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Black Portfolio

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S: 65 Years of Memories

FC: 65 years of memories

8: Hi Cathy, Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I remember you in school as a cheerleader. I bet that brings back a lot of fun memories for you. It seems like time has gone really fast. | We may not have had all the things kids have in schools today, but we actually had it pretty good. I was back in Reading a couple years ago and took a tour of the HS. Things haven't changed too much and walking down the hallways brought back lots of memories. Have a great birthday, Barry Slocum

9: Happy Birthday Cathy! Love, Aunt Jean | Have a great birthday, Cathy! Jean Waters | Cathy, Have a wonderful birthday! Donna Doctor

10: I was thinking back to the good old days when you and your sister were young and our children were as well. This neighborhood was the best place to grow up and play. Your Mom was such a great organizer even back then, getting activities for you all and the adults to get together. I remember a play you put on in your back yard for the kids and I am sure your Mom helped with getting props and things for you. She also got the adults together for card parties where all the neighbors had such a good time, talking, laughing and drinking, besides playing cards! Where has the time gone? I can't believe we are approaching senior citizenship. Your Mom has been a great neighbor and always kind and caring to all. I always felt she showed such interest in everyone and would ask about the children and granddaughters when she would be on the front porch and we walked by. John and I wish her a very Happy 65th Birthday and many, many more!!! Hope you will let her know we send our Love! Ann Miller

11: Cathy, In the Spring of 2003, we were at a gathering and I recall you saying that it is worth it to work hard so you can play hard. I live by these words to this day! Happy Birthday, Ann Adams | Friends & Neighbors | Have a great birthday, Cathy! Mary & Dick Brown | Enjoy your birthday, Cathy! Cherie & Randy | Enjoy your day! Rose & Norm Swender

12: Cathy gets stolen! Would you believe, after five years of having the best assistant in the whole darn CISD, Ruthie and I arrived at work one morning in the mid 80’s to find Cathy gone? Where was Cathy? She had been transferred to the Director of Special Ed and her replacement who had held the position with the Director was now ours. Hmmm! What was going on here? Well it seems the Director was having an affair with his assistant, who was fun and a really nice woman. We liked her, but no one could replace Cathy. The qualifications were just too high. To be honest, the replacement was a disaster for Ruthie and me. We spent hours explaining tasks and having to double check assignments on a regular basis. The decision for the switch, of course, was the Superintendents. What's wrong with this picture?

13: Why were Ruthie and I having to do penance for the arrant ways of the Director of Ed and his assistant?? Why did Cathy have to work for what was the most eccentric boss one might pick at the CISD? However, she took all of her talents, patience and wisdom to the job and got along amazingly well. On the other hand Ruthie and I bitched a lot, cried, and got depressed for being punished for other employees’ coming and going. How did it turn out? After about one year our really nice new assistant retired and the Director of Ed released Cathy. He got a new assistant and Ruthie and I got Cathy back. We've always known how lucky we were to have had Cathy working directly with us. During the many years she was there, she was the one who always made us look good. Happy 65th Birthday, Cathy. Love, Rose To protect the characters involved in the above tale I have chosen not to name a few of the main persons involved. Cathy knows.

14: Happy 65th Birthday to an original classic from your old friends (well, not too old). Bonnie & Bill

15: Happy Birthday Cathy! Enjoy your special day. Love, Nancy

16: Cathy and JoAnne What We'd Say in the Good Old Days | CISD DINS DCIA Whichever the way SIP CEUs DIAL That's another tale CAVC CATC CACC All the same to you and me KCC RMTC DKDC and Sp ED How many more will come to my head? | REMC 12 SAPE WDB ICC EAG ABCs EDPs and GT This was our language That's for sure A secret code forever more! Happy Birthday! JoAnne Miller

17: Some people complain about everything! Happy Birthday, Cathy! Mary Jo & Russ

18: Happy Birthday, Cathy! Turning 65 is certainly a milestone in a person's life. You should be happy that you are entering the Senior Citizen Club with your health and lots of energy. Our friendship goes back quite a few years and really became appreciated when you did all that work at the CISD to make me look good. I feel we were a team that made the Department of Instruction a leader in Michigan education circles. We took pride in what we did and made a lot of new friends in the process. I depended daily on your advice, support and your quality of work. The years at the CISD were very memorable and went by so fast. I also must thank you for getting me involved in the MHS Board of Trustees and for all your hard work in keeping the organization moving ahead. Your involvement in the many supportive activities for Marshall are certainly appreciated. Just because you've now joined the club, don't just sit back and take it easy - keep promoting Marshall. Our community needs you. Thanks for everything! Bobber

