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FC: Visual Literary Analysis By Hannah Moore

1: Table of Contents | Setting and historical events- pages 3-5 Point of View- pages 6-8 Conflicts- pages 10-11 Characterization- pages 12 and 13 Symbols page 14-14 Themes pages 16-18 Personal Reflection 19

2: "In rainy weather the streets turned to red slop; grew on side walks, the courthouse sagged in a square. Somehow, it was hotter then; a black dog suffered on a summer's day". (Lee, 6) The streets turning into slop help me infer the time period is before black top streets were made. Also, this quote shows me it is very hot which will give me the assumption that it is in the south. | "A negro would not pass the Radley house at night" (Lee, 10) "Negro: shows the time period is still racist which helps us picture the events and understand the story better. | "Mrs. Radley occasionally open the front door, walk to the edge of the porch, and pour water on her cannas". (Lee, 14) This quote gives me the hint that it is somewhere hot in the south because that is where cannas typically grow. | S e t t i n g

3: Why is setting important? | Without knowing the back information most events in the story won't make sense. It is important to know as much as you can about the setting to help the reader picture, relate and better understand why the characters do what they do. For example, if the reader didn't know it was a time period of racism the reader would be confused about the characters actions, and the importance of the trial.

4: Real Life Events The scottsboro boys were wrongly accused of raping a group of white girls and put in prison for six years until the trial was finished. The girls made up the entire story to get out of trouble for prostitution. One of the girls even admitted to making it up yet the court still pleaded guilty. Another real life event was the story of Emmit Till. Emmit made one innocent comment, "thanks baby", to a white woman and was pulled out of his bed in the middle of the night and beaten to death by a lynch mob of white men in the middle of the night.

5: * The Scottsboro boys were falsely accused of raping white women on a train. *Emmett Till was beaten to death because he said a simple and innocent comment, "thanks baby", to a white woman which was not acceptable back then. *Victoria Price and other white women made up the story that the Scottsboro boys raped them because she didn't want to get herself in trouble for prostitution. *One of the girls in the Scottsboro case admitted to making up the story and the jury still proclaimed them guilty. Judge Huton did not like this at all and stated the case was invalid. | *In comparison, Tom Robinson was also wrongly accused of raping a white woman which shows the inspiration for the book. *While in trial Tom says he felt sorry for Mayella and the crowd was extremely shocked. This shows that like Emmett's case the slightest thing a black man says can be exaggerated greatly because of racism. *Mayella as well made up that Tom raped her because she didn't want to get in trouble with her dad or get him in trouble so she blamed it on a black man. *Atticus was inspired by Judge Huton because Atticus as well knows the judicial system at the time is very faulty and Atticus wants to try his best to get Tom off not guilty.

6: "The following week found us back at Mrs. Dubose's" (Lee,146). This quote indicates to the reader that it is being told in first person because the narrorator is a person in the story. | The narrator of "To Kill a Mockingbird" is a young girl named Scout who is innocent and naive.

7: Harper Lee could of had many reasons to write this book from a child's point of view but i think the biggest reason is because of innocence. Scout is very young, naive, and oblivious to what is going on around her. As a child she represents innocence and helps show the readers that you are not born racist. It is something that you are and expected to follow by. | Point of View

8: I cannot even believe my ears. Who does this Atticus Finch think he is coming in here and trying to play hero in front of the courtroom? Telling the entire town that I beat and rape my own daughter? What will they think of me now? That I’m a child abusing molester. Sure, they put that Tom Robinson’s dreams of ever seeing the light of day again to rest but that’s not good enough. That Negro needs to stay in his place and mind the white men. We don’t need no black men thinking they can have the same rights as us deserving white men. I won’t stand for it. Guilty. Tom Robinson was guilty for rape and yet I’m not satisfied. Atticus finch is absolutely nuts if he thinks I ain’t gonna do something about him standing up for a black man and accusing me in front of the court. There he was standing on the side of the post office and his face instantly enraged me. “Well well well. If it ain’t the Negro lover himself. Too bad your good ole buddy Tom will be dead before you know it. And there’s nothing you can do about it Atticus.” I said mockingly. I smirked and watched as Atticus squirmed. “You’re scared of me aren’t you? Scared of an innocent man like me? I never done anything to hurt anybody. Ha.” I chuckled and smiled back at him. It was pretty fun poking fun at him. Watching him fidget with his hands and try not to look nervous. Scared of me. Yep. He was terrified of me. And he should be. “Leave me be.” he replied in a soft shaky voice. Ha, leave him be? Is this some kind of joke? I’ll show him. I took a step forward and got in his face. Then I began shouting names at him and shoved him back. But he wasn’t putting up a fight at all. He just stood there and took it. This enraged me even more and pushed me over the edge. “You think your tough huh? You think you’re better than me? Well I tell you what you Negro loving coward, I will kill you. If you think I’m lying then you got another thing coming for you. I will come and I will kill you. And that’s a promise!” I glared at him in rage as I spit in his face. “This is not the last you’ll see of me Atticus Finch!” and I walked away.

