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Black Portfolio

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BC: After reading this you've already began your journey through the Glade with Thomas and the Gladers. Now go read this book!!!!!

FC: by: William Coffey

1: A- Antagonists The Creators- mean, controlling, unknown, they created the glade, they also control the grievers (grievers are large mechanical creatures with large spikes that attempt to stab and inject a venom into the Gladers (What the boys in the Glade call themselves), sometimes leads to death

2: B-Books "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner is a story of a boy named Thomas, who wakes up in a box in a place called the Glade. He has no memory other than his name. He doesn't know why he is there or who any of the other boys are. There is a group of creatures called Grievers, who inject a serum into the Gladers which makes them enter "the changing". Gladers who have gone through the changing seem to rememberThomas but it is very faintly. Gladers are broken up into different jobs based on what they are good at. Runners, butchers, farmers, deadheads, and sloppers are the different jobs in the Glade. Runners have studied the maze for 2 years, searching the maze each day attempting to find a pattern while avoiding the grievers. Everyday 8 runners go explore their section of the maze and look for changes and movements the walls. They return to the Glade each day and document the days changes. One night Thomas after being newly acquainted with decides to try and spend a night outside of the Glade. This has never been attempted before.

3: C-Climax The climax of "The Maze Runner" is when Thomas decides to be a hero and get stung by a Griever. He got stung by a Griever so he can enter the changing and attempt to remember his past. Once he entered the changing he starts to see a way out of the maze. The path out of the maze is very suspenseful and confusing. It will be a tough task for Thomas and the Gladers to complete.

4: D- Description of the characters Thomas- Second newest member of the Glade, very determined and hardworking, he tries to help everyone in the Glade, most think he is against them, very smart, leader Teresa- newest member of the glade, only girl ever in the Glade, in a coma when she arrives, beautiful, smart, all the guys fall in love with her, very smart Minho- natural born leader, Asian, strong willed, very funny Gally- always looking for trouble, hates everyone especially Thomas Chuck- sweet, innocent little boy, the youngest in the Glade, quickly makes friends with Thomas Alby- leader of the Gladers, solves problems, leader Newt- Australian second in command, knows everything about the Glade, gives Thomas a tour

5: E- Exposition The exposition takes place within the first eighteen chapters. With everyone in the Glade having lost their memory it is hard to ever get a grasp about the characters pasts. At first Thomas wakes up in the box with no memory of his past. He only remembers his first name. He later finds out that he and about forty other boys are enclosed in an area called the Glade. The Glade is a large open are where everyone must do their job necessary for survival.

6: F- Figurative Language Imagery-"They stood in a vast courtyard several times the size of a football field, surrounded by four enormous walls made of gray stone and covered in spots with thick ivy. The walls had to be hundreds of feet high and formed a perfect square around them, each side split in the exact middle by an opening as tall as the walls themselves that, from what Thomas could see, led to passages and long corridors beyond." Onomatopoeia- "Whoosh" (describes an object going through the air) Simile-"They finally made it to a rectangular cut in a long wall to the north that looked like a doorway without a door." (compares the rectangular cut in the wall to a doorway without a door)

7: G- Give an alternate ending Thomas' memories successfully got them out of the maze. Once they escaped the Maze they joined the creators in a large room. Chuck was scared once they entered the room and he left immediately out of the closest exit. Thomas quickly followed him. Once outside Thomas was awestruck by what he was witnessing.

8: H- Heart to heart Dear Thomas, Hello, my name is Addison Coffey, from Boyle County High School. I know you don't know who I am but I have a question to ask you. Being the "Greenie" what made you feel the need to stay around and help once you were out in the maze the first time? I think you did an amazing job by saving everyone and not just giving up. Most people would've just given up and thought about only themselves. Sticking by Alby's side, once he'd been stung, even though didn't like you very much was a very mature decision. To be honest if I was in your situation, and someone who I thought hated me had been hurt and it was a matter of life or death I would've let him lay there. You showed that you cared about everyone good or bad. It was amazing that you saved Alby, plus you and Minho made it through the rest of the night defeating Grievers. I honestly believe you sould've trusted Minho at times. I know you felt like you knew everything but Minho was the keeper of the runners and he knew more than you did at the time.

