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S: Years to Remember

FC: Sidney taber

1: -Sidney Taber

2: Mom | -They call her domino, so fine

3: Debbi The most independent and determined woman I know. Though we may have our differences with a bit of bickering back and forth we eventually work it out and move forward. She's taken me everywhere from Mexico to New York to Florida and along the way I've learned a few things. 'Do nothing half WILL redo it.' 'Do it now because I know you'll forget it later.' And most importantly 'Your mother is always right, shes the adult.' Though I may not agree one hundred percent of the time I zip my lip and follow suit. I love my mother more than she may know. I lean on her simply because I need her, because she is my | mother and more importantly she is my best friend.

4: Dad | You're offering me a bribe.What you have just done is illegal, and in this state, if convicted, you could be fined up to $5,000 or spend six months in a correctional facility!

5: Peter My father can imitate anyone, I mean ANYONE..I know no one funnier than this man. His long hair and obsession with antiques and old coins make him all the more unique. Hes quite the chatter box and has an entertaining personality which makes him hard not to love. I cant imagine not having him around to put a smile on my face, even during the toughest times.

6: Lexie | I live for the nights that I cant remember, with the people that I wont forget

7: How I didn't find Lex sooner in life is beyond me, but now that we found a bond in each other we are unstoppable. Constant laughter isn't even a question, no one other than Lexie would I find myself tribal cereal dancing, free styling, or sitting in the truck stop parking lot making a television series. Her entire family brings so much light to my life whether it be Will beat boxing like a champ, Betsy frantically running around the house freaking out about SOMETHING, or her hysterical father who resides in a mansion that provides a mythical-looking trail we like to | visit every once in awhile. Lexie and I can overcome any obstacle we face and she is and forever will be a best friend of mine.

8: The one boy I can never seem to get enough of. I've known Grayson for the majority of my life and through the journey of it all he's become one of the most important people in my life. Gray is a classy guy who knows his politics and can be quite the comedian might I add. He can see the positive in any situation and he's always bringing out the best in people, especially me. We beat on each other like brother and sister but other than that we keep our fighting to a minimum. Let me also inform you he's not always such a genuine and charitable guy, he has a fractious side to him as well, whether hes out vandalizing street signs or mimicking the innocent. I should probably add the fact that he's pretty clumsy and can be a bit of an airhead at times, none the less I still love him to death. There's no question about it he's one of the most entertaining people I've ever encountered, even on a relaxed day doing nothing but watching Nip Tuck and eating ice cream I could still be having the time of my life with him.

9: Grayson

10: haley | My at home therapist who's free of charge helping me hash out the many issues of life. Our days together on the lakes ruining Molly's shirt, in Minnesota 'once upon a Taconite,' and finding out who we really are watching shooting stars in our secret spot were all unforgettable moments I had with Hale. She is a genuine friend, one I'll never let go of.

11: melissa | The queen of crazy. If theres anything I learned from Mel it's that living out life to its fullest potential requires you to be yourself, and with her it came easy. Our younger years consisted of running around town past curfew, witnessing UFO's, and strutting the sidewalk with whatever outfits our clever minds came up with. Today we still have a strong, strange bond and I know we always will.

12: Natalie | Nat-Pat, Tic Tack, and a Rat An authentic veg head who enjoys taking more photos than necessary, investigating the depths of cornfields, dressing up like mice, and getting lost on drives every now and again. And together...we never made it as a wiseman.

13: isn't it ironic, don't ya think? | My Dairy Queen partner in crime. Laughing at anything and everything, she kept my days lively and together we made countless memories, ones I'll never forget. Our profession is prank calling, let me tell you, no one did it like us. Never following the rules and rarely listening to what people told us, but then again maybe we were playing our music to loud? -I think NOT Turtle!

14: -Jamal Is it popcorn? ..or isn't it? The question I frequently ask my good friend Jamie. The one girl who you rarely see in a fallacious mood. Disaster doesn't quite cut it when it comes to how me and Jamie cook, we found that out not to shortly after we started being partners in our creative foods class. There isn't a moment in time where she isn't cracking jokes and making the most of what she is given, she is the true definition of boisterous. She also has a strong bond with her snooty yet sophisticated cat, Maxwell Johnson III. We lean on each other when times are rough and i know this will result in an everlasting friendship.

15: Jamie | No.. I'm calling your mom as I leave out the door..

16: Nic | Nic Nack is quite an exclusive individual. The endless hours of sitting around discussing music, finding a deeper meaning to life, and reminiscing on past experiences. Also the one to introduce me to the formidable past time of star tipping.

