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Black Portfolio (Copy)

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S: Plantation Animal Hospital

BC: With Love, All the Staff At PAH


1: Happy Birthday Doctor Isom! Thank you for all the memories you have given us. You are a special man, and no words can express how much we appreciate and love you. Always, the Staff at PAH

2: Looking at the road from the future site of Plantation Animal Hospital (Above left: Broward and University)

3: Construction begins on Plantation Animal Hospital

6: In the early days... | Doc and Laura - October 1985

7: Doctor Brace

8: Jason

9: Doctor John Howard

13: Holly and Doc at Laurie's wedding (Dr. Howard's daughter) Daughter Amy's wedding day upper right

15: "Don't worry about the incision length. Skin heals side-to-side." "If it hasn't happened to you yet, you haven't practiced long enough." Dr. Isom and Dr. Howard at surgery. What a show to watch!

17: Tammy

18: Dear Doc, What can be said about you and all you have done for your PAH family that has not been said already? Whether we look at the past, or at the present, the same theme resounds throughout. You care for us all; you nurture us, teach us, accept us for our strengths and our weaknesses, extend the shoulder of love and support during our darkest moments in life, or share in our greatest joys. This is so much more than any one of us could have ever anticipated or expected when we walked through the doors of PAH for the first time, to become a part of the PAH family. Perhaps this is just one of the reasons so many of us have stayed with PAH for so long, or returned for second rounds. You are PAH! What an appropriate acronym, for being a father or grandfather to so many of us and our families! (That may be an Aussie thing, as dads and grandfathers are often called "Pa"). You have set the bar so very high for all future bosses, that one can only hope is attained to some degree, but will never again in our lives be met by your standards! Thank you Doc, for being you and allowing us all to be a part of your family. We love you! I look forward to many, many more drives, even if they seem at times we are playing a part in the movie, “Smokey and the Bandit”, or dodging ladders and debris on the highways! Tammy

19: Beautiful Nat another angel watching over us | Tammy, Natalie, "Big" Nat, and baby Sarah

20: Tammy as the pink pussycat! (right and below) Tammy AND Holly are both pink pussycats in the CATS photo (lower right) | Tammy relaxing at home...

21: Natalie | Natalie and Sarah | Holly and Doc with baby Natalie

22: Dr. Isom with babies Natalie and Sarah

23: Natalie at College Graduation She is now in law school studying to be an attorney!

24: Sarah at Graduation | The Girls

25: Our Sarah! All grown up with Laura "watching" her cat being neutered. Thanks to a childhood filled with caring for animals, she now studies animals and their environment. Yeah Sarah! We're so proud of you.

26: Doc's 47th Birthday with Melanie and Dr. Howard | Doc and the two Lauras

27: Doc and "Jake" - 1985 | Doc in St. Louis Missouri | His cousin's veterinary clinic in Illinois

28: Fun with Pat and Laura

30: Laura

31: Hey Doc, There is so much to say so I'll try to make it short. You have been such a big part of my life - watching my kids grow up, Remember getting them to pick up trash around the hospital and feeding the squirrels every morning before they walked over to St. Gregory's? I enjoyed watching you and Dr. Howard swinging golf clubs any time you had a break. I loved the long talks and laughs we shared in the surgery room. I have been blessed to have you as my boss. You come into work every day with a smile on your face. Even when things don't go right you still have the best attitude. I guess the fact that you haven't been able to get rid of me for over 30 years speaks for itself. Our trips were also something I'll never forget. How about the time we were hiking up the hill carrying our skis just to save 20 bucks so we didn't have to pay for the tram! Or Mike Schreffler at the door smelling like a goat living out of his truck? Remember driving in the horrible snow storm with Mikey and all of us? You were an incredible driver. I'll never forget the snow mobiles lined up by the hundreds waiting to fill up at the gas station in Yellow Stone. It was extra fun when your sons came along - I'm glad I got to know them. You've been more than just a boss - you've been a wonderful friend. Been there through thick and thin. Remember when I lived upstairs? When I married Pat? When I had to tell you that I was pregnant with Natalie? I can't imagine working for anyone else. I hope you enjoy not just your Birthday - but every day. Love, Laura (or as you say "Dawson")

33: Our annual summer barbecues....!

