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Blank Canvas

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FC: Justin Owens g1 5/20/14

1: Maycomb, some twenty miles east of finch's landing, was the county seat of Maycomb county. | Simon bought three skues and their aid established a home stead on the banks of the Alabama river some forty miles above Saint Stephens. | Maycomb was an old town but it was a tired old town when i first knew it. | part 1 setting/ historical content | They live in Maycomb county in Alabama, witch is don in the south so there is going to be a lot more racism and dis respect towards black people.

2: Emmett till Emmett was a guy that simply said thanks baby to the cashier. It was taken badly so 2 men went to his house an drug him outside beat him and hung him. | Scott's Boro boys They where 9 teenagers that where accused of rape in Alabama in 1931.

3: The scottsboro boys and Emmett are similar to the book to kill mockingbird by being in Alabama just like the scottsboro boys and that all of this has been happening to the black men and how both scottsboro and tom had been accused of raping a white woman. Emmett till was killed by white men and bob's gang where going to kill tom. | Real world events The Scottsboro boys where accused of raping a white woman. Emmett till was taken out of his house and murdered for calling a white woman baby. The Scottsboro boys trial was taking place in Alabama. The two white men wanted to and did kill Emmett Till. | to Kill a Mockingbird events Tom Robinson was accused of raping a white woman. Tom Robinson was found guilty because he was black even with the evidence showing he didn't. The Tom Robinson trial was taking place in Alabama. Bob Ewell's gang wanted to kill Tom Robinson.

4: part II point of view | It was in 1st person point of view. ''We heard dills step in the hall, so Calpurnia left Atticus uneaten breakfast on the table.''They heard dill coming down the hall so they left Atticus breakfast so dill could have it. | Explain why harper lee chose to tell the story as a little girl It makes it a little bit more interesting because she cant really rap her head around her thoughts so she is always asking questions and she was able to put the story of how it was to live in it and to grow up in that time period. | Jem's perspective of the bob Ewell fight. it gotten cooler so i could tell that we where under the tree by Boo radleys house all of a sudden scout an i hear a rustle in the grass coming right for us i tell scout to run like never before. i start swinging left right again and again he grabbed my arm and pulled it i heard it snap like a twig in the woods i fell down......i woke up in my room i don't know how i gotten there then scout told me that boo had saved my life and that bob Ewell tried to kill me.

5: part III conflicts | 1. Tom Robertson tried against Mayella Ewell man vs man external | 2. Scout slapping her cousin man vs man external | 3. The Finches getting made fun of because Atticus was defending Tom Robinson. (black guy) man vs society external | 1. Atticus didn't think much about blacks and then after he was doing everything he could to defend Tom Robinson. 2. Calpurnia was just Atticuss sister and now they don't know what they would do without her. 3. Black people they didn't care for white people but after they like the Finches for defending Tom Robinson

6: part IV Characterization | static character Bob Ewell was a old man who was a alcoholic and hated blacks and after the trial was over he still hated blacks and was out to get Atticus. scout is a young girl who was not against blacks and after the things that had happened she is still not against blacks. | dynamic character Maycomb community was full of Hillbillies who don't like blacks, but after they saw how tom was treated at the trail they where mad that tom was claimed guilty. Mrs.Maudie was a old lady who was against blacks and after the trial she started to defend Atticus and Tom Robinson when other people say bad things about them.

7: part V characterization | mocking bird A mocking bird never hurts any thing it never disturbs peace. to kill a mockingbird is a sin to do and tom,scout and, boo is a mocking bird in this book. | boo Radley Stayed in home all day never hurt anyone kept away from people and killed Bob Ewell to save 2 kids liefs. | Tom Robinson He never hurt anyone most of the time he would help others | Scout Finch she was a little girl growing p in the south never hurt no one.

8: PART VI THEMES | to kill a mockingbird This is a important theme in this book because Tom Robinson is the mocking bird in this book and he ends up dieing for nothing.


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