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S: Rebecca Hafner

1: Chapter 1

10: Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.

11: My first crush was when I was nine years old. His name was Junior, and he lived in my neighborhood and he went to the same school as me. I remember I started liking him during the summer, we would hang out everyday. Junior and I would run around and play games with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. There was one day I told one of my cousin, who was his best friend at the time, that I liked him a lot. She opened her big mouth and told everyone. I was so embarrassed, I didn't know how to look at him. Then one day I at the neighborhood pool and he approached me, I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. Then he sat next to me and asked to talk to me, words couldn't come out of my mouth. He asked me why I haven't been going outside and why we haven't hang out lately. I still didn't have any words to respond to his questions. Then he said something that shocked me even more, he asked me out. I never thought this day would of come, was he really asking me out or was it all a dream. All I knew how to do was nod then he kissed my cheek and jumped in the water. I was so happy I wanted to jump up and down and scream, but I couldn't he was right next to me, so all I did was smile. This little relationship lasted a week or two I don't quite remember. But after we broke up I still liked him. I would write pages and pages with his name and write I love you every where. I remember that there was one time that my cousins to play a joke on me and him wrote every where around the pavement that I loved him. I thought that after it rained it would come off but it didn't it stayed there for a good month or two. It was so embarrassing, but I guess he didn't mind what they wrote. After eight years we still kind of talk and say hi to each other, and I still hang out with his brother.

13: Wishing and dreaming that is all I'm able to do. When you lose someone you have no choice but to live with it and move on. The ones I really wish to see again and be able to talk to would me my grandparents. Living away from them made it impossible for me to get to know them better and hear their stories like my cousins did. One of my grandmas, my mom's mom, would come every six months here, and I was able to live with her and get to know her every well. She would walk me to my bus stop every day and pick me up. We would have long walk around the lake and she would tell me stories about her childhood during are tea parties. There was nothing better then having her around, I never felt alone, I always knew she was right there next to me. The months she would go to Brazil, the house would feel empty and quiet, it wasn't the same without her there. My other two grandparents, from my dad's side of the family, they lived in Brazil. Ever since I moved here I haven't seen him. We would talk on the phone but every time I heard their voice I would start crying and couldn't speak anymore. It was hard for me and my parents live away from them. When we had the opportunity to see them, we were able to get their tickets to come and visit us here. That was when my grandma had a stroke and almost died. About a year later she died that just kill us here. A year after her death my grandpa died, and all my hopes went down the drain. Wishing and dreaming to see them again and be able to get to know them a lot more then I do now. I know that if all three were still alive, I would be one of the happiest girl on earth. There's nothing I miss more then having tea with my grandma, and hearing their life story and how their child hood was like. Also I remember that when I was little and lived in Brazil, my grandpa used to teach me how to do the Brazilian traditional dance. Oh! how I miss them, how I wish to see them again.

15: Moving into middle school, What a big step in a 12 years old girl's life. Dealing with big kids, and more independence. Meeting new people and making new friends having to deal with the stress of more homework and projects. My middle school career was great, I have a great time and meet amazing friends. During the first day of 6th grade, I had to admit I was beyond nervous. I didn't know if the other bigger kids would be nice or bully me like I would see in movies and shows. But my thoughts were wrong, everything went perfect and I found out that a lot of kids were feeling the same thing I was feeling. After the first week, I felt that life couldn't get any better. I had so many new friends and everyone was so friendly and nice, it was truly unbelievable. In 6th grade was when I went out with a boy name Anthony, he is now one of my best friends, but he had a major effect in my life during middle school. Going into 7th grade was alright I was excited to see all my friends but I knew deep down that things would of changed. I was right, lot of my friends had changed and many of them stopped talking to each other. Groupies were formed and some kids were excluded from these groups, and the seen from the movies and shows seemed to becoming real. That didn't bother me I still had great friends and was having a good time with good grades. Then toward the middle to the end of the year me and Anthony went out again. It was funny that we were together for the second time and and a year later we went out for the third and final time, until we decided that we were better off being best friends. Finally 8th grade year so happy it was my last year in middle school. Couldn't wait until I was in high school. I was feeling that the kids were to childish and there was too much drama. The jokes and games were getting old and I was sick and tired of them. To be honest, that year was a bad year, so many things happened at once and with that we had all are privileges taken away. The big 8th grade field trip never happened instead we went to boomer which was boring and we never did half of the things the class before us did. Middle school was truly annoying and many kids like me couldn't wait to move onto high school. I do appreciate all the friends I made during that year, but I guess since the school was so strict we lost all the fun we were suppose to have.

