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1: How have Mom and Dad/Grandpa and Grandma Blessed you? | Share a favorite memory with Mom and Dad/Grandpa and Grandma.

2: Robert and my favorite memories are going camping for 2 weeks in the summer and going to many, many antique stores and then the summers when our children were young and we would sit around the campfires and eat meals together. We would drive up to the antique stores and would all go at different paces and look at different things. Mom always took longer than the rest of us. Dad would always look at the watches, Mom and I looked for the glassware and Robert was a lot of the time bored or reading old books and magazines. The Conference Grounds and Woodchips saw a lot of us for many years and our family loved having Mom and Dad with us. Robert and I traveled to Nova Scotia and then on a train with Mom and Dad which we really enjoyed. | Mom and Dad have been good examples for Robert and I as we raised our family. They have been there for us in the good times and bad. We always felt we could talk to them about our concerns and problems. They were there to listen and give advice if we asked for it. When we called and asked them to pray for us they always did. If we needed help in any way-to help fix a car, take care of children, give us some food, help with cash loans, listen to our desires and fears, live with them while our house was being remodeled, or help cleaning a messy house.

3: Grandpa and Grandma have blessed our lives by listening to us in good and bad times. They have prayed for us and encouraged us. One of my favorite memories was spending time camping and having a chance to stop over at their camper. | Mark, Brooke, Hope and Zane Van Regenmorter

5: I remember the smell that would hit you when you walked into their house on Riley. It was a warm, inviting smell. I remember camping with them sometimes in the summer. We would spend hours playing board games in their motor home and had great times talking around the campfire. Over the last couple of years I have enjoyed watching them get to know my kids. They love coming to great-grandma and grandpas because they know they have a cookie coming their way. It is fun to see Grandma and Grandpa interact with them. It bring back memories for me of hanging out with grandma and grandpa when I was their ages. We love you Grandma and Grandpa.

6: Grandpa, you have been a huge influence in our lives. You have been a mentor to me for most of my life. You taught me how to work with my hands and drilled the idea of persistence in my head. You never gave up on what you believed and loved. You are passionate about your faith and determined to make sure everyone you know shares that passion. That passion has guided you well and I know that for Sarah and I we hope to have that same passion and faith guide us in our family. Grandma, you have been the comforter, negotiator, chef, and caretaker since I can remember. I could always count on you to listen when I was upset, give me a hug if I was sad, or laugh when I was glad. You cooked for us a very delicious meal almost every Sunday and sang carols with us during the holidays. You have always had a passion for helping and a heart for caring. Your grace allowed me to break through the shell of Grandpa's harsh exterior. Without your persistence to make sure he was more patient and kind I would not have the relationship I have with him today. Thank You! | One of my favorite memories of Grandpa & Grandma was camping. Whether it was sitting around the campfire or driving out to the campground it always seemed more special when we went with Grandpa & Grandma. It is a lasting memory that I still drift back to from time to time. Seth and Sarah

7: I have many wonderful memories of time I have spent with Grandpa and Grandma. They have always been willing to share their thoughts and life experiences as well as lend a listening ear. These conversations have taught me a lot about life. Of all the memories I have of Grandpa and Grandma, it is hard to choose just a few to share. Grandpa and Grandma’s house has always felt like my second home. I always looked forward to going there for lunch on Sundays. I remember picking blackberries with my cousins, and enjoying the blackberry pies that Grandma made with the berries we picked. When I spent time with Grandpa he was always teaching me something new. Throughout the years, he has taught me many practical skills (welding, electrical, and plumbing), in addition to the many life lessons I learned along the way.

