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FC: To Kill a Mockingbird by: Harper Lee Hannah Iborg | Literary Analysis

1: Table of Contents | 2-3 Setting 4-5 Historical Content 6-7 Point of view 8-9 Conflict 10-11 Symbols 12 Theme

2: Setting | "A negro would not pass the Radley house at night"(Less 10). This demonstrates that in this time period racism plays a major roll | 'If he held his mouth right , Mr cunningham could get a WPA job, but his land would go to ruin if he left it, and he was not willing to go hungry to keep his hand and vote as pleased"(Lee 28). This quote explains how peopel behave because the great depression was just ending. | "Maycomb was an old town but it was a tired old town when I first Knew it"(Lee 6). The quote tells us that Maycomb was a run down old southern town.

3: Without understanding the setting and background information, you may not completely understand why Tom Robinson was treated the way he was or why Aunt Alexandria was so hard on Scout.

4: Historical Content | The Scottsboro trials were about nine black boys who were accused of raping two white prostitutes. Even though one of the girls admitted they made the whole thing up to avoid getting into trouble the nine boys were found guilty. | Emmet Till was a black man who went down south to visit his cousins. Emmet didnt quiet understand how things were down in the south. Emmet made the mistake of saying "Hey baby" to a white women and was beaten for it.

5: Emmet Till was taken and beaten just like Tom Robinson was almost attacked by the mob. | To Kill a Mocking Bird compared to the | Real World | Maybell Ewell lied about being raped by Tom Robinson just like the Two prositutes lied about being raped by the Scottsboro boys | The lawyer of the Scottboro boys believed they were innocent just like Atticus believed Tom was. | Tom Robinson was tried unfairly because he was black just like the Scottborro boys

6: Point of View. | This story is told in first person in the perspective of Scout. She is a child that thinks she knows everything but she is very innocent. | "My first impulse was to get it into my mouth as quickly as possible but then I remembered where I was" (Lee 45). | I think Harper Lee choose to tell the story in Scouts perspective because it keeps the reader thinking, Scout is young and doesn't really understand so it makes you feel sympothy for her.

7: I saw Scout struggling and I knew I had to help but what was I going to do. I ripped Bob Ewell from her and there was a struggle and the next thing I knew I stabbed him. I walked away and stood by the tree hoping Scout wouldn’t see me. She screamed for Jem then Atticus. I headed for the road when she fell to her knees grabbing my pants, my belt buckle, and the buttons on my shirt. Lastly she innocently touched my prickly face. I just kept walking; I had to get Jem to a doctor his arm was dangling crazy. I was taking Jem home to his father and as soon as Atticus saw me with Jem he came running. Once Jem was with Atticus it was time for me to go I knew everyone was safe.

8: Conflict | Maybell Ewell accuses Tom Robinson of raping her. This is a man vs. man conflict that changes the story by making Tom Robinson a character that people pay attention too. | Atticus is defending a black man, the people don't like this at all. This man vs. society affects Atticus in the fact that in the beginning he really cared about his family now he really cares about his children but he is more worried about how everyones opinions will affect them. | Bob Ewell attacks Jem and Scout this is a man vs. man conflict that affect Jem and Scout in a way that before that hapened they didnt really know what was gong on but they start to understand

10: Symbols | The Mocking bird symbolizes innocence. The title to Kill a mockingbird comes into play because Atticus told Jem not to shoot mockingbirds because they never do anything.

11: Boo Radley is a Mockingbird because he doesn't harm anyone of anything and just like Mockingbirds do us a favor by singing he did atticus a favor by saving his kids | Tom Robinson is peaceful and even though Maybell Ewell charges his with rape. Robinson still helps her | Scout is a young child and her innocence allows you to see the story through her eyes

12: Theme | Children have and innocent View on the world. - "If you would have been on the Jury son and eleven other boys like you, Tom would be a free man"(Lee 295). -Children see the truth in every situation. -This applies to the real world because as children grow up their views are corrupted by others beliefs. | People should be equal in the eyes of the law -"I am confident that you gentleman will review without passion the evidence you have heard come to your decision and restore this defendant to his family"(Lee 275). -During this time not every one was seem equal. -In the real world this helps us identify guilty and innocent.

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