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Black Portfolio

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FC: Cody's Big Win

1: "Crack!" Cody's ball went streaming through the air and over the fence onto the pasture behind the field. Cody had gotten him through an entire season and district undefeated. The crowd and players cheered as Cody ran around the bases all the way to home plate. Cody glanced over at the other team's bench as everyone was staring at him in astonishment. Admiring his well built body glistening with sweat in the sun. | Cody and his team stayed after to eat snacks and drinks to talk the season over with his friends and teammates. Finally the coach stood up and gave them all a congratulations before he said "We have done good this season but I want to take us farther. We got an invitation from the World Series in Williamsport, Penn. and they want us to go play against others for the Little League World Series Trophy, a chance to win it all!" The parents set in awe. | Cody rounding third after his game winning home-run.

2: Cody and his parents looked at each other in astonishment. Neither one knew what the other was thinking but they new there was going to be a long discussion on whether or not to go to Pennsylvania om Austin, Texas. After the small party at the baseball fields some families stayed after to discuss the upcoming World Series and whether or not to go. The coach explained that it would be fun but they would have to do a lot of fund raisers to be able to afford the long trip to play in the tournament. | The other problem was that they weren't sure if they were going to win or not. The best teams from around the world were coming and all they new was that they were the best in Texas.

3: Cody and his family went home to talk about if they wanted to go or not. They all new that the team needed him and without him they would fail. Cody was beginning to be very nervous because of his families actions. At first his siblings wanted to go but now they are wandering whether or not they could last the whole drive up and back because they new they wouldn't fly. Cody's parents were also positive at first but are now wandering if they | could afford to go and spend a whole two weeks away from everything and focus on baseball. Cody was just the opposite, he didn't want to go all the way to Pennsylvania to play in a tournament but began to realize all of the oppurtunities with the scouts from the big leagues there. He wanted a chance to fulfill his dream.

4: After a few days of talking Cody's family decided if his team would go so would they. The next day Coach Jim called a meeting at the fields. When all of the families showed up he began to talk about what they would have to do to make it to Pennsylvania. They would have to work many hours on fund raising and in practice. All of the families set in thought when Cody's dad stood up and told everyone he, and his family, was going. Then another dad stood and said the same. Then another, and another, and another until they were all standing. Coach Jim smiled and yelled out in excitement" Lets get to work!". At that they all started to make plans of car washes and bake sales. They would practice every day at 4:00 to 7:00 and work hard to win. | After a week of working at practice and fund raisers Cody and his team mates were exhausted and ready to rest. Coach gave them a day off on Sunday although most of the players still went up to the field and worked on fundementals.

5: After two weeks of practice and bake sales Cody and his teammates began packing their bags to go on the long trip up north. They all were flying on one plane in first class except for Cody. His parents didn't like to fly after 3 of his reletives died in two different plane crashes. Cody did finally convince his parents to let him go by himself with his team on the plane after a long talk. The day finally came and the team all met up at the airport to load up on the plane. Everybody picked a seat and waited to lift off. Cody did get a little nervous as the plane started to shake as they flew into the air at speeds exceeding 200 mph. When they were finally on their way they all took long naps until they landed in Tennessee. They stayed on the plane and waited for takeoff. Mac, the third baseman, got up to go say hello to his parents when the plane shook for take off and he was thrown to the other side of the plane. He slid across the grimy floor and pulled his arms up to comfort the blow of the oncoming wall and flew strait into it. He heard a crack and rinched back in pain. He had sprained his left wrist, and this was only the beginning.

6: As the team checked out Mac the plane was almost in Pennsylvania where they would be landing. When the plane landed they all left the airport with empty stomachs and went strait for restraunts. Cody went with his best friend, Troy, to a seafood restraunt where they met Xavier. Xavier was the best center fielder on the team and was as fast as an olympic runner. The three friends shared the same shrimp and went back to the hotel. The next morning Cody's family arrived and they ate breakfast together in the hotel lobby. Xenon came down with a blueish, purple face and said" I think I ate some bad shrimp.". Then his cheeks swelled up and he ran to the nearest trash can. After two days Xenon didn't get any better and the tournament began.

7: On the first game they had no idea what to expect and everyone was very nervous. Cody ran out on the field for warm-ups and played catch with Troy. Cody and Troy warm-up together before every game and watch the other team together. They noticed that they didn't have very big guys on their team that looked like they could hit. Cody and Troy were also very small but could hit homers whenever. When the game began the smallest guy on the field came up to bat they waited for the pitch and got ready. He hit the ball high up to left field where Haden caught it with ease. | The rest of the game went on Cody's side. In the end of the 7th they were all cheering till the last out where Cody scooped an easy grounder and tossed it to first. The crowd cheered and the thought of winning the World Series filled the teams minds. They smiled and left the field in a jogging matter towards the dugout. Then the pitcher tripped and fell.

