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Black Portfolio

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FC: New House; Old Noises By: Kylie Wieden

1: The rain poured down on me as I ran to bring my boxes into the new house. I wasn't really excited about moving considering that I hated change but the house exceeded my expectations. I really didn't expect to be moving but my parents are those type of people who don't like to be in one place for too long. After getting all my things settled into my room, I decided to tour the house. It was my first time seeing the inside of the house and it was just gorgeous. The house was two stories with another set of stairs leading to the attic. The walls were a freshly painted grayish color and the floors were a glossy, dark brown, bamboo. "I think you're really going to like it here." my mom said to me as she passed by carrying a box of pillows. "Yeah, me too." I said back.

2: The rain continued to lash against my window as I tried to fall asleep. It wasn't the rain that was keeping me awake but the newness of the house. My room was big and empty and I felt so small in my bed. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard a thud coming from what sounded like downstairs. A wave of panic went through my body. It was half past midnight so it couldn't have been my parents. "Maybe I'm just hearing things." I thought to myself. I stayed awake for a little while longer when sleep overpowered me.

3: The next morning I got ready for the day and went downstairs where I was greeted by my mom. "Hey mom, did you hear any weird noises last night?" I asked. "Hmm no. Why?" "Oh just wondering.I thought I heard a thud downstairs but maybe it was just the house or something." I replied "More than likely. Don't worry about it, honey." After breakfast my mom and dad went to the grocery store leaving me alone in the gigantic new house.

4: While my parents were at the grocery store, I decided to watch TV since there was nothing else to do when suddenly I heard footsteps coming from upstairs. This time it couldn't be my imagination or the just the house. I didn't want to be like those dumb girls in the horror movies but I had to investigate. I slowly and quietly walked up the stairs and down the hall but even though I was being stealthy I was sure you could hear my heartbeat from a mile away. There was nothing in my room and there was nothing in the two guest bedrooms. My heartbeat started to slow down a bit. "I mean, I guess it could have been my imagination. Or a ghost." I mumbled.

5: When my parents got home, I tried to explain what happened while they were gone. "I swear to you it was footsteps. This time I'm ninety-six percent sure it wasn't my imagination." "Sweetie, I'm sure it was the TV or something. There's no such thing as ghosts." my dad replied. "It wasn't the TV." I mumbled back. I really wasn't in the mood to argue with them and half the time they don't believe anything I saw. Someday they'll believe me when it's too late.

6: Since my parents wouldn't believe me, I tried coming up with ways to figure out if it could be a ghost. There was really nothing I could do to prove it was a ghost so I just decided to stay awake. At around midnight, I heard footsteps walking down the stairs. My heartbeat started to race and my hands were shaking. "You can do this. Go find out what it is." I said to myself. Slowly but surely, I got out of bed and opened my door. It was pitch black in the hall which made it even more terrifying. Every light I walked by I turned on which made it less terrifying to go downstairs. There was nothing in the kitchen or the dining room. When I got into the kitchen, I noticed that there was a cabinet open. "That was definitely not open." I said to myself.

7: My heart was racing but I was reluctant to go wake my parents because I knew they wouldn't believe me. This house was beginning to creep me out and I really didn't want to be here anymore. I was scared out of my mind and my hands were shaking but I managed to make it upstairs and turn on the TV. I made sure to keep my light on too. There was no possible way I would be able to sleep. I tried watching a "Friends" marathon, tried listening to music, and even reading a book but I could not escape my fear.

8: Somehow I did fall asleep because the next morning I woke up to my TV and light still on. I ran downstairs to tell my parents what had happened last night. "Mom, Dad, you will never believe what happened last night." I said right before entering the kitchen. "Does it happen to involve you eating all the snacks in the pantry last night?" my mom asked. "Umm, no? Why?" I asked. "When I went into the pantry to get the bread, I noticed half the fruit snacks were gone. I just went to the grocery store. Instead of having snacks, just eat a regular meal." my mom said. "Mom, that wasn't me, I swear! Maybe it was the ghost! I heard footsteps again last night and when I came down I saw the cabinet open." I explained. "I don't have time for your lies. Now go upstairs and get ready, we're going to lunch with your grandmother." she said grudgingly.

9: I was livid. Of course they didn't believe me but I was one hundred percent certain that it was a ghost. What else could it be? I got ready to go out even though I was upset with my mom. There was no point in telling my dad because he wouldn't believe me anyway. When I went downstairs, I found my parents waiting for me. "Hey honey, have you seen my watch? I left it on the counter last night." my dad asked. "Um, no I haven't." I replied with frustration in my voice. With that we left to go meet my grandmother.

10: When we arrived home, we discovered a grungy, haggard old man in our kitchen. It was the most terrifying thing to ever happen in my life. He stopped what he was doing and stared at us with wide eyes. We were all too shocked to move when my dad stepped in front of us and asked the man what he was doing. "Well I was just getting some food. You see, I live in your attic." the man replied. While the man was talking I noticed that he was wearing my dad's watch. So that's where things have been going and why I was hearing noises. "Well, we want you out right now! Before I call the cops." my dad said sternly. He didn't even have to repeat himself when the man dropped everything and ran out the door. "He still has your watch on, Dad!" I exclaimed. "Oh, it's fine. As long as he doesn't come back he can keep it." my dad replied. "Sorry for not believing you, honey. Even though it wasn't a ghost there was still someone in our house. We should have believed you." my mom said. "Oh, it's okay. At least it wasn't a ghost. Now the problem is solved." I said.

11: We were still pretty shaken up about the whole incident. I was scared that the man would come back. My dad checked the attic and there was nothing valuable that the man would come back for. Even though my dad was confident that the man would not return, he still had security cameras installed. It took me a while to feel safe again but after a couple months I got used to life in my new house.

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