9: H- Heart to heart (cont.) I believe you should've let Minho and Alby stay out in the maze alone because they knew what they were doing. It all did end up having a positive outcome, but what if you had lost your life trying to save someone who hated you? This just goes to show that you're a great person and are willing to help anyone with no exceptions. As you continue on thoughout life I would like to say listen to the people above you. You're young and i know you are very skilled but people older than you always have more knowledge. It's a terrible thing but it's just something that you have to accept in life. You may be one of the most skilled people to ever live, but if you want to continue to live and have a great life you must trust older people. Also, trust Teresa in everything she is a brilliant girl and she will keep you safe in everything. I would trust her more than anyone. She will always have your best interest and she may even have a crush on you. Keep her close and she will help you do great things. I would like to wish you the best in everything throughout your life. Keep doing big things and you will live an amazing life! Sincerely, William Addison Coffey

10: I- Illustration

11: J- Justify "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner is a must read for all teens. It is one of the greatest books I've ever read. The setting in a Distopian society sets up a mystery at every turn. You never can predict what's going to happen next. It also has great acts of leadership. The acts of leadership can teach you how to handle tough situations you may encounter. This book also shows many acts of teamwork. Also acts of trust are shown. All of the things exhibited throughout this book could make you a better overall person. It is definitely a great read!

12: K- Know your book 1.) Why did the creators wipe the boys mind? They wiped their minds so they wouldn't have immediatly had the answers to solving the maze. They wanted to see the boys struggle so only the strong would survive. 2.) Why were their only boys in the Glade? Because they wanted to see if a group of boys were strong enough to solve it by themselves. 3.) Why was Teresa added? She was added to be the catalyst of the whole project. 4.) Are the memories the Gladers get from the changing true? Yes, Thomas uses those memories to solve the maze. 5.) What did Gally witness during the changing? He saw what life outside the Glade is like and how it will end.

13: 6.) "The Maze Runner" is often compared to "The Hunger Games", what similarities and differences did you see? "The Maze Runner' reminded me a lot of "The Hunger Games". Both are distopian societies set to be the survival of the fittest. "The Maze Runner" is teenagers surviving torture by the creators. "The Hunger Games" is a group of teenagers trying to fight each other to the death. 7.)Describe the Grievers? The Grievers are large mechanical creatures designed to insert fear, stab and/or kill the Gladers. 8.) What happened during the changing? Once the serum is injected the Gladers see the past and the future. 9.) The Gladers developed their own language, why did they do this? They came up with their own language to make things easier on themselves and to show that the Glade was theirs. 10.) Why are the kids in the Glade so hard working with zero adult supervision? They were all very intelligent. The leaders kind of played the rules of adults to keep order throughout the Glade.

14: L- Lessons learned In "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner I've learned many valuable lessons. One lesson I've learned from this book is that it is always better to work together than try and do it on your own. The more people you have working on a task the more you are likely to accomplish.

15: M- Making personal connection One personal connection I made is with Thomas. Thomas is very headstrong and wants to do everything on his own. In certain situations i get very headstrong and i would always like to work alone rather than work in a group. Another personal connection I made is to Thomas when he is trying to survive the night in the Glade. He didn't run away from his problems he stayed and fought the Grievers. I've never been one to run away from my problems I've always wanted to confront them.

16: N- Narration "The Maze Runner" is written in third person limited point of view. You can only hear Thomas' thoughts. This is a very effective because you hear what he thinks about being the "Greenie" and how he feels about Teresa. You also get an insight into his feelings toward other characters, also his feelings on the plan to escape before he tells the others.

17: O- Obituary Chuck Glade Age 12 Chuck tragically died by getting stabbed. He was friends of everyone in the Glade. He was also any only child. His parents names could not be found. Chuck was a slopper in the Glade. Chuck did everything in his power to show his care for Thomas. Chuck is one amazing kid that will never be forgotten.

18: P- Protagonist Thomas- Caring, Smart, Strong, Helpful, Loving, Sweet, Headstrong, Self-willing, Sixteen years old, Five foot nine, named after Thomas Edison

19: Q- Quotes "My name is Thomas, he thought. That... that was the only thing he could remember about his life." (page 1, paragraphs 5,6) I believe this quote is important because this is not only background information, it is also a little bit foreshadowing. By this quote you are given a little insight into the mystery of The Glade.

20: Q- Quotes (cont.) "Thomas knew he had no choice. He moved. Forward. He squeezed past the connecting rods at the last second and stepped into the Maze. The walls slammed shut behind him, the echo of its boom bouncing off the ivy-covered stone like mad laughter." (page 112, last 2 paragraphs) This quote is important because this is what leads to the first night out in the maze. Its all turmoil from here on out.

