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S: Our Family

1: Through all the laughter, the tears, the smiles, the fears. You have been there for all of us. As a mother, a father, a grandma, a grandpa. You helped us to grow from infants to toddlers to adults. Taking care of us each step of the way. You welcomed us into your home, taught us how to love. For this we thank you. Along with this we want you to know how much everything you have done for us over the years has meant to all of us. With that we see it is not always the biggest things that matter the most like renting the cabin or trips to Canada. Rather it is the little moments, the times when we learn what family is truly about. It is the simplicity of playing a game of pinochle, sitting around a camp fire talking, being together on holidays. Those moments bring us together like no other, and we have you to thank for that.

2: I've sent bouquets for Mother's Day, For Father's Day, a shirt and card. While they came from the heart, They all fell short of saying how special you both are. It wasn't ' til I was up and gone, Married with a couple of kids of my own, Doing what mamas and daddies do, That I realized what I must have put you through. So thanks again for the love in the cradle, And all of the changes that kept me dry. And thanks again for the love at our table, For takin' me fishin' and flyin' my kites, And tuckin' me in, yes, night after night: To my beautiful life-long friends, Hey, Mom and Daddy thanks again. -Ricky Skaggs

4: When I sat to write about how thankful I am to have such supportive and absolutely wonderful parents. So many thoughts go through my mind you both have always been there for me and our family. From my earliest memory – I remember celebrating holidays with Grandma and Grandpa both Mom and Dad parents. I remember leaving Grandma’s house when her and Aunt Theresa would stand outside and wave good bye with their handkerchiefs. I remember going to Grandpa's for dinner and him bringing beans to our house. I remember our family vacations – our neighbors would wave good bye – then we drive around the block because we forgot something. We did go on some nice vacations - rock city, Manitoba, and especially our summers camping at Uncle Charlie’s. When I was in the military you drove to Texas to visit me and then you drove to California to pick me up from Japan. Then we drove back home and made many stops along the way Knox berry farm, Disneyland, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. You continue the tradition of family vacation from the Hotel in Niagara Falls and the cottage in Canada and Angola. I remember Dad bringing us home cookies in his lunch box then were we ever surprised when one day he brought home a puppy. Family dinners were such a special time – we always said a blessing before eating. You continue the dinners for all holidays.

5: When we were in school we would be so happy and surprised when Mom would pick us up for lunch or at the end of the day. Dad would sometimes make us machunka for lunch. Church played an important role in our family – midnight mass was memorable – then we would go home and have a little party. We always went to church for Holy Week. Your love, guidance and sacrifice has meant so much to me. We have such a wonderful family because of the both of you. Thank you so much for always being there for us. I love you. - Mary Lee

6: One of the knocks against General Douglas MacArthur was that after his appointment to West Point, his mother rented a room at the Thayer hotel on the Academy’s grounds for the entire 4 years he was there so they could spend time together every night. They were a close family and he turned out to be a great military leader. This is the kind of closeness I see between Fran and Rose and their children and grandchildren and great grandchild. Like MacArthur’s mother, Fran and Rose have been there for their children and their spouses and their grandkids. Not only do they host every holiday in their home, they have been to every baptism, first communion, birthday party, school play and choir, dance recital, award ceremony and graduation for all the grandkids. By always being there, the grandkids learned to love and respect them and enjoy spending time with them. I’m certain their love will be handed down to the grandkids’ children and grandchildren through stories of the big family holidays, summers at the lake, and Grandpas silly jokes and playing cards with Grandma. - Lyle

8: Best memories are going to Atlantic City every year and eating at Pickles, the Irish Pub, walking the boardwalk, and watching the people. Walking on the Beach, getting sunburned, sitting on the benches, shopping, going to different bars and drinking. Going to see Lucy the Elephant and playing the slot machines. The drive down is always fun too. We’d put Aunt Joanie to sleep after she took a pill, and Grandpa very patiently waited for the next rest stop to get out and stretch and go potty. Eating junk food on the way. Lively conversations about everything and anything. And the anticipation of somebody winning Big. Watching the water display in the mall, and Mom and Dad taking a drive in the rickshaw. -Jim

10: My greatest memory was when Grandma and Grandpa came with Uncle Jim and me to the Coachman's. It was my favorite restaurant in Clarence. We surprised them and got a limo picked up Grandma and Grandpa then went and surprised my parents too. We had a wonderful dinner and the guests were awesome. Grandma and I loved their French Onion Soup. Each time we went to the Coachman's we would order French Onion Soup. I love you Mom and Dad. - Rosie

12: To Mom and Dad, You are both always there when I need you. To fix something, to babysit, or if I need a car or a ride or just being there. I love how when we went camping and spent the whole summer in a tent – a two room tent. Bathing in the lake with the Ivory (cause it floated). The outhouse was definitely the worst part of it, but you didn’t mind Dad you would take the newspaper in there. - Joan

15: Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

16: It would be easy to say what do my parents mean to me everything! From being parents who would go camping at uncle Charlie’s with all of us in a tent. To people who opened up their hearts to all their grandchildren doing anything they could just to make their lives a little more happy. Weather it’s dad who will let the girls put a pink wig on his head, or be willing to take them and fly a kite. Mom always helping out by picking up the girls and then taking them to the Dollar store just to have Veronica fix her up like a spa day, with hair nails. Always willing to be Vickie’s prize student. I love you Mom and Dad! - Matt

