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S: Arnett Family July 2010-December 2010

BC: Made with Love By Mom

FC: Arnett Family July 2010-December 2010

1: On our way home from our trip to Utah just as we were approaching Flagstaff, we were detoured all the way back up through the Grand Canyon to get home. It was a bummer after a long day in the car... but we decided to enjoy our free entrance into the Grand Canyon- get out and stretch and snap some pictures of the beautiful scenery!! | The Grand Canyon

2: We enjoyed a great hike at the Tonto Natural Bridge near Payson Arizona with friends from Forest's work. It was the most beautiful sight we had seen in Arizona! We thoroughly enjoyed a day of hiking, a picnic, and a little four wheeling to top it off. | 4th of July Hike

3: Tonto Natural Bridge

5: 4th of July Festivities | Kallee and Jake helped mom make a berry flag cake to celebrate!!!

6: HAPPY BIRTHDAY | 2 | Kenna | 2 | 2 | 2

7: 2 | 2 | 2

8: We took Kenna to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate her birthday. It was the first time we let her loose with her own cup of coins to do whatever she wanted with. She loved the independence and had a blast! The whole family did! | Happy Birthday Kenna! | 2

9: Our Sweet Kallee with her new smile- lots of holes in her mouth! | Kenna usually ends up wearing whatever she's eating!

10: Kallee caught a butterfly! She kept it in a jar for just a few minutes until she realized it really wanted to be free- so she set it loose outside. Kallee loves most anything in nature! | Kenna is sporting her new Dora backpack on wheels and her pink and purple trike! All Smiles!!!

11: A fun store here in Arizona is Party City. We went and checked it out one afternoon and Jake picked out these silly glasses and a watermelon lollipop! Jake makes life fun! | Kenna got a new helmet and really couldn't get enough of it!!

12: Another Move? | After only eight months in Mesa, Forest was asked to be co-administrator in Glendale-much too far for a daily commute from Mesa. Luckily we were only renting this home and were able to make a quick summer move to Phoenix before school started. Poor Forest said this was the hottest move ever! He was a trooper. Every 20 minutes or so he would run to the backyard, jump in the pool and then get back to work. That helped make the heat much more bearable!

13: The New Administrator! Here is Forest in he and Steve's administrators office in the Glendale building. Forest is enjoying learning lots of new things and having new responsibilities! There is a lot to learn having just come from the Home Health Care side of the business.

14: Here is the home we moved to in North Phoenix. After looking around quite a bit in the area, we feel in love with this house and wanted it so bad! We put an offer on it and did not get it. It wasn't until a couple week later that they ended up coming back to us and accepting our offer. We couldn't be happier! We are still renting until Forest's job location becomes more permanent. | 2526 W Cavalry Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85086 | Here is the courtyard

15: One dauy we made wheat bread together. It was mom's best success at making bread and it was fun having everyone join in. The kids are showing off the bread here after it came out of the oven and getting ready for a swim in the backyard! | Family Home Evening Treat? Root Beer Floats! | We have these great mugs given to us by Grandma and Grandpa Kropf that are perfect for a nice root beer float! | Homemade Bread... Yum!

16: Kids at Play!! | Jake with a wooden airplane kit he put together and painted, Kallee and Jake building lego towers, Jake playing Wii fit, Kenna doing a puzzle, Kallee holding Kenn with her favorite blankie!

17: Jake and Kallee climbing the tree in the backyard, Jake worked hard putting together his biggest puzzle yet and Jake and Kenna's bubble bath. Jake doesn't love to get haircuts, so as a treat for being patient during a haircut he gets to have a bath with bubbles afterwards. And of course, Kenna joined in!

18: Sunset Ridge Elementary School First graders were asked to carry tote bags and not backpacks- so here's Kallee with her bag that we decorated together. And here is Kallee at her desk in Ms. Scragg's class! | Kallee's 1st Day of 1st Grade!!! | AFter the first week of school, Kalleee starting riding the bus to and from school. She loves it! We walk, drive or ride bikes to the bottom of the hill to take her and pick her up off the bus. She's on the bus for a very short time and has gotten to know some fun friends!

19: Kallee is a natural at posing for pictures! Aunt Carol Dawn sent Kallee this dress in the mail. Kallee immediately put it on and danced around. She loves it and feels so pretty in it! Kallee is a beauty inside and out!

20: A wonderful visit from Grandma and Grandpa! They came to spend a couple days with us to check out our new home and area. We enjoyed a short and very hot four wheeler ride in Sedona- follwed by a picnic, watching the kids swim and of course the kids gathered around Grandpa for a good story!

