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S: Keith & Barbara Bird: 50 Years of Wedded Bliss

BC: Celebrating 50 Years! | 2010

FC: Keith Monroe Bird & Barbara Ann Miller | December 23, 1960

1: "We must cherish one another, comfort one another, and gain instruction, that we may all sit down in heaven together." --Lucy Mack Smith | A Book for: Mom and Dad Thanks for cherishing, comforting and instructing us. By your adoring children: Marilyn, Nancy, Diane, Ross, Sally, William, Karin, Henry and their families Compiled by: Karin Bird Hunter, 2010

2: Time Line 1956 Sep - Keith enters Texas Tech Barbara - senior year at Tom S. Lubbock High School 1958 Sep - Keith leaves on mission to Southern States which includes Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama Barbara enters Texas Tech 1959 Barbara begins nurses training at Methodist Hospital School of Nursing 1960 Aug - Keith returns from mission and enrolls in Texas Tech Oct - engaged Dec 23 - married during Christmas break 1961 Aug - Barbara graduates from nursing school Sep - move to Missouri Keith starts Southwest Missouri State University and runs cattle at the Spring Ranch for his father Barbara works at St. Johns and later Burge(Cox) in the pediatric departments 1962 Bought first home in Springfield, MO for $4,500.00, no down payment and $50.00 per month Sep 29 - Marilyn born 1963 Bought 465 acres on Hwy K at Everton, MO on Turnback Creek--cattle/pigs/corn crop 1964 Jan 10 - Nancy born Mar - left farm for Coleman, TX for Keith to learn to fly crop dusters for Best Insect Control Barbara works at Coleman Memorial Hospital 1965 Aug 30 - Diane born 1966 Keith hired by American Airlines, move to Hoffman Estates and later Elgin in the Chicago, IL area 1968 May 17 - Ross born Sold Everton Farm and bought land in Willard, MO, which we leased out 1970 Apr 11 - Sally born 1972 Jun 12 - William born 1974 Mar - moved to newly-built home on Willard property 1975 Sep 13 - Karin born 1977 Nov 17 - Henry born 1979 Jul - Keith checked out as Captain for American Airlines | 518 Laurel St, Elgin, Ill. (house was white when we lived there) | Farm Road 68, Willard, MO

3: 1996-1998 - Moved to Grapevine, TX until Keith’s retirement 1998 Aug - Keith retires from AA after 32 years, Barbara tries to retire from cooking--back to MO 1999 Jan - Keith called as Branch President of the University Branch, serves until June 2002 2000 Dec - move to new home at the Y property in MO 2005 Mar - called as shift coordinators at the St. Louis MO Temple 2007 Mar - released from mission at the St. Louis Temple July - escape to Alaska on a cruise Aug - began a CES Mission at the Institute of Religion at Missouri State University 2009 Mar - released from CES mission Begin serving in the St. Louis Temple again 2010 Papers submitted to SLC for six month mission to Nauvoo April to Oct 2011 Dec 23 - 50th Wedding anniversary | Barn, Farm Road 68, Willard, MO | Aerial View FR 68 home, pond (taken atop grain bin) | Aerial view hanger & runway FR 68 (taken atop grain bin) | Willard, MO home on Y property

4: How We Met By Barbara Miller Bird, 2010 In the late 1940’s, our small group of Latter-day Saints met in a dance studio on 19th Street in Lubbock, Texas. I lived with my family seven blocks south of the studio on 26th Street. Sometimes, I would walk with my Dad to the studio on Sunday mornings to help him sweep up the trash left by the group who had dances there on Saturday nights. A decision was made to look for a more desirable place to meet. The chapel in the Rix Funeral Home was rented. While we were meeting there, a large family unexpectedly joined our group one week for Sunday School services. Their name was Bird, and they lived about 50 miles away. Vinnie Bird was raised as a member in Arizona. She married a Texas cowboy who was ranching near St. Johns AZ, and he moved back to Texas with her after they had Charlie Junior. About 14 years later she persuaded him to go to her church one Sunday and then they would take their family to the Methodist Church in Post on the other Sunday. That is where we met when we were 10 years old. Now, when people ask us how we met, we like to tell them that we met in a funeral home. It makes for an interesting story. | Carol, Henry, Robert, Grace, Barbara Miller | Barbara & Keith around age they met | (top wall) Charlie Jr, Tom, Keith, Morris Charlie Sr, Vinnie, Margo, Beverly Bird

5: Charlie Bird and the four boys eventually joined the church. We loved having the Bird family join our small group. We were a close group, and we all became good friends. My Mother often invited them to eat Sunday dinner with us. I liked Keith’s family, and he liked mine. It was all very comfortable until one day before Sunday dinner when we were all in the front yard together, Charlie told me that I could have my pick of any of his boys. We were probably about 13 years old then, and pairing up with anyone hadn’t even entered our minds! It was embarrassing. The friendship continued, but by our junior year in high school, we had paired up. The friendship deepened and romance was in the air. We went to rodeo dances, school activities, church parties, | football games, and on weekly dates. We dated until Keith left on his mission. It was so, so hard to say good-bye for two years. We had talked about marriage and about being together forever. Sometimes we laugh and say that we grew up together until we grew on each other. One time, when Marilyn was distressed about the college dating scene, I was visiting with her. She said, “Oh, Mom, you have no idea what it is like. You and Dad grew up together!” I think that maybe that was a good thing for us. We knew each other very well. We knew and loved each other’s families. There were no surprises. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was a love that developed into something very wonderful. | "Which boy shall I choose?" | Morris, Keith, Tom, Charlie, John

6: Lubbock High 1955 | 1. & 2. Barbara, sophomore year 3. Barbara high school assembly chorus line 4. & 5. Keith, junior year 6. Muscle Man Keith in front of home on Clovis Hwy 7. Keith, Post, TX Ranch (went to farm during the summer, usually planting cotton) 8. Keith signs Barbara's yearbook | 1 | 3 | 6 | 2 | 4 | 5 | 7 | 8

7: Lubbock High 1956 | 1. Barbara's dance card from "Heavenly Eve" dance (Keith & Barbara went as a date) 2.& 3. Beautiful Barbara, junior year 4.-8. Handsome Keith, senior year 9. Keith signs Barbara's yearbook | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 9 | 8