8: Grandpa's great stories and knowledge about life and grandma's warm personality and pleasant smile bless us each and every time we see them. I remember going to their house every Sunday for lunch after church and grandma would always make an amazing meal and we would all just hang out. Grandpa would always tell us to "take what you want, but eat what you take". I remember picking blackberries on Riley street and eating the delicious blackberry pie grandma made.. They are always both so willing to help and I have so many memories with them that I will never forget. Anna and TJ

9: The other day I was together with several of my friends for a prayer meeting. They asked about my parents and then one of them said this: “It has been a real privilege to know Lawrence and Joyce. They are people of integrity who have lived their faith in tangible ways – teaching their children, encouraging their grandchildren, simply living out their faith day to day.” The pictures I included show just that. When they came to visit us in Spain, they did not sit back and “vacation”. They pitched in to help: fixing broken things in our house and all of our friends’ houses, knocking down walls, plastering, painting, cooking for large crowds, carting kids around for outreaches, being grandparents to countless other kids besides their own, just lending a helping hand. And always with a joyful attitude and lots of laughter and fun. | I am proud to have such precious people for my parents! Have a blessed Holiday season and entrance into another new year!!! Hugs, Marilyn, with Terry | A TRIBUTE

10: My most memorable story of grandpa and grandma is all the way back from 1986...There have been many good memories before and after that time but I still can remember our trip around Europe (England, Wales, Belgium, France, Austria, etc...) in the 5-seater (Volswagen Polo) with my two sisters, parents, and of course G & G...It was a very tight as you can imagine and I still can remember it as if it were yesterday...The highlight of this trip was when we went to the salt mines in Salzburg...And getting Grandpa & Grandma to slide down these slides which which at the time seemed to me like (especially because of Grandpa) they made sounds like roaring thunder...I cannot forget all the times they took time out of there busy schedules to come visit us in Spain and hang out at the park or help out by fixing things, cooking and just spending time with us... A.J.

11: Dear Grandpa and Grandma, How to put into words what you have meant in my life. Not only are you a man and a woman with strong convictions, upstanding morals and amazing personalities but you have shaped this huge extended family that we are today with those traits that you have strived to obtain on a daily basis. I thank you for the memories that you provided all during my childhood. Thank you for letting us live at your house every time we went back to the United States. I remember, not exactly how old I was, but one year you came to visit us in Europe and you brought me a stuffed animal that I still have to this day. Somehow it is a memory of you two that I cannot let go of. I also remember sleeping between both of you, trying not to get sick as we toured Europe in our old Nissan Vannette. I am not sure I accomplished it though! | I knew the day would come, all through my childhood that I would grow up. Time does not favor anyone and passes for all. I want you two to know that you are more than just my grandparents. You are my connection to the United States. You are the ones that have given me my identity during times when I was very lost. To this day, at 26, I am still trying to figure out what and who I am. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my time in the US, all through my childhood, a memorable time. You must understand that growing up away from my extended family has never been easy yet you made the distance seem close. Your phone calls, your visits, the time we spent at your house it has all shaped me into the person I am today, (or still searching to become!) Thank you so much for being strong people. I know that many times Grandpa we have butted heads over certain subjects but you have always been open about what you believed. You have always been able to discuss your views, your opinions clearly and I truly cherish that. You Grandma, on the other hand, have been the epitome of patience, kindness and compassion. You have shown me so much love and generosity. You have thought of each of your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren equally. You have opened up to me during our conversation and truly shown me your heart. You two are the essence of a perfect couple. When I mean "perfect", I know no one is perfect but you, Grandpa and Grandma, are great together. Ones weaknesses are another's strength. You are my example to follow! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. For allowing me to board at your house during so many stays in the US. Thank you for allowing me to get to know you both during that time. I will never forget. The legacy you pass on to your grandchildren will forever be appreciated. With all my love, Allyson

12: I remember when Grandpa was teaching me how to drive and how to park – I learned that I could succeed in anything I needed or wanted to if I tried hard enough. He kept encouraging me. Grandma is probably the best listener in the world. She listens non-judgmentally and she is great to talk to.