20: Some of my favorite memories as a kid have Mrs. Galloway in them. I will never forget the trip down to Hilton Head with my mom, Cathy, and all of us girls (sorry, Billy). I thought we had the coolest moms in the world when upon arriving in the middle of the night we were allowed to go swimming in the shared pool at the beach house in our clothes. I have always loved watching my mom and Cathy together because usually they are laughing. I don't remember exactly what year it was but we still lived on Eagle Street. Not too long after retiring her three exhausting children off to bed did we start to hear Miss Susie Q screaming in the house. I remember thinking I'd get in trouble if I went downstairs but those screams were so loud and so long that I decided to look out the window to see if anything was outside. Since my room windows faced the Galloway's kitchen I had a perfect view of the Galloway's all crammed in their kitchen window laughing their heads off. Since I couldn't tell what was making my mother scream like that I figured it couldn't be too bad since all the Galloway fam were howling in the window looking at our house. I can still see Cathy's face all scrunched up and her doubled over with laughter. I guess watching your best friend try to escape a bat in the house from the den window while in a nightgown will do that to you.

21: From the Bed Races on the 4th of July to the countless garage sales, card games, backyard dinners, the Galloway's annual Christmas Eve parties, I know I learned tons about friendships from watching my Mom and Dad with Cathy and Mike. We were all so fortunate to have lived next door to each other and have tons of funny memories. Happy 65th Birthday Mrs. Bejeezus. You are humorous, generous, and a very good friend. I wish you many more years of traveling, good health, lots o laughter, and some relaxing time with Mr. Bejeezus, Gretchen, Erin, Andy, John, Isabel, Grace, Colin and Ian. Love, Jaime

22: Dear Sister, When I was asked to write about a special moment with you, the challenge began. It was not a challenge to think of special moments, the challenge was to possibly choose only one. This project created for me several moments to reflect over our life together as sisters. Being 9 years apart from the start it seemed we were set at a disadvantage from the very beginning. By the time I reached an age of possibly having a relationship with you it seemed we were worlds apart. Of course it didn't help our relationship when mom and dad would send me with you on your dates in high school. But, over the years of growing up, and not seeming to have anything in common, we managed to forgive and forget disagreements as most sisters and families do and build a strong relationship of love, support, and dedication. There are many special moments I can think of to write about. For example: the moments when I was a teenager and you always tried to give me sound advice; the moments after I had my children, especially the first when you were the first person I called to share my experience; the moment of laying on the bed in your spare room upstairs feeding Amber and we talked about how special daughters are; the long walks and talks; the moments with our mother at the end of her life as well as after; the trips to Guatemala you made to visit me; and the moments in your kitchen talking about everything.

23: Through it all you have been there for me. Encouraging me to take big leaps in my life that pushed the envelope for our family and it is those moments that are the most special to me. Your encouragement for me to make the leap; whether it is into a new lifestyle of living abroad to moving on in my career. The latter I probably would have wavered on had you not threatened to “come down there and kick my ass” if I didn't take the job. I admire you for all you have accomplished, and will continue to accomplish, in your life such as; your beautiful family, your career, and especially all you have done in the area of service to your community. Not to mention my pride in you as a budding writer. It goes beyond admiration, dear sister, to the feeling of love and pride that I have to say, “Cathy Galloway is my sister, my idol, and my touchstone.” Happy Birthday! I love you, Stacy

24: Come up with one memory of Cathy? Really? Just one? How can I possibly choose? She's been with me more than half my life. Should I choose the hot summer afternoons sitting with our feet in the Mr. Turtle pool, sipping lemonade, waiting for the “green flag” to go up? Would it be better to go with the memory of us trading “junk” at our garage sales; desperately trying to add up our sales and come up with the same balance twice in a row? What about cards with the ‘tards, or color up the butt, or searching for the Bate’s Motel? Or making ants-on-a-log while driving through the mountains in Tennessee? Or lunching at the Mackenzie Childs Tea Room in NYC? But how could I not choose constructing the elaborate entries for bed races and dressing our children up to accompany them in the parades? “You want to make a carousel?” “Really?” And next year a giant shoe for the old woman and her children? Luuuuuucy! You have some ‘splaining to do!! “You really want me to come over for coffee?” “You think I should get a job, at the ISD? Do you really think I could do that?” “You want to take a decorating class at night and learn to stencil?” “Do you really think I could do that?” “You think we should start a business doing wedding flowers?” “Who would hire us?” “You think we should go fly a kite at Lake Michigan?” “Really, a calendar for February by Candlelight?” “You really want to get your obituary photo taken on your 60th birthday?” “You want me to wear a hat – in PUBLIC?”

