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FC: Hawaii 2010

1: Hawaii 2010 June 23 - August 3 Dedicated to my wonderful husband, that made it all possible

2: 6/23/10 Day/Night 1 in Hawaii So we arrived pretty late our first day in Hawaii. Our flight was delayed 7 hours from LA to Honolulu. I tried getting us upgraded to first class but instead they gave us 2 free plane tickets. I guess if you hassle enough- it pays off! We arrived in Honolulu 10:30 Hawaii time but 3:30 Central (home) time. We were exhausted! We picked up our rental car, and checked in our hotel. Thank goodness we were only sleeping in the hotel one night because it was kind of a dump! I guess you pay for what you get ($65)!!! | 6/24/10 Day 2 in Hawaii We woke up kind of early because we were messed up between time zones. We were greeted to friendly texts by Dad “Aloha Bridget and Joe” and ”Get UP.” This was sent around 3:30am and 6am our time in Hawaii! I guess Dad forgot we were on different times zones. We went down stairs to have our continental breakfast which consisted of a crescent roll, a piece of toast, pineapple, and the famous Kona Coffee. Our hotel was downtown, so we decided to walk around and see Waikiki beach.

3: We tried going to the market but it was closed. There were a lot of parts of downtown that Joe remembered and some parts I did to from when I visited him. Before we left, I took some pictures of our view from our hotel room. It over looked the Ala Wai canal.

4: We were then set for the Northshore to finally see our little house we would be living in for the next month. The drive up was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. When we finally reached the Northshore, we found a coffee shop in the town of Haleiwa so Joe could get some work done while we wait for Doug, our "landlord", to get our place ready. We also walked around town through the shops. What a cute historic town!

5: After long anticipation we finally met Doug, our landlord and saw the house. It was absolutely perfect! 1 minute walk from the beach and right across the street from the famous Ted’s Bakery! The house has the feel of a authentic Hawaiian surf house. After getting settled in, we went to the nearest town that had a Walmart, and shopped for groceries. Food sure is expensive here! After that we came home, ate, and crashed!

6: 6/25/10 Day 3 in Hawaii We woke up at 5 am because we are still getting use to the time zone change! Today we drove east on the Northshore and to the Turtle Bay resort to scope the area out. After a long day, we came home ate, and went out to the beach to watch the sunset. It was beautiful. 6/26/10 Day 4 in Hawaii Today Doug showed us the east side and a special spot to surf, where he also golfs. We went to Malekahana and stopped at a camp ground there and realized it would be | the perfect spot for Sammy and Alicia to stay. We later went into town to Haleiwa so Joe could rent a surf board. Joe surely has not lost his skill, he looks like a natural born surfer!!!

8: 6/27/10 Day 5 in Hawaii We woke up and went to 9:30 mass on the Northshore right by the bay. It was such a nice service. No air conditioning but it was like there was; the wind and the temperature were perfect. We look forward to attending many more Sundays here. We did the wash today and it was quite a challenging in the beginning knowing that I would have to hang all of our clothes outside on the clothes line. Our landlords do not like using the dryer. I am enjoying the simplicity of it though! | 6/28/10 Day 6 in Hawaii Today we went all the way we could on the west shore of the Northshore. The drive was beautiful

9: On our way back we stopped at one of the scenes in Lost - the “beach camp”. It took a while to find but we did! | We had our first experience with tuna “poke” which is raw tuna. We were really excited about it but it definitely made us sick later! Do not know if we will try that again..

10: Later in the afternoon, we then went all the way down the east shore of the island. On our drive we stopped and got some fresh fruit and a ice cold cocunut drink. We felt like locals. | The drive to the east shore was absolutely gorgeous! Parts of our drive were so close to the ocean that we felt like we were driving on it! We stopped at a park and took some pictures of an island in the middle of the ocean- We think it is called the “half-faced” island. Our day ended with our first bike ride! It was my favorite thing I have done so far! It was so amazing. Our place is on a 3 mile bike path; some are parts on the beach, and some through gardens surrounded by gorgeous Hawaiian flowers!

11: 6/29/10 Day 7 in Hawaii Joe went surfing in his regular spot today, while I watched on the beach. While laying out I saw a school of turtles! It was amazing how close they would get to people!!! We later went to the Dole plantation were we took a tour on the Pineapple express of the plantation. We also learned how to correctly cut a pineapple! Its so much easier now to cut!

