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S: Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

BC: Bryce and Juli's feelings for each other are not a constant. They have many ups and downs in their emotions for each other. But, in the end the two finally decide how they feel about the other.

FC: Flipped | By Wendelin Van Draanen

1: Table of contents | First meeting sycamore tree being cut down Bryce dating Shelly Stalls Juli fighting with Shelly Stalls Egg deliveries Juli catches Bryce throwing out her eggs Juli and Chet cleaning up her yard Bryce and Garret talking in the library Dinner at the Loski's Bryce planting the sycamore tree

2: First Meeting | "I'm still trying to pull free, but the girl's got me in a death grip" (pg.3) | Bryce tries to ditch his new neighbor Juli but she doesn't leave him alone | Bryce

3: Juli runs over to the Loski's as they start to unpack their moving van to see if they need help and takes an interest in Bryce | "and the next thing i know he's holding my hand, looking right into my eyes"(pg.14) | First Meeting | Juli

4: "the girl arguing with those men was Juli-the world's peskiest, bossiest, most know-it-all female"(pg. 25) | Sycamore tree being cut down | Bryce | Bryce sees Juli fighting with people trying to cut down her tree. He believes the tree is ugly.

5: Sycamore tree being cut down | Juli | "my heart was crazy with panic. i didn't know what to do! I couldn't leave and let them cut down the tree! I cried ' you can't cut it down! You just can't'" (pg.41)

6: Bryce Dating Shelly Stalls | " What's not to like? But Juli hated her, and i was going to make this little gem of knowledge the solution to my problem." (pg.7) | Bryce | Bryce asks out Shelly Stalls so Juli would finally leave Bryce alone.

7: Bryce Dating Shelly Stalls | Juli | tt | "How could Shelly have wormed her hand into his? That pushy little princess had no business hanging on to him like that!" (pg.17) | Juli sees her Bryce dating Shelly Stalls and gets very jealous.

8: Juli fighting with Shelly Stalls | "In no time Juli and Shelly got into some kind of catfight" (pg.8) | Bryce's idea to get Juli away from him fails when Juli and Shelly fight over him | Bryce

9: Juli fighting with Shelly Stalls | "My first thought was that he was telling me he was sorry. Then it dawned on me- he needed my help. Absolutely, that's what it has to be!" (pg.17) | Juli | Juli thinks that Bryce is stuck in a relationship with Shelly and tries to help them break up

10: The Egg Deliveries | Bryce receives eggs from Juli that his family does not want due to the fact that their yard is a mess. | "They're laying eggs!' She pushed the carton into my hands. " Here take these! They're for you and your family. (pg.47) | Bryce

11: "I delivered eggs to the Loskis. The very best, shiniest eggs went straight to the Loskis, and in return I got a few moments alone with the world's most dazzling eyes." (pg.76) | Juli gives the Loskis her finest eggs in return for being such great neighbors | The Egg Deliveries | Juli

12: Juli catching Bryce throwing away her eggs | "she stood frozen with the eggs in her hands while i dump the rest of the trash. 'Why did you throw them out?' she asked, but her voice didn't sound like Juli Baker's voice. it was quiet. And shaky." (pg.61) | Juli finds Bryce throwing away her eggs and he feels awful | Bryce

13: Juli catching Bryce throwing away her eggs | "I couldn't find any words. None at all. I just stared at him, at the clear, brilliant blue of his eyes. ' I'm sorry, Juli,' he whispered. I stumbled home, embarrassed and confused, my heart completely cracked open" (pg.80) | after 2 years Juli finds Bryce throwing away the eggs she has given him | Juli

14: Juli and Chet cleaning up her yard | "my problem was, i never got the chance. I cam trekking down from the bus stop to find my grandfather doing my good deed." (pg.82) | Bryce finds his grandfather helping Juli with her yard, a deed Bryce had wanted to do | Bryce

15: Juli and Chet cleaning up her yard | Juli | "At first I didn't know what to say to this man. It was very strange to be getting his help, but from the way he was acting, it was as though I shouldn't have thought a thing of it." (pg.107) | Juli receives help from Bryce's grandfather, but she believes it is because he feels bad about them throwing out the eggs.

16: Bryce and Garret talking in the library | "Well that explains a lot, doesn't it?' I couldn't believe my ears. 'What?' 'you know," he says, still grinning, 'about Juli' My heart started pounding and my hands clenched up. And for the first time since I'd learned to dive under from trouble, I wanted to deck somebody." (pg.127) | Garret talks bad about Juli and Bryce feels like he should stand up for her but he doesn't. Bryce leaves feeling like Garret stepped over the line | Bryce

17: Bryce and Garret talking in the library | Juli hears Bryce and Garret talking about her uncle that has mental problems, and decides Bryce is less than the sum of his parts | "It was what Bryce and Garret had said that I couldn't forget. How could they be so cruel? And so stupid? Is this what my father had gone through growing up?" (pg.144) | Juli

18: The Dinner at the Loski's | Bryce is heartbroken over Juli hearing him and Garret and has a very unpleasant evening. | Bryce | "So I'm standing there, wishing I'd punched Garret out in the library so Juli wouldn't stick me in the same class as someone who makes retard jokes." (pg.148)

19: The Dinner at the Loski's | Juli confronts Bryce about what he said to Garret in the library. The dinner goes very slowly and awkwardly. | Juli | "he said hi to me and i lost it. I spun on him,snapping, 'don't you speak to me! I overheard you and Garret in the library, and I don't want to talk to you now or ever!" (pg.160)

20: Bryce planting the sycamore tree | Bryce | Bryce finally realizes his feelings for Juli and to show her he is truly sorry he plants a sycamore tree in her front yard. | "Maybe I can't. Maybe it just can not be done. But if I've learned one thing from Juli Baker, it's that I've got to put my whole heart and soul into it and try. Whatever happens, I know that my grandfather's right about one thing. I'll never be the same again." (pg.188)

21: Bryce planting the sycamore tree | Juli | Juli sees Bryce outside planting the sycamore tree and realizes she still likes Bryce. | "Maybe my mother's right. Maybe there is more to Bryce Loski than I know. Maybe it's time to meet him in proper light" (pg.212)

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