8: a dirt road. I had never seen him kiss a girl before---although we had been on many dates. To my great surprise, they kissed. I was feeling rather awkward, and felt that I was not a very good talker. Besides, I had been building up to this for a long time. I had become quite fond of Barbara. So, I gave her a little kiss. To my surprise, she responded as though she liked me too! A great light came on!! I thought it was inspiration. Morris and I always shared the same room. As I burst into our room that night, I shook him awake and told him I was going to marry that girl. He mumbled, “You’ll get over it.” | The First Kiss Lubbock, Texas 1955 Written by Keith Bird I was always shy around girls.Robert Miller was my best friend ever since we had moved to Lubbock from Post, Texas. I often went to his house after school even though I lived on a farm northwest of the city. He had a sister named, Barbara, that I had known since I was eleven. In fact, my Dad used to tease her. She was tall and skinny with freckles and red hair. Dad liked her and while we were all standing around, would say to her, “You can just take your pick of my boys.” She would blush and walk away. My brother, Charles, was four years older than her and already had plenty of girls. So, I would just stand back and say to myself, “Poor Tom, he’s the one!” However, as the years went by, Robert and I started to double date. As I said, I was shy, so many times I took his sister rather than have to have courage to ask someone else. Robert’s older sister, Carol, had married an Air Force pilot from Idaho. (Larry Johnson) Larry had a sister that came down to visit. Her name was Marsha. I don’t remember what we did earlier that evening, but my car was at home, so they were driving me home. Robert was driving, and Marsha was sitting by him. Barbara and I were in the back. For some reason, Robert stopped on | Carol, Barbara, Keith, Robert, Larry, Jana (taken on wedding day--5 yrs after 1st kiss)

9: would slip before I could get both tires back on. Was that a train I heard coming? It was dark and not a car had come down the road from which I might get help. Now my worst fear was the car. Barbara and I could get out. But this was a special date and I had talked mom out of her brand new Ford! Finally a young man from the base came by. He was dressed up too with his girl in the car. Using both jacks we finally got back on the tracks. In the process his hand got pinched between the jack and the bumper. No broken bones, but it bled good. I gave him my hanky to wrap it with. I thanked him for his help and he gave me a good fatherly lecture. I wonder what I can do next week to impress my date? | Riding the Rails Written by Keith Bird I learned that a car fit perfectly on the rails of a train track. It worked best if just a little air was let out of the tire. That way the tires just kind of wrapped around the rails and weren’t as likely to jump off. I had done this several times. It was great sport. For one thing—there was the thrill of not knowing if you could get off before meeting a train. It was also amazingly smooth. And you could just let loose the wheel and the car would just steer itself down the rails. One night I just had to show off this new found knowledge to my girl friend [Barbara]. We were somewhere west of Lubbock, not far from Reese AFB. I found a nice wide crossing on the road where it was easy to get on. She was quite apprehensive, but that just made me think I would be more the hero to do it. Being young and dumb didn’t help matters! We had a slow misty rain falling. It made the tracks slick! Also I hadn’t let any air out of the tires. You guessed it. We hadn’t gone a hundred feet when we slipped off the rails. Oh well—nothing hurt but my pride. I had slipped off before. I could just back up and try again. The car wouldn’t move. I got out to see what the problem was. To my surprise this track had new rails. They were at least 3” higher than the old ones. The car was high centered! There I was all dressed up. I got out the jack. I made several attempts to jack it back onto the track. No luck. It was wet and the jack | Keith and Fleatline Chevy in front of Miller home: 2424 26th St, Lubbock, TX. This is a car Keith drove when dating Barbara in high school--not the one stuck on the rails.

10: 1957 Barbara graduates from Lubbock High Keith enters Texas Tech | Barbara posing as editor of yearbook staff, Lubbock High | Keith in front of Bird home on Clovis Hwy, Lubbock , TX | Barbara, senior Lubbock High | Barbara in front of a girlfriend's home | Barbara, in a bridesmaid dress for girlfriend's wedding

11: Keith & Barbara posing with the '56 Plymouth (car Keith drove in college) | Robert Miller, Anne Armstrong, Barbara, Keith going to a college dance (Keith was a part of the ROTC drill team at Texas Tech) | Barbara & Keith going to a college "pj" dance

12: 1958 | enters Texas Tech 1958 | begins nurses training at Methodist Hospital School of Nursing, 1959 | vacationing in Palo Duro, TX with girlfriends | vacationing in Big Bend, TX | bridesmaid at a girlfriend's wedding | as a leader at girls' camp | Barbara

13: serves as missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Southern States mission (Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama) | Keith a.k.a Elder Bird | 1960 | Florida | Georgia watermelon patch | Homestead, Florida | with Elder Hunt a.k.a. "Old Uncle Dudley" Key West, Florida | Key West Beach

14: Charlie Bird had a history of telling me that I could marry one of his boys. Keith and I started dating in high school and into college. By the time he left on his mission, we had talked marriage. Keith told me to date others while he was gone and I did, but no one seemed to match up to him. My father passed away suddenly one morning of a heart attack when I was a senior in high school. Mother began working in a grade school cafeteria close to home, and Robert and I were in college the next fall. We both had part time jobs. Carol was married and lived in California. Charlie was a compassionate man and showed concern for our family. One Wednesday night after church, he came up to me and said, “Barbara, I sold a cow today and I want you to have this check to help out with school.” It was endorsed on the back. I told him that I was doing fine---and thank you, but I really didn’t need it. He insisted that I take it. Keith was on his mission by now. Why didn’t he give the check to Mother or Robert if he wanted to help the family? When I got home, I showed the check to Mother. I said, “What am I going to do with it? If I keep it, I’ll have to marry Keith.” I wasn’t sure if we would change after being apart for two years and also change our | minds about marriage. I decided to put it in a savings account--that way, I could give it back to Charlie if things didn’t work out between Keith and myself. He gave me a couple more checks, and they were deposited in the account. The amount was close to $1,000.00 which was a considerable sum back then. Keith returned home and the romance was still there. We married within three months. The savings account was never mentioned. Within the first year of marriage, we were low on cash, and Keith said, “What are we going to do?” I replied, “I have some money.” “You do?” Problem solved. Thanks, Granddad. | Did Charlie Bird try to Buy a Wife for Keith? written by Barbara Bird 2010 | Paul, Charlie, Beverly, Margo, Vinnie, John, Keith (just before Keith left on mission)

15: "The romance was still there" after Keith returned from his mission | The Wedding Written by Barbara Bird 2010 When the 1960 fall semester ended at Texas Tech, Keith and I packed up his 1960 Volkswagen Bug and headed for Arizona to become husband and wife. The Arizona Temple was our designated temple. We drove to St. Johns, AZ the next day and met his parents at his grandparent Jarvis’s home. Vinnie grew up in St. Johns and most of her family still lived there. We visited with family. That night, I slept with Vinnie and Keith slept with his Dad. We drove to Mesa the next day and met my Mother and brother, Robert. Mother had a friend or relative in Mesa and we stayed in her home. That night, Keith took me to receive my patriarchal blessing at the home of Joseph Stradling Jr., the stake patriarch. We didn’t have a patriarch in our West Texas District. The Texas Mission President had interviewed us for our temple recommends. The patriarch visited with me before giving me a blessing. He found out that my mother’s maiden name was Manwaring. During the blessing, he called me Sister Manwaring. That was a little distracting, but I’m sure the Lord knows who I am, and He gave me the blessing that was meant for me. On the 23rd, the wedding day arrived. My high school girlfriend, Anne Armstrong, loaned me her wedding dress. She had married the previous summer in a big Methodist Church wedding. I received my endowment before we were sealed, so it was a little too much in one day.

