crafts, listening to stories and of course fishing. Mammaw was there to help out and everyone had a lot of fun. MAY 2011 | DAY!

34: TEE-BALL 2011 | It was really exciting to watch Landon in his first year of Tee-ball. He progresses so much from the first game to the last and he had so much fun playing and being on the same team with his cousin Hunter. Everyone that could came out to watch him playand we had a lot of fun cheering him on and eating lots of peanuts

36: Family Fun Day at Riverfront Park June 2011

37: Preschool Graduation

38: Happy Birthday Teyla & Danica! | We celebrated my nieces 3rd and 2nd birthdays by having a party at their house. it was Little Einsteins themed and it was warm enough outside for the kids to go swimming. Everyone had alot of fun and the girls were so cute in their swimsuits. June 4, 2011


41: I can hardly believe that Landon is already 5 yeras old. The years have flown by. On his actual birthday we had a party at school, I brought pirate cupcakes and he got to wear a special birthday crown, and that night Mommy, Daddy, and Cooper took him to a birthday dinner at Big Scoop restaurant. Landon enjoyed his special day and was really excited about his birthday party that weekend. June 9, 2011

42: Congratulations Jennifer Class of 2011

43: It was really wonderful to see Jenn graduate from high school , I still see her as my baby sister calling me sissy and following me wherever I would go. Now she is all grown up and I will miss not having her around all the time as she embarks on her journey into this world. June 2011.

44: Landon's B-Day Party!

45: Aunt Tracie | Cousin Adam | Cousin Monica | Uncle Myron | Cousin Emma | Uncle Andrew | Cousin Rachel | Cousin Danica | Cousin Teyla | Cousin Jackson | Cousin Eris | Brother Cooper | Cousin Sophie | Cousin Kalysta | We had Landon's 5th birthday party at Mt.Baker Gymnastics. Everyone had lots of fun including the grownups. Landon really liked his cake and all of his presents. June 11, 2011

46: Jennifer's High School Graduation Party!

47: Katie-Jo Treadway born June 8, 2011


49: Every year we enjoy going to the Burlington Berry Dairy Days parade. The boys like looking at the tractors and seeing the horses. The weather this year was a little rainy but we still had a good time. June 2011.

50: Handstand Boys! | The boys love doing handstands on the couch at every chance they get, which is probaly why the couch is starting to get rips and tears in it. I guess that's what happens when you have two high energy boys. June 2011

51: I really enjoy having me nieces Teyla and Danica over to visit. They love getting their nails painted and doing crafts and anything else that is super girly. Having two boys I have to get my fix somehow.June 2011 | Girl Time with Aunt Amanda!

56: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

57: This year we decided to go to Tacoma and try out their zoo. Having always gone to Woodland Park Zoo in Seatlle we weren't sure what to expect. It was alot of fun we got to see two week old baby snow leopards, polar bears and some huge sharks. The boys really enjoyed themselves and probably the most exciting part was getting to ride on a camel. We will defiantly be going back. June 2011

58: Landon's First Movie! | We wanted to wait to take Landon to his first movie in a theater until he was old enough to sit quietly and watch. Cars 2 came out right around his 5th birthday and we decided that would be his gift from Mommy and Daddy. He really seemed to enjoy being in the big room with the huge screen. We went in the middle of the afternoon and Landon actually ended up falling asleep in the middle of it and then woke up for the last 20 minutes. Oh well at least we enjoyed watching it. JUne 2011

59: 4 Generations | Pictured are Carol Berrey, Wendi Lind, Samantha Trevino, Kyleigh Trevino, and Kaylsta Trevino.

63: Every year on the 4th of July we go to the loggerodeo parade in the morning and then go to Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Hayley's house for a bbq and to celebrate Madison's B-day. Afterwards we light sparklers and small fireworks in the street and when it finally gets dark we head to Riverfront Park and watch the big Fireworks which this year both the boys fell asleep on Daddy before they began and didn't even wake up when they were going off. They were exhausted after such a long day. Everyone had a great time and I can't wait until next year.

66: Happy 7th Birthday Madison

67: Clear Lake

68: VBS Nazareth july 2011 | For vbc this year we did something different and decided to do the Nazareth study. The kids got to wear costumes and everyone was in the same room, it was really alot of fun

69: Happy 18th Birthday Jennifer!

70: Morning Storytime | My Teacher Miss Kelly | Learning Board | Firehouse | Washing my Hands | Dress-up Station | Play Kitchen | Eating Breakfast | Brushing My Teeth | Sandbox | Being Pulled on the trike | Me pulling someone | Scooter trike | Bulldozer | My best friend and cousin Hunter Berrey

71: Landon's day at Pre-School | Slides | Time to line up | Game Time | Playing in the kitchen | Dress up time | Lunch Time | Brushing my teeth | Nap Time | Art Time | Letter Recognition | Snack Time | Landon has had a great experience at Upper Skagit Preschool. He learned a lot and made lots of friends. I can't believe that his two years being there are already over, and I feel grateful that he was able to go this school with his cousins and have a wonderful time doing it. July 2011

72: Touch a Truck Event July 2011

73: Mammaw heard about this great event that was going on in Seattle called Touch a Truck. They had every imaginable type of vehicle from buses,limos, helicopters, construction trucks, and lots more. They also had bounce houses and slides for the boys to go on. Landon and Cooper had such a great time. It was pretty much every little boys dreams coming true of being able to sit inside all of these vehicles.