34: Well, behind every great man... "Doc and Holly" Holly is the other half of PAH. Her kindness, gentle nature, continuous support and devotion to Doc have been the inspiration for the PAH family. Thank you for letting us "steal him" from you for so long.

35: Married in the Keys - November 1991

36: "The Kids" Steve, Keith and Robin Steve's Wedding May 1992 | Doc's sister, Robin and Mom, Lucille | Dr. Brace and Doc in Colorado Springs

37: Steven and his friend Charlie (front row - right) | Dr. Jerry Isom Doc's brother and retired dentist | Doc with his son Steve, grandson Austin and son Keith

38: The Grandkids

40: "The Keys" | The Keys | Charleston, South Carolina

41: Jackson Hole Wyoming | Oxbow Bend, Wyoming | Jenny Lake, Grand Teton Wyoming

42: Jamie: "Thanks for the memories Doc!"

43: Lana: Above: Lana at her night job. Holding her gratuity... Upper Right: Her date was a no-show. Sad...

44: The Many Faces of Lana

45: I started working at Plantation Animal Hospital in 1999... having embarked not long before on Ellis Island...a private joke Doc and I shared. My first impression of this dignified man was of a Veterinarian who loved his profession and absolutely adored animals. In all the years I have worked at the hospital this has never changed. I have shared so many happy moments with Doctor Isom and he has always been there for me when I have needed a shoulder to cry on. Doc is the heart and the soul of his hospital and it is a privilege to work at PAH. I love to hear Doc say , “See you tomorrow kid, if the Good Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise.” I hope there will be many more tomorrows Doc and I promise you - the creek won’t rise. Love Lana Braun

46: A few of the men in Lana's life.... | Carol with lana Her partner in crime | Justine and Paul with Lana's darling grandchildren

47: You can't lock Lana out of PAH. Lord knows we've tried...

48: Meryl

49: Dr. Isom, I think my fondest memory of you was the day Jamie called me to come in for an interview. Although you and I and Dr. Howard had already known each other for years, Jamie did not know that. After she interviewed me she said "Let me get the boss, Dr. Isom to come in." Both you and Dr. Howard walked in and you said, "I know you. How're you doin' kid? Well I've known you since you were this high" (measuring my height as a child which is not much taller than I am today!). You then said, "So you want to work here. OK. How much is this going to cost me?" I guess you knew you were getting a bargain since you hired me! You have always taken such good care of my "kids" starting with my party poodle, "Fifi"; my kitten, "Garfield"; my German Shepherd "Heidi"; my Siberian Husky, "Princess"; and our latest two: Bud, our Anatolian mix and our black lab, "Midnight". The only pet we have left today is our cat, "Weston". We have been blessed to have had each of these pets for over 10 years with the exception of Garfield and Princess and this I contribute to the care that you, Dr. Howard, Dr. McInerney, Dr. Feinstein and several of the other doctors have given them over the years When people think of PAH they automatically think "Dr. Isom". You built this hospital with tender loving care and nurtured it the same way as you have done each and every one of your staff members. You truly are an Icon and not just in Plantation. As I said, people know you and the name PLANTATION ANIMAL HOSPITAL along with the reputation you have built. I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity you have given me and for allowing me to work at a job that I truly love. Meryl Leaman (a.k.a.".Kid")

51: Meryl's Babies Midnight and Bud and kitty Weston | All lived long lives thanks to the wonderful vet care from Dr. Isom

52: PAH's Incredible Receptionists | Adalais, Meryl, Jill, Lana and Stephanie

53: Adalis | Stephanie Donnelly

56: Lana, Stephanie Donnelly, and Tambi (Lana's daughter)

57: DO NOT... | EVER let receptionists choose colors based on someone's haircolor...!

59: The Atrium

60: Steph and Jill

61: PAH's Nurses | Stephanie, Mario, Tasha, Julie, Brie and Laura

62: Kevin and Laure | The Lab | Brie | Kennel Crew

63: Tasha xoxo

64: What's Up Doc!! I was supposed to have this letter ready 2 months ago - and of course I was the last to hand mine in! Where do I start? You used to tell people you "found me under a rock in Hollywood"! You're right - I was a mess. Remember when I would sit on the bucket and you would sing "smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette." I worked in the kennel for 5 years. I loved it. Our trips to COSTCO...our talks...the hot dogs...and the muffins. There was so much. It all meant the world to me. Remember when I used to close the kennel with Stephanie and Misty and you used to come in and say, "You are the Ladies of the Night"! When you finally allowed me into the "middle", that put an end to the loud country music in the back. I think of you every time I hear a George Strait song! You encouraged me to go back and get my GED - I did it. You encouraged me to quit smoking - I did it. You encouraged me to get my degree in Nursing - I did it. Thank you. Through school, my marriage and raising my son, Logan - you were always there. Holly, you helped me tremendously as well. You always said, "It will be OK kid". No words can tell you what you mean to me. You used to say "Another Miracle!" when we'd show up for work. Doc, YOU were and are the miracle, and the reason I'm here. I love you, Tash

