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FC: Mya's Vignettes

1: INDEX pg.3 Mya pg. 5 NO Bums in the Attic pg. 7 THE HERO pg. 9 "We KNew It" pg.11 Locks pg.13 Salem pg.15 Kyle pg. 17 Suffocating pg. 19 Broadway pg. 21 Spiderman

3: Mya. The name comes from Greek origin. Mya was the Roman goddess of the spring, and the month of May was named after her. Also the meaning of the name is said to be ‘Mother’. Mya. That's my name. I got my name because my mom really liked it. Also she wanted to give me a nice short name. Her name was very long and she didn't want me to have a long name like hers. I really don't know how I feel about my name. Some days I like it, some days I can't stand it! I feel as if my name can get very boring but then again, I feel as if it is short, simple and sweet. I do have a nicknames though. They are "My" and "MyMy", which are horrible! I feel like a child getting called them. It's as if your parents fell down on front of your whole class! | Mya. | http://www.dailydropcap.com/tag/m/page/2

4: http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-House-on-Mango-Street-50173872

5: Now that Cisneros is successful, I do not think she invites bums into the attic. I believe that when she was younger she felt sympathetic. She didn’t have a lot either and I think if she was in that position she would’ve wanted for someone to invite her into their house. But now that she has more experience, she would not invite them into her house. I feel she now understand it’s a bad idea. They are can be bulldogs, good one second, bad the next. It could be dangerous. It doesn’t mean she has changed her feelings on being sympathetic. I think she still feels bad for them but wouldn’t allow them in her house. | NO Bums in the Attic

6: http://thezork.deviantart.com/art/melted-boi-graffiti-269041433

7: The Hero. A magical cave. The sunlight at the end of a dark tunnel. The most amazing place I've ever seen or imagined. Covered in graffiti wall to wall, top to bottom. A rainbow painted in various ways and words cover the cement that makes up this remarkable place. It lays right where the train tracks are. It's the walls that surround the train tracks. It's like a color bomb exploded. Its where I let go. Its where I relax or just have fun. Its where many of my best memories have been made. The most vibrant, fun, relaxing and incredible place. The Hero. | THE HERO

8: http://beingmukto.wordpress.com/

9: "Linoleum Roses" is what we all expected. We all knew Sally wanted to escape those dreadful times she had to deal with everyday. We knew she was going to find a man young; she was beautiful. Every boy she encountered also thought that. We all knew that. But this vignette is pitiful. Sally was a beautiful young girl and now sits at home all the time. She doesn't go outside and rarely sees people. She loves all the thing she has but knows she could have more. Also, I think she did this all to escape. This is why it's so sad. She had to go through all of this just to escape that misery she had before. It's like the rain before the storm. We all knew it was coming. | "We Knew It"

10: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/255086766368497125/

11: Curly fries. My hair are big curly fries that were placed on my head. The swirl around my head like the way ice cream does in a cone. My hair is the color of a grizzly bear and it's just as distracting as one too when let loose. My hair is like the way the leaves twirl in the air on a perfect autumn day. It is as free as the wind on a spring day. But when I straighten it, it's a whole new character. It is not like curly fries but more like that fries you get from McDonald's. It grows in length suddenly like a weed. It is the stem of a flower in the spring and a cold bitter night in the fall. My sisters hair is the same as mine, but curlier and is never straight. Also her hair is the color of a golden retriever. It bounces like a ball and it's like a bird flying for the first time. My mother's hair is as straight as a pin. She is also blonde and her hair flows like the wind. It is the straw you stuff with a scarecrow. It is the arrow that points you in a new direction. | Locks

12: http://eofdreams.com/photo/witch/08/

13: This past October I went to Salem, MA. It was an amazing experience. But my favorite part out of the whole trip was when I went to a psychic. When I went, I had to get a time to go and wait. Waiting was the worst part, the excitement was unbearable. When it was my turn, she called me over and right away she started stating facts about me. What had happened in my past and present, friends, family and even school! I was amazed. It was like watching a talking animal. This was definitely an experience for the books. She then started predicting my future. What was going to happen later in school, my love life, my family, what career I was bound to choose. Everything she said from that moment on stuck in my mind like glue. Months after that trip I was still waiting for the things she said to come true. I probably sounded crazy when I told my friends that I thought some of the things she had said came true. But I had to convince myself that not EVERYTHING was going to happen right now, at this time in my life. But for the future, that still remains a mystery. | Salem

14: http://www.slice-works.com/sliceblog/2012/12/20/digital-marketing-3-things-dave-matthews-band-can-teach-us/cheering/

15: I met Kyle at a concert on April 30th, 2014. His hair was as gold as the sun and eyes as green as a flowers stem. We met by accidently bumping into each other, apologizing and then starting a conversation about the band we were seeing. Kyle, my other friend Kaihla and I ended up spending the whole night together. We sang along to the songs together, laughed and created a bunch of wonderful memories. Then he just disappeared. When the concert was over we lost him throughout the crowd. We tried to find him so we could get his number or his name on a social media sight to keep in touch; but he was nowhere to be found. It was terrible. We just made some really amazing memories together and now there is a good chance we'll never see him again. This may have happened but he is someone I will never forget. | Kyle

16: http://www.niftyatheist.com/2012/09/romney-to-uninsuredtake-ambulance-to.html

17: Suffocating. Not being able to breathe, suffocating. This is my worst fear. As the air escapes your mouth one last time before you run out of oxygen. It's like an evil tree wrapping its branched around your neck. I don't know what made me afraid of suffocating. I love to swim, and in that case I can drown. I have asthma but I'm still not scared. Choking on food, but I still love to eat. But just thinking of it makes me cringe. Suffocating. I feel like if it were to happen I would be more scared of how high my anxiety level would go more than anything. I hate feeling overwhelmed. So maybe that's my fear, being overwhelmed. | Suffocating.

18: http://newyorksightseeingtours.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/come-see-these-new-shows-on-broadway/ | NYC

19: Broadway. She's not the most perfect, but young and wise. This has been her dream since forever ago. She is short and has medium length brown hair. She is a butterfly in its cocoon that hasn't, but is about to hatch. Singing and acting is her whole entire life. I don't know what she would be doing if it wasn't for that. But Broadway. The most famous place to see a play. I think everyone has wanted to go there at least one. But she doesn't want to just go there, she wants to be on Broadway. It's as if she was hypnotized and they set this to be her one goal in life. She will work as hard as she needs to get this dream to come true. It's all she wants in life. Broadway. | Broadway

20: http://wyv1.deviantart.com/art/Spiderman-345282745

21: When I was a little girl I was in love with Spiderman. The cartoons, movies, toys, EVERYTHING. I even had Spiderman pajamas. I wanted to be Spiderman. Now Spiderman is a regular guy just like the rest of us, but when there's trouble he puts on his disguise and goes off to help. He also has these thick webs that shoot out of his hands. They help him go place to place, trap villains and enemies and even save people from dangerous situations. Now I believe I loved Spiderman so much because he was a bird flying for the first time or it was like going to the circus for the first time. He was amazing. I mean who wouldn't want webs shooting out of their hands allowing them to fly or help someone in need. The best part was no one would know it was you. So the next day you could go on being a regular, everyday person. So if I was to be any mythological character I would definitely be Spiderman. | Spiderman

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