12: After doing a little research, we found a decent priced grocery store to go to- Safeway! Since there is not a Super Walmart on the island, finding reasonable groceries are difficult. We stocked up at Safeway so we wouldn't have to come back for a while! For dinner, I cooked some shrimp tacos. There are shrimp "buses" everywhere selling Hawaiian white shrimp. They are a little different from Louisiana or gulf shrimp- Let’s just say it was not our favorite! Later that night we went to watch the sunset, and walked the beach in search for my favorite thing - washed up coral. | 6/30/10 Day 8 in Hawaii We started the day like always, with breakfast, then later I packed us lunch and we headed out to a new spot for Joe to surf. It was a completely secluded beach that Doug had showed us earlier in the week. We ate lunch while we watched the waves. What a dream! Joe had to head in early from surfing because he went out a little too soon after he ate lunch.

13: I made some sushi for Joe and I- It was delicious! I think we have only eaten out twice since we have been here. It is so much easier and so much cheaper! Later in the day we went on a bike ride before sunset, which is still my favorite thing to do! We then headed to Haleiwa, to get snow cones and watch the sunset there. The snow cone place was closed, but we got a sundae and then drove to the beach and watched the sunset. We are so lucky to be here!

14: 7/01/10 Day 9 in Hawaii Before lunch we headed to Haleiwa to get some necessities, and a card for Mom and Dad’s anniversary. We found a coconut that you could send through the mail without wrapping. Too cool! We got some snow cones and headed back home. Below is a picture of Joe by the car with the surf board on top! At first I was a nervous wreck making him stop every second, but now that I can help put it on; I feel a little better.

15: When I went to pick Joe up from surfing, I found sea turtles basking in the sun on the beach! Later on that night we visited Ted’s bakery for a late night snack- peanut butter cookie for Joe and a slice of pumpkin cream pie for me! YUM!

16: 7/2/10 Day 10 in Hawaii Today Joe went surfing while I shopped in Haleiwa. Apparently I need to get tips from Joe in blending in well as a local. An Asian family asked to take a picture with him and his surf board! At first he had no idea what they were asking him, and thought he was going to take a picture of them, but instead two girls ran to stand by him, while their father took a picture. If only I could have been there! After I picked up Joe at the beach we headed to Haleiwa to return his weekly surf board rental. We stayed in town to have lunch at "Breakers" and stuffed our face for no apparent reason... Before dinner, we took the bikes and snorkel gear to sharks cove to snorkel. It was a bit rocky and we could have used some shoes! I got a little pushed into the rocks but saw a lot of cool fish.

18: 7/3/10 Day 11 in Hawaii Today started early! We woke up, had breakfast, and went to the local school's farmers market. Joe and I stocked up on tomatoes, apple bananas, spring mix salad, sprouts, and bread. After that we decided to go to Honolulu for the day. We shopped around, the International market, Ala Moana Mall and China Town. China town was quite an experience! We thought it would be similar to the China town in San Fran. Instead it was just a huge food market with a variety of food from fresh fish to whole pigs and fresh produce. We got some great prices on avocados, pineapple, and onions. Now we know where to get produce for cheap when we are in Honolulu. | After dinner, Joe and I decided to go to Turtle Bay Resort down the road for some drinks and live music. We could not find the band Doug said that would be playing but we sat with drinks by the shore and watched the waves. They had spot lights into the ocean for people to sit and watch the waves.

19: 7/4/10 Day 12 in Hawaii Today was a full day of fourth of July fun! We went to church at 9:30 and walked to Wamiea Bay to watch the Paddle race that is big here on the Fourth of July. I packed us lunch to eat while we watched as they came in to the finish line.

20: That night we headed to Turtle bay to watch the fireworks show. We took Doug’s advice and watched it by the lake. We laid out a towel and had wine while we watched the fire works. It was beautiful and so relaxing! | After the race, Joe and I went to Turtle Bay Resort to hang out. Joe decided to catch some waves while we were there so he rented a surf board. When we got home, Doug was ready to cook out for the 4th. We grilled chicken, pineapple, eggplant and beans.