21: We squeezed in a few fun games while they were here. Grandpa enjoyed playing both Kallee and Jake in chess. They also brought a new game for us called Rummikub. They taught us to play and can you tell who won? We love every minute of their visits with us!

22: Grandma and Grandpa got a family picture of us right before they drove off to go home. We sure loved having them here and always miss them when they go!

23: Crib to toddler bed! One afternoon after putting Kenna in her crib for a nap she came waltzing out... Mom was shocked. We put her back in her crib and asked her to show us how she got out. Sure enough she scaled the wall of the crib with ease! To prevent any injuries we thought it was probably time to convert the crib into a toddler bed- ready or not! We fully expected Kenna to go crazy with the new independence and maybe wake up in the middle of the night to play- but we've actually been very pleasantly surprised that she sleeps great! Way to go Kenna!

24: Summer

25: We were lucky enough to get another house with a pool! This one is much smaller than the one we had in Mesa- but just as much fun for us. We got a lot of swimming in and Jake learned to swim completely on his own! Kallee progressed a lot in her swimming and is a great swimmer. Kenna learned to kick and move around with a swim noodle tied around her waist and had no trouble getting around in the water. We were pleasantly surprised after our first summer here how much the pool can cool you off even on three digit temperature days!

26: McCormick- Stillman Railroad Park

27: One Saturday afternoon we went to check out this railroad park in Scottsdale. We rode the train and the carousel and played on all the fun equipment! It was a great discovery!

28: This is how I found Kenna one day when I went to check on her after I laid her down for a nap. She obviously loves her toddler bed because she can get up and get toys! I couldn't resist getting a picture of this before I cleaned it up and let her have a good nap! | TOYS | The day before General Conference, Forest went to the store and came up with fun plans for a General Conference Snack. He made a beautiful fruit plate with pineapple, strawberries, cantelope and bananas and Reeses pieces in the middle and gave us each a toothpick to eat with. He brought it out for the second session on Sunday and it was a hit! Hopefully he'll make it a tradition! | GENERAL CONFERENCE

29: Kallee's 1st Grade Assembly We got a call to tell us that Kallee would be receiving an award at the first grade assembly. We got lucky enough that Kallee's assembly was on the day after Grandma and Grandpa Arnett and Aunt Stefanie and Uncle Stewart came to visit! Kallee received an award for displaying the 6 pillars of character at school in the way she acts and the way she treats others. We were very proud of her! Kallee's school mascot- a Hawk- was there to congratulate the children.

30: While Grandma and Grandpa and cousins were here we made a fun visit to the Wildlife Zoo and Aqarium It was a very warm day- but we enjoyed everything from aggressive goats to turtles, giraffes, snakes, fish, stingrays and much more!


34: Probably our favorite part of our visit to the zoo was feeding the giraffe's!! The kids were fascinated by their amazingly long tongues reaching out for a snack! | The GIRAFFES!!

35: The aquarium was great! We got to see penguins and all sorts of fish and also pet stingreys and starfish!

36: Before leaving the zoo Mom, Kallee and Jake just had to take a ride on the log ride! It took us under the aquarium where we could look up and see fish above us and then back outside for a nice splash! Our stomachs all dropped on the way down.. but we had a blast!

37: What trip would be complete without a "mens" getaway to ride four wheelers? These guys enjoyed a ride out on the desert while the girls enjoyed a couple hours at the outlets in Anthem.

38: With the Fall season upon us... we needed pumpkins!! We went to Anthem to check out the pumpkin patch!

39: Kallee and Kenna got new matching outfits! So fun to have two beautiful little girls to dress the same!

40: Grandma Arnett left us with fun fall and halloween shaped sugar cookies to decorate.! We had a fun time frosting them and adding sprinkles.!

41: HALLOWEEN Three adorable trick-or-treaters!

42: Jake- Knight in Shining Armor

43: Kenna- LadyBug!

44: Kallee- A beautiful princess with golden hair!

45: Fun with Pumpkins!! We carved, lit and got creative with painting and decorating mini pumpkins!!

46: The kids were spoiled with two different trick or treating experiences!! One at Daddy's work and a trunk-or-treat at church!! | Our great friends the Jenks were in town from Fruitland and came trick or treating with us and the Nawahines at the building. Here is Jake with Jayce, Ayhin and Eve and Kallee and Ahyin! | Here are most of the kids.... Kallee, Jenna, Ahyin, Eve, Jake, Kenna and Jayce.. and Steve joining in as Shrek!

47: Marcee | Marcee had the privelage of decorating Forest's building for Fall/Harvest time and had so much fun shopping and decorating! Here's Kenna sitting by one stash of pumpkins and gourds. Love the Fall time!!! | TRUNK-OR-TREAT!!

