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FC: Journey to Ethiopia Journey to Abi

1: Our journey started in november 29, 2006 We were sitting at home this evening and a commercial on tv started a conversation about adoption. All of a sudden God revealed himself in that moment and we both knew His plan for us was to adopt a child. We were so excited and emotional, we were crying and laughing. God started bringing scriptures to mind about children and orphans. We had no idea where to start but we knew God would lead us.

2: We began our search for an adoption agency by talking to 2 different couples who had adopted children internationally, and seeing which agency they had been with. We were still not sure where our child would be from but we felt in our hearts that we should adopt wherever the greatest need was. We were told that there was an agency in Manitoba called CAFAC. We called the agency asked for the info package and decided to look into the Ethiopia program. The requirements were that you have to be married over 3 years and be over 25 yrs old. Once we decided on Ethiopia, we went to the CAFAC seminar at Elkhorn resort. There we met a couple from Winnipeg, Kevin and Melodie Schellenberg. We immediately connected with them and stayed connected after the seminar and thru our entire adoption process. While we were at the seminar, we decided to adopt an infant under 1 yr old at time of referal. We had no preference on boy or girl, although we always had a feeling we would have a boy. The agency said that because of our age, and being first time parents that this was the best option for us.

3: On february 15, 2007 we announced our plans to adopt to our siblings. Everyone was totally surprised and shocked. When we shared the news with family and friends alot of them felt like it just made sense that we would choose adoption, and that it totally suited us and our personalities. We decided to keep our plans a secret until we got a referal The only people that knew we were adopting were our immediate families and a few very close friends and the 2 couples that helped us get hooked up with CAFAC. | here we are at the Elkhorn resort for the CAFAC seminar | we met this boy Dawit at the seminar, he was adopted to a family in Niverville

4: While we waited for our referal, we tried to learn a bit about the Ethiopian culture. Here we are at Kokeb restaurant in Winnipeg having Ethiopian food for Angie's 28th birthday. | The wait was so long and sometimes it felt like we would never get a Abi home. So here we are at Angie's 29th birthday at Merkato restaurant. We thought by this time we would already have Abi home this us.

5: On april 24 we got assigned our socaial worker. His name is Leo Pantel. On may 9., 2007 we mailed our completed home study package to CAFAC. On may 18 we met with Kevin and Melodie for Ethiopian food. This was our first time eating Ethiopian food, and our first time getting together with them since the CAFAC seminar in february. May 24, we got our first call to arrange a meeting with our social worker. MAy 31 we had our first meeting with Leo. June 13 we asked Nathan and Jody to be the God parents to our child. IT is required that you have God parents chosen before you get a referal. In july our dossier was complete and sent to CAFAC. We were then approved by the Manitoba government to be adoptive parents. Thru our waiting we came up with a name for our child, so when we were talking about our child we called them "Keeatu" On october 24, 2007 our dossier arrived in Ethiopia, and now the waiting began for a referal.

6: July 6, 2007 we got home from a motorbike trip with the Loeppky family. There was an urgent message from CAFAC to call them asap. I called and they siad, well we have some good news for you, are you sitting down? Then I remembered I should get Pancho on the phone . So he got on the line and she told us they had a little 8 1/2 month old boy named Abi for us. We started laughing and shaking and crying. After the phone call we just hugged each other and cried and laughed. A few min later the agency sent us Abi's pictures and his medical history. We checked our email basically every 2 min just waiting to see him for the first time. We opened the email with his picture and fell in love. We knew immediately this was the son God had planned for us. It was the best day of our lives!

7: These are the 2nd pictures (brown sweater) that we got of Abi. He is about 1 year old here. | There is a passage in the bible Acts 8:26 that talks about the first conversion of a man from Ethiopia. It is believed that he then brought christianity to Ethiopia and Africa. The majority religion in Ethiopia is Christianity.

8: Abi is 1 yr old here. He weighed about 20lbs. He also had quite a few teeth. His overall health was quite good.

9: In october 2009 our friends Kevin and Melodie made their trip to Ethiopia to go pick up their son Yirga. Since Abi was living in the CAFAC foster home, we sent a letter of consent for Kevin and Melodie to meet Abi while they were there getting Yirga.

10: They took these photos and some video of Abi. We also sent along a small gift for him. It was a picture of us and a birthday card, some maracas and a smiley face beach ball. Kevin said that he heard and saw Abi shaking the maracas after they left the room because he was too shy to play with his toys in front of them.