16: We knelt across the altar from each other. I was thinking what a handsome guy Keith was, and he says he always remembers looking into my blue eyes and being happy. President Price sealed us for time and all eternity. (His son was Marilyn’s mission president in England) There is great power and great blessings associated with the temple sealing. I understand that even more since serving in the temple. Remembering that covenant has been a strength to us. Wedding guests were: Charlie and Vinnie Bird, Charles Bird, Jr., Grace Miller, Larry and Carol Johnson, and Virgina Renfroe and George Uppencamp (friends). Virginia and George were from our ward in Texas. None of their family were in the temple with them, so they were sealed after us, and Keith was a witness to the sealing. | The group went to dinner at the Feed Bag. They tied plastic bibs around everyone’s neck. It was a real classy place! We didn’t have a reception. Vinnie and Charlie hurried home for Christmas, Mother and Robert went to Los Angeles, CA to have Christmas with Carol, and Keith and I stayed in Arizona to honeymoon before heading back to school. Charlie and Kathleen were at her parent’s home for Christmas, so we stayed in their apartment for a few days in Tucson. | "Marriage is sacred and should be handled with care and respect." Barbara | Together Forever December 23, 1960

17: Wedding dinner at the Feed Bag | Newlyweds! | (Stake President of Columbia, SC) | Big News! Read all about it...

18: above: Disneyland 1966. Mom said of this picture: "That ride scared me to death--killed me off! Dad loved it, but this picture shows exactly how I felt." | 1962, pregnant with Marilyn | 1965, Post, TX | 1967, Halloween | 1968, Niagra Falls, NY | 1972, Elgin, IL | 1976, Stockton, MO | 1978 or 1979 | Couplehood through the Years | I | "Thee lift me and I'll lift thee and we'll both ascend together." --John Greenleaf Whittier

19: "Dear Keith, It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re off to the dentist, and I’m thinking about you. You’re such a funny Valentine--the fearless pilot who doesn’t like to go to the dentist! You’ve been gone a long time and I miss you. Is the dentist putting a gold inlay heart on your front tooth? You have so much of my heart. Here’s why.. I love the way you hold me. I love being with you--shopping, trips, ballgames, yard work, etc... I love your spiritual sensitivity and leadership--you have given me blessings, counsel, and doctrinal information. You love the scriptures and study them each day. I rely on you a lot. I admire your knowledge of things. You can fix anything. I watch you with the children and know of your love and concern for them--and I watch them respond. I watch you dance and sing and jump around the house trying to touch your head to the ceiling. You seem to have a love for life that most of us miss sometimes. I love to come home to you. Sometimes, when I open the garage door, you are there to meet me with a big smile and with your arms outstretched. You have always taken good care of me and the family, and you have provided me with all the comforts of life and more. You have probably spoiled me. I love you in your flannel shirts and boots. It’s hard to say how much I love you--but you already know, don’t you? Barbara” (Copied from a Valentine's note written maybe '70s or '80s) | 1985, Dad all dressed up for the Silver Anniversary! | Fifty years of marriage has been an education. Where else do you get so much experience in caring, in compromising, in negotiating, in scheduling, in trusting, in planning, in working, in being selfless, in forgiving, etc. Our love has grown deeper, and we depend on each other even more. We can even finish each others sentences, and sometimes we find out that we are thinking about the same thing. That is a little freaky. When we had a doctor’s appointment, the nurse said to us, “That’s cute, you’re dressed alike.” We looked down and we both had on khaki pants and green shirts! That’s a lot of togetherness. We still make each other laugh, and we still squabble over who has to make a phone call. There were plenty of happy times, and there were some difficult times. Some days we liked each other better than other days. There were times when we had to agree to disagree, but we always agreed that we wanted to be an eternal family. Everything written in that valentine years ago is still just as true today, except for the part about trying to touch his head to the kitchen ceiling. Marriage is ordained of God, it is a sacred union and should be handled carefully and with respect. I feel blessed to have had this many years together on earth. I would do it all again.

20: 1986, England | 1988, Tan-Tar-A Resort | 1987, Marilyn's wedding | 1993, Sally's wedding | 1998, Dad's retirement flight | 2001, Institute Branch President | 2007, Mendehall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska | 2007, CES missionaries, Springfield, MO | Dec 2009, 1 year 'til the 50th Anniversary!

21: We have always had great friends in the church and most of them had children our age. Those were good times, too. We all loved family vacation time. Most trips were camping trips in the blue van. Those trips were only possible because there were no seat belt laws! There was a mattress on a platform in the back with all the luggage and camping gear underneath. The mattress was Nancy’s favorite spot! Others would rotate two at a time taking turns on the mattress. Then there was another favorite spot--the lunch/cooler box between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. | Reflections of 50 Years Together Written by Keith Bird (December 2010) Barbara was my first true love and always will be. She followed me to the farm, crop dusting, several moves with my work and made life happy and enjoyable. She has always worked in the yard and garden with me and still does. We are best buddies and enjoy being together and enjoy many of the same things. She is a spiritual strength and practices what she believes. She knows how to make me feel appreciated and lifts me up | when I am down. I’m not good at expressing my feelings, but each of you know your Mom and how she has always supported me. | We began our marriage living on love, because there was no money. Barbara’s income as a registered nurse carried us along. In 1965, I made good money crop dusting, but I joined American Airlines in April 1966 and starved for five years or so until even getting back to the pay level of crop dusting. Some of my happiest family memories are the fun times we had with our children. We had trips to the museums, the zoo, parks, lakes, rivers and other interesting things to see and do in the Chicago area. Several friends at church had boats and we had fun on the Fox River and at Crystal Lake. | 1965, Keith & John Elliott Best Insect Control Crop Dusting | 1967, Keith & Barbara, Elgin, IL pilot & supportive wife

