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S: The Gift of a Mother's Written Words Written by Beverly Duffy

FC: The Gift of a Mother's Written Words | Written by Beverly Duffy

1: The Gift of a Mother's Written Words | Dedicated to Patrick, Judith and Dennis

2: The Greatest Gift of the Year | The greatest gift of the year, the Christmas season is here. A gift of memories that blaze from the past, with Christmas ornaments made of glass. Angel hair spun around the tree, the laughter of my children float in the air These are memories, oh, so dear.

5: To tell me of his love my true love sent to me a rose of purest gold a golden charm with rubies rare just to let me know his love is always there | My True Love

10: Our Wedding Day | Remember still that golden day in the springtime of our youth above the sky was mantled in blue when the sun peeked out to look at you The spring gave birth to flowers new The roses climbed the arbor and the daisies tossed their heads Through daffodils and tulips we did tread and walked among the poppies red. From the valleys and the woodlands came the rustling of the softly growing leaves lilies of the valley and violets of blue spread to where the whispering of the brook lay in a lacy, silent nook. On every hill and valley the emerald carpet spread through the overheads and the lanes came the bird's sweet refrain among the flame of cherry trees blazed and the showers of the dogwoods and apple blossoms Twas on that day we stood knee deep in flowers with youth upon our brow you stood so tall and handsome there in your uniform that had yet to earn its wings your head was capped with the color of a raven's night the blue bells twinkled and the forget me nots echoed... forget me not...forget me not...oh, please, forget me not

14: Paddy Boy | Oh little boy of yellow hair I still see you standing there with tousled head, eyes of blue and a smiling face your shining eyes my soul embraced oh little boy of laughter and glee sitting upon my knee little boy with golden hair and face so fair to our hearts you came and settled there you are a miracle of God given into our care

18: Daughter | In the early hours of morning when the sky is deep and black and the stars are blazing high in the heavens my daughters' call is heard from above He has given me a beauty with a head of hair as black as a raven's wing... and eyes as pure as the heavens The time has come for you are here and I will love you my child my daughter dear.

22: Downy Hair | So new and soft with downy hair upon your little head you cuddle here upon my arm a bundle of joy heavenly child the world is yours to charm I pray to God to keep you free from harm Of all things great and small surely you are the loveliest of all Precious baby sweet and fair our little darling lying there may God keep you while I say this little prayer.

26: Upon This Night of Memory For my Children of Three | Upon this night of memory from the fruit of the vine, I drink to thee a toast, a toast to my children of three miracles of God are each of thee no joy of soul, no wealth of earth, no love can compare to my love for thee I drink to the past, for no longer can it be for you were young then and belonged to me to the laughter and the glee when once you clustered at my knee your sturdy arms around my neck you flung be decking upon my brow showers of kisses sweet and dear I listened to the whisper of your words that fell upon my ear each kiss a treasure to be tucked away each word, a song I'll always hear each hug with golden ropes my heart did bind shinning faces sweet and fair with silver light that fell upon your hair the patter of your little feet upon the floor did beat curly heads bowed in prayer without a care knowing I'd be there with minds so bright and quick the flowers of knowledge you began to pick and the garden of fairytales became your lair through the magic of the pages you began to roam you found the realm of imagination watching there and claimed it as your own you slew the dragons and charged the forts through forests bright and green you came upon things yet unseen you marched upon the sunlit roses and followed upon its path rainbows of butterflies danced around your sweet heads and into the forest much deeper you flew, where here were golden trees dipped in laces of silver fruit the roses were candy and the violets the dew rain rivers of taffy and mountains of cream

27: and lemon drop more than you dreamed in a maze of excitement on pink candy clouds castled were built and Oh! how they grew with turrets of peppermint and cinnamon too up the butterscotch steps you did fly to play in the halls of lollipops playing hide and seek the whole day through donning your robes of gossamer and silk with crowns of gold set upon your heads proclaiming your Kings' and Queen of all you dreamed through all your gleaming days winning gallant deeds upon your trusty steeds too soon came time for Kings' and Queen to put away the golden crowns and their dear little steeds your castles in the air you left standing there no longer can you delay the end of day is the end of play with evening star to lead the way, for again tomorrow's dreams will be gay perhaps you'll be pirates on the sea a ship around the world, we'll just sail away! or maybe Indian chiefs so born true, an Indian princess with long black hair hiding in the trees my three will be playing with the robins as they sit upon the leaves and fuzzy little squirrels, their nuts trying to retrieve waiting still to catch a tiger by his tail then to fish and swim along the bay But oh! those sleepy heads, I still see them tumble into bed they wait the marrow to be dressed and say, "Good night mom- we'll never leave you, you're the best." So, upon this night of memory from the fruit of the vine I drink to thee I raise my glass and hold it high! A toast, a toast to my children of three a tiny sip of sweet memory I take with humbleness I bow my head and rest in knowing God- I have been blessed

