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Black Portfolio

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FC: To Kill a Mockingbird | By: Kylinn Ray

1: Index | Page Number | 2&3 | 5-8 | 9&10 | 11&12 | 13 | 14-17 | Setting | Point of View | Conflicts | Characterization | Symbols | Theme

2: Setting | Description: The story took place in the southern town of Maycomb, Alabama. Quote: "So, Simon, having forgotten his teachers dictum on the possession of human chattels, bought 3 slaves and with their aid established a homestead on the banks of the Alabama River some 40 miles about Saint Stephens"(Lee 4). | Description: Timing was about the 1930's or between 1933 & 1935 Quote: "Before I went to sleep Atticus put more coal on the fire in my room"(Lee 91).

3: Setting Continued... | Setting effects the conflicts and the characters in the story by determines how the characters behave based on the time and which a story is taken place. The location provides information on how the character may dress, attitude, and the norms. | -Scottsboro boys & Emmett Till | Scottsboro boys were 9 black male teenagers accused of rape by 2 white women. Also Emmit Till was a 14 year old teen who was kidnapped and then later murdered. In both trials they were either killed or accused of something that did not occur because whites over powered which could also be known as racism.

4: Real World Events Vs. To Kill A Mockingbird Events | Real World: Russell Faria of Troy, Mo accused of murdering his wife even though evidence says he didn't commit the crime. | -Tom Robinson falsely accused of raping 9 year old Mayell Ewell. | Real World: Many Teens make many jokes about bring blacks. | -Boo Radley & many other white made jokes & also made fun of the blacks. | Real World: Teens in Hollywood accused of gang raping 16 year old girl. | -Scottsboro boys accused of raping 2 white women. | Real World: 14 year old girl kidnapped and killed. | -Emmett Till kidnapped and murdered.

5: Point of View | The book was written in first person point of view. | "Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing" (Lee 23). | The narrator in this book is Scout Finch. She is a young 6 year old white girl who doesn't really understand what is taking place but her family is anti-racist against segregation.

6: Harper Lee wrote To Killa a Mockingbird from Scouts perspective because it shows how a young child views things even if they don't quit understand. Lee didn't write in the perspective of Jem or Atticus because Scout explains more in depth of how these characters had acted, also how they had changed overtime and the different characteristics of each of them. | Why?

7: Point of View Continued.. | When growing up with Atticus and Scout I learned many things in life weren't as bad as they seemed. Scout and I experienced a lot of events that most kids don't. For instance, I had to watch my father defend Tom Robinson in a trial that led to a significant amount of negativity and prejudice. Another example was Scout and I grew up during time when segregation was being accepted. These experiences shaped my sister and I into the adults we have grown to become. My father had taught us that there were people in the world who full of pure hatred. He often reminded us that these types of people could cause a substantial amount of mental anguish that could rip us apart if we allowed it to. Atticus provided us with advice and guidance in dealing with the ups and downs life puts before us. He gave us the support we needed when necessary and that support is what allowed us to make decisions that would affect us in the future. He was a wonderful father and I would not have traded my childhood with him for anything in the world. | Jems Perspective on To Kill a Mockingbird

8: As Scout and I grew older we also grew apart. It was difficult at times as, when we were younger, we were tied together at the hip. We eventually went our separate ways as life drew us in different directions. I decided to attend a local college close to home to pursue a degree in physical science. Scout was a little more adventurous than I was. She decided to move out of state to California. She believed she could find love and a husband in the sunny state. This led to us having little contact. Scout ended up wanting to come back home and was trying to purchase the house we had grown up in since dad moved to Hawaii with the women of his dreams. We both agreed and didn't like her to much. Scout finally had come back home and we often took a visit to see Boo Radley to have a chat for a while. That had all changed once we got a phone call saying that he ended up passing away from an uncontrollable cough. Scout and I couldn't really believe he was gone but a few days later it was our last time to say our goodbyes. Living in Maycomb was a good experience even though there were some crazy memories that had gone on. But Scout and I wouldn't have traded a thing to live anywhere different.

9: Conflicts | Things that occurred during novel | Internal or External | Type of conflict Man Vs._ | Conflict | External External External | -The Tom Robinson Trial | Man vs. Society | Man vs. Society | Man vs. Man | -Bob Ewell attacks Jem and Scout as walking, Boo Radley then kills Bob and bring kids home safely | -Racism: All against Atticus during Robinson trial since he is white

10: Characters | Tom Robinson Scout & Jem | Before After | Powerless | guilty & mistaken | Intelligent, Childish, & Innocent | Traumatized & clueless

11: Characterization | Dynamic: | Jem- Brother of Scout, brave, and just a few years older than Scout. He is a dynamic character because he changes throughout the story by becoming a young teenager and realizes justice should be given to all people. | Calpurnia-She is a cook for the finchs also she acts as a mother figure. She is a dynamic character because she changes from being strict to being a fun or nice person. | Static: | Atticus- He is the father of Jem and Scout also stood up for a black man during trial. He is to be a static character because he doesn't really change for example always strong and courageous. | Scout- She is Jems sister learns to read before school starts. She is a static character because she doesn't change her ways always a tomboy.

12: Flat: | Boo Radley- He is a smart kid but was damaged by his father when he was young. He is a flat character because we don't really know anything about him except that he never steps foot outside his house. | Bob Ewell- He is an unemployed and the daughter of Mayella. He is a flat character because all we know is that he has a poor family and gets drunk all the time. | Round: | Scout- She is a young, tomboy, and protagonist of the story. She is a round character because we know many things about her like she is the narrator and she explains a lot in the story about her thoughts and actions. | Dill- He is Jem and Scouts neighbor in the summer also very creative. He is a round character because it tells a lot about Jem, Scout and his past during the story.

13: Symbols | The significance of To Kill a Mockingbird is to kill or destroy innocence. The Mockingbird symbolizes good and harmless. Many people says its a sin To Kill a Mockingbird which means it could bring bad or harm to you. | Boo Radley- Innocent, and good person but hurt by evil (hurt by his father). | Tom Robinson- Innocent and was accused of rape without any proof. | Scout Finch- Innocent, brave, and she likes to sing. | Characters:

14: Theme | Detail: The Peace of Good & Evil. | One; | Evidence: "Was that a gang? nope" says Atticus those were just friends(Lee 196) | Elaboration: Being apart of a gang and were mistreating Atticus & threating death because of Tom Robinson. | Explain: It relates to real world events because if you were to gang up on someone you usually aren't successful.

15: Two; | Detail: To forget & forgive | Evidence: "Mr.Cunninghams basically a good man," he said, "He just has his blind spots along with the rest of us(Lee157)." | Elaboration:Mr. Cunningham was a part of a mob that could of killed Atticus but he says he still is a good person. | Explain: This theme can be applied to a real world event because everyone makes many mistakes and we cannot have the mistakes a person any less.

16: Three; | Theme Continued | Detail: People should be treated equally no matter the color | Evidence: "Well, Dill after all he's just a Negro(Lee 199)." | Elaboration: That quote supports the theme because usually whites were treated way better than whites, treated very unequal, and differently. | Explain:The theme stated can be similar to a real world event because many people still make racist jokes and are still racist.

17: Reflection; | The book To kill a Mockingbird over all was okay. It had taught many things like be thankful for what you have and also don't be racist. One of my favorite parts of the book were probably Boo Radley coming out of the house killed Bob Ewell and saved Scout and Jem. But my least favorite part of this whole story was probably the beginning of the story it wasn't very interesting.

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