21: 7/5/10 Day 13 in Hawaii Today we decided to get out and get some staple groceries at Safeway. When we came back to the house, the electricity was out! We took a bike ride to waste time, and it was still out when we came home! We felt that it was the perfect chance to try out a local restaurant. We went into Haleiwa and had dinner at Haleiwa Joe’s. To start out, Joe ordered a huge drink that we shared! | We had the best seat in the house outside. We had a view of the ocean and harbor. It was beautiful. Our dinner was delicious also- We started out with seared Ahi Tuna. Joe had grilled fish and I had a lamb salad. We finished it off with Kona Coffee ice cream pie with an Oreo crust- which was divine! We started out healthy but needless to say we ended very badly! When we came home, the electricity was still out so we decided to go get some ice to save our groceries. When we came home, it was quite a challenge without a flashlight. Around 11, Joe woke me up to tell me the electricity was on! Thank goodness- we could turn on our fan!!

22: 7/6/10 Day 14 in Hawaii Today we decided to do a hike. The hard part was finding where to hike. The majority of the trails are around Honolulu. We found good reviews on Kahana Valley State Park that was near by on the east coast. The hike was rated as a moderate to difficult trail. It was quite a hike! We hiked about a mile to the trail head. Once we got to the trail it was another 2.5 mile loop. It rained on and off and we felt like we were in a rain forest! There were so many funny looking trees and vegetation. We climbed over trees, rocks and walked through knee deep streams!

23: 7/7/10 Day 15 Today we decided to make our way to the Boydo Temple. It was quite a drive but well worth it. The temple was inside a cemetery, and right in front of the most gorgeous mountains ever!

24: 7/8/10 Day 16 in Hawaii Today we took it easy and saw Eclipse the Movie in a near by town. We came home, walked the beach, and watched the sunset. 7/9/10 Day 17 in Hawaii Joe has been a bit anxious to rent another board for a week. So we got out this morning, after I did laundry, and checked out the waves. They were "surfable" so we went in town to rent Joe a board. Later we headed to Honolulu for ”Sunset on the Beach” on Waikiki beach. | "Sunset on the beach" is a movie on the beach they do in Waikiki every other weekend. On the way there, we came across the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen! Before the show we had dinner at a pizza place. The movie was a Korean movie “Sophie’s Revenge”. It was quite interesting, but watching it on the beach was very relaxing. We brought chairs from our place, and just sat back, sipped on coffee, and relaxed.

25: A few minutes before the movie ended Joe spotted rain in the horizon, so we ran for shelter. That’s the thing about Hawaii. You better be ready for rain any given time of the day! It was a long and late drive home, but we made it home safely! 7/10/10 Day 18 in Hawaii This morning we visited the local farmers market. We got a pound of mixed salad and some cherry tomatoes to eat on for the rest of the week. Later Joe went surfing while I went window shopping in Haleiwa. We ended the day with ice cream while we watched the waves! | 7/11/10 Day 19 in Hawaii Today we went to morning Mass and Joe surfed afterwards. He surfed over head high waves- he was really excited about that. We then went into Pearl City to shop in their Premium outlets. They were not as good as we thought they would be. We didn’t get anything but sushi hand rolls- leave it to us, to get no clothes but walk away with sushi! I spoke to Judy from upstairs, and she relieved me from having nightmares about collecting coral off the beach. I have been looking at websites about taking stuff off the island and having bad luck. But they reassured me it was just the Lava rocks.

26: 7/12/10 Day 20 in Hawaii Today, I woke up around 7 to go hunting for shells on the beach. Low tide is definitely the best time to go! I found a bunch of cool stuff! I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! While I was hunting Joe surfed for the first time on Sunset beach. He came out saying he probably would not do it again. It was very shallow and too much coral! We later went into town to Haleiwa to be touristy and buy some t-shirts. We went to get some snowcones and ate them out by the beach. | We headed home, and I made some delicious turkey chili! Later we went out to Sunset beach to watch the surfers surf the big waves. They were the biggest waves we have seen yet. It was a beautiful evening- clear skies, clear water, and big waves! 7/13/10 Day 21 in Hawaii Today was our work day! Joe like always in the morning worked and I decided it was time to clean house and do laundry. I didn’t miss out on looking for shells though, but right after I was down to business.

27: After we got some things done around at the house, I headed to do our last grocery shopping on the Northshore while Joe surfed. He got the easy job! Later we had one of our most memorable sunsets so far on sunset beach. We brought a bottle of champagne, our beach chairs and watched the sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous! We are so blessed to be here!