18: I thought this would be easy, after all most people have few nice things to say about their spouses’ parents. Well not in my case. From the time Matt and I started dating I was always made to feel like I was part of the family. I know it is cliché to thank the people who are responsible for raising Matt. I mean without them I wouldn’t have the life I have. Also how can I measure the love, support and help I was given when my parents died. Next it has been the way you let our girls dress you up or just in general run your life when they are over. Thank you doesn’t seem enough for everything you do for us. I guess to sum it up in a few words you mean the world to me. -Mary Ellen

21: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” - Roger Caras

25: My favorite memory with Grandpa was when we would go to the small airport and Chris Grandpa, and I would go on a plane ride over Niagara Falls. My greatest memory with Grandma is when we were very little and we were going over the Peace Bridge and the guy made us pull over to the building, me, Chris, and Natalie went inside and another guy asked who Gramma and Grandpa were? I just looked at him funny like and we all said, “Gramma and Grandpa!” - Nick

26: One memory I have with Grandma and Grandpa is when they were taking us up to the trailer in Canada and we were pulled over at the boarder! I think I may have been between 6 -8. We were all taken into the building and the officers asked us Who is this? Pointing to Grandma and we said that’s Grandma. The officer then asked us What’s her name? We said Grandma! We love you both very, very much!! Love, Rachel and Casey, Shrek and Pheona.

28: A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it. - George Moore

30: Best memory is decorating Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas tree. My Dad would go and pick out a tree, bring it to their house, set it up, and then Bobby and I would put the lights and ornaments on the tree. We always had fun. - Chris

31: I remember when I was in high school Grandma, Jessica, and I were St. Agatha’s cleaning Angels it was one month. We would go every week usually on a Friday and dust the window sills, pick up things left in the pews, and just tidy up. Then after all our hard work we would go to lunch. Grandma and Grandpa would always be there on special occasions that always meant a lot to me. - Natalie

32: I remembered going to your house every Sunday for pizza and football. I am not a fan of football but you had a video game system which is what I liked to do. My mother wouldn't allow games at home, so that just proves that grandparents are cooler. Besides being cool you always had cheese and cookies. I love you grandma and grandpa. Love Jessica

33: Thanks for all the good times at the cabin to coming over to watch the bills game week after week. Thanks for the weekends at americana and always being there from school Christmas pageants to sports thank you and love you -Bobby

34: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, This Christmas Amanda came up with an idea of putting together a scrapbook for you guys to cherish the memories that we have had together as a family. When Amanda told me about this project the first thing I thought about was going fishing with Grandpa and spending time with Grandma and getting to eat candy. You two have been such a stronghold for the entire family as you have guided us into becoming a loving and close family. I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate everything that you have done for me. From attending my special ceremonies to babysitting me and my sister when my mom had Guard. I love both of you so much and do not know what I would have done without you. Without your loving guidance our family would not be the family that we are today. I love both of you so much. Sarah

36: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, It is hard to sum up what all of the memories we have created together mean to me, or to say how thankful I am for having two beautiful Grandparents in my life. There are so many instances which come to mind of the good times we’ve shared together. It’s not always the big picture which makes life so memorable with you, rather the little moments. The moments when we always look up from the car to wave our special I love you goodbye to Grandpa or when Grandma gives us that sweet, endearing smile. It seems to me those are the times I remember the best. The times when a hug from Grandma always made you feel safe, or Grandpa always being there to make you laugh when we were trapped between his legs, trying to remember that secret password. It’s knowing that my Grandparents taught me what family is; being together on holidays, helping one another out, loving one another through thick and thin. I would also like to add that I may not say this as much as I should, but I love you both very much. Both of you have been there for me in so many ways. From coming to my sporting events, school programs, various parties. You were always there for me.

37: With that I want you to know that I am there for you. Whether near or far, we are always close at heart. This feeling of being close at heart is best said in the words of the poet EE Cummings, “here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart I carry your heart(I carry it in my heart)” Grandma and Grandpa in my heart I will always carry the memories of what this family is to me.These memoires and so much more will be in my heart forever. Love always, Amanda

40: I love having great grandparents who really are great. I know where you live already and every time we pass your street i scream out papa papa. Love Katie Lynn

42: Other things may change us, but we start and end with family. -Anthony Brandt

44: As all good things must come to an end, this book does as well. The memories, the feelings will always live on. In each step, in each thought. Whether you’re feeling a little blue, or looking for something to do just think of this book and know hidden in these pages are the stories of what love is. The love of a man and a woman who came together to create a family. As this family grows the love of this couple bonds us together more and more with each passing day. That couple became to some Mom and Dad to others Grandma and Grandpa. No matter what their names may be it is the love which kept us all together. With that we want to thank you for the love you have taught, the love you have shown, and most of all the love you have given to each other for so many years. As you look back at these pages, the letters, the photographs we hope you see what you have taught us over the years. That being together, being a family is truly the most precious gift anyone can ask for. Thank you and Love always.

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