28: These Things I Know | These things I know- as we grow with the passage of time we increase in knowledge and understanding of human kindness we accept the heavy burden of the cross the weight of human misery the sorrow and the anguish of those less fortunate this leads us to our Calvary to beg forgiveness for our sins of indifference in the final analysis each of us has but two things; God and ourselves all others desert- only God remains at the helm you must steer the ship for all other hands are gone | Vacation Time | Oh! Carefree days away from home to laugh, to see and roam down highways, country lanes and by ways so far to the valley of the moon they wandered through silent forests with swiftly flowing roads from the golden morning sunrise to the purple veil of evening they laughed, they saw and they danced

33: I wake up in the morning the lovely dandelion I see and what a shame it seems to be your beauty people I do not see on bended knee they seek you out and say "The dandelion it cannot be." they do not want you on their grass in full force they do attack they dig you up and cast aside your pretty bloom to shed so it does seem quite strange your beauty at range I do see upon the grass you spread the brightness of your yellow heads you cast a glow throughout the day and tell the rain to go away as you stand in the sun so gay proud heads bent with the setting sun and drowsily you lay until another day Alas! I cannot see what people dread as they tread upon your little heads | The Lovely Dandelion

34: My Yellow House | I see it still my yellow house that stands so high upon the hill so grand the door of welcome always opened wide with tall trees all around her sides the chimneys' reached the sky while the fires burned warm inside with family gathered around in happiness and a sight of the wondrous and commanding view the rising of the sun that cast a pink and purple glow on the mountaintop and the city far below the dewy clouds above the treetops the glowing setting sun soon turns day into evening the black velvet curtain is now hung from every window we would in wonder gaze Upon a sea of glowing lights the city of the angels dressed in velvet black with shining diamonds- a white crown of emeralds, sapphires and rubies across the miles and through the years no matter where I roam I hear the haunting whisper that speaks to call me home

38: It Takes a Lifetime to Live | It takes a lifetime to live and you never stop learning the happiness of a lifetime can be blown away in a moment when the wind of sorrow sweeps by to the very ill or the very old death comes- a gate back to youth so prepare for the new life ahead it's colors of pale grays and blues deliver quiet tenderness of rebirth my heart is wrenched to know I cannot help her now she goes this path alone in the early dawn softly down the garden path home

42: My Mother's Hands | I close my eyes and see my mother's hands in clouds of memory I still feel the loving touch soft upon my brow hands of beauty, strong, with loving fingers and skin so soft with tenderness her hands of beauty worked the days of all her life- her toil of love was for others than herself I remember as a child, to hold her hand and safely walk she brushed my hair a hundred strokes till it shined bright she bathed me in waters warm on frosty nights she touched me in all cozy tight, to keep me safe till mornings light she said my prayers and kissed me sweet goodnight | No Other | I know no other like my mother who walked alone with her head up high whose spirit always touched the sky whose burdens were heavy beyond compare yet never, did she complain she worked and toiled without reward- only to give but never take her gifts were so many for us to take the gift of encouragement to spur us on when her own path was black and cold blocked with a million fears yet, somehow we walked away with the warmth of her heart

43: Mother Dear | We drank from her fountain the spirit of love but when we strayed away how blinded we became by the selfishness of our rushing lives we took for granted her heart so true A true heart of greatness is not always recognized by a mediocre soul such as mine I could not touch such greatness for the great are few oh mother dear, forgive this humble soul for the things I did not do things left unsaid unkindly thoughts in word and deed the sins of omission are my steed forgive the times I've proved untrue She dried every tear and mended out wounds she taught us about God and why we are here she picked up our heads and made us walk straight she taught us to stay out of trouble- she opened the gate by her strength and her courage she showed us the way to go through the woods and come out in the sun

44: Crucifixion | It is so strange that in the light of my youth I did not understand the crucifixion and the cross the garden, the cross and the cruelty now I know the meanings that in my youth I could not the dark cloudy days are here Oh Lord I cry to thee to lift me up from the sea of misery I am pulled down by the weights of anxieties the burden of our time is unclear the pit is dark with suffering but in the dark I see light because there is you, Oh Lord | The Market Place | In the market place of life where values are set by price there are bargains that come and go profits made by selling low now is the time to make a change to grow

47: It seems so short a time yesteryear in this sphere of time so long ago so short the days of joyous wealth the loss to soon of those pearls of laughter stripped of the golden cloak of contentment I stand cold in the air asking where are the jewels that were my children now gone from my care the little boy of frogs the little girl of ringlets and dimples in her cheeks and baby boy who brings such sweet joy among the golden threads of time my dreams of yesteryear intertwine bound in a book of memories the golden ball of time is wound with my dream of yesteryear | Yesteryear

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