31: 7/14/10 Day 22 in Hawaii Today we tried going snorkeling in Waimea Bay. The current was a little too strong for me to snorkel. We have not had much luck with snorkeling. For the next time, I think I need a little round inner tube to float on. This hopefully will resolve my anxiety when I am out there. Hopefully, we will have a successful snorkeling trip sooner than later! Later that night we walked the beach while we watched the sunset. Joe spotted a fallen coconut on the top of some rocks so he climbed them, and grabbed two while he was up there. So now we have two coconuts we have no idea what to do with! For Dinner we made an all out sushi meal- spicy tuna rolls, edamame, and seaweed salad!

32: 7/15/2010 Day 23 in Hawaii This morning I had my best find ever on my shell walk. A STARFISH! I was so excited because I think finding starfish on the beach are pretty rare! Today we dropped off Joe’s surf board and had lunch at Sharks Cove grill. We ate there years ago, when Joe was in Hawaii for his semester abroad. The food was not like we remembered and the wait was forever After lunch we headed to Diamond Head. The hike was nice, and the views were amazing. We ended the day watching the sunset with wine on the beach!

33: 7/16/2010 Day 24 in Hawaii Today was a pretty relaxing day, not much happened except. I TRIED SURFING! What an experience- that is not for me. From the very start, I was a bit nervous about everything. We went to Turtle Bay Resort were the waves are a little less intense. We rented one surfboard. Joe swam by me as I paddled out. When a wave came out he would push me into it. I just didn’t have the guts to stand up so I would ride the wave on my stomach. After the third or fourth wave, I called it quits. | The most difficult part was getting ashore- there were rocks everywhere! I got a bad cut on my foot because of it. The waves are so powerful and push you against the rocks!! Joe took the board out for the last 30 minutes and I just sat ashore looking for little shells. That night, we sat out on the beach and watched the sunset with some wine. Afterwards, like always, we got a sweet tooth and headed to the ice cream place in Haleiwa. The ice cream Joe gets is Lychee Cheese cake - its amazing. I tried the low-fat banana- it was delicious also!

34: 7/17/10 Day 25 in Hawaii Wow it really feels like time is flying by here in Hawaii. Still everyday we wake up and can not believe we are here! We woke up early and took a walk to the local Farmer’s market. We got there a little too early and not all the vendors were set up, so we decided we could just come back later. We did get some fresh juice- no sugar added or anything. It was mango, lemon and 4 other fruits. We then headed to the annual art show that has been advertising a lot. It was pretty cool. There was a lot of art and | jewelry, but we walked away empty handed. Nothing really caught our eye. Later that night we decided to go to the local theater and see a movie. Joe and I passed as students and got a discount. We pigged out on some popcorn. I don’t remember the last time we ate popcorn at the movies! 7/18/10 Day 26 in Hawaii Today we woke up and went to our last Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul. We are really going to miss the relaxed feel this church has. There is nothing like going to church on Sunday,

35: sitting in church and feeling the breeze from the ocean! It truly is perfect. Right after church, Joe went to rent a surf board for two days before Sammy and Alicia get in, to do two more days of hardcore surfing. I dropped him off at his regular spot, Laniakia, and I went to the Sunday farmers market and art show. That is another thing we will miss here on the north shore- all the farmers markets! There is nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables! I got papaya, apple bananas, tomatoes and of course a pineapple. I wish we would have counted the pineapple we have bought so far- it has to be at least twenty! They are just too good! | Later, we came home to have dinner and then went out to the beach to watch the sunset. We are so lucky to be on THE sunset beach- where sunsets are breathtaking! 7/19/10 Day 27 in Hawaii Well today is our last day on the Northshore - with just me and Joe. It's sad to think we are going to be leaving the Northshore in 4 days. Joe started out with a surf while I went to go mail all my shells and coral off to Baton Rouge (which I was really nervous about). Lets hope it makes it there without stinking up something! I am so excited to see them back home, because it will bring back

36: such good memories of this place. Later Joe and I decided we wanted to do dinner out for our last night alone here. We went to the Thai restaurant in Haleiwa that was recommended by a lot of the locals. It was really good- I got the duck and Joe got a chicken noddle dish. Both were really really hot. We told them to make it hot- and they did! Joe had to bring his home because he was sweating really bad and did not want to have to take his shirt off in the restaurant!! To cool off we went to our ice cream shop. Although I had gotten some yogurt there early in the day, | I had to have a second round. When we got home, we were so exhausted and passed on sunset. Good thing though because it started raining! 7/20/2010 Day 28 in Hawaii Today we awoke from a text from Alicia saying they would not be in until 5pm. Joe and I decided to go to Waimea Valley since we have been talking about going ever since we got here! We were so glad we did. The trail was beautiful. It is a botanical garden and at the end is a beautiful waterfall where a scene from "Lost" was taken. The waterfall was the first I have ever swam underneath!