11: This was the last picture and report we got of Abi. The bottom picture is the one we received right before leaving for Ethiopia.

12: our families brought us to the airport to see us off. What a crazy thing to leave as 2 and come home as a family of 3. They prayed for us just before we went to catch our flight.

13: On sunday June 20 FATHERS DAY we left for Ethiopia. We flew from Winnipeg to Frankfurt Germany then off to Addis Ababa Ethiopia. We arrived in Ethiopia late monday evening. We got to our guest house " the Weygoss" at about 10:30pm. Ketema our driver picked us up at | the airport, and told us to be ready at 10 am the next morning to go meet Abi. There is an 8 hour time change ahead of Canada, but even so we were able to get set up in our room and get some rest. We woke up around 7am the next morning and went downstairs for breakfast, where we met some more adoptive familes and we met Neil and Debbie who we were going to the foster home with us to meet our children. We met Kyle and Merle from Kleefeld and their daughter Kokobe. We met Dan and Maria and their daughter Helena. Ketema arrived just before 10 and we were off to the home. It was a 20 min drive from the Weygoss to the foster home.

14: view from our balcony at the Weygoss

15: road leading up to the foster home | looking from the taxi at the gate of the foster home | the gate of the foster home | laundry outside the home | foster home | foster home

16: Our diary....... June 22, tuesday, we met Abi for the first time today. Wow what a crazy moment. The foster home was about a 25 min drive from the weygoss where we were staying. We had such a calm and peace as we were driving there. We went with another couple, Neil and Debbie who adopted siblings Kiya and Abi! We pulled up to the house and then gave our video cameras to our drivers Ketema and Getu, we met Haragwein and we sat in the living room. Then the caregivers went upstairs and brought down Kiya and Abi, they came down the staircase, it was like watching the bride walk into a the wedding. Then a few moments later Abi's caregiver came down holding Abi. He looked just like the pictures but his hair was a bit longer and his skin was a bit darker than the pictures showed. When we stood up to go meet him he started crying when we got near. I said to Haragwein, should we just give him some time? And she said " NO, you just take him, you need to interfere because he doesn't understand." So I took him and he cried for about 2 minutes. then we took out the ball and the toy cars ( mekina's) that we brought. You could tell by his face and his body language he was very scared. His little body was shaking and he was leaning away from us when we were holding him. Neil and Debbie were playing cars and balls with their kids and Abi was showing some interest, so we sat down and started rolling the cars and rolling the ball to him. He slowly started playing with us. He would basically just pass the ball to us and not throw it. Then we all went outside and the kids were playing soccer with the balls. So we put Abi down and he started playing with the other kids. Eventually by the time we left he was running around and playing with the kids and with us. We spent about 2 hours there. Haragwein gave us our final adoption paperwork. His new official birth certificate and his passport and other immigration paper work. Then we gave our kids back and we left. What a strange feeling. the whole day we kept thinking....... did that actually happen?? It felt like we just dreamt it. It was amazing to look at the pictures on the camera and see US WITH ABI in the pictures together as a family!! The peace of the Lord was just amazing. We were given the option of taking Abi today, but we felt it was better to leave him there the extra night and we would come back in the morning. Neil and Debbie did the same. One thing we have realized with being here in Ethiopia is that everything is just....go with the flow......the day sort of just plans itself without you really having a say. We came back and packed our stuff for going to get Abi tomorrow. At 7:30pm all the CAFAC families went to a traditional Ethiopian restaurant and entertainment place. WOW what an experience. On the way there we hit a huge pothole and got stuck, and on the way home from the restaurant we got a flat tire..... and so it goes here in Ethiopia!

17: The first thing we thought was that he was EVEN cuter in person. He just felt and even looked like he was our son. What a day!

18: Supper at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant. We went with all the families from CAFAC. There was live entertainment. This was the only meal we went out for. The rest of the week we ordered all our meals into the weygoss. Pancho is drinking honey wine called TEJ. We got a flat tire on our way home from the restaurant.

19: GOTCHA DAY! JUNE 24, 2010 Abi still cried when we took him but not for long. He had ringworm on his face, a runny nose and goo coming from his ear. | The woman holding Abi is Beletu. She runs the foster home. This day we were much more nervous. Now we were the ones to take care of this little guy forever. What a responsibility. An exciting and scary responsibility.

