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FC: To Kill a Mockingbird | By: Harper Lee | Created By: Matthew Ritter

1: Table of Contents | Page2-5 ..... Setting Page 6-7 ..... point of view Page 8 ..... conflicts Page 9-11 ..... characterization Page 12-13..... symbol Page 14.....Theme Page 15 ..... thoughts

2: When my father was admitted to the bar,he returned to Maycomb and began his practice (Lee 5). I learned that scouts fatherAtticus practices law in Maycomb county Alabama. | If general Jackson hadn't run up the creeks, Simon finch would have never paddle up the Alabama and where would we be if we hadn't (lee 1). I have learned that the finches live in the south because of the references to the southern armies general. | The tradition of living off the land remained unbroken until well into the twentieth century when my father went to Montgomery to read law(lee 4-5). I learned that to kill a mockingbird was set in the 1900s | Setting

3: Its important to understand the setting because you can then get a clear picture on how characters think can go with the setting. Such as to kill a mockingbird with southerns who have pride and there is sill heavy racism and segregation.

4: The Scottsboro Boys Case And Emmit Till The Scottsboro boys was a trial of 9 African American men who were caught riding a train illegally with two prostitutes who claimed to have been raped by the boys. It took 6 years to convict them all not guilty. Emmit Till was a 14 year old African boy who called a white women baby in a convenience store. That night 2 white men came in the middle of the night to Emmit's house beat him up then hung him. The two men were the found not guilty for the murder. Both of these cases are very similar to Tom Robinson's case in the book to kill a mockingbird because of the case in being accused of rape just like the book. The case with Emmit till also gave people a new look on segregation just like the book after the case with Tom Robinson.

5: Real world events and TKaM events Real world event: Scottsboro boy's accused of raping 2 women TKaM events:Tom Robinson accused of raping a girl. Real world event:Emmett Till was killed at night. TKaM events: A mob came to kill Tom at night. Real world event: Scottsboro boys accused guilty at first trial TKaM events: Tom accused guilty at trial Real world events: Scottsboro boys and Emmit till both accused and murdered in the south TKaM events: The setting of TKaM takes lace in south.

6: Point of View | The point of view used is third person limited. In the story it says He said it began the summer Dill came to us. When dill first gave us the idea of making Boo Radley come out. The narrator of this is scout a young southern girl. | I think Harper Lee chose to write the book to kill a mocking bird in the perspective of a little girl to give the reader a different look on the story.

7: Different point of view | I heard a sound out the window as I lay in bed listening to the radio. Turning the radio off I went to the window and in the street light was Atticus. He was sitting in a fold out chair and reading a book in front of the jail house. I was about to ask what he was up to when two cars pulled up full of people in over coats and low hats. Sensing trouble I went to the closet grabbed my double barrel and a box of ammunition and sit in the shadow of the window. A man asked for someone I figured they were here for Tom Robinson. Atticus didn't even break a sweat he just kept calm and didn't move an inch. Then out in the street, a little girl was running toward the mob then 2 boys followed. I couldn't tell what they were saying but the mob took a step back. Atticus started arguing with his son Jem while scout started talking to one of the members. Then the member spoke and they all went back to their cars and drove off. That's when I came out from the shadow and calling down “I had you covered the whole time Atticus”. Atticus waved to me and walked off with his kids.

8: Conflicts | Scout and Jem trying to see Boo Radley | man v.man | external | Tom Robinson excused of raping Mayelle Ewell. | Man v. Man | external | Scout did not want to go to school | Man v. Society | Internal

9: character involved Before After | scout | Played all day read ahead for her age | Went to school all day and wasn't allowed to move ahead. | Tom | Good worker just trying to feed his family | After accused guilty tried to escape from prison was shot to death. | Jem | Tried everything to get boo radley out of his house. | Gave up and left him alone

10: Characterization | A dynamic Character in this book is jem. He is a boy becoming a man always thinking. Hes dynamic because at the beginning he was close to scout but then pushed her away. Another Dynamic character is scout a young girl who will say anything on her mind.She is dynamic because she used to be very childish but has grown up and matured. | Dynamic

11: Atticus the father of scout and Jem likes to keep to himself and is very smart. During the story Atticus does not change.Anther Static Character is Calpurnia She is a caring motherly servant.and is all the way through the whole story. | Static

12: Symbols | The significance of of the title to kill a mocking bird is like the moral that scout gives at the end of the book. Theres no use in killing a bird that doesn't do anything wrong. I think that the mocking bird symbolizes innocence and beauty.

13: Boo Radley Boo Radley is a mocking bird because he doesn't bother any body he just keeps to himself. | Tom Robnson Tom is considered a mocking bird because he is innocent just like a mocking bird that doesn't bother any one. | Scout finch Scout is considered to be a mocking bird because she hears something and repeats it just as a mocking bird would.

14: Theme | Detail: Don't judge a book by its cover. Evidence: I'm going to tell you something and tell you one time stop tormenting that man. Elaboration: It proves it because it shows that scout and jem are trying to find out what Boo Radley is like. Explain: In the real world a person judges before they know someone but they really get to know them. Detail: We should look from someone else's perspective. Evidence: you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. Elaboration: Miss Caloine doesn't like that scout can read and write already. Evidence: you should always stand in someone else's shoes before you judge him. Detail: Be optimistic even in tragedy. Evidence:I hated that old cow barn. Thought of setting fire to it a hundred times myself except they'd lock me up. Elaboration:Miss Maudie house burnt down but she looks at it like a clean sheet. Explain: Even when things get bad you can still find happiness.

15: Opinion | My opinion on the novel to kill a mocking bird is that this book was very interesting. One of my favorite parts of the book was when boo Radley saved scout and Jem. My least favorite part was when Tom Robinson was shot to death. But all around the book was very well written and had many of times keep me on my toes.

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