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Black Portfolio

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BC: "Landing Gear Extended" by Jurvestson on Flickr "Longs Peak" by Michael O’Neill on

FC: Rebecca's Journey

1: Dedicated to whoever is reading this, my cat, and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

2: The story begins in a small village, in the mountains. It was late at night, and Rebecca paced by the fire, deep in thought. She had dark, curly long hair and piercing blue eyes. In the woods, she was alone.

3: She eventually grew tired of pacing, and sat down on the swinging bench that overlooked the lake. The moon shone brightly down, and faintly, you could hear crickets chirping. Rebecca knew this sound, and it was comforting to her. She had spent 19 years growing up in these woods, by the mountains. This lake was like her second home. She spent most of her free time either sailing or swimming in its waters.

4: Rebecca was still deeply in thought when her brother, Michael, came and stood beside her. At first she did not notice him; it was when he spoke that startled her. “Rebecca?” he said. “Oh my god, Michael, you scared me!” stammered Rebecca. “I had no idea you were right there. Come, sit with me.” Michael sat down on the bench beside her, and they looked out onto the lake together. All was silent, until Michael continued talking. “Rebecca, José’s gone missing,” stated Michael, “He broke out of his cage this morning, and I haven’t seen him.” José was their mother’s parrot. He was talkative, and very friendly. Rebecca’s face grew with worry. “Do you think we’ll find him?” she asked Michael. “I’m not sure,” answered Michael.

5: Early the next morning, Rebecca headed out. She left the mountains and the woods. She headed towards the water, in a kayak. With only a blanket, a candle, and rations, she headed further into the lake. Up ahead, she could just barely make out the shape of an island. Thinking that José might be there, she struck out towards the shore of the island.

6: Rebecca got to the island, got out of the kayak, and set out on foot. She could feel a presence on the island, so she kept going deeper into the island. When she reached the center of the island (turns out, it was a small island) she found a man. “Who are you?” she asked. “I am Mark, keeper of the sharp shooters. I teach people defense against wild animals using archery as a defense tactic. Beware; there are many predators out there. On the sandbar, there happen to be moose” said the man, named Mark. After brief chatting, and learning, Rebecca learned how to defend herself against the wildlife in the water.

7: No sooner had she left the island, was she then attacked by moose. It flipped her kayak out from underneath her, and she immediately got soaked. Fumbling for the bow, she shot it cleanly in one arrow. Realizing that José probably was not in the water, she headed for the Fire.

8: Dragging her kayak behind her, she swam to where she had seen smoke rising up earlier; this, she assumed, was the Fire. Even though one of the things Mark had warned her about was the hostility of the Fire-Dwellers, Rebecca was determined to get warm and dry. No sooner had she set foot near the Fire, had the Fire-Dwellers come out and attacked her. Knowing she had very little time, she shot out as many arrows as she could, killing the Fire-Dwellers that had attacked her and throw coals at her.

9: Now that the Fire-Dwellers were dead, Rebecca sat by the Fire and dried herself and her few belongings off. Not knowing where to head next, she wondered where José might be. José, being a bird and all, liked to fly. Suddenly struck with inspiration, Rebecca headed to the highest point she could find, to look for José.

10: Spotting a nearby lodge, she climbed to the roof of it and looked towards the sky. She could see everything from up here; the Mountains, the Water, the Fire, the Camp. Except, she did not see the bear. However, she heard the cries of José. The bear had José tied to a tree, and wanted Rebecca to be gone. Rebecca was not planning on going anywhere, right now, until she had José back.

11: The bear was furious that Rebecca had found José, and started to run at Rebecca. She dodged him, and hid behind a rock to quickly think of a plan. In her hurry, she had forgotten about the bow she had strapped to her back. But, her thoughts were interrupted by the growls of the angry bear.

12: The bear growled, and made a lunge for Rebecca. She slid under a tree, and watched the bear from there. She could see it moving; she could feel its energy in the air. In the background, she could hear the terrified shrieks from José.

14: Rebecca took this moment to whip out the bow and arrows. “With just one shot,” she thought to herself, “I can kill this bear, free José, and go back home.” Aiming very carefully, she shot at the bear.

15: Her aim was very good, and she brought the bear down within a matter of seconds. Quickly, she ran to untie José from the tree.

16: Going back through the Mountains, the Water, the Fire, and the Skies, she made it back home. The Woods, at the base of the mountain, by the lake, with the scent of pine needles surrounding her, she truly felt glad to be back home.

17: Michael was the first one to notice that Rebecca was back. “Rebecca!” he shouted, “you’re back! And, I see you’ve found José!” “Yes, yes I did! Thank goodness I found him!” exclaimed Rebecca. Her mother came out, her eyes twinkling with joy.

18: “Thank you, Rebecca, for finding José. I have missed him terribly! You, my dear daughter, are amazing!” rejoiced her mother. And all was calm; with José back home, and Rebecca’s yearn for adventure satisfied, everyone felt happy.

20: Citations are in order of appearance. "Day 2012" pic from “The Moon” from “High Rock Moonrise” Taken by Mandie, from her blog "Untitled picture" by Duncan Rawlinson, from Fotopedia "Lone Canoe On Water" by Unknown, on "The Old Archer" by Okinawa Soba on Flickr "Bull Moose Stands In Water" by Unknown on

21: "Explosions" by Unknown in "Borgeson Family Cabin "by Joe Lencioni, on "Mt. Washington" by Ian Britton on "Mother’s Bear" by Andrew_N on Flickr "Trevaylor Woods" by Andrew Harvey

Trevaylor Woods, nr Penzance, Cornwall (Andrew Harvey) / CC BY-SA 2.0

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