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FC: Simple Choices That Make a Difference By Alex Weston

1: Simple Choices That Make a Difference By Alex Weston Stillwater, OK 2010 All photos either found on or taken by Kin Fuxa

2: This poem really made me think about how it must feel to have someone just not believe. Also, no matter how hard you and other people try to show them the truth, they still don't listen. I think that some people make assumptions about different things without actually looking at the Truth. And how like God, we know something is wrong but in some way we hope that someone can fix it. But even though you know the problem, that doesn't mean that you can always fix it.

3: GOD WENT TO THE DOCTOR By Cynthia Rylant And the doctor said, "You don't need me, you're God." And God said, "Well, you're pretty good at playing me, I figured you'd know what the problem was." So the doctor examined Him. He couldn't find anything wrong except a little skip in God's heart. "Probably nothing," he toldGod. "But eat more fish." | God sighed. He was hoping for more than that. Maybe an antibiotic. Or a shot. He knew about that skip in His heart. He knew it was nothing fish would cure. The skip started way back, when He first heard that some people didn't believe in Him. It scared Him. Still does.

4: Mating Season by Gary Soto She said, Autumn is when you hold hands. He said, It's the start of football season. She said, Is that burning leaves I smell? He said, I think it's a hot dog. She said, I like movies that make me sad. He said, I get sad when Coach sits me on the bench. She said, Christmas is my favorite season. He said, Me too-that's when I get money from my grandma. (The girl looked skyward, winced. The boy scraped something yellow from the corner Of his mouth-mustard.) She said, My dog died rescuing a baby from a burning house. He said, I had a dog who could juggle tennis balls-really! She said, I would like to know French. He said, Isn't France where they like really old cheese? | She said, I'm a Capricorn. He said, Is that like being a vegan? They smiled, certain of each other, And started walking down the street, Hands almost touching, Each saying in her heart, his heart: You'll do.

5: I truly giggled the first time I read this poem just because it really reminds me of what's going on today. Another thing I realized is that even in the past, people didn't have to be a perfect match to be in love and accept each other. I think that all we are really looking for is someone to relate and talk to. It seems that sometimes people tend to forget that there will most likely not be a perfect fit and that they have to accept each other's flaws. But of course, There are the people who don't care at all and that is never good!

6: Rumors by Gary Soto They say love makes you speechless, That it takes your breath away, And right now, as you round The corner in the hallway, I, who was telling a friend about the F chord On a guitar, become speechless. You pass, and I double over, As when, in first grade, Marc Steinberg Hit me in the stomach And took my breath away. But this strike, this beauty of yours, Is another kind of hurt.

7: Do you know when you see someone in the halls and you just kind of stop and stare? That's exactly what I think of when I read this poem. I can just picture this taking place and everything just turning into a blur of motions around you as the world quickly slows down. It's like the boy in the story has never felt this kind of "hurt" before so he can only think of a childhood moment.

8: I Saw What You Did by Gary Soto You plunged your right hand Into your pocket For dimes and nickels. Some pennies rolled Into the server's hand At McDonald's, The one place we can afford. I heard you stutter, "Chocolate, no, I mean-strawberry," My favorite flavor. With two straws, we left To sit on a bench- Two pigeons stared at us. When we lowered our faces Toward that rosy milkshake, Our eyes locked on each other, And as we bumped heads, Both of us almost Choked from giggling. | I saw what you did- You pretended to drink From the straw. You let me have most Of the milkshake That was nice. You called me sweet, Strawberry sweet.

9: You may be wondering why I chose a picture of a child for a love poem. It's because of the reaction. The sweet joy that the child receives is exactly like the feelings that the girl receives in the poem, or so I think. And just the fact that someone was actually thinking in your favor, can make any moment strawberry sweet.

10: Grace by Alice Walker Grace Gives me a day Too beautiful I had thought To stay indoors & yet Washing my dishes Straightening My shelves Finally Throwing out The wilted Onions | Shrunken garlic Cloves I discover I am happy To be inside Looking out. This, I think, Is wealth. Just this choosing Of how A beautiful day Is spent.