20: diary--June 23 wednesday......our first day as parents! At 10 am we went to the house with Neil and Debbie and just like yesterday the kids were brought down. Abi cried again when we took him but only for a few seconds. Then we gave him his mekina's and ball, and he loves his mekina's! His caregivers were all sitting on the stairs watching and whispering as we were holding Abi. When I would look at them they would just run away. We got to go upstairs and see his crib in the room where he was living, and we met his caregivers. We got to hug them and give them gifts. I got very emotional as we walked out of the room. I started crying jsut a bit but I was having a very hard time keeping it together. But I managed. I just felt like there was no way for me to properly express my gratitude for these girls who mothered my son for the last year. We got in the van and Pancho was holding Abi. Abi likes car rides, he was very curious and very relaxed. We stopped to buy a teddy bear and shirt for our kids, and a hat. Then we came back to the weygoss and it was lunch time. We sat him down on our bed feeling completely lost as to what to do with this little guy. He just sat there on the bed looking at us and holding his mekina's. So I knelt down and put a few rice puffs in the lid of the container and put it beside him. He ate about 20 rice puffs and a few raisins. Then he started sharing with me and Pancho, he reached over and fed me some rice puffs. He refuses to drink anything tho, I tried the bottle, sippy cup and regular cup and there was no way he would drink anything. I then tried to change his diaper and he was not liking that so I just left it. It was his nap time so we relaxed on the bed with him, Pancho read him stories, he was SO tired. He had already fallen asleep on the way over to the weygoss. I stroked his hair, and Pancho read and he fell asleep sitting and leaning on me.

21: So we layed him down on the bed and while he was sleeping, I changed his diaper and gave him a makeshift bath. I used baby wipes and just wiped him down, changed his pants and socks and he slept for 2 hours and we had to wake him up to go to the doctors office. He looked very shocked, confused and scared when he woke up. He was shaking again. But after a few minutes he started to relax more. We went to the doctors office with Neil and Debbie. It cost us 60 birr for the appointment ( about 5$) . Abi did really good at his appointment and the doctor prescribed some ointment for his ringworm and 2 other prescriptions for his ear infection. His right ear is leaking gooey white stuff, and he is congested. Neil and Debbie's Abi also has the same ear infection. We went into the waiting area to wait for Neil and Debbie. I was holding Abi and he did the most precious amazing thing......... he leaned his face right against mine and just nuzzled up to me like that for about a min or 2. Cheek to cheek. The best moment of my life! When we got back to the weygoss, Abi and Kiya and Abi were playing together with balloons. Abi was really having fun playing with them, kicking them and hitting them. He really likes the busyness and noise. He seems more hyper and happy and in his comfort zone. Kiya even got some big smiles out of Abi. It was a really fun afternoon. Then we ordered supper and we all ate together. We tried to get Abi to ear but he just wanted to play with the food not eat it. If we tried to move his plate or bowl he did not like that. He would not eat or drink anything. Then Pancho says why don't you wash his hands. I don't think he likes his dirty hands because he was trying to wipe them off. So I took some wipes and wiped his hands and he instantly started eating his rice puffs.

22: this was the crib that Abi was sleeping in. He lived in a room with toddlers and babies | These were the main caregivers in the room Abi lived. When we met them I was over come with emotions and had a hard time keeping myself from bawling. I wanted to express how grateful I was to them for taking care of our son the past year. | We were delivering a package for Lyle and Carolyn Peters, to their son Eyob. It was nice being able to do this because our neighbours and our friends Kevin and Melodie did this for us.

23: leaving the foster home as the offical parents of Abi! | in the taxi on the way to the weygoss | Abi was so tired he fell asleep on Pancho | waiting at the doctors office later that afternoon. This was the first time Abi leaned into me. Until this moment he would lean away from us. It was the most amazing feeling.

24: It was the strangest feeling coming back to the weygoss with Abi. We sat him on the bed and we just stared at eachother not knowing what to do. I tried feeding him, but he didn't want to be fed so I put some rice puffs beside him on the bed, and eventually he ate a few. Then he even fed us one. It was hard to know what he needed because we could not communicate in his language, and he was very shy and scared. We knew about 25 amharic words. | first nap

25: Abi loved playing in the taxi ( mekina) It was easy to see that he definately loves cars and fixing things. Just like his Ababa. | "LUCY" oldest known human remains. We saw this at a tour in the Addis museum

26: We went with all the families to a local bazaar market at a church. This is where we did most of our shopping, all the items were hand made. The family in the middle picture was from Scotland. They were staying at the weygoss too.