22: I also enjoyed seeing the children grow and have fun with their cousins and friends. Our house seemed to be the gathering place. We had a lot of family dinners, Sunday get-togethers, etc. Then, there were the sport activities, band, football, baseball, etc. There was always something going on. Barbara was an excellent mom and was CEO of the family as I was gone three to four days each week with my job. She made it all work. I have especially enjoyed our time together since retiring twelve years ago. We have served two missions together--two years at the St. Louis Temple and twenty months as Church Educational System missionaries at the Institute by Missouri State in Springfield. Before that, we served at the University Branch in Springfield for three and one-half years. She is a great strength and inspiration to me. Barbara’s love for the temple was my incentive to become an ordinance worker. Not only has it been an enjoyable learning experience, but it has also brought us much closer together. We have learned among other things that worldly things are meaningless compared to the eternal. So, I don’t let my pride stand in the way, as I used to do when we have differences of opinion. Since our children know it would be untrue to say it has all been roses, I will offer the following. There are two great lessons that I have learned, and they concern pride and agency. I admit that I was a slow learner. Pride--forget ourselves and the need to always be right: and agency--let your spouse be themselves by not trying to control them. Remember in our marriages to look up to Christ. Much of this I have learned from temple attendance and observing others that I admire, including our wonderful children. | "Wordly things are meaningless compared to the eternal" "Pride... forget the need to always be right." "Agency... let your spouse be themselves." | 1995, Dallas Temple | 1984 Hawaii Temple

23: Family | 1967, Elgin, IL | 1966, visiting Grandad & Mom Vinnie Everton Farm, MO | 1971, Easter | 1970, Elgin, IL | Everyone has a great need to be appreciated | 1965, Wingpark Blvd. | 1972, Laurel St., Elgin, IL

24: 1975 | 1982 | 1976 | 1974 | 1978 | Dad to children before praying, "Children, shall we spray? | Mom in the mornings, "Good Morning Chickadees!"

25: 1993 | 1987 | 1995 | "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." Mormonad | 1988, (Ross on mission) | 2008 | Time for a new family portrait! Say cheese

26: Marilyn & Mom "Branson Hats" | Nancy, Marilyn, Sally | Elizabeth, Ben, Dan

27: William, Mom, Diane | Scott, Marilyn, Natalie | "Thanks for the dashing good looks!" --Scott

28: Papa cliff jumping 2003 Buffalo River, Arkansas | Papa, Elizabeth, Ben, Scott, Natalie Vacaville, CA | Steal-Your-Dollar-City | guns | firecrackers

29: adventures | airplanes | games | basement | funny stories | jokes | amazing examples

30: generous | kind | gentle | warm | welcoming | chats | hugs | treats | righteous

31: We love you!--the Martineaus | "B & Papa's National McDonalds Monument, 50th Edition"

32: 3. I absolutely loved how you picked me up in Nauvoo after my BYU Youth for Excellence week, the summer after I graduated from high school in 2004. I loved getting you both all to myself as you took me around to different church history sites like Adam-ondi-Ahman and Carthage Jail. I love how you both love the gospel and love sharing it. ~Holly | 2. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are from when I went to Missouri to visit. I loved riding in the front seat of the red pickup truck with Papa to go feed the cows in the pasture. Papa would slide as far over as he could towards the driver's side door, and I would slide over into the driver's seat. He not only let me drive in the pastures, but on the roads too! And if a car came, I would just slyly slide back over and let Papa drive. Perhaps Papa is the reason I am such a good driver ;) I learned young and had a great, patient, and trusting Papa ;) Also, I remember picking what seemed like an endless amount of zucchini in B's garden one year. I believe we ate zucchini at every meal! We even made experimental zucchini recipes in Diane's easy bake oven! Ice skating and canoeing on the big pond were also very fun, as well as flying in Papa's little plane! ~Love~ Holly | Kelli, Eric, Holly, Allen, Megan, Mike, Nancy, Emily, 2009 | 1. I love how B made my baptism dress. I remember memorizing the poem "My Three White Dresses" to recite at my baptism and I changed the line "My mom bought me a white dress," to "My grandma made me a white dress." It was so wonderful to have a special dress on such a special day that I will never forget. Thank you B! ~Love~ Holly | 50 Reasons We Love You | 3. I absolutely loved how you picked me up in Nauvoo after my BYU Youth for Excellence week, the summer after I graduated from high school in 2004. I loved getting you both all to myself as you took me around to different church history sites like Adam-ondi-Ahman and Carthage Jail. I love how you both love the gospel and love sharing it. ~Holly | Holly and Eric

33: 4. I always like to brag about how cool my grandma is. She rides roller coasters and even went skydiving for her sixtieth birthday to get a Dodge Ram from my Papa. I remember begging B forever, it seemed like, to see the "long, lost, forbidden ever to be seen" video of her jump from the plane. Finally one night, she agreed to let me see it. The begging was worth it. The video was hilarious, especially the part where B wouldn't get up from the ground after landing! I think you could win some money if you sent that video into America's Funniest Home Videos ;) ~Holly 5. I love you B and Papa. I feel so blessed to have you both as my grandparents. I especially love how you love each other. Every time I see you two together, I can see how totally and completely in love you are still, after so many years. ~Holly 6. I will always remember the fun memories like when Papa would always seem to have candy in his pockets. ~Kelli 7. Thank you grandma for helping me sew the ribbons and elastics on my very first pair of Pointe shoes. It was nice to spend some quality time with my awesome grandma!~Kelli 8. It was always cool to me how Papa could wiggle his ears (I could never quite figure out how he could do that..and I still don't know!)~Kelli 9. It was fun to go to Missouri and be with all the family, especially on the 4th of July. But it is always exciting when I hear B and Papa are coming to California! At the old house, I would gladly let Emily come sleep in my room when you came.~Kelli 10. It was funny when grandma was driving me to the church and I had to tell her she wasn't on the road, instead she was driving on the shoulder!~Kelli | Papa & Kelli | "Do I really want a new truck?" | "I better get 2 Dodge Rams!"

34: 13. I love how grandma and papa always take the time to come visit us in California. I remember one recent visit. As I was showing B my room, she saw a picture that I had taken out of a magazine that had Edward Cullen in it-- from the Twilight book series. As soon as she saw that, she knew who it was! I thought that was funny and cool how she knew who it was and that she had also read the books! LOVE, Emily:-) 14. Thank you grandma and papa for being wonderful examples to me. Hopefully I will be able to show as much patience and love as you guys do when I am a grandparent. LOVE, Emily:-) 15. When I was about 13, I believe I was involved in a lot of sports at one time, including basketball, soccer, and cross country. Papa and Grandma B came out to visit us and they were able to make it to all of the games I was having at the time. I remember trying extra hard 'cause I wanted to look good for them. Thank you for supporting me and my interests. But doing all those sports also made me really sore and I remember my back was in some sort of pain. So, papa took me into the living room and laid me down on the floor and did some MAGICAL adjustment with my back. I remember feeling so good afterwards. Thank you Papa. Love, Emily:-) | Emily and Papa: watermelon and lovin's | 11. I love you both very much and am happy that I have you two as my grandparents and that we can be a family forever. ~Kelli | 12. I love how when I was little and papa would sit me on his lap and he would tell me a story that would make me laugh. I remember most of the stories. My favorite is one about a little bird, and papa would shout really loud at the end and it made me jump. I loved those stories and hate being too big to sit on his lap now! ha ha. LOVE, Emily:-) | "Once there was a little bitty bird..." --Emily | 16. I don't remember this happening so much, but I always hear this story told about me and it never gets old! I guess when I was almost 2 1/2 years old, I was very protective of Kelli when she was born. Grandma B was visiting us in California and told me to leave Kelli alone(since I was always touching her). So, I told grandma to, "Get in the closet." I'm sorry for my rude remark Grandma. It won't happen again. Ha ha. LOVE, Emily:-)