74: Camping at Jim Creek July 2011

75: This summer we decided to go camping at Jim Creek. Papa Walt,, Grandma Jana, G..G. and the four of us had a great time. We stayed for two nights and we went fishing, played games, made smores and in general had an awesome time. We pretty much had the place all to ourselves so the boys were able to run free with out us worrying that they were bothering someone and it was really nice to have playground right behind our cabin. The favorite thing for the boys was the porch swing, they loved it and didn't want to get off of it even to eat. I am really glad that we went on this little vacation it was very relaxing and I can't wait until we go again.

76: Twin Lakes

80: Lucas kent rosenfield born August 7, 2011

81: working hard at papa walt's house

82: texas august 2011 | what a fun little vacation it was going down to texas. I went down for four days to spend some time with my sister before she started college and mom, sue, and shelby were also there. we went to the beach, to a huge waterpark, george bush library, and lots of other fun places. It was sad to be leaving jennifer behind but i know that it won't be long before she is back home

83: 100+ degrees

84: galvaston

85: beach

86: Friday

87: Creek | August 2011

88: Hiking at

89: Mount Baker

90: going to mount baker in the summer is a lot different than in the winter. We had such a great time going hiking and spending time with family. we even got to see smokey the bear which the boys thought was pretty awesome. there was even still some snow on the ground in places and it was funny to watch the boys slide around in the snow wearing shorts. August 2011

92: Family Fun Night MVCS | On the bouncy slide | Playing bean bag toss | Throwing the football | Mushroom bounce house | Horses | Taking a ride

93: Landon's first day of Kindergarten! | I cannot believe that my oldest baby is in kindergarten. He has grown up way too fast and when that bus pulled away I actually started tearing up a little bit. August 31,2011

94: Cooper's First Day of Preschool | The day has finally arrived where both of my kids are in school. Cooper started preschool today and he was so excited to get there and play. He loves his new classroom and immediately became friends with Grayson, a boy in his class who loves trains.

95: Happy 3rd Birthday Emma | The boys and I went over to cousin Emma's house to give her her b-day present. We gave her a really cool metal pink cap gun with a belt and holster. She really liked it and the boys had a lot of fun playing with their cousins. Sept 2011



98: Happy 6th Birthday Hunter | Sept 28, 2011

99: Cooper and Kalysta

100: Landon's first year playing soccer

101: Landon really enjoyed playing soccer this year. the first few weeks he wasn't sure how to play and it took him a little bit to get into the game. by the last few games he was going after the ball and having fun. i am sure that next year he will be more experienced and really get out there and get that ball. sept-oct 2011

102: Jones Creek Farm

103: I love fall especially when we have the chance to go to the local farm and pick apples and pumpkins. This year we also got to go on hay ride and they had a haunted greenhouse set up. The boys were not a fan especially when the huge fake spider started moving. At the end of the morning we had some delicious apples and big beautiful pumpkins to take home with us. Oct 2011

104: Happy 4th Birthday Cooper!

105: On Cooper's B-day I woke him up with a cookie pop and a big hug, later he had school so he took cookie pops to all of his classmates. Later that night Daddy and I gave him his present which was a big boy bike and helmet with toy story on them. For dinner we took him out to Red Robin his favorite restaurant and he got balloons and an ice cream sundae. All in all he had a pretty great day. I can't believe how quickly he has grown up and I look forward to many more wonderful years with my little Cooper. October 17,2011

106: Running, Running Gone! | During one of Landon's soccer games, Cooper decided he wanted to run up and down the side of the field. I don't know many times he dis this but he didn't have any trouble falling asleep that night. Oct 2011

107: Soccer Awards Night | Landon's award ceremony for soccer was held at Alfy's pizza and all of the players and their parents were there. Landon received his trophy and had alot of fun eating pizza with his team mates. I made some fun cupcakes with their jersey numbers on them and everyone enjoyed themselves. 10/21/11

108: Cooper's 4th B-Day Party!

110: Frog Pillow pet from Aunt Jennifer | Talking dump truck from Grandma Judy (G.G.) | Firehouse and firetruck from Mammaw and Pappaw | Transformer from Aunt Stacy & Uncle Bill | Camo rain boots from Grandma Jana & Papa Walt | Rescue vehicles from Samantha and Rene | Presents and Guests

111: Cooper had his birthday party at the children's museum in Burlington. He had a Toy Story theme and I made him a rocket ship cake and cake pops that looked like the characters. Everyone had a great time and Cooper got lots of fun presents and enjoyed playing with all of his cousins. Oct 22, 2011 | Jackson | Hunter | Jordan | Adam | Emma | Landon | Kyleigh | Madison | Carter | Danica | Teyla | Kalysta

