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FC: Mitosis and Meiosis Sukhman Kaur Virk

1: Mitosis and Meiosis Sukhman Kaur Virk

2: Interphase is the longest phase in the cell cycle.It is not a part of mitosis.It is the period between the cell division. | INTERPHASE

3: Interphase consists of three stages:G1,S and G2. G1-During this stage cell doubles in size. S-Cell copies its DNA in preparation for cell division. G2- Organelles are copied.


5: Prophase is the longest phase of mitosis.During this stage chromosomes coil up and centrioles take their place at the poles of the cell. Chromosome attach to spindle fibres. Near the end, Nucleous disappear.

6: METAPHASE | Metaphase is the shortest phase of mitosis.During this stage chromosomes line up at the equator.Then centromere attach to the spindle fibres.This stage ensures that the new cells have accurate copies of the chromosomes.

8: ANAPHASE | During Anaphase chromatids are pulled apart and microtubules of the spindle apparatus begin to shorten. This shortening causes the sister chromatids to separate into identical chromosomes.At the end,microtubles move the chromosomes towards the poles of the cell.


11: During this phase chromosomes arrive at the poles of the cell and begin to relax, or decondense.Two new nuclear membrane begin to form and the nucleoli reappear.

12: CYTOKINESIS | Towards the end of mitosis,the cell begins another process called cytokinesis that will divide the cytoplasm.This results in two cells,each with identical nuclei. PLANT CELL:Cell plate forms,dividing daughter cells. ANIMAL CELLS:Cleavage furrow forms at the equator of cell.

14: MEIOSIS | Meiosis makes sex cells;that are egg cells and sperm cells.

15: There are two rounds of cell division in meiosis: Meiosis 1 and Meiosis 2.

16: MITOSIS VS. MEIOSIS | MITOSIS | Goes through one round of cell division. Starts with 46 chromosomes and ends with 46 chromosomes. Two identical cells are formed. Daughter cells are genetically identical. Forms body cells. Diploid. | MEIOSIS | Goes through two rounds of cell division.(Meiosis 1 and Meiosis 2) Starts with 46 chromosomes and ends with 23 chromosomes. Four haploid cells are formed. Daughter cells are not genetically identical. Forms sex cells(egg and sperm). Haploid.

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