35: 19. Some of my earliest memories of summer trips to Missouri include; riding in the Dodge Ram truck counting cows, paddling around the pond in the canoe, shooting off bottle rockets, and flying in the airplane. I would always look forward to summer trips to Missouri even if it took a 30 hour drive to get there.- Allen | 17. I admire how both Grandma B and Papa take the time to send me a card each birthday. They take the time to write things that I enjoy reading about. I keep them every year and I have a pretty good collection. One of my favorites has a picture of me when I was little playing in the rain spout with my toes. When I was little, I was always was excited to receive a letter from them and I still do get excited at the age of 16... soon to be 17. Thank you. LOVE, Emily:-) 18. I remember one summer coming to visit you guys in Dallas. I had such a fun time visiting the train station, museums, and other landmarks around the area, but most of all I enjoyed the many games of Skipbo we would play. -Allen | 20. Not very many people get called to serve a mission where their extended family lives, let alone serve in their ward for 7 months. During that time, I was lucky to see you guys a few times, haha. I'm thankful for your strong testimonies and the great examples you both have been to me. I know it was an easy decision for me to go on a mission because of you both. I was able to learn and grow out in the field. Thank you- Allen | 21. I love you both because of the fun times we've enjoyed together. Silver Dollar City was always a highlight for me. And to have grandparents that could keep up with us kids was a plus. Thanks for the memories. -Allen | Grandma B, Elder Boberg, Papa Highlands Ranch, CO, 2008 | Allen & Megan | Kelli, Holly, Allen, Emily Counting cows in the beloved Dodge Ram

36: 22. One thing I remember about Keith is his ability to drive a car out to Stockton at supersonic speed and not get anybody killed. I was always told by Keith to keep our speedy adventures "amongst ourselves." Mike 23. The old saying, "Like father, like son," is true when it comes to Charlie and Keith Bird. Charlie was a very generous, loving, and kind person to all people and Keith is the same way. Mike 24. The same (#23) is true for Barbara, only "Like mother, like daughter." Grace was very sweet and kind and Barbara has those same traits. 25. You have always been so supportive of our decisions--like helping us when we came back to Missouri to start up a wood flooring business. Mike 26. Both Keith and Barbara are great examples in the everyday things that they do, especially when it comes to the gospel. I appreciate that. Mike 27. Keith is always expanding his knowledge by reading and studying. Mike | 28. Barbara is a very accepting person. She does not look for faults in people. She is very understanding of people who have different views and upbringings. Mike 29. Something I appreciate about Keith is that he is a hard worker. He is never idle. After being away at work, he would come home to work on the property or serve others. He is always in motion. Mike | 30. Keith and Barbara have good genes! Mike 31. Your love for your family is evident. Mike 32. You both serve with a smile. Mike | 33. You both have a good perspective of what life is all about. . . and what lies ahead. Mike 34. Great trip up to Oshkosh-- flying over the flooded "no fly zone." Mike 35. Keith, thanks for having the smarts to drive a car to the end of the driveway to pick me up after I broke my leg. The others were just laughing at me. Mike 36. We love your big bowls of buttery popcorn and "pond water" punch. ~Bobergs | Keith, pruning apple tree, 1989 | "People are more important than things." - Mom | Mike & Nancy, 1984

37: 37. We love that you are celebrating a Golden Anniversary together. You have grown children, grandchildren (some of them grown too), and a great grandchild on the way. . . and we all honor you. ~Bobergs 38. You taught me the importance of developing lasting friendships. I think it is so cool that you both stay in touch with friends from Texas and Illinois. Nancy 39. I love you both because you taught me that "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." There have been times when I have observed you in situations which are difficult to deal with and you both work together to meet the challenge. Nancy 40. "Many hands make light work," words that I heard over and over during my growing up years, particularly when it came to working in the garden. I find myself speaking these words frequently and I don't even have a garden! Thanks for teaching them to me. Nancy | 41. One of my favorite readings is a typewritten paper titled, "The Occasion of Your Birth." It was written by my mother and in it she describes the happenings of the day I was born. I like to read this paper because it makes me feel loved. I read it often. It also proves that I was not adopted. Nancy 42. Dad was always creating and providing "fun" for us kids--the outdoor skating rink on Laurel Street, the barrel raft on the pond, motorcycles, trips out to Stockton Lake, rides in small planes, "Don't ever do this" demonstrations, etc. . . We knew you liked spending time with us. Nancy 43. Mom, thanks for letting me in your sewing room. (unsupervised at times) Nancy 44. You've made serving in the church seem more like a joy than a sacrifice, yes even teaching the Gospel Doctrine class dad. You have taught me that by serving we help to accomplish the work of the Lord. You both have planted a seed of service that I'm sure will blossom for generations to come. Nancy 45. Thanks for not getting mad at me when I was backing up the pick-up truck and bumped into the station wagon or when I ran into the newly planted tree with the riding lawnmower. Maybe you were a little disappointed? but not mad. Nancy | A garden this size ought to keep the kids busy!