27: We took a drive up the mountain to Intoto. This area used to be the capital city of Ethiopia. The man in the picture was giving us a tour of the church. Abi took off Panchos hat and put it on himself, it was very cute.

28: This picture of Abi and Pancho was the photo that we emailed to our families. This was the first picture they saw of Abi with us. Pancho was running down the stairs and got Abi to smile.

29: Here there is an old man guarding the grounds where Emporer Menelik used to live. They were built in 1875. As we drove down the mountain there were women wood carriers. They would make a trip on foot up the moutain then get these wood bundles and walk down the moutain approx. 2 times a day for about $5. The wood bundles are incredibly heavy and large.

30: Here they are making scarves and selling them to support the women wood carriers so they don't have to work so hard. We bought quite a few they only cost about $4 each.

31: This was one of the girls who worked at the weygoss, she is doing the coffee ceremony, and roasting the beans for us. We always looked forward to the afternoons when we could relax and sip some delicious Ethiopian Boona. | Its custom to eat popcorn with your coffee. The kids all love popcorn. It's one of Abi's favorite snacks. | Every afternoon we spent time outside playing with the kids. This really helped the children feel more comfortable and at ease. The kids also loved playing in the cars. We would also do a lot of kicking and throwing balls. We would always say " META meta,, Kwas"....kick kick ball.

33: top picture- this was my favorite picture of the kids playing. We really got to see Abi's personality come out when he was with the other children. He is such a little goof. bottom- just hanging out in the eating area watching the FIFA world cup. FIFA was in south Africa that year so everyone was having total soccer fever. The weygoss staff was so great with the kids and was always happy to hang out with them and help us with them too! They would translate when we couldn't figure out what the kids were trying to tell us.

35: This was about the 3 or 4th day with Abi. We started to see that he really likes to joke and bug. He would shut off the light switch and we would pretend that it bugged us | All these pics were taken while we played with the light switch. This was the first time we saw Abi smile like this. It was such a blessing to see how happy and content he looked.

36: Diary june 27 sunday...... Wow so much action I have not been keep up with this journaling. We have been having so much fun with Abi. He is a TOTALLY different boy than the boy we first met. He is funny and hyper and smiley and he loves to laugh and play and joke around. He loves to eat and eat. We have now figured out what the heck it means when he furrows his eyebrows at us or does certain things. Man is it ever tricky when you don't speak the same language. It's hard not to take it personally or panic when he furrows his eyebrows or gives us a dirty look. It's just his way of communicating with us. Pancho started making the same eyebrow face right back at Abi and it makes him smile sometimes. We realized that his temper tantrums only last like 20 seconds or less. Pancho is amazing at this whole dad thing. He is so good with Abi and has even taken on the disciplinary / authoritative roll. When Abi tries testing things or pushing limits Pancho is firm with him and says "aye" ( no ) and Abi totally listens. WOW. Everyone here is just amazed at who Abi is becoming. Everyone is just in love with him and how cute he is. He is smiling all the time now and he loves playing with the other kids. He loves playing outside and kicking the soccer ball, and he is very curious. He loves to look at the cars " mekina's" and poke the tires and fiddle with things and tap the doors and look inside. He loves hinges and screws and door is he ever like his daddy. He is such a boy. One thing that I find funny is that he hates to be dirty. If the wet soccer ball hits him and he is wearing shorts; he right away has to bend down and wipe his legs off. And if he touches something dirty or eats and gets food on his hands he has to have them wiped because he hates it. He is also a very clean eater, he always licks his lips after every bite. He has been

37: having explosive strange diahrea every night just once. So every morning is a messy change. He still hates baths, but he takes his medicine and lets us change his diapers now no problem. It is obvious that the children were well trained with diaper changes and clothing changes. He knows exactly how and where to put his legs when he is getting a diaper. He also said his first english words.....guess what they were......." no no no"! Of course it had to be the word "no". I don't think that the children in the foster home learn how to brush their teeth. It looks like all the children being adopted have some brown rotten teeth. So I guess they are probably lacking some vitamins as well. Last night Pancho was walking around without a shirt on , I was holding Abi and PAncho was behind me. Abi reached over my shoulder and started flicking Pancho's nipple! Ha ha ha how cute. Abi is singing and talking lots now. I wish we knew what he was saying....... some jibberish, some amharic. We went to a protestant christian church this morning with Kyle and Merle and out driver Getu. It was incredible. As soon as we got out of the van you could hear they were singing in english "the enemy has been defeated...." It was like a sister act movie the way they were singing. Total black RnB style amazing passionate singing. We all were fighting tears as we walked in there. It was so incredible. There was so much life and excitement in that church. We had a total blast. Yesterday we went up the moutain to Intoto church and to see the women wood carriers. Kyle and Merele and Kokobe invited us. Getu was our driver. We took this beautiful slow and scenic route up the mountain. There was boys with whips like Indiana