25: Mrs. B, you have led me down some winding and interesting paths over the past 31 years and I wouldn't trade the adventures for the world! We have laughed, cried, laughed some more, hooted, hollered, moaned and groaned, and then laughed even more through each adventure. There is no one I would rather have by my side during all that time. Heck, I have marriages that haven't lasted as long as our friendship! I will forever be in your debt for bringing over the Honeybear Brownies in 1980 after our arrival on Eagle Street. I’ve always said if you bring me chocolate I’d follow you anywhere. Where would I be without them and you??? Happy 65th birthday! Love, Sue

26: Happy Birthday Sister Catrina! Lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Do you remember us golfing at Alwyn Downs? Is that what it was called? Anyway, maybe I should be asking if I remember. Or maybe it was somewhere near Albion, I just remember being on the highway in that old red Jeep with our clubs in the open back and it would shake like mad if I drove it over like 45mph, and we would be laughing like crazy and on one occasion we were trying to eat Louie's nut rolls and the shaking of the car and us shaking with laughter. I wonder if we had coffee? That might have been impossible. Now lets head south to Reading? It was Reading, right? Those were always fun trips when Jardo would cut down Christmas Trees. Your parents were always so nice and friendly and quiet. I can remember running into a fence with a snowmobile and having to manually turn the thing around and in doing so destroyed the borrowed glove I was wearing. Your Mother was very gracious about it. Of course, it was there that we discovered uga wuga bugami was not really Indian for “ I do not like the looks of that sky” the night that we were playing cards with your people and, was it your uncle, he was talking about the fact that he was Indian (American). So, I broke out the only lingo I knew, taught to me by my husband, only to learn that he had made it up.

27: Your family was all a lot of fun. It was there that I learned to play poker I think. And of course, it was always fun playing cards on Eagle St. and dominos. Well, maybe we played Indian poker in honor of your uncle, I never thought about that. Do you remember that block o cheese you use to make and bring when we would cross country ski? I remember it had horseradish and bacon - I loved that. It's a wonder Schuler’s is still peddling their pale version. And speaking of skiing, lets head North to Der Gaylord and der buffet at der Chalet. Nothing like it after a day of skiing in the Pigeon River State Forest, where the forest floor was covered with Tootsie Rolls. I wonder if that Hotel is still there? One of the greatest lessons my dear ole Da ever taught me, “never mix beer and wine” well, you can mix it ok, just don't drink it. You know that there is much more that I could say but I really must stop. I can say that my memories of being with you have lots of laughter in them. I wish you a lifetime of laughter as you turn 65. With my love, Michele PS I am going to find out if Der Chalet is still standing, and if so we should go.

28: When I found out my sister and her family were going to be moving next door to this "really cool family...and HE is a Galloway!" I felt like we had all inched one step closer to coolness....(and not just because growing up the Galloway clan was the closet thing Marshall had to GQ-kinda gorgeousness....) Little did I know at that time that my sister would not only develop a lifelong friendship with you, Mike and "GrErin" but that we would all come to consider you like family. I'm grateful for the fact that my sister and her kids knew they could count on their next door neighbor for anything and still can. And I'm so appreciative of the support you lent Sue and for helping my amazing sister realize she could land that job at the CISD so many years ago as well to make great use of her talents throughout the community. Cathy, when you show up at anything everyone around breathes a sigh of relief, me included. Seeing you "get your groove on" at Miranda and John's wedding after having worked so harding on producing their gorgeous flowers was a memory I'll treasure forever. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Galloway, and may you rejoice many more happy ones in the years to come! Cindy Biggs