39: We left the Valley and got another text from Alica that said they would not be in until 10:25pm. Poor things- they had been traveling for more than 14 hrs! We knew we had to make their arrival special, so we went to the grocery to get them some treats, when they got to their lovely little hut on the beach. We ate dinner and headed to their hut and decorated it with flowers, coral, cold drinks, and a pineapple! | We got to the airport a little early to get some Leis for them- Doug told us a good place to get them. Finally they arrived and we brought them back to their hut. We celebrated their arrival with a bottle of wine and finally went to bed around 1:30am. This was by far the latest we have ever stayed up here! Its so good to see familiar faces and we are so lucky to have friends to visit!

40: 7/21/10 Day 29 in Hawaii Today we picked up Sammy and Alicia at their hut and drove down the East side of the island so that they could see the beautiful scenery. Alicia had a day planned for us. We first went to a Flea Market where there were a lot of touristy things for sale. Joe and I got some much needed souvenirs for our nieces and nephews. After shopping, we decided to go on the Kulepeamoa Ridge trail, that Alicia researched. Words honestly can not describe this trail but it was the closest I have ever felt to death. I have never felt so scared in my whole life. This trail was a 6 mile trail that ascended up to the top of the mountain range.

41: At one point we were in the clouds. The scariest part about it was that we were sometimes on the narrowest part of the mountain, where if you made the wrong step, you could slip and die. It was extremely windy and didn't help with balance. | We even went up a straight incline with only rope to hold on to! We were about 3,000 feet elevation. Needless to say after 7 hours and 15 minutes (Joe timed it), and some parts of me crying like a baby, crawling on the ground on all fours, and refusing to go any further, we made it back! It took extra time because we took the wrong turn and ended up in a gated neighborhood- we didn't care, at least we were on flat ground!

43: We hiked a total of 9 miles. I was covered in mud from head to toe. My fingernails were black and had scratches all over my body. It was a dangerous hike but needless to say, after looking at pictures, it was gorgeous. I didn't get to take many pictures at the high heights just at the beginning and then at the summit. Even though it was a long day, our bodies were screaming for food. So in our way into town we ate at a Mexican restaurant in Haleiwa, had drinks, and laughed about our hike. Tomorrow will definitely be a more chill day! | 7/22/10 Day 30 in Hawaii Well our last day on the Northshore was a great way to end our stay here. I woke up and did some last minute laundry so we would not have a huge amount of dirty clothes for our trip to Kauai. I went around the house, packing up our stuff, and I could not help to get a little choked up to think this was our last day here in this cute little place. It honestly has been some of the best 30 days of my life. Sammy and Alicia came over around 11 to cook some breakfast they bought.

44: Then we headed to the beach so the boys could surf. After a long day at the beach we headed back to the house to throw together all the left overs we had to have a cook out at Sammy and Alicia’s camp. What a fun night. Sammy and Joe built a fire and we cooked hot dogs, pineapple, onions, turkey, baked beans and samores right on the open fire! Their hut is so cute - right on the beach and so relaxing. Alicia and Sammy were lucky enough to stay over tonight so we could all leave together for the airport. How nice of Doug to let them stay!

45: 7/23/10 Day 31 in Hawaii It was an early morning. Thankfully Doug let Sammy and Alicia stay over for the night so we could all leave from one place. We woke up at 4:30am, packed up the car and headed to the airport for Kauai! | It was by far my favorite trail so far! Such a mix of scenery. Before we started the trail we did not know how long it would take us. There were two turn back points. | When we landed we decided to drive up the east shore of the island to the Northshore of Kauai. We drove until we could not drive any further and hiked a trail that was along shore the Na Pali coast.

47: There was a beach which was a 2 mile hike up and then an extra 2 miles was a waterfall. We decided to go all the way to the waterfall- which was well worth it. It was over 100 feet and we had it all to ourselves. We swam in the waterfall- and I think it had to be about 50 degrees! We made it back in 5 hours total.