38: jones on the sides of the roads, cracking their whips. That was really cool. There was people herding their goats..........or as the Ethiopians call them .... sheep. There were ladies walking down the mountain with huge 8 feet wide and approx. 100lb bundles of wood on their backs. They do this trip 2 times a day. Up the mountain, then back down with the load. Apparently they only make 20 -30 birr per load. ( $2) When we got to the top of the mountain there was a huge beautiful church, very colorful, and also a museum. This site was built in the 1800's. It was the site of king Menelek. So we got to see the castle where he lived and the guest house and the banquet hall, it was really cool and really old. We had a great guy giving us the tour......I asked him what his name was and he told me in amharic and it meant.....the voice of the church guide. ( or something like that) There was incredible view of Addis from up there. On our way back down the mountain we drove thru a poor local shopping area and saw the women wood carriers association where they are trying to earn money by making scarves to sell so they don't have to carry wood anymore. We got to see people hand weaving scarves on these big old fashioned looms. We bought a bunch of scarves for about 60 birr each ( $4 ) Then as we were driving thru the rest of the shopping areas I saw what I like to call " shoe mountains" Mountains of shoes for sale and also many other things. When we stopped and got out of the van we were swarmed by beggars and sellers. Everyone has the saddest saddest faces and the saddest stories to tell you. It's hard to say no, they are very very persistent. I bought some coffee urns for like $2, and shoes for me Pancho and Abi for like $8 pair. I also bought

39: t-shirts for gifts for about $6 each. It is unbelievable how cheap they can make and sell these beautiful items. Oh, I forgot to mention something super cute that Abi did today. Pancho was holding him and he was wearing his hat. Abi took it off Pancho's head and put it on himself and was wearing it. Abi was totally serious about wearing it, not as a game but to be a big boy......oh my goodness way too cute. So here's more about our church experience. WOW WOW WOW was it incredible. Everything was english. All of us had to try and pull ourselves together when we walked in there because we were so filled with emotion. and passion in that place. People were singing and talking and praying. It was amazing. Abi was getting a bit restless during the service and so I gave him his little sunglasses and he put them on.......o my goodness is he ever cute in those. After the service we went back to the foster home because Kyle and Merle wanted to see Kokobe's room and bed. So we just waited outside and walked around with Abi. When we came back to the weygoss, we tried to put Abi down for his nap, but he won't go to sleep on his own anymore. He just cries because he wants us and wants us to hold him. It is a very good sign that he is bonding well. So we have to hold him and rock hiim for like 10 min, then he usually falls asleep.

40: Ketema could not believe the change he saw in Abi. He brought Abi from the orphanage to the CAFAC home. He said Abi cried, he didn't want to be around people and he was shy. He actually mentioned this a few time, he just could not believe how different Abi was with us! Praise the Lord, it blessed us SO much to hear this from him.

41: Right- Abi is going into the room where the phone and internet were. I was on the phone with my parents and I put the phone to Abi's ear and he just loved it! I told my parents, if you could only see his face right now. He loved hearing them on the phone.

42: top left- this girl made our breakfast every morning. She was so shy and so sweet and helpful. She is doing our coffee ceremony here. Abi likes drinking boona. He also would wear his sunglasses ALL the time. The time we spent just hanging out in the main room was so fun. The kids would color, and play with toys. And we would visit with the other parents.

43: this is Ethiopia's version of Starbucks. | when we would stop our car, kids would come running up. They love having their pictures taken | this is how you choose a haircut at the barber shop!

45: driving anywhere was always and adventure. It was tense and you always felt like you were about to hit someone or something. We would all cram in these taxi vans with no seat belts and just go. Ethiopia has the highest death rate for car accidents and pedestrians in all of Africa.