8: Gauge, the pitcher, went down into the grass screaming. Everyone turned and looked at his right hand. He had tripped and fallen on the base and tried to catch himself only to break three fingers. The rest of the team looked on and realized what had just happened. Cody told everyone to go get dressed to go to the hotel and let the coachs take care of Gauge. Everyone listened and left. When they got back to the hotel they all sat in the lobby and talked until everyone slowly left to get ready for the next day, a double-header. Cody woke up the next morning with his sister screaming in his face saying "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD, IT'S DOUBLE-HEADER TIME! WAHOO". Cody jumped up and ran to the lobby where his friends were eating in the lobby. They were talking about what was in store. When the coach came down he told them all when to be at the feilds and at that they left.

9: Cody's team all met up at the fields and warmed-up, same as always, only this time they were short on players. They only had two more subs in the team and knew by the end of the day they all were going to be very tired. When the game started they went all the way into the 6th where Haden hit a two-run homer to put them on top. The game ended with the score 2-0 and the team got ready for the next game. The temperature raised and the game started. In the middle of the 5th inning Cody was sweating through his shirt but made it through to win the game 4-0. The team began to grow anxious to play the championship game and got excited. The next two days would be the final games of the tournament and the teams would have to play the hardest they ever had.

10: The game before the championship game began and Cody's team went into their warm-up routine and started the game. At first the game went very slow but speed up towards the end when Troy hit a homer to left field to tie them up 3-3. Then Cody was up to bat. He stared at the pitcher's eyes and gave him a slight smile. The pitcher wound up and threw the ball towards home where Cody swung as hard as he could to hit the ball far to right field. The fielder ran farther and farther back till the white ball fell into his dark glove. The crowd cheered as the opposing team got the second out and Haden was up. On the first pitch Haden hit a triple to left field and was hit in by Jack to win the game. Cody was disapointed he didn't get the hit but happy they won.

11: Cody and his team mates waited anxiously for the championship to come the next day. The night before everyone went out to eat together and talked about all that would happen the next day. If they were to win it would be a long night of talking to reporters and packing to leave the next morning. Cody was so ready to win he started to wright his speech to the reporters while he was eating. When the team went back to the hotel everyone went to sleep to wake up early for breakfast. When the next morning came Cody awoke and went to the lobby as usual. Again the team talked and left to get ready for the game. The parents wished them luck and dropped them off at the locker room. There they went on the field together to warm-up. Cody looked out to the other side of the field to see a sold-out crowd

12: Cody gasped in amazement. He had never seen so many people at one place before, and never-the-less played in front of them. Cody's team was pumped up to play when they were done with warm-up and looked onto the other side of the field to study the team. Most of the kids looked like they should be in the MLB and Cody grew nervous. When the game began he stood at second base waiting for the first batter. He came up to the plate and watched the pitch. He heard a ding and saw the ball speeding towards him. On instinct he rose his glove up and caught the ball. The momentum of the ball made his glove fly back and hit his face. His nose was later declared broken in the dugout and he sat out the rest of the inning. When he asked coach if he could go back in he let him. Cody made a couple of grounders with the crooked nose and two base hits. He then felt a sharp pain rush through his nose. He tried to keep quite so he wouldn't have to go out and thought of a solution.

13: He looked back at the scoreboard to see it say that they were winning 4-2. The pain went away and a smile grew across his face. The next two innings the other team got two more runs to tie it up. In the last inning the team got 3 more runs and Cody was down 7-4. In the bottom of the seventh Cody's team got two outs before they loaded the bases for Cody. He walked to the plate and wiped away the sweat from his eyes nervously. He looked at the pitcher who tossed a heater right up the middle and Cody watched it go by him with ease. "STRIKE" the ump yelled. Cody set back and looked around. Then he got back up to watch another one go right down the middle. The ump yelled the same thing and Cody backed up. The crowd, as well as Cody's team, yelled for him to hit it out. Cody waited then stepped into the batters box as the pitch came screaming his way. Cody lurched back and saw it curve. He adjusted, closed his eyes, and knocked the ball in the air. It flew and flew until it landed in the river behind the stadium and the crowded jumped up and screamed. Cody opened his eyes and realized he won.

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