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Black Death

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S: The Black Death

BC: About The Author | Damaris Caballery is a thirteen year old girl who loves to read and write. Her favorite hobbies are playing basketball. She loves to ride her bike and is hoping to one day become a professional basketball player one day.

FC: By: Damaris S. Caballery | The Black Death | Eyer Middle School

1: The Black Death | By: Damaris S. Caballery | Eyer Middle School

2: I wake up at the sight dawn. I work all day until sunset. Mother, Father, Charles, Henry and Christopher are all sleeping soundly. I creep slowly out of the could house. My profession is rat catching. There are rats lurking through all the streets, yes at sixteen I, Lucas Smith love rat catching as my job.

3: Today I used some bread and a water pail to catch at least ten rats today! When noon comes I have to go home for lunch, Mother would kill me if I was late. Charles, Henry, and Christopher are all deathly ill. The doctor says they're infected with the Black Death. They're all are praying to God to heal them.

4: Even though I don't believe in God (Mother doesn't know) I still need to have faith. Charles has what I like to call the bubonic plague. He has large bubbles on his body, which are all black and swelling with blood. He groans in pain each time for his boils are everywhere.

5: Henry has pneumonic plague. His lungs are bleeding and its horrid. Christopher, well I really don't know what kind of plague he has, but its horrible. My brothers all have a fever, and they are delirious. They vomit all the time, our own house smells of throw up. My mother goes over to Charles. She had a spoon and a bowl.

6: The small bowl contains holy water which the pope blessed himself. Weakly, Charles takes in the holy water. He tears up a bit because his boils are everywhere and Mother can't keep from touching them.

7: Then Mother goes over to Henry and she gives him holy water, but less than any of the others because of his throat. After, she gives Henry a drop of water she moves onto Christopher. Mother gives Christopher most of the holy water just in case, because we don't know what kind of plague he has.

8: "Everyone! Pope Clement is here! Pope Clement is here!" Mother looks disapprovingly, but nods her head signaling me that it is okay to leave. I go outside shutting the door behind me, Pope Clement is walking with knights surrounding him as body guards. The Pope looks at me, but his guards are keeping me from getting through.

9: "Let him through." The Pope's voice was strict, the guards began to reluctantly move. "What do you need, boy? He asks. "Pope, my brothers are suffering from the black death surely there is something you can do?" I said, I felt like I was on the verge of a break down. Not everyone who had the black death dies right?

10: It's only been a day since they got it, it must not be that bad. "I will look at them, God almighty will help your brothers" Pope Clement didn't sound very promising, but it's the only thing that might help. "Where is your house, boy?" the Pope asked. I pointed to my small rundown house, where you can see the dents on the outside.

11: Pope Clement walked towards my house, his knights following him like lost puppies. We walked into my house, I heard my mother gasp. "P-pope Clement!" She looked shocked. "I wish I would have had time to clean up." My mother kept talking and stuttering like she had seen Charlengme or something. Pope Clement hushed my mother.

12: "Let me see the children," He said, his voice hushed. Mother guided the Pope to my brothers, where he then pulled holy water out from his cloak. He poured the holy water onto their boils, "Genius," Mother murmured. I rolled my eyes. The Pope then took out his bible and muttered some words in Hebrew.

13: "Mum," I groaned as she got paper to take notes. Even though my mother is a peasant she still knows how to read and write. Pope Clement got up and smiled tightly at my mother. "God will heal them, remember to pray." He seemed to be in a hurry, as he started walking faster to the door. "Wait a minute Pope," I began.

14: He turned around. "Yes?" "I have a question, if god loves us so much why does he give us this cursed disease?" Pope Clements face turned red, with anger. If I knew Popes were so short tempered then I would have never talked to him. "Young man! You dare defy the will of God! You will be punished when you die!"

15: Pope Clement slammed the door behind him practically breaking the already broken door. My mother just stood there, but when I looked back at her she started attending to my brothers. I made my way back to work catching twenty more rats on the old stone city streets. As I made my way home there were crowds of people everywhere.

16: "Praise Lucifer!" the crowds yelled. "God doesn't love us, for he has brought on this plague!" A man yelled. "If we side with Lucifer he will keep us safe!" They yelled. All of the people were dressed in black. I saw dead bodies on the street rotting, with black bubbles on their body. Some people were burning the clothes of the dead.

17: Everywhere I looked there were dead bodies. In every shop there was "Hiring" signs. Almost half of the people in our town are dead. Adding to all the Jewish that people in the town killed. Now I realize our population is setting smaller and smaller with each day. I walked home casually making sure the

18: towns people don't stop me. As I made my way home I didn't see old Mr. Jones who used to greet me everyday any more. He must have died, its sad how everyone I have know from my childhood has died. I get in front of my old house and hear my mother crying.

19: I ran inside, mom was crying. Charles, and Henry were crying too. "What happened, mum?" I asked, she pointed to Christopher's dead body- wait, dead body! His face dead. With his eyes closed, if I didn't know what death looked like, I would have mistaken him for sleeping. I felt a salty tear come from my eyes.

20: I have to stay strong for Mom, Henry, Charles, and my dad. I wish I could see his smile again. He was a knight, and a fearless one at that. He died running a crusade, and since we had no one else to support us, we became peasants. It's been almost five years, I haven't seen my dad since I was ten and poor Christopher didn't even remember dad he was so young.

21: Then, I had it! I will call Christopher's black death the Septicemic plague. This plague must've gone straight to his blood stream causing death quickly. I looked outside and the people in the town square had made a giant fire and kept yelling out to anyone that would listen. My family kept crying through the night.

22: In the middle of the night I heard my mother scream. I got up quickly and ran towards her screaming voice. "Mum!" I yelled. "Henry! Henry wake up!" I froze. Not Henry, he couldn't have died. My older brother, the one I looked up to couldn't have died. I walked over to Mother who was now in hysterics.

23: I hugged mom tightly. Charles was soundly asleep. At least he is getting some sleep. I go back to my bed (the bag of hay). The next morning, I wake up the sun barley has lifted and I'm off to work again. I walk through the town square with no crowds of people to be seen. They must've left noticing that no one would

24: Follow that ludicrous act. I went into the shifting alley ways and went to the street with the most rats. I got my bucket to only catch about three rats. These rats have disgusting parasites on them. No wonder we have this cursed disease called the black death.

25: That must have been it. These rats that are infested with disease must have it. With all the rats in the city we must have gotten it. The problem came from the Mongols, yeah the Mongols who don't clean themselves and when they came to us we got wiping almost the human race out.

26: I tried catching a few more rats, but I was too focused on Charles. Will he die today? I had no idea what could happen today and I'm scared. I can't show it because I can't be weak , I need to be tough. I walk home to get lunch, and on the way I see more dead bodies then ever.

27: Only ten people were outside and they were helping put the dead bodies away. Old Mr. Jone's shop was empty so was every other shop. I got home and it was silent. I opened the door slowly and... Charles was up and walking! He was smiling! "Hey brother look my bubbles are gone!" He said. His face was radiant.

28: I hugged him and cried. My brother isn't dead! He is my only brother, and I am happy that I have no more pain to bear. My brother's plague is gone. There is no need to worry, at least for now.

29: Works Cited Marks, Geoffrey. The Medieval Plague; the Black Death of the Middle Ages. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1971. Print. McGowen, Tom. The Black Death. Art Resource, 1995. Print. Pirotta, Saviour. Health and Medicine. London: Franklin Watts, 2005. Print.

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