46: diary- june 28 Abi still has explosive diahrea. Last night he did not freak out when we bathed him which was a good change. This morning we went with Kyle , Merle and Kokobe to a book store, and coffee shop. The to the barber shop to pick up another family that had just arrived. Mario, Tracy, and Mickey rasta. They were at the barber shop getting haircuts. We were going to go shopping but Kyle needed to exchange money so we went to do that which ended up taking like 1 hour. It was so overwhelming just sitting and going nowhere for that long. Abi was very restless and antsy so we just went back to the weygoss after that. I realized that Abi does not really chew when he eats. He gags if I give him a bite of food that is not chopped up small, because he tries to swallow it whole. So I chopped up some of the food and he ate it. Right now Abi and Pancho are both napping.

47: The staff at the weygoss love all the children. They were always willing to play with the kids and entertain them.

48: This was our last night in Ethiopia. We went to the Sheraton with ALL the CAFAC families and watched the fountain music show. Abi was scared of all the noise. We had a blast it was such a nice ending to our trip.

49: Heres a pic of all of us families sitting on the stairs watching the fountain show.After the show we went to pick up some pizza. Ethiopians love italian food.

50: This is downtown shopping. We went to buy some music and jewelry. They still sell cassette tapes. It was funny to see. Bottom right- this is a shack that a shop owner would sleep in at night, to make sure no one was stealing anything

51: The day before we left Ethiopia we took a trip to see Abi's birth town. IT was a 2 1/2 hour drive. We went with Haragwein and Ketema in a very small squishy car.

52: These pics were taken on the drive down to Guder where Abi was born. The scenery was just beautiful. There were mountains all around and a lot of farm land. Unfortunately the government of Ethiopia would allow other countries to come in and buy all the good farm land, and set up huge flower farms. They called it the green famine. There was so much rich soil and farm land but no food because the land was sold for flowers. So therefor people were starving.

54: When we got to Guder we picked up the lady who gets the children from the orphanages to the CAFAC home. So she met Abi when he first came to the orphanage. He only spent 2 days in the orphanage which was such a bleessing too. These pics are of the Guder Falls. It was just gorgeous, There were a few people there doing their laundry.

55: Abi is in his diaper here because he peed thru his pants. So we layed them out on the car to dry them out. We asked this lady if we could meet the people that went to the police to tell them Abi was left at their house. We had their home address , but because of privacy reasons we were not allowed. That was the only connection we had to try and find anything out about Abi's bio parents. It was really disappointing not to be allowed to find out any more information about his past. But we tried our best, and we just wanted Abi to know that we did everything we could .

56: This is Guder. We were not allowed to stop and take pictures. The people there did not take kindly to tourists taking pictures of them. We were told we could only take pictures from the car as we drove by. It felt so strange to be so close to where Abi was born but not be able to actually see it.

57: We went out for lunch on our way home. Haragwein paid for our meals. This rabbit came up to our table while we were eating. bottom left- Ketema is very short, and him and Pancho were measuring their heights. In Ethiopia they use meters to mesure and we use feet. Ketema thought that was really funny.

59: These pics were taken on our way back from Guder. We stopped on the side of the highway to buy some of these baskets. They were made with plastic bags. It was so amazing to me how you would be driving in the middle of no where and there was always someone walking, or walking cattle, or selling something.

60: All the families went out for a fancy dinner the night we left for home. | It was about $8 per person for a full course meal. | Our food was taking too long and we were almost late for the airport | Ketema and Getu joined us. We cannot express how amazing and a blessing they were to us on this trip.

61: We went to the Addis airport with Dan and Maria and their kids. The flights home were the toughest part of our trip. Abi was scared and tired and stressed and he cried quite a bit. He ate SO many digestive cookies, it was one of the only things that would keep him calm or stop him from crying. When we got to the Frankfurt airport I had still not slept, so I layed on the floor and slept for about 45 min and Pancho walked around with Abi. God was always looking out for us. The Frankfurt - Calgary flight was full, but some people missed their flight and they gave us an empty seat so Abi could lay down. That was such and answer to prayer. On our last flight home Abi and Pancho fell asleep as soon as we took off. I was so happy for that.

62: This was the moment we dreamt about for so long. Coming down the escalators and seeing our families; holding Abi!

65: what a feeling, we were finally home. and our families could finally meet Abi. And we got to meet Logan fir the first time too!

66: Abi was so exhausted and overwhelmed. Poor guy.

67: Finally home! It felt so strange actually having him here FOR REAL! | So this was the end of a long journey........... and just the beginning of a new one...........

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