48: Kyle and Melanie's first addition to their family came! When he was a couple months old, we took a trip up to Las Vegas to meet our new nephew/cousin.. Bryce and to witness his baby blessing. What a cutie!! Kallee, Jake and Kenna couldn't get enough of him! | Uncle Kyle thrilled the kids by setting up a tent for them to sleep in upstairs in their loft. It was perfect and they had so much fun "camping out" for a couple nights!

49: We enjoyed Saturday with a drive to Hoover Dam, a fun, windy picnic at the park and a visit to the Bass Pro Shop and an aquarium inside of a casino. Kallee and Kyle got a little crazy climbing!! And Kyle and Marcee found some time to sit at the piano together.

50: Bryce's Blessing Day!

51: Aunt Carol Dawn and Uncle Niles and Eric, Jessica and family joined us on Sunday for the baby blessing and luncheon. It was so wonderful to be together. Kyle gave a beautiful blessing and we were so happy to be able to be a part of it!!

52: We opted not to "send" Jake to preschool the year before kindergarten, but to learn at home. We had a great time doing the hooked on phonics progam while Kallee was at school and Kenna was napping!!! Jake caught on so quickly and loved it. Here he is after finishing level one of the Pre-K program: proud as can be. It didn't hurt for him too that after we did some preschool together each day, he earned Wii time to play which he loves!!! | PRESCHOOL

53: Hip-Hop Pom Pom | Kallee was part of a fun dance class for a couple months with a cute group of girls on Wednesday after school. This was their final performance they gave for the families to show us what they learned. Go Kallee!!

54: Wow Kallee...climbing up the wall!! | Daddy turned the water fountain on in the courtyard and the kids had fun dancing around it!!

55: We spent Thanksgiving here with just our little family. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving treat from Forest's work: a fully prepared Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings!! It was delicious and made for a very relaxing and quiet day. We loved every minute of it. Kallee and Jake had a "go" at the huge drumsticks!! Our favorite part of it all was the adorable butter carved into a turkey!!

56: Kallee's first grade class had a cute Christmas program they put on in their classroom for families. Daddy and Jake went to watch Kallee while Mom and Kenna were stuck at home with strep throat!! | Mesa Temple Christmas Lights | As part of the Christmas season we went with the Nawahine Family to enjoy the temple grounds. We had a great time together seeing the lights and feeling of the spirit of the temple! Afterwards we had fun going out to ice cream and visiting with them.

58: We had the great pleasure of having Grandma and Grandpa Kropf here for Christmas weekend. We took an evening at the outlets in the Anthem for a walk, window shopping, and to view the Nations largest fresh cut Christmas tree! It was a beautiful sight.

59: We took a trip over to Forest's work because Grandma and Grandpa had never been to the building in Glendale before. Marcee and Oli got to decorate the building together at the start of the season, so we got some pictures of the decorations!

60: We spent another part of the afternoon having a "subway" picnic at our neighborhood park along with a great game of Bocce Ball!!!

61: Grandma brought all the trimmings to make gingerbread houses with the kids. Grandma and Marcee also got to work together on a gingerbread house kit. It made for a very fun Christmas Eve afternoon!!

62: The Nativity We acted out the the story of Christ's birth together with Grandpa Kropf as narrator. Kallee and Jake made for a very cute Mary and Joseph- and Kenna just happily filled in where needed! Mom got the job of donkey!!

63: After some fun Christmas karaoke we opened Christmas pajamas!! Forest even bought Marcee and Grandma matching pajamas!! Then it was time for the kids to put out a treat and a note for Santa before going to bed.

64: Here is a picture after Santa came and before the kids woke up! Grandma Kropf made these Raggedy Anne dolls for the girls and placed them on top of the gifts.

65: Pictures we took after Santa came and before the kids woke up!! Grandma made these Ragedy Anne dolls for Kallee and Kenna and set them on top of the gifts!! | The magic of Christmas morning!! It was great to watch the kids reactions to the excitement! We made them wait to open their BIG present until the end.. they each got a new bike!


68: We decided to have a friend birthday party for Kallee to celebrate her 7th Birthday! She chose a "Pink Poodle Party" theme. She had all of her guests come dressed in some pink! We had poodle ears, a grooming station, some fun dog games and paw print cup cakes! | Kallee's 7th Birthday!!

69: Kallee's party guests! | Jake and Kenna, Bella, Paige and Anjali, Eve, Jori, Alisha and Ahyin.

70: Games, Presents & Cupcakes!!

71: our little family party....

72: Kallee went to Alisha's birthday party at the gymnastics studio and had a BLAST!! She seems like a natural!

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