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S: ACT Scrapbook

FC: ACT Scrapbook Austin Esposito 1st 9/24/12

1: Table of Contents: Pg 2-3 Skills 1 Pg 3-4 Skills 2 Pg 5-6 Skills 3 Pg 7-8 Skills 4 Pg 9-10 Skills 5 Pg 11-12 Skills 6 Pg 13-14 Skills 7 Pg 15-16 Skills 8 Pg 17-18 Skills 9 Pg 19-20 Skills 10 Pg 21-22 Skills 11 Pg 23-24 Skills 12 Pg 25-26 Skills 13 Pg 27-28 Skills 14 Pg 29-30 Skills 15

2: We have always been taught to not use short cuts, but the act is multiple choice. It is best to use the answers to solve the question, when there are variables in the question and numbers in the answer. Also, convert pie and square root to decimals to make it easier. Lets say a question asks for 3 consecutive even integers that add up to 36, simply use the answers to find the right one, 10,12,14=36

5: All ACT's have some easy algebra questions but one can't fear those. Just do and redo the pretests until you are so good at them you could teach them. if one has 2x+3= 8x-5 just get x alone. subtract 2x from both sides add 5 to both, divide both by 6 and you answer is 8/6=4/3= 1.33=x

6: In skill 2 one used numbered answers to assist them with variable questions, nut now we encounter answers that have numbers and variables in them. the skills are similar, some teachers call this algebraic manipulation, but is actually easy. Most questions here ask you to solve for y in terms of x and z. it's simple its asking you to get y alone what ever letter is after "what is", is what you solve for. It basically is the same as y=? if 3x+4y=12 what is y in terms of x - 3x from both sides 4y=12-3x y= 3- 3/4x

9: All ACT's have a question about the "mean". This means simply average, so you just add the numbers up and divide by how many there are. sometimes the ACt will give you the numbers in a graph just write them out. like: 1,2,2,3,5,7=20 20/6= 3.3 mean=3.3 The ACT can also give you mode or median, mode is which number occurs most often, if none then there is no mode, and median is the middle number, with median the numbers must be in order and if you happen to have 2 median numbers such as 2,4,6,8,10,12. instead of having 1 median(middle) number you have two, 6,8 so add then divide by 2 6+8= 14/2= 7 median = 7

10: The ACT has 2 or 3 geometry questions, asking you to find the measure of a given angle. Skills 5-7 will give you the handful of geometry you will need on the ACT. 1. Vertical angles are equal 2. Angles in a linear pair add up to 180 degrees 3. The angles in a triangle add to 180 degrees 4 sided shape = 360 degrees 5 sided shape= 540 degrees 6 sided shape= 720 degrees

13: Parallel line, at first glance seem kind of hard, but of all the things we have learned about them all we really need t know for the ACT is, 1. parallel lines are 2 lines that never touch 2.if 2 parallel lines are crossed by another line called a transversal than 8 angels form 3. there are 2 types of the 8 angles made, big, or little. 4.both types are equal. This is all the info needed to answer any parallel line question on the ACT. When a question states two lines are parallel it will usually ask which angles are congruent because of the parallel lines In Triangle MNO line a is parallel to line b, which angles are congruent to angle ONM

15: There are many angle theorems in Geometry, this section will talk about the needed theorems to pass the ACT. 1. if a triangle is isosceles ( has 2 equal sides) then the 2 angles opposite the equal angles are also equal. 2. If a triangle is equilateral (all sides are equal) then it has all equal angles of 60 degrees.

16: Foiling is simple, it just means multiply The First part, The Outer part, The Inner part, and the Last part.

18: ACT need to know vocab. Real number- don't need this term just means -3, -2.2,0, square root of 2, pie Constant term- a letter in place of a number, but it doesn't vary Integer- numbers without decimals or fractions Even/odd- even= 2,4,6,8 Odd=1,3,5,7 0 is an even number Positive/negative- positive is greater than 0 and negative is less than 0 consecutive numbers- umbers in a row different numbers- different numbers a numbers who's only factors are 1 and itself Units digit- the "ones" digit in a number

21: More math vocab Factors- any numbers that can divide into a number evenly Greatest common factor(GCF)- The largest factor shared by several given numbers Prime Factors- the factors of a number that are also prime numbers

22: More math Vocab Multiples- all numbers that are divisible by a certain number Least common multiple- the lowest number that is a multiple to find a least common multiple 1. list the multiples of the largest number then choose the lowest number that is also a multiple of the other given numbers.

23: More Math Vocab Standard (x/y) coordinate plane- the normal graphing grid Cartesian Plane- a normal graphing grid Ordered pair- a pair of (x/y) coordinates x intercept/ y intercept- area where a graph crosses the x or y axis Defined/Undefined- undefined- when would the equation violate math rules defined- when is the equation correct

24: Finding slope, just use the slope formula y1-y2 x1-x2 1.Slope= steepness 2.slope is rate or rate of change 3.a line has a rising slope= positive 4. a line has a lowering slope= negative 5. horizontal line has a slope of 0

25: Things to know Parrallel lines have equal slopes Perpendicular lines have negative reciprocal slopes 2/3 and -3/-2

26: Charts, graphs, and more Reading the charts is simple, you can't get overwhelmed, just read the charts as any other daily chart.

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