30: Cathy, When approached about writing a memory for your birthday I wondered which “Eagle Street Gang” event or CISD memory would possibly rise to the top of the list of memory-makers. Then it dawned on me that although those memories have been rich indeed my favorite memory was in 1999 when Brita Blue, Sue, you and I took the tour bus to New York City! We were the Elly May Clampetts (Beverly Hillbillies) hitting the big city. Evidence? A $5 Diet Coke that elicited a “Holy Snikies” from my lips (which you've never let me forget!); the lunch you and Sue had at MacKenzie Childs (that $50 lettuce leaf was considered lunch, right??); the horse and buggy ride in Central Park (what happens in NYC stays in NYC- not!); and last, but definitely not least, the 12 pound cookie you purchased before jumping on the tour bus to come back home. That cookie became like the “Feeding of the 5000”; it was the cookie that kept on giving; it was the cookie that wouldn't go away!

31: Didn't some of us have to leave our luggage in NYC and have it shipped home because your cookie put the bus weight over the limit???!!! I will NEVER forget the look on your face when you got on the bus with that cookie. And hadn't you purchased another treat in case you were still hungry after eating the cookie? In your defense, I believe you were still starving following your $50 lettuce leaf lunch at Mackenzie Childs. Oh what fun “pretty feet” and the rest of the gang had in NYC!! Happy 65th Birthday to a truly special gal. May the next 65 years be as wild a ride as the first 65. You are truly an amazing gal and friend. Tina Bigelow

32: The beginning of a wonderful Friendship July 1, 2001 | I joined you at the ISD in 2001 thinking you weren't too crazy about me (as I have mentioned before ). But, low and behold, you did like me and you mentored me on my journey to become a good assistant superintendent of instruction for our districts. I feel so blessed that God gave us the opportunity to be a dynamic duo. You were always there for me, always - and I so value your caring, compassionate, positive and FUN-loving attitude that permeated our department and provided a model for how we did business. God bless you as you continue your journey of living life to its fullest. Love you! Mary

33: Cathy, remember when we became instant friends due to my new hair style!!! I know I'll never forget! Happy 65th Birthday! Cindy | Cathy smiles as Ruth reviews a letter she composed and submitted for Roger’s approval. Bleeding with edits upon return, Cathy, once again, rescues Ruth and they live to face yet another project /workshop. | Thank you, Cathy, for all the many contributions to my professional life. Thanks especially for being a friend. Through your creativity and ambition, you have served as a role model for many. Happy Birthday!

34: Dear Cathy, Oh my, where have the years gone? I have been trying to remember when and how we actually met. I just can't remember. Not to worry, it seems as though we have always known one another....old souls perhaps? I am going to "assume" we met initially through our children when they were quite young. I do remember Brian and Erin having what is now called "play dates." They were such liberated 3 and 4 year olds at the time, taking Dial-a-Ride back and forth a few short blocks between Green and Eagle Street. Before you know it, we were neighbors on Eagle Street and Dial-a-Ride became a thing of the past. We shared morning coffee for so many years. Remember that drip coffee maker on your stove? Always smelled so good and one pot was never enough! Once Gretchen, Mark, Brian and Erin were all in school, we tried to get ourselves in shape and pamper ourselves a bit. In the early spring, maybe February or March, we would brave the suns rays on lounge chairs. We were really brave. Fully dressed and covered with blankets. It sure felt good to feel the warm sun on our faces after what seemed like an endless winter. Not that we didn't enjoy those days of cross country skiing off Verona Road and coming home to a cold beer! After all, it was prime time for Steve Martin and he was quite "The wild and crazy guy!'

35: And Phil Donahue! Remember going to see him live in Battle Creek? We were so thrilled! So much so that we didn't want the evening to end, so what did we do? Drove to the airport hoping to get one last glance of the man that understood everything there was to know and appreciate about a woman, only to miss his airport departure completely at the gated entrance. Oh well, it was a grand evening. You and I shared so much in those years (late 70's early 80's) on Eagle Street. You encouraged me in many ways both personally and professionally. Back in my real estate days you insisted I contact Rosemary Davis, the ONLY Realtor in Marshall. Then you told me about the opening in the special education department at the CISD. There you were, with me during my unfortunate miscarriage, divorce, and ultimately set me up to meet my Mike. I do hope that I enriched your life in some way, because you certainly enriched mine! To date you have been the most organized, honest, and charitable person I have ever met. I am confident that when we next meet, that we will simply catch up from where we were the last time. After all, that's what real friends do! May you spend your time with doing what gives your the most joy. You really are the best! Much love, Kathy Witucki

36: Hard to believe this was just a few short weeks before you sent me off (to walk all alone at 4 years old) to Kindergarten!