38: 46. Mother, you are the poster woman for Charity. What got you to that level?--Darlene Love? or was it Roxanne? Nancy 47. Thank you for teaching me to love the temple. Nancy 48. I love you because you sing "Happy Birthday" to me each year. Nancy 49. One of the reasons I love you both is that you always took us on family vacations. My favorite mode of transportation for those trips? the platform dad constructed for me more cargo room in the back of the blue Ford van. It was from there that I could enjoy all the "panoramic views." Nancy 50. And now for the Hallmark moment: It all comes down to those two little words that never seem to say enough. And yet, when they come from the heart in the quiet way of all things that are simple and sincere, perhaps once in a while--they really can say it all. This is one of those times. THANK YOU for being you. We love and appreciate you. You are GOLDEN! | "I call the platform first!" Nancy | "We're finally home. Let's kiss the ground!" --Mom | _ | Hike to Mt. Timpanogos Cave, UT Aah--a nice cool rock to ease my aching noggin | Mike & Nancy | Holly | Allen | & Kelli | Emily | Boberg

39: Dear Mom and Dad, Congratulations on 50 years of wedded bliss! I’m so glad you got married and had a big, wonderful family that I get to be a part of. You both have been the best parents a body could ever hope to have. I’d like to share with you my impressions from the part of your lives that I’ve shared with you. Mom, when I picture you in my mind, you always have a smile on your face or are laughing. I am so thankful that you are blessed with an upbeat personality and a can-do attitude. You are a rock of sensibility and compassion and humor. Dad, you conjure up images of the rampantly silly that’s so infectious. Your laugh sweeps everyone along with you. Add to that how charitable and forgiving you are, how humble and willing to serve you are. You are reliable and possess more common sense than most people. Growing up, the first memories I have are of doing things together as a family. We went on picnics, to concerts in the park, ice skating, sledding, family vacations, going to church, praying, having FHE, and reading scriptures. | Rob, Diane, Sam Ronnie, Tyler Edwards | "Smiling Mom" | "Silly Dad" | "family picnics"

40: Highlights of what I remember include the following: Dad would come home from a trip, walk in the door, and all we children would swarm him. Instead of being grumpy and tired, he’d have a big grin on his face, and hug us all, and pick up whoever was pick-up-able for an upside-down swing or toss in the air. Then he’d go after Mom. I can remember him chasing her around the circle in the Elgin house, trying to pin her down and give her a hickey. We all thought that was great fun and joined in by giving ourselves hickies with the old green canister vacuum! I remember Mom always making something. She is very creative. For Christmas one year, she made us wooden paper dolls she painted herself. She even made clothes out of vinyl and wallpaper leftovers that attached with Velcro. She also made most of my clothes (but not out of vinyl and wallpaper!) until I hit high school. I particularly remember the curtains she made in Elgin out of patterned fabric with an orange fringe trim that had puffy little baubles that fascinated me. We also quilted a lot with her. Remember the electric scissors and getting paid a penny per square? She saw the beauty in old, scarred furniture, refinishing or painting it to be beautiful. Remember the old upright piano with the cool greenish paint job? The dining room table with the chairs she reupholstered and re-caned? Works of art. She makes a house feel like a home. | Dad is creative, too. One Christmas he made us stilts. I loved those. He also made a great kitchen table. Those log footstools were way cool. He also was creative in the kitchen, adding a bit of this or that to whatever Mom was making, whether she wanted him to or not! I loved his Recipe on toast so much I used it for a 5th grade assignment. He’s probably most creative in his story telling. I loved hearing bedtime stories from him either about his childhood, or made up. He dreams up a lot of things, and I mean dreams. Some of those dreams became reality, like when grass wouldn’t grow under the big tree in the back yard in Elgin, he brought in a huge truck load of sand and made the biggest sandbox anyone ever had outside of a beach or desert! | Dad prepared to make the "biggest sandbox anyone ever had outside of a beach or desert!"

41: Quick snapshots of Mom: wonderful, wildly patterned housecoats, The Gentle Giant of the Ozarks coming from the old, white radio on top of the fridge, the Tabernacle Choir blaring on Sundays, taxi service everywhere, pinning the boys in the kitchen corner, encouragement to play the piano, a band instrument, or for our artwork (I can’t believe she used that ugly Paper Mache pencil can I made until it was literally falling apart!) party animal and party planner extraordinaire –three cheers for Sunday evening popcorn get- togethers! Game to try a lot of things she really doesn’t want to do (think riding motorcycles and skydiving). | Quick snapshots of Dad: letting me color on graham crackers before I ate them (and eating them with me!), the crazy water bumpers and deliberately hitting them in the parking lot at church, chasing Sugar and Dolly around the pasture in the truck (motorcycles are so much more predictable than horses), having me pinch the cows nostrils, its snot running down my arm, while he sawed off the horns, doing backflips on the trampoline—giving me courage to do it myself, the funny voice he used when I was a teenager as a way to reach me during those stupid years of mine (still ongoing). | Marriage suits you guys. Family life suits you both. I can tell you love each other and each of us. Thanks for making us your life’s work and play and for taking care to teach us and guide us to the path of being eternal families together. Love, Diane | Sam | Sam, Diane, Ronnie, Tyler | "Old People" | back-flipping Dad

42: Tyler | Ronnie | "Happy Golden Year!" | "50 years old or 50th Anniversary?"

43: "Know what I mean Vern?" | Ross & Karin; Who needs a license on the farm? | "friends in heaven, friends on earth" | Like father, Like son Handymen at work | What are a redneck's last words? "Hey man, watch this!"

44: Julie and Ross | Nolan, Maggie, Grace, Mary | "B, Mary, Papa" by Mary

45: B, Papa & Mary Mary's baptism 2009, Vacaville, CA | Papa "scooping up" the grandkids for a tractor ride Y property, Willard, MO

46: Julie: "What do you like about Grandma? Maggie: "A doll and toys." Julie: "I think she misses you playing with her Grandma!" Julie: "What do you miss about Papa? Maggie: "Blueberries and tootsie rolls." | "I love you and miss you" | by Maggie | by Nolan | Nolan, Mike, Hank eating all the ammo for the marshmallow guns, 2010 | Maggie, 2010

47: * Playing Got Ya Last –Kaela * Watching Mom run the motorcycle up the fence. –Sally * Receiving a Toilet Seat for 16th birthday. (Who said they were all going to be good memories?) -Sally * “PaPa why do you have grass growing in your nose?" –Lenna to PaPa at Holly’s wedding. | * You always greet us with smiling faces and hugs after our 13 hour drive. Even when we arrive at two in the morning. –Chickadees and their tired Parents * Parking in the garage at your house. –Brian * Walks to the end of the driveway every day during our farm visits. - Emma and Lenna * Grandma makes the best fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. – Emma | Lentz Family Memories with B and Papa

48: * Smooching in the kitchen while all us kids groaned! This was especially entertaining when Mom was mad at Dad (like when he brought home a microwave) and she didn’t want a kiss! -Sally * Going on a Golf Ball Hunt. –Ethan | * Papa gives the best Baptism talk on the Holy Ghost. -Ethan, Emma and Lenna | *Receiving Golf Balls from the Hunt. -Brian * Working in the garden, picking up rocks at the Y and completing the chore list on Saturday mornings. I know there was a lot of groaning, but I am now thankful to you for teaching and showing me how to work. You were always right there beside us leading the way. -Sally | * Making Rice Crispy Treats with Grandma. –Emma | * Sneaking off to CiCi’s with Papa. -Emma and Ethan | Lenna's baptism day, Nov 2010 | Papa, Kaela, Brian "on the hunt" | Emma & B mixin' it up | * Under Dogs by Papa and Swinging on the swing with Grandma. –Lenna * Board games and 3 fold drawings. –Ethan, Emma and Lenna * Playing B-Ball in the Barn. –Ethan * Easter Egg hunts with cousins on the farm. –Ethan and Emma | Megan, Sam, Grace, Ethan, Emma, 2001 | *I backed into a truck in the school parking lot and banged up the Ford Tempo. This was my first accident and I was all shook up. I went into the school to call Dad. I started crying on the phone and Dad said “Are you hurt? Is the car drivable? Then come on home, it’s only a car”. What a great lesson on what’s important in life. Always think eternally. –Sally