65: Our Tasha Gets Married!

67: What would we do without Cameron-Miller?

69: Happy Birthday Doc! After working at PAH for 10 years, I have so many amazing memories. Doc, you gave me the opportunity of my life to work there and train with the best :) I loved the way you would walk around the hospital with a sick animal and talk to it, encouraging it to get better. Or the time when "BK" was in ICU getting IV fluids for her chronic kidney failure. She was a tough patient and getting her to eat was a challenge. But after treating her for so long, she started to tolerate me and actually licked me. I was so excited and when I told you, you said, "She always licks her food before she eats it." lol Love you Doc. Happy Birthday, Tara

72: Paola and Fawn Painting the Pond.... What lesson did we learn about receptionists and painting...?

73: Miguel

75: Nancy | Brie and Kaylin

78: Cranky Maggie Rest in peace.

79: Happy Birthday Dr. Isom! Thank you for the years of taking care of my pets. You were there for Tango, Hawkeye and ALL the kitties. You are a wonderful vet and it has been such a pleasure knowing you for all these years. Love, Sandy Broward Pet Cemetery

80: Hiya Doc! Have a great Birthday. Chuck (UPS)

81: Tara and Erik

82: Amy

83: I will never forget the day we found Ashley for Doc. Dr. Mac and I were at PETWORLD and this cute little ball of white fluff was one of the puppies to be examined. Doc had just lost Buddy and we knew he was sad. Dr. Mac and I looked at each other with big mischievous grins knowing what each other was thinking. The trick was how to get this puppy to the hospital without the motive being obvious. We would have to think on this one. So we brought her back from PETWORLD with us claiming she was "a little off" - possibly hypoglycemic - and Dr. Mac just wanted to keep an eye on her for a day or so. Doc saw her and lit up with a huge smile. It was love at first site. He took special attention to keep her in the office with a close eye on her. The rest is history. - Amy Nemeth

84: Cristi | Essie In her typical purple regalia

88: Oh Those PAHalloweens!

89: Gee, I wonder why all Halloween outfits have to be APPROVED now! Thanks Steph.

94: Who said that firemen are the only ones prepared for an emergency?

95: Cleaning up after Hurricane Wilma

96: Doc performing a c-section and the "assembly line".

98: Kaylin and Brie holding new pups!

101: Just a FEW of the many clients

102: Dear Dr. Isom, You have been a part of our family for over 25 years. There have been so many times that you and your staff have helped us through very hard times. It would take an extreme amount of time and paper to tell them all. But the most important and closest to my heart is the way you took care of my beloved labs, Samantha and Alexis. They both passed away in 2002 - two months apart from each other. It was one of the hardest things we have ever gone through. Your love and support meant more than you could ever know. It took a very long time to come to grips with it, but having you there was so special. You are special and there will never be another vet, friend or person like you. We love you, Annie and Bill Cappuccio

103: I no longer have 29 cats - I'm down to the teens now! Thank you for everything over the years Dr. Isom. I never could have rescued so many animals without your help. Love, Gail Layman