38: Happy Birthday Mimi I remember when you took me to see the Wizard of Oz and we went up in a hot air balloon. It was awesome. You make lots of great memories and I love you. ! xoxo Grace

39: Mimi - Happy Birthday! I'm glad you are my grandma! I love you, Ian

40: Cathy, I remember the first time we met. Mike had invited you to our house on Prospect St, it seems it was perhaps New Years Eve. You came in through the kitchen, took off your shoes and put on a pair of slippers, had your hair in some sort of upsweep, and I thought you were a person from another planet! You were friendly and confident and I liked you right away. You were accompanied with the most exotic party food I had ever seen, green onions wrapped up in garlic salted salami with cream cheese! Also on the plate was chipped beef with cream cheese rolls! I couldn't imagine where my brother found this girl. As time went on and you became a Galloway, God love you, you and family would come to visit on Sunday, and of course Dick would announce, "Warsaw is here!" I always admired your ease in conversation and you made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

41: I remember baby sitting one Saturday morning for Gretchen when you and Mike went to the laundry mat out at a lake cottage. I could not wait wait until you left so I could have a frozen chicken pot pie, a forbidden food in Mildred's kitchen. The only problem was I didn't know how to operate a gas oven. Gretchen had fallen asleep in some sort of a baby chair on the kitchen table, so I put her to bed, of course my main intention was to figure out how I was going to bake that pie and eat it before you got back. I turned up the gas to 450 degrees and waited for some heat, but nothing, then I looked around and saw the big box of kitchen matches and, well it was a duh moment. I opened the door, struck the match and BOOM! Wow! I was so thankful that I had taken Gretchen off that table and put her in her crib. Aside from some burned hair and eyebrows I was one lucky girl. You came home shortly after, Mike came in and said, "What in the hell is that smell?", so I proceeded to explain my cooking adventure, needless to say I have never owned a gas range. Very fond memories, indeed. Happy 65th Birthday! Love, Cyndi

42: Mimi, I like to stay at your house a lot. You treat me kindly and all that stuff. You are nice and you help me out when I need help. You tell me really good stories. I love you because you are nice. I am glad you are my grandma. Love, Cubby (bof our boys)

43: Mimi, you are the best grandma anyone could ask for. You are always there if I need help or just want to talk. Here are some of my favorite memories! Riverdance 2004 All those times you came to South Carolina with us. American Girl Doll store in Chicago. American Idol Concert All the times I stayed with you for a week! Going to Mrs. Gehrig's pool. Blues Festival Lion King Mimo's is cookingwith gas! Cat and the Hat French toast. And so much more!!!!!! | Never forget NO ONE could ask for a more loving, kind, caring, amazing, spectacular, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious grandma.!! I love you to infinity and beyond!!!!!!! With love, Isabellarina the super soccer quenna!

44: Mom, After 41 years, it is not easy to keep the list of memories short, but when I think of growing up I have a few gems that keep coming to mind: End of Summer Olympics Making jam on the hottest day of the summer The smell of perm solution Trips to Goguac Lake Your beer/wine shoes Cross country skiing Friday night trips to Meijer Homemade Halloween costumes May Day baskets for neighbors Coffee can in the back of the car so we didn’t have to use the nasty bathrooms at Lake Michigan Brushing my hair, and a couple of bad home haircuts Swollen feet in London

45: No matter what was happening in my life, you always made me feel loved and cherished. Something that I hope I can do for my kids. Thank you for being such a great mom, and a great friend. I love you. Gretchen

46: Cathy A few of the many fond memories from the past 20+ years... "It's a boy!" No, it's a girl according to the doctor Wondering if Mike will buy that pair of shoes he has gone back to look at 6 times We bought the A/C to use it

47: I need some help with my computer There will always be Cozumel I appreciate that you made me feel welcome and included in your family. | Your babysitting skills are second to none. Happy Birthday! Love, Andy

48: Mimi & Drew

49: What can I say other than... You're the Mimi to my Drew The Grand to our Ma The missing nail to the stuffing The H to the Preparation Happy Birthday Cathy! Love, John

50: Cheers to 65 years! You have created tons of great memories with friends and family over the years. We are all fortunate to have you in our life. Happy Birthday to you! All my love, Erin

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