49: * Playing 42 on Thanksgiving. – Ethan * Learning how to play 42 and the smack talk that goes with it! -Brian *Going on a date with PaPa to the junk yard. –Lenna * Dad sitting in the rocking chair reading scriptures. – Sally * Watching movies at your house –Ethan | * Grandma teaching me and Sammy how to streak jump on the trampoline. –Ethan *Him is the best! –Her * Cross-country camping trips that broadened our horizons and showed us the beauty of the U.S.A. “Panorama!” -Sally * Helping me roller-skate in the barn. –Lenna * Tractor rides to the Rock Mansion and jumping out of the bucket onto the trampoline. –Ethan, Emma and Lenna | * We love that you love our babies! And keep on loving them when they become chickadees! -Sally and Brian | B and baby Kaela 2006 | Boy are we happy to be in CO! -Papa & Lenna, 2003 | Ronnie, Ethan, Kaela, Lenna, Emma Tractor rides with Papa | * Always young at heart and up for adventures. Hiking, biking, alpine slides and river rafting just to name a few. -Sally and Brian | * Mom mixing cookies in storage bins, because there wasn’t a mixing bowl large enough to make enough cookies for 8 cookie monsters! –Sally | Mom & girls, 2008 "Nance, is Mom still in the boat?" - Sally

50: * Black Friday shopping. You’re supposed to shove other people, not your own daughter! How many Dr. Peppers did we end up with? -Sally * Shopping at the Outlet Malls with Mom! Remember the time we shopped till we dropped and when we stopped at the big drink store you came out with two 32 oz. big drinks!! -Sally | * "Is that you guys?" -Lenna * Do you know what wonderful parents you are? Thank you for choosing me to be one of your chickadees! I have tons of memories of growing up, but the most important is that I always felt loved and still do. Thank you for that wonderful gift. -Sally | Sally & Mommasita, 2008 | You did it! Congratulations on 50 years! We’re glad the missing groom's head on the Christmas ornament wasn’t an omen of things to come! Thank you for being such wonderful parents, parent-in-law’s and Grandparents. You have an endless supply of patience, energy and, above all, love. You pour your whole heart and self into being parents and it shows!! We love you. XOXOXO Sal Babes, Brian, Ethan, Emma, Lenna and Kaela | Papa to Lenna, Kaela & B: "Go play in the street!" Nov, 2010 | "PANORAMA!" Mt. Evans, CO Lenna, Kaela, Emma, Brian, Ethan, 2010

51: Ethan loves: Riding Wildfire with Grandma and watching her scream like a little girl Going to Silver Dollar in the freezing cold Guns. Aim for the pumpkin, not the cow! | B & Emma, fantastic hugs Papa & Emma, two-steppin', 2009 | "Fantastic grandparents are you, Even when your cooking & you smell like stew -Emma

52: Lenna's favorite things at B & Papa's: pick food from garden + jump on tramp + trakter rides + read books + very spashal + playing got you last + swing + playing in basement + finding golf balls + playing games + fire in the hole with Papa | Kaela to Papa, "Why do pumpkins have warts?" | * Grandma reads me bedtime stories every night, morning and all the time in between. -Kaela

53: by William Bird

54: "C'mon Momma, let me hear you say: VENGAN A COMER!" --William

55: family reunion: canoe trip on Buffalo River, AR, 1996 | "There was never a project you couldn't tackle" William & Dad "tackling a tree in William's back yard. Indiana, 2002 | Jane, Kate, William, Marie, Walter, Claire, Hank, 2009 (some fine looking posterity) | "Thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms and hearts." --Marie

56: B & Papa with Jane for her 3rd grade music program | Grandma B & Claire on her baptism day

57: "Want a hug B & Papa?" --Hank | "I love you so much!" --Kate | Walter | William and Marie Bird Family | One of Mom and Dad's favorite quotes on budgeting: "The best way to save money is to take it out of your pocket, fold it over once and put it back in." - unknown

58: "Karin, it's part of the plan!" Mom--how many times did you have to tell me that during my teenage and young adult years? Yes, I knew that dating and marriage are an essential "part" to the "plan" of salvation. But what you didn't know is that I wanted a marriage like yours. And the guys that were eligible to date at the time never measured up to Dad. What was it about your relationship that I wanted too? You Kiss in the Kitchen As much as I grossed out about it, I now realize that it showed me how much you loved each other and you weren't afraid to let us kids know it too. You Serve Each Other I noticed the little things: Mom--cooking everyday for Dad because he loves your food. Dad--happily greeting Mom at the garage door when she pulls in, ready to unload the groceries from the trunk. | You Respect Each Other You've had different opinions, but I can't ever recall you yelling or speaking unkind to one another. You're Happy to be Parents I think all of us kids believe we are your favorite child! I remember when I lived with you in Dallas before my mission. Sally came to visit once. We were at church when someone mentioned to her that they thought I was your only child. Sally busted up laughing and responded, "No way! There are 8 of us. They have way too much love for one child--they'd smother them to death with love!" You Love the Lord & Serve Him You have brought me closer to Christ. Thanks for teaching me the gospel. Dad--I enjoy all of our doctrinal discussions. Mom & Dad, thanks for helping me gain a testimony of my own. Thanks for showing me how to love the temple. I will never forget the many sweet, tender moments we had together in the Dallas temple before my mission. I notice how happy you are when you are serving in the temple together. You know the source of true joy. Because of your teaching and example, I know the "plan." Thanks for modeling a loving and happy marriage. When I grow up, I want to be just like you! I feel so blessed to be one of your children. You will forever be an example to me and my family. Families--they're a "part of the plan!" | Love, | Kari-doll | Mike, Paige, Matt, Karin, Jill, Jeff Hunter, 2009