50: .

51: After the hike, we watched the sunset on the beach that was at the start of the trail For dinner we made our way to our now favorite restaurant- Bubba’s Burgers. We then headed to our cabin in the Waimea Canyon. The drive was crazy up the canyon- especially in the dark. When we got to our cabin, we all crashed with no luck of starting a fire to keep us warm. The temperature dropped 20 degrees when we drove up to the canyon.

52: 7/24/10 Day 32 in Hawaii Last night was rough! It was so cold in the cabin. Tonight, we need to figure out a fire or something to keep us warm! I woke up a bit early to go on the hunt for some warm coffee but the Lodge restaurant did not open until 9. Since it was dark when we arrived last night we didn't get to see our cabin in daylight. Its adorable! Later Joe, Sammy and I went to get some coffee and got some information about the canyon area. One of the workers told us to go and check out the canyon at the top because there were no clouds right now. We grabbed Alicia and drove up to see the views. They were amazing!

53: On the way back we picked some beautiful flowers to adorn our little cabin.

54: That night we we headed out to a sunset dinner cruise of the Na Pali coast. It was so breathtaking and by far one of our favorite things we have done. The views along the coast were amazing.

57: 7/25/10 Day 33 in Hawaii Today was our last day in Kauai. We started out the day with coffee then breakfast. | We were out of luck with kayaking and any kind of activity we wanted to do. Not a lot is open on Sundays. | We then headed down the canyon and stopped at an old historic town and at the oldest catholic church in Kauai, Saint Raphael.

58: We stopped at the Spouting Horn, where there is a hole in the rocks, and when the waves crash, it spouts out water. We then headed to the Hyatt to see their pool and to the beach on the property, “Ship Wreck Beach”.

59: On our way to the airport to drop Sammy and Alicia off, we drove through the tree tunnels. It was a street that had trees that formed a tunnel. We also stopped at a fall on the way. We made it in pretty late in Honolulu. We were pleasantly surprised of our place that we will be staying at for the next 9 days.

60: 7/26/10 Day 34 in Hawaii Wow! It was nice to get a good nights sleep in a King size bed! We slept in and I decided to get out and look for some breakfast. We then decided to walk to the nearest grocery which was about a mile away. We loaded up on groceries and took a cab back. We later took a walk and got some yogurt and a movie rental! On the way back, we booked a discounted fishing charter. The only catch is that we have to attend a presentation tomorrow at 1pm to get the discount. We will see how that goes. | 7/27/10 Day 35 in Hawaii It’s nice to have a change of pace here in Honolulu. You can pretty much walk to anything, and there is so much going on. We attended the presentation today, and it was 3 hours of them trying to convince us to buy a 9,000 dollar vacation membership to get discounts! Thankfully Joe did most of the talking and told them we weren’t interested. They still held us there for an extra hour trying to convince us. After that we went and picked up our “gift” from them- our discounted fishing charter!

61: It is set for Saturday- we can hardly wait! Joe’s surfboard got delivered today and he went surfing around 5. While he was surfing I went looking around at the shops. While I was walking around- I knew I was coming down with an UTI. I went to the pharmacy to get some medicine. By the time I met up with Joe, I was in so much pain. He went out and got me some more medicine but by 10pm, I was feeling like I was going to die. I was in panic and looking up hospitals or some kind of emergency clinic. | We finally went downstairs to a hotel front desk and asked them for the nearest emergency clinic. He sent us to one in walking distance. It was a relief to see it was a clinic that looked equipped. Needless to say after 2 hours of waiting I finally got medicine and we could head home. It was clearly a blessing to find something so close and actually had the medicine in their office!!! I don’t know what I would have done if this would have happened 3 days ago in the canyon or even on the Northshore!

62: 7/28/10 Day 36 in Hawaii Today was my rest day. The infection really drained out all of my energy. I slept for most of the day, and Joe went out surfing twice today! He just can’t get enough! At night we decided to walk the streets to people watch. There is so much going on at night here. We went to the Moana Surf rider hotel (my dream hotel) and sat in some of the lawn chairs and watched and listened to the waves. One of these days- we will stay here- its wonderful! We then headed back home and called it a night. | 7/29/10 Day 37 in Hawaii Today Joe and I visited the local aquarium. It was really cool- they had a lot of coral on display. To see all of the coral and fish so close what amazing. All in all it was a great aquarium.

