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FC: To Kill a Mockingbird | Made BY: Jessie Daugherty

1: TABLE OF CONTENTS | SETTING.................................................................2 CONFLICT............................................................3 CHARACTERIZATION..................4 & 5 SYMBOLS...............................................................6 POINT OF VIEW.............................................7 POINT OF VIEW ESSAY..............8 & 9 THEME.....................................................10 & 11

2: -Maycomb Alabama- "Simon Finch would never have paddled up the Alabama" (Lee 3) "Maycomb was an old town" (Lee 3) -Atticus Finch's house on Residential St.- "we lived on the main residential street in town" (Lee 9) -1930's- it talked about racism a lot in the book and later said the time period. Understanding the context of the story is important because not all events happen in the same time period. Things could happen that wouldn't happen 3 years from then. the Scottsboro boys were nine black teens falsely accused of raping two white girls. Emmett Till was a black guy who had whistled at a white girl and got murdered for it. | s e t t i n g | In the real world there is racism towards balcks. In TKaM there was racism towards the black community. Little girls alwasy seem innocent in life. Scout seemed innocent in the book. Kids don't think parents are cool till they do something cool. Atticus killing the dog made him seem cool to his kids. In the real world blacks can be wrongly convicted, and be sentenced to death. Tom Robinson was wrongly convected and was killed for it.

3: conflict | Atticus and the dog was a man vs. animal conflict type, and was external. Scout trying to figure herself out is a man vs. self conflict, and was internal. Capruna an the lady at the church yelling at Jem and Scout about being white in a black church is a man vs. man, and was external. Many characters change through out a story and its cool to go back and see how the did. Scout and Jem thought Atticus was just a boring, old man. but they soon learn that Atticus has a lot of secrets about his old life. Scout was very tom boyish and played in the mud. At the end of the book she cries more, gets hurt more, and starting to act like a girl.

4: C H A R A C T E R I Z A T I O N | Dynamic Characters: - Scout was a confused little girl who takes everything upon herself. She is a dynamic character because she starts out as a tom boy then becomes more of a girl. - Jem was a courages boy who loved football. Jem starts out loving his sisters company but as he ages he just wants privacy. | Static Characters: - Atticus was a loving father who has a knock for shooting but put down his gun. through out the book he teaches Jem to be a gentlemen. - Dill was a young boy with a very creative mind.

5: C H A R A C T E R I Z A T I O N | Flat Characters: - Boo Radley was a home body type of boy. Boo stays inside the house and doesn't want to ever come out. - Cal was a very caring women. she always talked to the kids about what they did wrong and takes good care of them.. | Round Characters: - Atticus was very loving father who doesn't show much feeling. " you aren't really a nigger-lover then, are you?" (Lee 108) - Aunt Alexandera was strict, expecting, and caring. " Don't talk like that Dill. it's not becoming to a child; it's cynical." (Lee 214)

6: SYMBOLS | To Kill a Mockingbird would symbolize to kill innocence and commit the ultimate sin. Mockingbird symbolizes innocence. Even though Boo stabbed his dad, he and a good reason and everyone hates him when he's really innocent. Tom Robinson was accused of raping a white girl and was killed before he could prove himself. Scout Finch is always blamed for thing's she didn't do.

7: POINT OF VIEW | The point of view being used in this story is First Person. " I wished my father was a devil from Hell." (Lee 91) The narrator of this book is Jean Louise Finch or Scout. She is very outgoing and loves to take matters into her own hands. Harper Lee chose to tell it in this perspective because it gives you a sense of what it was like to be a little kid growing up back then, and see their perspective of what events happened back then. instead of just using our knowledge of what we've learned or been told of what happened.

8: POINT OF VIEW ESSAY | My name is Lulu. Today started out as a normal Sunday. I got out of bed and started making breakfast for the family. Then after we all ate it was time to get ready for church. On our way we stopped by the flower shop to get the kids’ grandmother a rose. We go to an all-black church, since white folks don’t like to communicate with us all that much. Today seemed to still be going pretty darn good. Church service was normal. We sang, listened to the preacher preach. But then, he announced we had visitors. And well, they weren’t the kind I was thinking of. It was Atticus Finch’s kids, a lawyer who is standing up for Tom Robinson.

9: This I didn’t like. Although at the end of the service when reverend Syke asked for everyone to help out the cost for the Robinson family while Tom is going through all of this, they did donate their money, even more than most of us did. I had noticed they came with Cal. She’s a friend of mine, but I didn’t like that she had brought them to OUR church. I wanted to speak to Cal about what she did. I went up to her and started discussing that I thought she was wrong for that. But it seemed to me that everyone else was very friendly and welcoming to the two children. So, I ended it there, and went along with my business. Thinking in my head I hope they never come back now.

10: THEME | You have to get to know someone before you trust them so you can know if there is good or evil in them. " I thought Mr. Cunninngham was a friend of ours you told me a long time ago he was." (Lee 151) Prejudice of people is every where, everyone believes a little girl is innocent and a African American is guilty. They believe that the little girl is good because they have not seen any evil from her. You can't let the innocent fall prey to the ignorant. " Boo was about six and a half ft tall, he dined on raw squirrels and only cats..." (Lee 13) Boo and Tom are innocent but they are destroyed anyway. Kids always believe people are nice that what they don't know is the evil of their world back then. Bravery can save you. " Atticus's hand yanked a ball-tipped lever... their life cracked he didn't know what hit him" (Lee 96) Scout is brave to fight anyone Atticus kills the dog. it takes a lot of courage for people to put down he dog or for people to be mature when they really aren't.

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