17: The movie theater became a really big part of my life. When I was little my favorite movie of all times was Beauty and the Beast. I was so overly obsessed, I would watch it every day, all the time. I would walk around dressed like Belle and have tea parties with my dolls. I remember that before I would go to sleep, my nanny had to put it on. By the time I was older around 11 years old, me and my cousins became fanatic for the Cheetah Girls. We would have sleep overs to watch the movie. Each one of us had a character that we played. We even imitated their hand shack with each other. Every sentence we would say we had to put some kind of word from the movie like cheetahlicious, or cheetah sisters. It was epic to see how much we enjoyed coping them and acting like them. After this phase was over I started enjoying scary movies I watched the Messenger and I thought it was a good scary movie until I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre, from that day on I was terrify of scary movies and ever since then I has not watched any. Now there are three movies that are my all-time favorites which are the Twilight series, The Notebook, and The Last Song. The Twilight series, I became in love with the story and the books, the conflict with a girl falling in love with a vampire and him being so sweet and careful with her is just flabbergasting. The Notebook is a classic, the love story behind it all just makes you want to be in her shoes, having a man next to her all the time even when she does not know who he is, and the will power he has to tell their story every day over and over its breath taking. Last but not least the Last Song a new movie that came out last year that made me cry like a little baby, the plot of the story shows every teenager how to appreciate the parents they have. All these movies are a romantic story, showing different ways love is experienced. Every time I watch these movies I am deeply moved by the story, even though I have watched each one of them over 10 times, I guess I just love romantic stories.

18: I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

19: I'm a teenager enjoying my life,with a great romance story that is developing in my life. It all started during the summer when I started hanging out with a group of friends. Then one day me and my friend, Jessyca, went to help are friend, Fernanda, with her daughters first birthday. There was a really big group of us helping and we got more things than we thought done. Jessyca slept over my house, on Saturday morning Kaily, are good guy friend, came to pick us up to run some errands. Kaily had to stop buy Fernanda’s house and pick up his friend from Sarasota, Caio. Since all four of us were together all day, we got to know Caio a little better. After running all those errands, Jessyca and I still had to get ready for the party, and that’s when Kaily gives us the news that we had two parties to go to. So we got ready at Jessyca’s house for both parties. They came to pick us up and before we got to the party we dropped really quickly at my house so I could say hi to my parents, after that we went to the first party. In the car Caio turns to me and tell me that I’m his girlfriend for the night and I just went along with it, he's the kind of guy that is always joking around and that you can’t take him seriously. We walk into the party together and he introduces me to all his friends as his girlfriend, to be honest I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak. We had to go to the gas station to get gas and buy some Smirnoff. While Jessyca and Kaily are inside paying for it all, Caio and I were outside waiting for them. Caio turns to me and tells me that he really wants to kiss me, I turn to him and told him no because I’m not that kind of girl that just hooks up with a guy the day we meet, little did I know, then he goes and steals a kiss from me, I didn’t even have time to think I was speechless, but I loved that he had the guts to make a move and not worry if I rejected him or not. We arived at Fernanda’s house and the party was going crazy, we were all in the backyard dancing, talking, eating, and drinking. Caio and I had to act like we were total strangers because his recent ex-girlfriend was there and I didn’t want to start any drama. By the time we left Fernanda’s house it was around two in the morning. Jessyca and I did not want to come home so we drove to the beach with the boys. That’s when I had some alone time with Caio to talk. When we were finally alone Caio worked his charm on me and I just melted into his arms. We walked down the shore, layed down on the sand looking up at the stars, hearing the waves crash into the peer. This was the most perfect night of my life. By the time we left the beach it was already five in the morning, they dropped me and Jessyca off at my house. The next morning the boys called us to go to the beach. When me and Caio were walking down the shore again he turned to me and said that when he told me I was his girlfriend he wasn’t kidding, I was impressed with his action and charmed. Ever since that night July 17, 2010, we’ve been together and every time we’re together it feels just like the first day we meet.

20: We enjoyed our trip amidst the rain, fog and cold windy days. We did a lot of walking and travelled long distances with our heavy backpacks... and loved it.

21: subway

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