59: Dear Mom and Dad, When Karin and I got engaged I was a little nervous about meeting you for the first time. Would the "in-law” stereotype apply? No way! It didn't take long for me to realize that you two were a special couple with a special family. I'm glad to say there are no dreaded obligatory visits to the "in-laws.” I enjoy the long visits to Missouri where the Bird home is the vacation destination. Guns, tractors, great country cooking, and even window coverings.... a city fella couldn't ask for more! Thank you for always making me feel welcome in your home. It's easy to see where Karin gets many of the qualities that attracted me to her. Dad, I admire your fun-nature, levelheadedness, and spiritual knowledge. Mom, I enjoy your good cooking, fun conversation, and genuine concern for others. Congratulations on 50 years of marriage together. You guys are a great example of what marriage, parenthood, and grand-parenthood should be – loving each other and those around you as you keep your temple covenants. I'm grateful to be able to call you "Mom” and "Dad.” Love, Jeff | tooth extractor | MOM | DAD | positive | singing "Tradition!" (returning to the house after forgetting something) | power naps on the couch | to us noisy kids, "Go to the basement!" | after cooking and cleaning up the mess, "The kitchen is closed!" | happy in the temple | "Many hands make light work." | likes to twist and tie my hair in knots | "I'm home you lucky people!" | me: "See you in the morning." Dad: "Thanks for the warning!" | often heard singing, "Thank you very much, it's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me!" | back pops | candy | chocolate | scripture scholar | avid journal keeper | Hollman's seasoning | common sense | " I enjoy the long visits to Missouri where the Bird home is the vacation destination." -Jeff | hardworking | panorama!

60: "Hey B, what's for deener?" -Mike | "Hey Mike, do you want a hurt donut?" -- Papa | "Your tractor rides are fun" - Mike | Papa & Paige, 2010 | Pool Fun at B & Papa's, 2008 Grace, Paige, Mike | Boys, trucks, sand! Missouri, 2008 Hank, Matt, Ronnie, Nolan, Mike

61: The "Birdies' Wedding" by: Paige | "Hey Grandma B, SPRAY ME!" -Matt, 2008 | "This is Papa giving me a ride in the scoop of his tractor." -Matt | "I know this is the guy with the candy!" -Jill | scribbles by Jilly Bean | "Aah, this is the sweet Grandma who knew just how to get rid of my newborn baby gas. I love you! -Beanie | Papa training a future tractor driver, 2008 | Karin: "What do you love about B & Papa? Matt: "I like their playroom and basement. I like playing in the barn. I like Grandma B's popcorn. I want to be at their house again!" | "Birdies' Wedding" by Paige | Is the invitation to be neighbors still open? the Hunters (old rock house on Y property | Paige, Mike, Papa, B, Jill, Karin, Matt Colorado 2010

62: Happy 50th Mom and Dad, Not only does this mean that you are officially old, but it means your children are getting old as well. Normally I would groan at the thought of having to write a page in someone's memory book, but that's not the case here. You are without question the best parents a boy could ask for and l'm grateful to have my thoughts combined with my brothers and sisters to let you know how much we love you. The first thing that comes to mind is how good you have been to each other. You have both treated each other with absolute love and respect and that set the tone for our household growing up. Our home was the perfect place to grow up. I can't recall a time when I didn't feel loved. I was recently reminded of the family home evenings that we would have growing up. Whether Mom was giving a lesson on service or Dad was giving a lesson on how to minimize the use of toilet paper through proper folding techniques, I can remember lying on the family room floor and feeling absolutely content with life. I remember the big family events as a child and the fun family vacations, but it was the moments like remembering how I felt on the family room floor during family home evening that are just as, if not more, important to me. I can recall with clarity the feeling of having my head in Mom's lap as she read me a book or listening to Dad read the scriptures during family scripture study. | lt was a feeling of total comfort and well being. Our home was a perfect setting for me and it was a direct result of the love that you had for each other and ensuring that your children always felt loved. Mom, I don't know how you raised eight kids without some sort of bionic power. No matter how busy you were, you still always ensured that we stayed busy and entertained. I could always come to you when I was bored and you always had a suggestion on what I could do to occupy my time. You are the master of making sure everyone feels welcome, is having fun, and stays entertained. I could always count on having a blast with you whether it was riding back from Florida in the back seat of the '86 Camry, wrestling for position on the brown couch, or trying to push each other into a corner. Nothing in this world can compare with a mother's love. I want to thank you because l've never had to wonder if you loved and cared for me. Ditto goes for you as well Dad, I don't know how you managed to balance a career with substantial time commitments and still manage to spend quality time with your family. You had to be dead tired after your trips, especially during the days when you were commuting via Tulsa, but you were always up early the next day and ready to go. Few things are of greater importance to a little boy than time spent with his dad. Nothing could replace our sessions of barn ball or the race to the house that ensued afterward.

63: I also want to thank you for always being such a good example. I know it would have been easy to let your standards relax while you were away flying, but I know that the strength and well-being of our home life was a direct result of your faithfulness even when you couldn't be with us. I can't vouch for the full 50 years, but I do know that the 33 that l've been around for have been great. Thanks for being a perfect example of what a marriage should be. Thank you for treating each other so well and for creating the perfect home to grow up in. I love both of you with all my heart. Love, | Dad to kids, "How many steps is it from the barn to the house? Wanna race?" aerial view of FR 68 home, barn & hanger | All those foot races from the barn to the house prepared Henry & Ross for their best marathon yet! St. George Marathon, 2010 | "You are without question the best parents a boy could ask for" | Henry & Amy, August 2000

64: "You can't expect children to listen to your advice and ignore your example." | B, Kylie, Wes, Papa | Congratulations!! 50 years

65: "I remember... the first time I met both of you at the family reunion in Colorado. Barbara had the whole family sing Henry and I songs. It sounded terrible, but it was such a sweet gesture." - Amy | "if you want to do something positive for your children, try to improve your marriage." | "Bees and Papa, I XOXO you this much!" --Wes | Wes, Jenna, Lelah, Kylie | "Hey Amy, did we sound as bad as we looked?" Miller Family Reunion, RMNP, CO 2002

66: Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming, "Wow, what a ride!" | Mom and Dad, Colorado 2008 What a ride; a few skids, but not worn out!

67: Keith & Barbara BIRD | 1. Marilyn & Dan MARTINEAU Scott Elizabeth Natalie Benjamin | 2. Nancy & Mike BOBERG Holly & Eric Johnson Allen & Megan Emily Kelli | 3. Diane & Rob EDWARDS Sam Tyler Ronnie | 4. Ross & Julie BIRD Grace Mary Nolan Maggie | 5. Sally & Brian LENTZ Ethan Emma Lenna Kaela | 6. William & Marie BIRD Claire Jane Hank Kate Walter | 7. Karin & Jeff HUNTER Paige Mike Matt Jill | 8. Henry & Amy BIRD Wes Kylie Lelah Jenna | children | in-laws | grandchildren | back cover: Keith & Barbara in front of Mesa, AZ Temple, 2009

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