13: I would like to Thankyou for your hospitality during our time in the States it was great being able to spend time with guys. | My favorite memory of Grandpa is when I watched Titanic with him.=D. My favorite memory of Grandma is when she found out I had a beanie baby and I loved it she got me another one and thats when I started collecting them. | I think It's great that Kyndra is doing this for you guys and I wish I could been there to see your faces when you get to see it . I love you guys very much, Megan Faith Day

14: This photo speaks my heart about my mom & dad !!!! They Blessed my life by praying me through it !!! They were faithful in their faith & passed that on to me so I could pass it on to my children & grandchildren !!! Thank -you mom & dad for being giving ,caring,loving ,taking TIME to help mold my life to serve our Savior God.I feel blessed by the sacrifices they both made to send us to a Christian school .Dad~ I love your smile & laugh~ your high eyebrow look was for when you meant business !!! I love your strong opinion . Your advice helped me many times! When I wanted to help Judy , you let me follow my heart & you & mom guided me through it all. Mom~ I love how you always cared about all the little things !!! You worked so hard to keep the household going & clean, doing wash etc. late evenings to keep up . Thanks for always caring & listening & accepting whatever came.You were always available when I needed a listening ear or advice on questions about my kids . I Love You Both Dearly ~ Rose Marie | Our many trips with the family ~mostly the ride without the clutch in Yellowstone !!!Getting together with the Knaaks & Sluiters & Army Buddies ~ so many good memories !!!! Sunday dinners with whoever we wanted to include !!! Now that has turned into Mon. morning breakfast. Meals around the table with us all having our own Bibles to follow & read from for devotions !!!Dad snoring (sawing logs) !!!! Dad being the mover who was always on one side of the piano or couch or whatever by himself w/ 2 or 3 others on the other !!! Dad always the "engineer" ~ helping w/ our house projects Mom the baker & meal co-ordinater,teaching us all how to cook by letting us all have turns to do meals.Mom doing all of our hair for church or school !!! Mom crotcheting my wedding dress ~ also all the sewing she did for all of us !!!Mom keeping us all busy helping with canning & freezing ,100's of jars of fruit & vegtables each year~Unbelievable !!! The pickle field ~ weeding & picking | Favorite Memories (not in order)

15: Doing dishes after supper ,remember the schedule of turns for who did what !!!! Sitting in church in the front pew & being the BIG family w/ all the girls & 1 boy Saturday days spent cleaning & baking & evening baths to get ready for Sunday church Going to Chr. Ref. Conference Grounds on Sat. nights to the Billy Grahmn films (very convicting) Faithfully visiting grandparents & helping on their farms Saturday nights at G&G Brouwer drinking coffee & watching Truth or Consequences Just being part of a big ,loving family !!! Love, Rose | How have G & G Blessed my life? The first way is by having a daughter named Rose and raising her in and teaching her the ways of our Lord. I don't say it often, but what a Blessing she is. Second is living lives that honor God. No body's perfect, so there are probably naysayers out there, but everybody I've met have spoken highly of them. Finally, by being examples of a giving spirit, from housing Judy Jacobs to volunteering at Bibles for Mexico, they've given a lot over their life times. I have lots of memories, but one of my favorites is one of the times Rose and I moved our upright piano. I'm not sure if it was when we first bought it or the first time we moved it, but Lawrence took one side while I and one or two others struggled with the other side! It is something that I will never forget. I just remembered another that was a huge help, and fun (at least in retrospect) at the same time. We added city water at both houses. Lawrence made an "auger" out of an old well point and welded tubing or a metal rod around the point so it would pull through the ground. We then knocked holes in the basement wall block and used a "power vise" to turn the point and pipe through to the hole we had at the city water stub. We were amazingly accurate. Of course, that's because neither of us were engineers! If the memory should be of both, I would have to say Sunday meals at the house on Riley and Army buddy re-unions. Dave Schuitema

16: It is so wonderful to see how G & G have enriched our lives. We get to see how Aiden loves to hear Grandpa whistle and how he loves to smile at Grandma. We are so fortunate to have Aiden able to get to know his Great-Grandparents and know how many people love him. Kyle remembers the whole family getting together for Sunday lunches and how Grandpa would always say that your plate has to be clean before you leave the table. I loved being able to have breakfast on Monday mornings when Aiden was really small and have that family time, and being welcomed so whole-heartedly into the family. Kyle, Pam and Aiden

