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FC: My Literary Analysis of: To Kill A Mockingbird

1: This story takes place in the 1930's. Maycomb was a small town that didn't have a lot of neighbors.It was a town that stayed the same "Ladies bathed before noon/ sweat and sweet talcum" (Lee , 6). | "Maycomb, some twenty miles east of finch's landing, was the country seat of maycomb" (Lee, 5). | "Our mother died when I was two/ a sudden heart attack" (Lee, 7). | Setting

2: It's important to know the setting because to kill a mockingbird took place when segregation was happening. "Maycomb was an old town/ sweat and sweet talcum" (Lee 6). Maycomb was a town where everything stayed the same nothing changed. It was hard for a small town to accept equality,and it was even a deal breaker between friends and family. Mostly the people believed that blacks had no equality when compared to a white man. | How setting effects the story

3: Scouts Life: Scoutt grew up without a mother. She is forced to learn own her own and has a rough time trying to be a proper girl with the whole town looking down on her. | Jims Life: Jim has to learn to be a proper gentle man even when people are saying horrible things about his dad. | Atticus Life: Atticus learns through the story that the town will never change it was against equality and has to use all his lawyer skills to even try to win.

4: The Scottsboro boys was about the same as to kill a mockingbird. They both take place in about the same time period and center around inequality. The trail was about nine boys who hopped trains and was accused of raping a white girl and went to court and lost the case. | The Scottsboro trial

5: Real World Events Vs. TKaM: | Real World | TKsM | Equality Issues | Segregation Issues | Men and Woman are completely equal | Gender | Racism | Stereotyping | Trial verdicts 100% correct | Justice

6: Point of View | 1st person: " we lived on the main residential street in town-Atticus, Jem and I, plus calpurnia our cook. Jem and I found our father satisfactory: he played with us, read to us, and treated us with courteous detachment" (Lee, 6). | Why the Lee chose Scout: "We get to see scout grow and mature, the story is told with an honest and open view, filled with innocence and wonder. Not being a prejudiced view, the reader can relate to scout" (Story Mode).

7: It was a particular warm afternoon in the month of October. This year the school tried to throw a big Halloween party for all the children of the time. I overheard Bob Ewells plans to get revenge on Atticus by killing the children. It was late at night when the children finally left I decided to follow them and make sure they got home OK. Not too far from the school Bob Ewell stalked out of the night and attacked the children, doing my part as sheriff I quickly defended the children. I shoved Ewell off of Jem, but he fell to fast and fell on his knife. I carried Jem home and Scout followed close behind. Once we got to Atticus house I told them of the events that I had happened. Till this day if I hadn't have helped those kids Ewell really would have gotten his revenge on Atticus. | Story told from a different point of view:

8: Conflicts | 1. Miss. Caroline and Scout Man vs. Man Miss. Caroline didn't approve of scout's ability to read and write cursive. Before: Scout would have gotten mad at her. After: she learns how to deal with Miss. Caroline. | 2.Scout and Cousin Francis Man vs. Man Cousin Francis called Atticus a niger-lover, Scout punches him. Before: Scout would have continued to beat him up After: She learns to control her anger.

9: 3. Jem and Mrs. Dubose: Man vs. Man Mrs. Dubose insulted Scout and Atticus Jem destroyed her camellias. Jem had to read to her for a month. Before: Jem would have left her yard in ruins After: He repairs he yard and realized she was just a lonely lady.

10: Characterization: | Dynamic Character: Jem:The brother of scout, He changes into a young man, and realized that justice should be given to all people. Scout: The sister of Jem, she grows up and learns that not everything is fair in life. | Static Character: Atticus: The dad of Jem and scout he is a lawyer, he is a major part of the story, but he doesn't under go a major change. Bob Ewell: A poor farmer who lives on the outer skirts of town, He is mean in the beginning and mean in the end.

11: Flat Characters: Nathan Radlehy: The owner of a scary house at the end of the street, He stays the same through the story and rarely leaves his house. Boo Radley: A character in the story that is rumored to be a ghost, we don't get to know him but learns at the end of the story is really just a guy. | Round character: Jem: A young man that learns all about the town he grows up in, He matures enormously and shows respect for elders. Scout: A little girl who grows up in the town of Maycomb, she grows up and learns about the people in her town.

12: Symbols: | Why is the title significant? It's significant because the "mockingbird" in this story represents people. It stands for people who were innocent in some way.

13: The Mockingbirds | Boo Radley: he has a tenderness for children. He puts toys in the tree and a blanket on them when the fire started, He is linked because a mockingbird doesn't do anything but make music for us to enjoy. | Tom Robinsion: his death was compared to the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children. He was represented as a mockingbird because he was innocent. | Scout Finch: She realized the need to defend the privacy of the i9nnocenct. She sees the world through innocent eyes and goes against racism

14: Theme: | 1. The Exploration of human mortality: “Remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird / Thats why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird.” (Lee, 94). It shows a picture that the mockingbird is a person who is innocent and it's a sin to kill a mockingbird. This quoteI works for the real world because even till today their is racism. | 2. The Education system doesn't fir every single person: " Your father doesn't not know how to teach. you can can have a seat now.' I mumbled that I was sorry and retired meditating upon my crime." (Lee, 17). If any man was any color but white they didn't get a fair trial in this time period. Even today their are still doubt that the court made a fair decision. | 3. Jem and Scout discovers the issues with social inequality: " The one place where a man ought to get a square deal is in a courtroom/ into a jury box." (Lee, 38). Scout was above her class but since the rest of the class was behind she was forced to stay behind too. Her experience in the book is related to the book because even today some teachers won't let you work ahead.

15: My personal Reflection: | I really liked this book, at first I thought that it was going to be a boring English paper. My favorite part of the story was when Jem and Scout get attacked when there walking home from the Halloween party. It was a big plot twist in the story, and it doesn't even end like it should. The kids survive the attack and Jem doesn't do anything wrong. My least part of the story was the beginning because it's always the slowest. Their isn't really any plot twists.

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