10: As Atticus was sitting on the courthouse steps defending Tom he was faced with a conflict. When his daughter ran up in the middle of the argument he was scared for her life and began an internal conflict to stay and defend Tom and risk his daughters safety or lave to insure his daughters safety but put Tom Robinson's at high risk. | Before his daughter came Atticus had no doubt in his mind that he wouldn't leave Tom Robinson no matter what happened. However, after his daughter popped up in the chaos Atticus's mind started changing very quickly about staying and started realizing he didn't know what the mob would do to get to Tom and as much as he wants to protect Tom his daughters safety is much more important. Tom began to try to get out of the situation but ended uo not needing to because Mr Cunningham and his mob began feeling guilty and left. | Conflict

11: Mr. Cunningham is faced with an internal conflict when scout brings up his son up makes him feel guilty about wanting to kill Tom. His final decision was to walk away and leave Tom and Atticus alone. Before Scout came Mr. Cunningham was without a doubt planning on killing Tom. However, after Scout brought up his son he began feeling very guilty shameful about what he was going to do and in turn changed his mind.

12: Mayella was forced to chose whether to tell the court that her father was the one who raped her, or lie and blame Tom Robinson in order to save her father from getting in trouble. Before the trial Mayella's alibi was ready and confident to blame the rape on time. Later on in the trial however, Mayella starts to break down and really shows the effect the decision took on her.

13: Scout is a young girl who is very innocent and oblivious to what's happening. By the end of the book Scout grows up quite a bit and realizes what's going on in her town and does not think it is right. Tom Robinson is a black man who is very respectful and giving. After the trial Tom has lost all hp and gives up his own life trying to escape from jail. | Dynamic Characters

14: Bob Ewell is an alcoholic white man who beats and molests his daughter Mayella Ewell. Bob continues to be the same hot headed man throughout the entire book. | Mrs. Maudie is a very comforting whiter teacher and remains kind and comforting throughout the course of the book. | Static Characters

15: Mockingbirds symbolize innocence which is a big part of this book. For example, Scout is the of biggest example of innocence because she is too young to fully what is happening in her town and why. She doesn't understand why Tom is guilty of a crime he didn't commit and discriminated against because of his skin. This shows that you are taught to be racist, not born with it.

16: Boo Radley could be considered a mocking bird because everyone just assumes Boo is bad person but the truth is he is a shy, caring man who risks his own life to save Scout and Jem. | Tom Robinson is considered a mocking bird because he is convicted of a crime he didn't commit because of the color of his skin. | Scout Finch is considered a mocking bird because she is too young and innocent to understand what is happening around her and why the world is racist. | Boo Radley could be considered a mockingbird because everyone just assumes Boo is a bad person but the truth is he is a shy, caring man who risks his own life to save Scout and Jem's lives. | Tom Robinson is considered a mockingbird because he is convicted of a crime that he didn't commit because the color of his skin. | Scout Finch symbolizes a mockingbird because she is too young and innocent to understand what is happening around her and why the world is racist

17: "Jem, how can you hate Hitler so much an' then turn around and be ugly about folks at home-" This shows that kids are taught throughout their life to be racist and follow that because they don't know any better. This can et an example for you in life, before you blindly follow what others are doing take a minute to step back and think if YOU think it's right or not. | Theme Alert: "You are not born racist, you are taught to be"

18: "That ain't honest, Mr Raymond, making yourself out badder'n you are already" (Lee, 248). Mr. Raymond was a white man who pretends to be a drunk to make the white people in town think it is more acceptable for him to be with a black woman. This shows that the people in town are judging him by his appearance and assuming he is a drunk which is really not the case. People often judge a person by their appearance but there is so much more to a person that their appearance and it is important to remember that in life. | Theme: "Don't judge a book by its cover"

19: "You turn around and go home Walter" (Lee, 202). Atticus she at on the courthouse steps all night to protect Tom from being attacked by the mob. This shows that he was doing whatever it takes to fight for what he believes in. In life you will have tough times and be forced to give up or carry on. The best thing you can do is let go what you don't care about and fight for what you truly believe in. | Theme- "Fight for what you believe in"

20: “To Kill a Mockingbird” overall was a relatively good book that shows the effect racism has on everyday life. However, there were a few components I didn’t like about t.he story. I felt as if the beginning was a little boring for my taste and didn’t really get the reader interested and what to continue reading. On the other hand, when the book progressed to the trial scene the action started getting a lot more interesting all at once and sparked my interest. If I had to change one thing about the plot of this book I would most definitely change the ending. Everybody wants a happy ending right? | Personal Reflection

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