105: Dr. Isom, My fondest memory is of you when you were the store Doc for Paws Plus. You provided my first puppies Fritz and Jake with their medical care and from the moment I met you, I trusted you with my "babe's" lives. I can recall when Blu was diagnosed with cancer, and you were the first one who excised it. You called me after the return of the pathology and told me it was Mast Cell cancer. I could hear the sorrow in your voice; almost like it was one of your own children with this diagnosis. You are the main reason for Fritz and Jake's longevity, they both lived till 15 and 16 years old, and you know yourself how long Basset Hounds live. You were so gentle, you took the time to not only talk with your patient's owners, but you also spoke to the animals as if they could understand you...If you were speaking to my dogs, you were sure they knew exactly where that blue and white cookie jar was when they left your exam room. Plantation Animal Hospital was an "at home environment" you never felt like "just a patient" - you were always made to feel like family. Dr. Isom, may I say that Dr. Mac is your prize winner for being such a great diagnostician. She pegged Jake's diagnosis when I brought him in with a care of paraplegia. He had jumped off of the couch and couldn't walk until the next morning. This was about 4 or 5 months after we had lost Blu to Mast Cell. I thought Jake was a gonner! Dr. Mac said "probably herniated a disc" - she was right!! She made the phone call to the specialist in Davie and the diagnosis was confirmed. Jake had surgery and walked the next day. Jake lived an additional 5.5 years and we laid him to rest during a fight with CHF. He was very tired and lived a great life. Fritz Rascal lived till 16, and he ended up blind, but never failed to navigate as evidenced by nose marks all over my walls in my house. Dr. Isom, We wish you a happy birthday and know that you are so loved! Please enjoy your special day and know that you made such a difference in the Plantation community. Trish and Robert Leighton (Now living in Greenville, SC)

107: I first met Dr. Isom more than 30 years ago after adopting my first cat, Bandit. Bandit was hell on wheels (or paws, I guess) and definitely DID NOT like the going to the vet's. I learned this after taking him for his first checkup to the vet the Humane Society recommended. After a half hour of trying unsuccessfully to examine him, the vet politely told me it was probably best to seek services elsewhere. A colleague at work recommended Dr. Isom and I made an appointment at Plantation Animal Hospital. I was very nervous to meet Doc. What on earth was I going to do if he turned me away too? When I explained what happened he just chuckled and took Bandit into the back room. All I could hear was tremendous howling...certainly someone or something was being ripped to shreds! Doc returned about 10 minutes later with Bandit and there wasn't a mark on either of them. He explained that he used a fishing net to put over Bandit to vaccinate him, and he "wasn't that bad, really." Bandit immediately jumped into his carrier - he had met his match. From that moment on, Doc was our vet. When you have animals that are like members of the family, you have a mental checklist about who the ideal person to care for them is. Someone caring and kind. Someone up on the latest technology, but who realized that old fashioned treatments sometimes work just as good as the hi-tech ones. Someone who will stay late when you rush in 15 minutes before closing and do emergency surgery because your cat just ate a foot of string. Every item on the list...check, check, check. Dr. Isom is the best example of what veterinary medicine can and should be, and we are proud to have known him. He is truly the best!!! Sincerely, Leslie and Frank DiMarco

108: Hilda Lovell and Kim Cochran with "Nabor"

109: This is my contribution to Dr. Isom's Birthday Book: When we first brought "Baby" to the hospital we saw Dr. Isom. Then, because of Baby's skin problems, he referred us to Dr. Howard which started a "love affair" between Dr. and dog. Because of this, "Baby" thought he owned the place. He would come in and walk around wherever his heart desired and generally made himself at home. In all the years Dr. Isom never minded finding "Baby" in his office or under foot. "Baby" even taught "Buffy" his tricks and now she has taken his place and thinks she "owns" the hospital and again Dr. Isom gladly puts up with her nonsense. We all wish you many HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!!! Marilyn, Paul and Buffy Schwartz

110: Images to the right: Payment on veterinary services rendered... A local artist unable to afford veterinary care. Doc has had the painted rock in his office for over 20 years!

112: Gene Herrera and Doc

113: I first met Dr. Isom in the early 70's. I was working for a company called "Inter City Ambulance". Our office was on Broward Blvd. just west of State Road 7. At the time, we were the only ones in the multi-office building. Then someone else moved in next to us. Turns out it was Dr. Isom. I don't know how much business he had then but he did get a new car. We would see him almost everyday outside polishing his car. "Inter City" finally moved and I wasn't sure what happened to Dr. Isom. Then I got a doggy and re-discovered his new office! I have been a client / friend of his ever since. Jim is a great person as well as an excellent vet. He certainly made my life and my pets lives better over the years. - Gene Herrera

114: Husky Rescue

115: The Husky Rescue Dog Wash at PAH

116: "Lizzy" a.k.a. Lizard

118: Our Outside House Cats Above: "Meow" Next Page: "T"

120: "Buddy"

121: "Ashley"

122: "Bear"