17: evan | foster | Evan is deep hearted and all around genuine person. Where you find Even, Zach is probably not too far behind, the two are an awesome duo. Together we've created one to many memories at the Pabelick's residence.. | Zach is my brilliant, world of warcraft loving, mullet wearing friend who has more character than anyone I know. His mind is usually found somewhere in the gutter resulting in humorous remarks. When we have a spare minute you can usually find us playing speed bottle.

18: A sincere artist is not one who makes a faithful attempt to put on to canvas what is in front of him, but one who tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing.

20: Max | Justin | Maxi-Pad is a pretty laid back guy, though I wouldn't recommend tossing his burrito on the kitchen floor at any point in time! He's quite the party animal at heart and has the worlds most contagious laugh. One starry night not only did I see a deeper side to Max, but also found out a little about myself. He'll always be like a brother to me. -Follow the yellow brick road! | Me and Justin go back to the stone age, started off dating and eventually evolving into good friends. Some of my most memorable nights were spent on his property, in fact I'm sure the entire senior class would have to agree!

21: The Brew Crew | Caleb | Kay-Bo...what a trouble maker, but I'd have to say without your clever wit and bizarre personality my high school days just wouldn't have been the same.

22: Success, whether measured in business, family or love, is often determined by the "right" attitude. Unfortunately, maintaining that proper frame of mind, a positive attitude, isn't always easy. Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, Life just seems intent on bringing us down. Inspiration, however, is rarely far away - if we are but willing to look for it.

23: Taking life lightly doesn't mean living without passion. On the contrary, we want to burn brightly in the wind, before it blows us out. We want to embrace life and thank it for the opportunity to love, work, and play. We want to dive in and plunge into its depths. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives, and we refuse to join those who merely exist. To be or not to be is not the question. To live or not to live; that is the question.

24: Florida

25: Florida Without a doubt my most memorable vacation and I couldn't have made a better choice by taking Haley. Achieving everything we set out to and so much more we created a week in my life I will never forget.Our days consisted of practically living on the beach, conversing with everyone who crossed our paths, and just simply enjoying our time together. If i could go back I'd do it all the same. We were handed a set of keys which opened the door to exploring all of Estero and its surrounding areas. Chaos is short of what our car rides were.I would be driving, Haley in the passenger seat and in the back, Nicole peeing in a cup, Mom arguing about where the hell we actually were -road wise, and Tami laughing at it all. Oh did I mention Akon blaring from the radio TWENTY FOUR/ SEVEN! My trip also included a frat party, some underage drinking, witnessing my mothers dance moves I most assuredly could have lived without, and parasailing for the first time. Leaving Estero was heartbreaking and I hope to visit in the near future!

26: Miriah My partner in crime... Together we were Waupaca's most mischievous duo whether we were prank calling or ding dong ditching. Typically our nights required a call to Pizza Hut, watching The Mighty B, and drooling over the Jonas Brothers. | Kirstin With her, dressing up like a mouse was completely normal. Kiro hosted one of my most memorable nights...the infamous "Paul's Last Night." At one point in time Nat, her, and I were inseparable and we spent most of our nights laughing our asses off at nothing.

27: Chelcie My cousin but yet more importantly, my good friend. Chelc is one of the easiest people to talk to. She can always lighten the mood, and thank God because without her I would go insane. | Gina Such a creative and unique person. She"s always so optimistic and it usually rubs off of me. I can tell her anything...literally ANYTHING and it will stay between the two of us. Though our friendship is a recent one, its a strong one. I love Gina and I'm not sure who I'm going to vent with next year when shes not around.

30: Fuzz | Jason | Jason - Waupaca's finest male artist! Creative doesn't quite cut it when talking about Jason, his mind is an obis of absurd and cleaver thoughts...just ask Grayson's wall. Sharing some of the same interests as him made it easy for us to get along, and simply because he is just naturally a pretty charitable guy! | Fuzz On a day with nothing to do, Fuzz is usually the one I call for some good entertainment. Activities usually consisting of playing video games or discussing the contents of the magazines laying around his room.

31: Mason | Adam | Mason He may be a bit of a trouble maker but damn is he one of the nicest people you could ever come across. | Adam The only person who keeps me sane in class. Its inevitable, if you put me and Adam confined in the same room we will find someone or something to laugh at even if it means getting yelled at. Our past times include Halo, ping pong, and our infamous ding dong ditching nights. My 8th grade graduation date!