21: R- Resolution The remaining Gladers escape the maze and end up in a room surrounded by people they suspect are The Creators. Everything is very plain looking. A woman emerges to confront The Gladers. There is a boy covered by a hooded sweat shirt next to her. The woman removes the boy's hood and it's Gally. Gally has a knife in his hand and attempts to throw it at Thomas but Chuck dives in front of Thomas and saves Thomas' life. Thomas now angered at Gally, attacks Gally and kills him in front of The Creators. A group of adults entered the room and killed The Creators. The adults instruct Thomas and the Gladers to escape the building. Once they leave the building they enter a bus and the bus takes them to a building where they are to sleep for the night.

22: S- Sensory Details "He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air. Metal ground against metal; a lurching shudder shook the floor beneath him. He fell down at the sudden movement and shuffled backward on his hands and feel, drops of sweat beading on his forehead despite the cool air. His back struck a hard metal wall; he slid along it until he hit the corner of the room, hoping his eyes would soon adjust to the darkness" The impact of this passage is to show you how bad it is going to be in the Glade and he hasn't even entered yet. This also gives you an insight of what being inside the box would be like.

23: T-Top 5 song list Till' I Collapse- Eminem This song applies to Thomas because he is always giving 100% until he can't go any more. He never gives up he constantly goes hard. Basically going till he collapses. Courageous- Casting Crows This song applies to Thomas because he is very courageous. He is especially courageous the first time he stays out in the maze. If Everyone Cared- Nickelback This applies to Thomas because he cares about everyone and takes it upon himself to make the Glade a better place. If everyone cared as much as Thomas the Glade would've been a much better place. He shows that he cares for everyone by taking Chuck under his wing.

24: T- Top 5 Song List (Cont.) Eye Of The Tiger- Survivor This applies to Thomas because it is a very pumped up song and it is about becoming the best and rising to the top. Thomas is working to become the best and he quickly rises to the top shortly after entering the Glade. Stronger- Kayne West This song applies to Thomas because he is very strong willed and this song is about going through tough times and them making you a better person. An example of this is when Thomas experiences the night with the Grievers. He could've ultimately given up, but instead he got stronger as the night went along.

25: U- Under Cover Mission James Dashner attended Bringham Young University, where he received a masters in accounting. He has been married for five years to Lynette Anderson. They have two children together Wesley and Bryson.

26: V- Visiting Your Favorite Character 1.) What was the experience in the Glade like? I would ask this because you're given a lot of information about the Glade but Thomas never really talks about his take on the experience. 2.) What were you feeling after defeating the Grievers? Grievers seem like crazy creatures and I think defeating one would be an amazing feeling. I would like to know how Thomas felt about it. 3.) What are your feelings towards Teresa? I think Thomas has a crush on Teresa but I would love to hear first hand from him. 4.) How do you feel towards The Creators? He obviously doesn't like them but I would like to hear him talk directly about them. 5.) How is life after the maze? The book ends abruptly and you don't find out how life outside the Glade is.

27: W- Why I believe the characters motivation was survival. They all are very hard working so they definitely don't want to die. They had worked for two years to find a way out so they were going to do anything to survive. They were initially programmed by the creators so they were programmed for survival. They all wanted to have life outside of the glade again so they weren't giving up. They didn't want to let all of their hard work go to waste by dying. If they were just going to die they wouldn't have worked so hard for two years. Once a few of them had survived the changing they knew they could defeat the maze. Thomas entering the glade just gave each of them an extra ounce of wanting to survive. He helped all of them maintain a positive attitude and want to survive.

28: X- X-ray A primary symbol in James Dasner's "The Maze Runner" is the maze itself. Perplexing, unsolvable, fatal, and mysterious, it holds the Gladers, makes them crazy, chooses their actions, and gives zero answers. It also serves as a metaphor as the challenges faced by teenagers. Inflicted by manipulative adults with good intentions. Their plan to escape the maze must be by changing it not adapting to it.

29: Y- You Get To Create A Page | WICKED is good | Is WICKED good, or is this just false information by The Creators to get the Gladers off task? | WICKED is good | WICKED | WICKED is good | WICKED is good | WICKED is good

30: Z- Zinger A zinger for me was when Teresa arrives to the Glade the day after Thomas. This is unexpected to me because for one shes a girl, there had never been a girl in the Glade. Second she arrives the day after Thomas, usually a new Glader arrives once a month. I believe Teresa and Thomas were sent so close together to trigger "the ending'' and because they both held all of the answers to defeating the maze.

31: The End Thanks for reading!

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