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S: To Kill a Mockingbird

BC: To Kill a Mockingbird | By: Whitney Lowe

FC: To Kill a Mockingbird

1: By: Whitney Lowe | To kill a Mockingbird By: Harper Lee

2: Setting | During the summer Dill was hanging around the light pole at the corner by the Radley place. Dill was watching the house to wait and see if he could see Boo walk around. One time he saw a shadow move and thought it was him. | " Dill would stand with his arms around the light post from the moment he woke up to the moment he had to go to bed."

3: Understanding the context of the setting is important so you know when and where things are going on. Also because without the context of setting when the trial is going on you would be absolutely lost in what is going on. It's important because you get to know about the characters and where they are and what's going on around them.

4: Historical Events | Just ;ike the Scoottsboro Tom Robinson was found guilty and even though the evidence supported he was innocent. Tom as well was accused of the rape of a women. Even though he was innocent he was found guilty because of the color of his skin.

5: The Scottsboro Boys were 9 black boys who were accused of the rape of 2 white women. Even when one of the women told the truth and said that the boys really didn't do it they were still being found guilty because of the color of their skin.

6: Symbols | The tittle of To Kill a Mockingbird is significant because in Mississippi to kill a mocking bird is a sin. A mockingbird represents the innocence and good in someone or something.

7: Boo Radley | Boo Radley is a good person by the way helps save Jem's life and helps both him and Scout on occasion. | Tom Robinson | Toms was an innocent man who got found guilty for something he didn't do. | Scout Finch | Scout is a really nice person because she is so innocent and she tries to understand things.

8: Conflict | Man Vs. Man | External | Uncle Jack: Yells at Scout for beating up her cousin when he stated it and doesn't give her a chance to tell her side of the story | Man Vs. Society | External | Boo Radley: He never left his house and people think he's crazy and don't know what he looks like and how he acts.

9: Before | After | jack only listened to 1 side, then punished the other person, when he didn't give the other person a chance. | Jack listened to the other side and realized he was wrong and wasn't fare to Scout. | Before | After | Boo always stayed in the house and didn't interact with anyone. | He came out and covered Scout up with a blanket with her not knowing and he interacted with her and he changed.

10: Theme | Always give someone a chance to tell their side of he story

11: Don't let people get to you and make you feel bad | Don't judge people by the way they look and act

12: Characterization | Dynamic Character | Scout | Scout in the beginning beats up Walter Cunningham then becomes friends with him and sticks up for him | Jem lets Scout go with him where ever he goes, but as he gets older he doesn't want to take her places and tells her she doesn't know anything. | Static Character | Mrs. Dubose | Mrs. Dubose is mean to Scout and Jem when they walk down the street. She yells at Scout that she is going to end up as a waitress. Also says something about Atticus defending Tom. | Jem | Atticus | Atticus tells scout that it's not time to worry when the jury rules Tom guilty. Also when they do that he just shrugs it off.

13: Flat Character | Mrs. Maudie | Mrs. Maudie lets the kids come over to play in her yard when ever they want. She evens bakes cakes just for them when they come over and explains to them why Aticcus is the way he is. | Calpurnia | Calpurnia takes care of the kids and even takes them to church with her. She also gives the kids advice on how to behave and treat people. | Round Character | Scout | Scout dresses like a girl for her aunt when the meeting is at their house and she talks with the ladies and helps serve food. | Boo Radley | Boo gives Scout a blanket and she doesn't even know it. He also sews up jems pants for him when he ripped them at the radley place.

14: Personal Reflection | My favorite part of the book is the trial. I like this part because you get to understand why things are the way they are. I like the way Harper Lee describes the trial and how she explains things so you can understand what's going on. | My least favorite part of the book was the beginning. I didn't like it because it's pretty boring. Also i didn't like how the teacher told Scout that she shouldn't already know how to read. Also because when Scout was trying to explain to the teacher Ms. Caroline who Walter Cunningham was and that he didn't have money to eat.

15: All together I liked the book. I like how Harper Lee does a very good job of describing things into detail. This book got me hooked when it was talking about Boo Radley and how he was scrap booking and out of no where just stabbed his dad in the leg.Stabbed him with scissors and went back to scrap booking.

16: Point of View | Ist Person | " I said i didn't have nothin but this hoe, but she said she had a hatchet. She give me the hatchet and i broke up the chiffarobe." | Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird chose to tell this from Scout's point of view to show how a young girl goes through the process of understanding and goes through life. Even though she doesn't know what's going on all the time she's not afraid to ask.

17: Scout Finch is the narrator and she's a tough girl. She doesn't like to here people talk badly about her father. She will always try to defend him. Scout always wants to spend time with her brother even if he doesn't want her to. At the end she tries to act more like a lady.

18: Evaluation | Lookn’ back on the trial I sho did wish that that Mayella girl would’ve told the truth. I knew from that minute on that I didn’t have no chance of winnin’ that case. Even though she was lien’ I would’ve been convicted anyway cause of the color of my skin. When the trial first started I was so scared that someone was goin’ ta put a hurtin’ on me. One night Mr. Finch was waitin’ by my door protecting me and I’m sho glad he was’n. Those men were goin’ to but then they seen Mr. Finch, and his kids come a runnin’ down by him. | Later when the trial was just getin’ started I couldn’t stand to be there with that Mayella Ewell, she was a sittin’ there lien’ through her teeth. So while she told her side of what happened, I was just a sittin’ there waitin’ for my turn. As the trial went on the story started ta change little by little with each person that testified. Now it was my turn to go up there. When I stood up everyone looked at my arm, as soon as the people saw it they started too a gaspin’ and a whisperin’. You see here my left arm was a bit shorter than my right. You see I got it stuckn’ a cotton gin. I got it a stuck in Mr. Dolphus Raymond’s cotton gin when I was a boy. I almost bleded to death, I tore all the muscles loose from my bones. | Tom Robinson : The Story of an Innocent Man

19: Well my life was pretty bad after all the trial thangs went on I was bein’ talked about through the town and I didn’t really like it. No one wanted to hire me back after that besides Mr. Dolphus Raymond and he was glad to because he knew I was innocent. | Well after everyone had a minute to whisper, then after a while I got called to the stand. Mr. Finch asked me “Were you acquainted with Mayella Violet Ewell?” I said “ Yes suh, I had to pass her place goin’ to and from the field every day.” Well he kept a asking me questions and I just started t answer them the best as I could. After the trial was offer I went back to jail and stayed there for a great amount of time. I would just stay and mind my own business. After I got out I went back to my wife and family. Whie I was a stil nervus about bein’ back I just had to keep a minden my own business.

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