17: Grandpa and Grandma, You have blessed my life in many ways. I want to thank you first for raising my mom in a house that was serving the Lord. I know you have spent many hours praying for your children and grandchildren and for that I am the most grateful. Thank you for giving your time and loving us that much. May He bless you for your loving and serving hearts. I have great memories of eating lunch on Sundays with a lot of the family, going to the campground, Christmas' with all the cousins and probably one of my favorites was caroling with everyone. Thank you for all of those sweet memories. I cherish them. Love, Andrew, Kyndra, Austin and Luke

18: Mom and Dad, I have so very many good memories! Vacations - sleeping in a tent that leaked if we touched the sides. We moved everything to the middle.of the tent, including us. Then we graduated to a 1-sided tent trailer. Some of us slept in the blue station wagon. I remember going to the outhouses in the pitch black with a flashlight. Some of them were even carpeted! Then came the 2-sided tent trailer. I remember backing it into the space while dad directed me - preparing me for backing up farm equipment! Vacation mishaps - the car breaking down in the mountains. We had to be towed, mom was scared and dad just laughed. Then the motor home. Our kids camping with you and the fun they had. Memories of canning and freezing - hours of snipping, peeling, picking, sweating over the hot pan, complaining, and even laughing and enjoying each others company. This all done so we could eat - we sure enjoyed our food. All the times we visited grandpa Jager's farm - the baling and riding on the hay wagons. It again prepared the way for my life in farming. Every Saturday night going to grandpa and grandma Brouwer. We always fell asleep from the heat. Mom always put in hours sewing, sewing and sewing some more, so we could have clothes. We traveled Sundays to Milgrove Chapel. Mom put our hair up in pipe curls - were we cute! All the Christmas caroling we did together as a family. Dad worked three jobs so we could be fed and send us to Christian school. He fixed our cars - sometimes not so happily. He taught us to add our own oil to our cars - he couldn't do it all. Dad taught me to drive a stick-shift car in the pasture by the Riley house. It sure was bumpy. Dad, now I drive those tractors -thanks. There are so many other memories. You gave me a happy childhood. Above all else you taught me about my Lord and saving faith! I am one of the elect! Thank-you mom and dad for the memories.

19: One of Dan's favorite memory's is when he would go camping with with the families and a bunch of cousins and Grandma and Grandpa would make sure to be there to spend time with them. | Grandpa and Grandma have blessed our lives by giving us a great example of a Christian Marriage.

20: Grandpa and Grandma, You have blessed our lives by showing us thier generousity and kindness through the working of Jesus Christ, showing and telling us the true path we need to take in life. 2. A favorite memory of G and G is when they were living at their riley street house, they went on vacation to spain and left Micah and myself with their house key so we could mow their yard and clean the house. Well...needless to say we mowed the yard about everyday. When they got home from vacation, I remember Grandma vivdly rolling her eyes at us and smiling(knowing we had fun mowing their yard everyday for 2 weeks). And Grandpa, well all he did was laugh!!

21: They have blessed our lives by living their lives for God and showing us how to do the same. Some favorite memories are of them coming to my birthday parties when I was younger and camping with them at woods and waters campground.

22: I will always be blessed by Grandpas great advice:) He always had and idea to help solve your problem no matter the problem and i loved to listen to his ideas. Yes some were not always the answer to your problems just a big "wise" idea:) I will also always love Grandmas kind heart she always was interested in what was going on in my life and the lives of others as well. P.S. her cooking was always awesome too! Then i will always cherish the days of camping at Woods and Waters. Playing cards, swiming, and staying in their motor home from all of the thunder storms and down pouring rain. I just want them to know that i love them and always will thank you for everything that you have taught me in the years past and the years to come

23: Words often spoken by Mom and Dad/Grandpa and Grandma: | You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. | I LOVE YOU! | 3 John 1: 4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." | John 8: 32 "and the truth will set you free" | John 14:6 "Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." | The sweetness of low price never equals the bitterness of pour quality. | The only people that don't make mistakes are dead people. | John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