32: If theres anything I've learned in the past four years its that nothing is impossible, it may take a few changes in a routine, and some tears here and there but anything can be done. I spent my Freshman year adjusting to the fact that dance is more than just doing a few moves to 5,6,7,8, it's working as a team, as a family rather. Dance Team is a journey of growing up and growing together and though it may be rough at times you learn a lot of life long lessons and make numerous friends along the way. Dance isn't always a piece of cake like people may assume...though we do manage to squeeze in some slack time to watch Haley's flailing arm dances or admire Zoe's sex appeal, it's a lot of hard work. You need to be willing and strong to endure the aches and pains that come with being a dancer, it's all in the journey to success and being the best we can possibly be. Behind every over the top rhinestone dress' is an individual who has worked hard and put forth a lot of passion behind what they are doing out on the floor. We are what we make of ourselves and working together hasn't only heightened our stamina, but who we are inside has also aged into a stronger person. Dance is hard times, its laughing at nothing, it's sacrifice, and it's so much more. One final thought - Be true to yourself - no matter who tries to break you down - it is just one persons of opinion of you, The only one that counts - is yours, and yours alone!!!! Only true friends and those that love you believe in you stand by your side and support you - no matter what!! Those are the ones that made a difference in your life!!! The rest just interfered and got in your way.

33: -Right here, right now -No day but today -Love me, love you , love us -Top three -Smash!

34: Cass | Tate | Tater Bug, Waupaca's finest crazy dancer. My first memory of Tate was her first grade weekly report 'incident' and from then on she's carried peeing her pants all the way up to high school. | Cass possesses an unforgettable laugh, maybe you've heard it? Dying pig? She's a fun one to tease and she may not always be on the ball but I love her with all my heart.

35: Here at the DQ Grill and Chill is my second family. Starting off as the Dilly Bar Bitch and working my way up and along the way making many new friends.

36: Shell | Shelby accomplice in mayhem, my cousin, and my long time friend. We may fight like sisters but man have we had some good times. Our main common interests include raiding the | Udoni fridge, simply laughing hysterically at nothing, and obnoxious sparkly nail polish. Not to mention I can detect her 'brand' from a mile away. Love her to death.

37: Bre | Bre- she has ample aspiration for dance and the body of wonder woman. She's truly beautiful inside and out and has not only been a great co-captain but also a wonderful friend.

38: T-mo Always on top of the industries newest and best music, which is great cause I usually benefit from it as well. If I am ever in the mood for some sushi, its Tony I call! Wandering around Wal-Mart, coloring on velvet art posters, spending the night in front of the Alltel store (apparently for NO reason), and pushing our way to the front of a Posner concert are just a few of our on going memories. He's like the brother I never had..might as well live with me! ...oh wait, he basically does! I love my T-Mo, and I'm sure he'll be sticking around for quite some time!

39: My grandmother is one person I hold near and dear to my heat. She makes me laugh, though I'm sure most of the time she's not trying to. You'll probably find us in church, playing some sort of game, or just simply eating homemade bread and folding a months worth of clean socks, though I'm probably not doing much of the folding. Calling her to catch up is something I look forward to, even if the "quick conversation" turns out to be an hour or so. I love her with all of my heart, and without her...I'm not sure what I'd do...and Apples to Apples would be less amusing!

40: Lizzy | Lizzard, my daring and devious summer love. Seems to me that our combination of being a bit of a bad influence on each other and constant crave to have fun draws us together to create this strong bond. Though she may live forty five minutes away she still is the first one I talk to when in a sticky situation or just simply need someone to talk to. She's sincere and speaks the truth, and I love her for that.

41: Taylor | Wiz | LizLiz, also known as mom! She's my walking, talking GPS. The many nights of waiting around aimlessly for her to finish up at The Woods, my little workaholic, but it always seemed to pay off..Miss Money Bags..oh yea, and mista balloon hands! | Taylor the girl with many words of wisdom she's always around when I need a good talk. -What goes around comes around!

42: I am bottled, fizzy water, and you are shaking me up You are a fingernail, running down the chalkboard I thought I left in third grade Now my only, consolation, is that this could not last forever Even though you're singing and thinking How well you've got it made Who are you? And will you be through? Yeah, it's just a phase... It will be over soon Call it 'women's, intuition', but I think I'm on to something here Temporaryism has been the black plague And the Jesus of our age I know that I sound opinionated, maybe biased And quite possibly jaded But sooner than later They'll be throwing quarters at you on stage Who are you? And will you be through?

43: Brandon Boyd | An artist by day, and by night fall one of the most influential artists of all time...

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