112: Preschool Trip to Schuh Farm

113: Cooper's Preschool class had a field trip to Schuh Farm in Burlington. We also had cousin Kalysta with us and the two of them had a lot of fun riding on the hay truck, picking out a pumpkin, and listening to a story. Their favorite part was seeing the animals and getting to feed the chickens ears of corn. Besides the fact that it was really cold and super windy we all had a great time. 10/28/11

114: pumpkin carving | daddy and the boys carving pumpkins, well mostly daddy cutting with the boys watching 10/30/11

116: Harvest Festival at Calvary Baptist

117: The boys had alot of fun playing games and winning prizes at church. Cooper's favorite was the bowling and Landon liked spinning the wheel with the numbers on it. 10/30/11

118: Happy Halloween 2011 | This year for Halloween, Landon was a pirate and Cooper was a cowboy. They both looked so cute in their costumes. To start off th night we went to a local neighborhood and went trick or treating. After that we headed to His Place church, where they ere having their annual celebration with games and food and lots of things for the boys to do. We will definitely be going back to this next year.

123: To celebrate Thanksgiving this year we had both sets of grandparents over for dinner. Even though it is a little crowed, I love being able to host this holiday with both sides of our family. November 24, 2011

124: O Christmas Tree!

125: I love this time of year, when I can pull out all of my Christmas decorations. This year we started the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and the boys really enjoyed helping put up the tree and putting all of the ornaments on. November 26, 2011

126: Happy 5th B-Day Adam!

127: For my nephew Adam's Birthday we were invited over to his house for cake and ice cream and to paint their own wood vehicle. The boys really enjoyed the painting and they had alot of fun playing with their cousins. Dec 3, 2011

128: Landon's Christmas Program | It was so wonderful to see Landon perform with his class. He is really shy about singing in front of people, but I thought he was great and so did Pappaw and Mammaw who also came to watch the show. 12-8-2011

129: Advent Calender | Every December the boys look forward to using the advent calender to count down till Christmas Dec 2011

130: Kalysta's 2nd B-Day Party

131: December 10,2011

132: Great Wolf Lodge Day One! | December 11,2011

134: Story Time with Randy the Reindeer

135: The boys really enjoyed going to story time at Great Wolf Lodge. First all of the animals come to life and put on a show with music and then Randy the Reindeer and his trainer came out and read everyone a story. Then it started snowing inside the Lodge which the boys thought was really awesome. Before coming to the show they each got to go to the gift shop and pick out a present, Cooper got the biggest stuffed wolf he could find and Landon wanted the tiny little baby one. They have such different tastes. 12/11/11

136: Our Room

137: Breakfast inside a Gingerbread House | While we were at the Lodge we ate breakfast inside of a real gingerbread house. It only had room for one table inside so it was perfect for us. The boys really enjoyed themselves and they especially liked the buffet with all of its yummy choices.

138: Day Two at Great Wolf Lodge

140: Bucket Drop!

141: The boys absolutely love,love,love Great Wolf Lodge, and I am so glad that they are able to experience it with not only their parents but also their grandparents. We all stay together in one cabin and it is so much fun. I know the boys are counting down the months until we can go again and I am looking forward to it also. Dec 12, 2011

142: Landon's Gingerbread House

143: My Christmas Table

144: Christmas at Mammaw and Pappaw's house

145: December 17,2011

146: Happy 6th Birthday | Jackson!

147: We celebrated Jackson's birthday by going to his house for a party. I made him a batman themed cake and we had pizza and the boys had a great time playing with their cousins. Dec 18,2011


149: The boys and I went to Seattle to get pictures done with Santa and while we were there we wnt and saw some amazing gingerbread houses. We also walked down to the waterfront and the boys got to ride on the carousel and we visited this amazing pirate store which they loved. Then we lunch at Red Robin with Pappaw and went to Pike Place Market. It was a long day but everyone had fun and that's what counts. 12/20/11

150: Making Cookies with Mammaw

151: Letting the boys have free access to frosting and various sprinkles and candies was probably not the best idea but they had alot of fun decorating their cookies and even more fun eating them. Dec 21,2011

152: Christmas Eve morning at Papa and Grandma's

153: On Christmas Eve morning we went to Papa and Grandma's house to eat breakfast with the boys cousins and to get their gifts from Papa and Grandma. They got alot of cool stuff and it was great being able to spend the morning with my nieces and nephews. I also really enjoyed the cinnamon rolls Papa Walt made which are really yummy!

154: Christmas Eve with the Suttons

155: Every Christmas Eve we head down to south to spend time with the Sutton side of the family. The boys love going there and jplaying on the trampoline and spending time with their cousin Delaney. THey never get bored because there is so much fun stuff to do.

156: Christmas morning

158: Christmas at Papa lee and grandma carol's house | jenn with mayo | mammaw | uncle jeremy and rachel | lucas | papa lee | uncle charlie

159: Every year on christmas day we go to the berrey's house to celebrate, Papa lee makes a yummy turley dinner and then everyone gets to open their presents and see who drew their name. The boys have a great time playing with all of their cousins and seeing their new toys | december 25, 2011

160: Christmas with the Peto's | This year we celebrated at mom and dads house. we had a great time with family, opening presents and eating lots of yummy treats

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