24: Mom and Dad, First of all the best thing about you both is the fact that you were so faithful in passing the baton of faith to us your children and spouses. Thank you for that!!! Dad you are so knowledgeable about scripture and did not hesitate to share that with us. You taught us so many skills that we did not think we could do but, with some patience and love you helped us learn them. Mom, you were the home builder You taught us a lot of things also. You gave me a love for crocheting and you also taught me to cook and make meals out of little. Mom and Dad, you both accepted and loved my husband like he was and is part of the family. Alan says that he took an interest in me because he saw Christ in you two and he knew that I had to be something special because of you both. Some of the memories we have of you: Dad, you lifted Ann's car so Alan could change the tire. What physical strength. I remember you encouraging me to go on a date with someone I was sure I was not going to like. You told me he was a good Christian man. How true. What insight you both had. Another big memory is the opening of your home to anyone who desired to come. They were welcome. The conversation and large crowds around the Sunday dinner table. What fun and such an example of Jesus love. We have tried to carry that on with our children. You are both truly a gift from God!!!! Alan and Sheryl

25: Grandma and Grandpa have blessed our lives by handing their faith down to us without their faith we would have a hard time knowing Jesus if at all! they have always been there for us come to every program and supported in everything we do! | As for my favorite memory ha ha its hard because there's so many! the first is Grandma she would make chicken noodle soup and it was the best and i would ask her if she would let me take some home so she would give us a gallon bucket of it and i would eat it for the next week but i loved it! she has now taught me how to make her chicken noodle soup! Thank you Grandma. As for my favorite memory of grandpa it was when he would sit by the window at Riley street and wait for a squirrel to jump onto the bird feeder then watch it get zapped he thought it was so funny! i don't think Ive seen him laugh that much before! he thought those squirrels were so stupid! I loved to see grandpa laugh! thank you for all you have passed on to us we love you so much!

26: Grandma and Grandpa Brouwer mean a lot to me. They have blessed my life in many ways! Their support and love they have given me has meant a lot to me, especially in the past few years while I was away at school. I think I’ll always remember the years around Christmas where we used to sleep at their house and help them set of their tree and decorate their house. Even though grandpa complained every time we did it anyway. I love them Tons they are the most wonderful grandparents anyone could have! Alyssa VanderKlok | My third birthday party (me sitting on Grandpa’s lap)

27: Grandpa and Grandma have blessed me throughout my whole life. They have been there from the day I was born to this day. They prayed with me and loved me. Because they showed their faith to me I am fully able to say that Christ has come into me and blessed me. They have influenced my life and I thank them so very much for who I am as a person today. One of my favorite memories of Grandpa and Grandma would be getting baby sat by them at the old house. Grandma would always be cooking in the kitchen and Grandpa outside in his work shop. When he would come inside for lunch he would always have something unique. Grandpa one day handed me some celery with peanut butter on it and said “here it’s good” so I had it and up to this day I love it. Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma for everything that you’ve done in my life. You are the greatest mentors ever! I love you both very much! Briana Vander Klok

28: With me You have been with me since I was born as you held me in your arms to holding me with your words with a smile you welcome me in you encourage me without knowing you fill my life with love you have always been there to talk to You have the advise I need I cling to your words and follow the example you have set You are my Grandparents and I love you with all my heart Kyleah

29: Alicia with Mom and Dad!

30: Dear Mom and Dad: We don't have a favorite memory or story to share. For us, our best thoughts of you surround the unwavering support you have offered our family from its infancy. From the time you helped us get into our first house to the wonderful send offs when we left for Montana (twice!), you have always been there for us. You both exhibit grace in accepting our decisions, even when they take us far away. We cannot express how good it has made us feel to know that, even when you miss us, you understand us and the way we want to live our lives. That is parenting in its essence. Our children have also been on the receiving end of that support. Despite the many miles, you have travelled far to support them in their love of dance and that is something that they will never forget. Even when you could not attend, you asked for us to give flowers in your name so that they knew you cared. Again, grace in action. During this time of giving, we hope to emulate your grace in our actions. This is our gift to you. We want to be parents, and a family, that give you pride. Merry Christmas! Larry, Kathi, Megan and Zoe

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