64: Later in the day while Joe was surfing I decided to go further down along the beach and look at some shops. I stumbled upon a local shop that only sold Hawaiian art work made in Hawaii. I found a piece that depicted almost every scene on the Northshore that we shared together, all in one art piece. I know this piece will be sentimental art work for Joe and I to always look at and remember our time here. The month we spent on the Northshore, will always be remembered as one of our very favorite experiences together! | 7/30/10 Day 38 in Hawaii Today we are really looking forward to our fishing charter that is tomorrow! While Joe went surfing, I decided to get some exercise in and walk. On my way back I went a little shopping and got some things we needed for our trip tomorrow. As always, we went to our favorite little yogurt spot to end the night. It is so dangerous, because it has self serve machines of 15 different fat free yogurts. Dad would love it!

65: 7/31/10 Day 39 in Hawaii Today we woke up at 5:30 to get ready for our fishing trip. We were so excited! We had some trouble finding our meeting spot where they were suppose to pick us up, but we finally made it! Off we went! Captain Dave picked us up and we arrived at the docks around 6:30 to meet our fishing guide, Ricki. He was really helpful throughout our trip. It was a trolling fishing trip so all poles and bait were set up for us. We just watched the poles for a bite!

66: Within 45 minutes into it, we got 2 fish on two different lines. We both reeled them in at the same time! | We pulled in 3 more tunas in the course of 35 minutes. The tunas were good size-about 6 lbs but Joe and I really wanted the big game!! The guide told us he had a spot around Diamond Head that he usually caught bigger fish, so we headed that way.

67: Finally, after long await Joe reeled in a Mahi Mahi! It was such a cool looking fish!

68: All in all we had a great trip. The fishing guide fileted all of our fish and packaged them for us. We came home with at least 10 lbs of fresh tuna and Mahi Mahi! | What a treat! We are set for the rest of our trip for meals! Later on in the day, Joe noticed a huge gash in the surfboard he rented. I was passed out from still being drowsy from the Dramamine I took earlier in the day and awoke with him screaming. We rushed to the nearest surfboard repair shop and left it with them to repair and to have back to us by Sunday evening. Joe told him we were leaving Monday morning so he could get as little downtime on his surfboard. | Joe grilled himself some Mahi Mahi for lunch and later that night I cooked us some delicious seared tuna!

69: Jeeze he is hooked. Lets just be glad this was our only small casualty while we were here. Knock on wood! 8/1/10 Day 40 in Hawaii Today we slept in and went to a nearby church, St. Augustine’s, at 10am. It was such a beautiful church right by the beach. After church we decided to eat some lunch and then head out to burn some time before we picked up Joe’s surfboard. . | We went by the Moana Surfrider hotel, my favorite hotel, to have drinks by the beach. How relaxing. I had a Mango daiquiri and Joe had a “day on the beach” drink. They were both delicious, and much needed! We later went to pick up the surfboard at the repair shop. It looked great- you could not even tell anything had happened. Let's just hope we can fool the renter guy.

70: Right after we picked up the board, Joe went straight out to the beach to surf. I went around the international marketplace and bought a gorgeous necklace that I haggled down to 15 dollars. For dinner Joe and I ate sashimi tuna that we caught the day before with rice. I felt like I was in a Japanese restaurant! We finished the night like we usually do, with a downtown walk along the beach, and a stop at our favorite yogurt shop! | 8/2/10 Day 41 in Hawaii Today was our last full day in Hawaii. Joe went surfing early in the day and then we had drinks at a bar nearby. We met a couple there that was actually from Monroe! Crazy small world. Later on in the night we decided to have one last dinner out in Hawaii. It was a fabulous meal and was so good to get out and eat dinner out!

71: 8/3/10 Day 42 in Hawaii / Our last day Joe had to get his very last surf in. He went out around 9 and did not return until 1. While he was out surfing I finished up on some laundry so we would not have any when we got home. We set up our ride with Robert’s transportation to the airport and they picked us up at 6pm. I had packed us a nice fish salad to finish up the last of our fish and we ate it while waiting to board the plane. | We were dreading the red eye flight at 10pm, but luckily it was a direct flight from Honolulu to Houston. We both took a couple of Dramamines and we were out for almost all of the flight! We made the drive from Houston to Baton Rouge, that day, both exhausted. It was good to be home, but we dearly missed our home away from home!

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