123: Dr. Isom, Despite your previous experiences.... "a sick bird is NOT always a DEAD bird!" (Laugh out loud!!!) | Dr. Isom, I have watched you "from the sidelines" tending to your dog and cat patients and I see the devotion, wisdom and respect you show to clients and staff...and I think "if I had ever decided to take a different path and do small animal medicine, I would be honored to have you as a mentor." Gwen Flinchum

124: Dr. Lisa Feinstein

125: Happy Birthday Dr. Isom, I was very lucky to find Plantation Animal Hospital 4 years ago. Dr. James Anderson had told me that PAH may be looking for a vet (I will always be grateful to Dr. Anderson for that advice). Very pregnant and almost due with my third child, I drove over with my resume in hand. I remember Tammy meeting me in an exam room and telling me that she would find me a place here. I recall thinking how unique it was- a manager with an Australian accent, a receptionist with a South African accent, the 1950’s type of friendliness of the staff, the 1970’s feel of the building with its substantial presence on prime real estate on University Drive. I was very happy to be called back for relief days and to start working at PAH more regularly. I remember working on Mondays with Dr. Isom; he was always so friendly. Soon I met Dr. Schwartz. One day a dog that had swallowed a lot of rope and cloth, came in and was X-rayed. Dr. Schwartz discussed scoping or surgery. Dr. Isom looked at the films and said “Let’s give a meal and make him vomit.” Sure enough, it worked! The dog vomited up the ropes and cloth and the owners were very grateful to have not put the dog through expensive surgery. I also recall another time when an ADR dog came in, and Dr. Isom palpated a big spleen. Sure enough, we took the spleen out and the biopsy showed lymphoma. I then became full time at PAH and enjoyed working regularly with Dr. Mac. Working at Pah with Dr. Isom as your boss, is a dream for any veterinarian. You can practice the way you want, and with the staff and other veterinarians professional, supportive, and top notch. I feel very lucky to work at Plantation Animal Hospital. Thanks Dr. Isom! Again, Happy Birthday and May you Have Many More, Lisa Feinstein DVM MPH

126: Dr. Lisa and Kaylin in surgery

127: Dr. James Anderson

128: Dr. Ana Tassino

129: Dear Dr. Isom, Happy Birthday! I wish you the best on this day and always, for you and your family. Thank you for allowing me to be part of PAH's team/family. It is a pleasure working here. I don't mind getting up early, nor do I mind the long drive.I love helping clients, dealing with the girls and operating on pets at the surgery table. All workers at PAH are great - from receptionists, to nurses, to Tammy and to doctors. You are the best boss I have ever had - always willing to help with difficult procedures. On top of it all, I get paid for it! I couldn't ask for more. Looking forward to many more years of fun. Who could know that diarrhea and vomiting could actually be fun! Love, Ana Tassino, DVM

130: Dr. Tassino with "Pele"

131: Dr. Mac chasing after the "Bathroom Bandit". We now have "Pele" to protect us!

132: Dr. Ken Schwartz

133: Doc - I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you are the nicest guy I've ever worked for. I still remember meeting you on my very first day. I couldn't believe how sunny and chipper you were. I thought for sure you couldn't be that happy every day, but I quickly learned that you were. I don't know how you always stayed so bright and positive, but it made for a great atmosphere and I was lucky to have worked with you for 4 years. You were always supportive of me and the other doctors and I learned many things from you. And to top it all off, you allowed my girl Audrey to have a great last few years hanging out in the doctor's office. I will always be grateful for everything you've done for me and I will never forget the experience I had at Plantation Animal Hospital. Happy Birthday! - Ken Schwartz

135: "MAC"

136: DOC!! Wow! That was the fastest decade of my life. I want to wish you the happiest birthday ever. (I know, it's hard to beat the Jungle Queen...!) I need to tell you what you did for me these past 10+ years. You were not only a boss; you were a mentor, a model and a friend. You are an excellent doctor, yet you have always been so humble. Whenever you do something amazing - which is often, you give the credit to someone else. Everyone knows. It's just one more reason to love you. I try to be like you. I fail. How can someone consistently walk through the door with a smile on their face and keep it throughout the day? I don't always make good decisions, but the choice to walk through the door of Plantation Animal Hospital was the best one of my life. No one can ask for more than to wake up in the morning and look forward to work. I know I don't speak for myself alone - we all feel the same. Thank you for the kindness you extended to me throughout the years. Thank you for the Saturday pizzas, the Wednesday muffins; the annual birthday cake, the spectacular Christmas parties and the fun summer barbecues. You created a joyous working atmosphere and a hospital with an emphasis on good medicine and caring for others. I'll never find another PAH. Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Love alway, Marie ("Mac")

138: Happy Birthday Doc!! It's Wendy!! Remember when I started at PAH? I had just come to Florida after graduating from vet school in England and I had to take my veterinary tests all over AGAIN in the U.S. Wow - that was so long ago.