11: Sometimes, people get too caught up in the world around them. They try to do everything possible to "Feel" the best of life. My interpretation of this poem is that instead of trying to do everything at once, we need to just admire life for what it is, even if that means at a distance. For me, just witnessing the happiness of others brings the same satisfaction.

12: New Findings by Alex Weston "Mommy, what's falling from the sky? It's clear but I can see it. It got dark and gloomy but I really want to go play outside now." "Well honey, that is called rain. It water, falling from the sky. It's wet and cold, But at the right time of the year, It's warmer than the air. Some say that rain is God crying, but I think that it is his angels watering the people of the earth.

13: Whenever I first saw this poem, I seriously knew that I wold never find the exact poem that was meant for it unless I wrote it myself. I think this picture and poem show the innocence in the little girl. It also shows how a parent can influence even the little learning moments of a child's life, even if it is just about the rain. Children are accepting to everything when they are at a certain age and I think that whether you are a parent or not, you can influence a child by answering their simplest questions.

14: God Woke Up by Cynthia Rylant And he was groggy so He got a nice cup of coffee and went to sit under an apple tree. He sat there drinking His coffee, listening to the birds, when all the sudden it hit Him. He was happy. God was happy! AndHe wished there was just someone to see it. He'd gotten a bad rap all these years for being pissed off all the time. | And He really wasn't. Maybe a little cranky. But here He was, happy. Mellow yellow. The birds were singing and He was at peace. Buddha told him it could be this way, but He'd never really believed it until now. Life really was easier, sitting under a tree.

15: So many people think that their life is not living up to it's full potential and they are just miserable. They never tend to think about how truly blessed they are and all of the things that they should be grateful for! And I must admit, I tend to one of these people as well. So what are my thoughts about this poem? We need to live not only knowing what gifts we have been given but also being thankful for each and everyone of them.

16: This Morning by Jane Kenyon The barn bears the weight of the first heavy snow without complaint. White breath of cows rises in the tie-up, a man wearing a frayed winter jacket reaches for his milking stool in the dark. The cows have gone into the ground, and the man, his wife beside him now. A nuthatch drops to the ground, feeding on sunflower seed and bits of bread I scattered on the snow. The cats doze near the stove. They lift their heads as the plow goes down the road, making the house tremble as it passes. | I think that I was born to live on a farm. Everything is so much simpler. So when I found this picture and I could just picture everything happening, I just felt at ease. So people when they think of a farm think of dirt and grime. I think of peace and a family that has learned to love one another. Also, a family that relies on God for all of their needs. And a peaceful morning like described, doesn't hurt one bit. I've witnessed one of the those sun rises, and I sure don't regret it!

18: Together by Alex Weston Together we can conquer the world. Maybe if we close our eyes tight enough to dream we can lift off and free fall because in the end you are my wonder wall. Together, together is where we should be, and where we should never want to leave. It's where we don't have to try. It's where we are ourselves and where we would never change. Together.

19: Whether you tend to think about childhood friends, lovers, or an old married couple when you read this poem, I think that everyone should understand that I meant that everyone needs someone to lean one. I know that it sounds really cheesy, but it is true. People often take each other for granted but in times of need, we all seem to find someone that will hold on with us.

20: There He Is by Alex Weston There he is! That smile that'll light up room and sweet silliness that just makes you grin. He is my nephew, my little cowboy, a little blond-headed firecracker. He loves cheese, four wheelers, and cows, and his Papa John. His a grandma's boy. But always runs to his favorite aunt for those precious cuddle moments of when he first wakes up from a long nap. He's a sweetie And a rebel. He is Landon.

21: My nephew mean so much to me! I'm not sure if you can tell it at all, but he has really made a HUGE impact on my life and how I think about what is going on around me. Yes, he can be cranky. But what little boy isn't at some point? He shows that cares for me in the little things he does, like when he shares with me when he isn't told to or like when he makes sure to say "I love you Awex!" before he has to go home.

23: Alex Weston is a young lady at Stillwater High School. She enjoys singing, spending time with her family, and reading. She hopes to one day go either into the music or medical field and hopes to have a family after she graduates college and gets married.

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