139: I moved to Georgia and worked in a couple of small animal practices (NONE of them could compare with PAH - or you). So, I decided to get my Master's in Public Health. My title is now the Assistant State Veterinarian of Georgia! I am in the picture to the left with the Governor of Georgia. | Doc, I learned a lot from you. NOt only did you teach me how to practice good medicine, but you taught me to be honest with mistakes. Most of all TO LAUGH and not take life too seriously. It was an honor to work with you. There was only one problem with my time at PAH, it made all the other clinics pale in comparison All the Best, Wendy Cuevas-Espelid

140: Karen Zielizienski - Doctor "Z" We lost this intelligent, witty, lovely woman much too soon. But her laughter and spirit touched us all deeply, and we will never ever forget her. She will always be a large part of PAH history.

143: Josh

144: Scenes from Doc's 70th Birthday Party (a.k.a. The Jungle Queen Cruise)

145: Dr. Howard's faux retirement party at the Mai Kai. Any excuse to party!

146: Christmas at the Howard's

147: Christmas 2009

148: Christmas Party 2010 | a common theme here.... and I don't mean Christmas...

152: Tasha's Baby Shower at PAH!! | Tasha and Jayde

157: A Birthday Cake for EVERY birthday for EVERY staff member EVERY year.

158: And I do mean Birthday Cake for EVERYONE!!

159: Doc's 75th Birthday Party

163: Dr.Howard gives last minute instructions on how to smile for the Group Photo

164: PAH Party 2011

165: Hosted by Elaine Adams-Harrison at the Adams Ranch

176: 5.10.2012 FLORIDA VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION IMMEDIATE RELEASE FVMA GOLD STAR PRESENTED TO ISOM Florida Veterinary Medical Association ORLANDO -- Dr. James Isom of Plantation Animal Hospital in Plantation, was given the Gold Star Award that is presented each year by the Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA) to members who go above and beyond in service to the veterinary profession. The award is given in recognition of members who have contributed much of their time and energy to the FVMA and/or their local association and community for the advancement of veterinary medicine and the profession. The award was presented at the FVMA’s 83rd Annual Conference held at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina, May 4-6, 2012. Dr. James Isom from Plantation, has been a pioneer of change. He opened his Plantation Animal Hospital in 1966 and for many years touched many lives -- his patients, his clients, their children and their children’s children. In the 1980s he found a need for a separate clinic for after-hour emergencies and was part of a group of veterinarians in Broward County to open the first emergency clinic. Two such emergency clinics are still open. He is past president of the Broward County Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Isom is known for his compassion, his unselfish personality and when summoned in the middle of the night, due to a fire at a neighboring vet clinic, not only helped remove all the animals, he transported them to his hospital and then arranged to continue their care until the fire-damaged clinic reopened. The FVMA annual conference is an educational opportunity for those in the veterinary profession to share information and exchange ideas. The three-day conference includes continuing education opportunities for professionals, as well as lectures and hands-on labs pertinent to the veterinary medical profession, presented by nationally- and internationally-known speakers.

178: Our next Gold Star Award recipient is Dr. James Isom from Plantation, who has been a "pioneer of change". He opened Plantation Animal Hospital in 1966 and for many years touched many lives -- his patient's, his client's, their children and their children’s children. In the 1980s he found a need for a separate clinic for after-hour emergencies and was part of a group of veterinarians in Broward County to open the first emergency clinic. Two such emergency clinics are still open. He is past president of the Broward County Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Isom is known for his compassion and his unselfish personality. Once, when summoned in the middle of the night due to a fire at a neighboring vet clinic, he not only helped remove all the animals, he transported them to his hospital and then arranged to continue their care until the fire-damaged clinic reopened.

181: The Party Afterward! | Dr. Howard tipping our waitress - with the biggest bill he could find!

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