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S: Mackenzie Year 2 April 2010-April 2011

FC: Mackenzie turns 2

1: It has been one AMAZING year!

2: 1st birthday and Easter weekend April 6, 2010 We can't believe Mackenzie is already one! What a wonderful and eventful year we have had. She is such a joy. We are sad that she is growing up so fast but look forward to seeing what new things she learns. Yesterday, she learned to go up the stairs (scary!). Today we had her big check up and she seems to be doing great. Not to brag(but I am her mom) she has reach a lot of the 18 month benchmarks with development. Her weight gain has slowed down a lot, she isn't even 20lb yet. It is funny to think she was once in the 90th percentile for weight and now in the 25th. We were very lucky to have family and friends attend Mackenzie's first birthday bash! We are so appreciative that almost everyone could come! The weather was beautiful! The kids all seemed to enjoy playing and hunting for eggs together. I had a blast planning this party (I found a new hobby). From the decorations to the food I tried to personalize it and tie it to the "bunny/duck" theme. I am looking forward to doing it again! Easter Sunday Jake and Mackenzie discovered their Easter baskets together and enjoyed playing with the goods inside. We had a tasty Easter breakfast prepared by Stacie. Then spent the afternoon at Winterthur with GG and G-pa. It is always fun to go see a mansion in the spring time with all the flowers blooming! On Mackenzie's birthday we went to Longwood Gardens and toured the grounds. Absolutely lovely! I have been thinking about a membership for us since I enjoyed it so much. We came back and enjoyed the afternoon outside letting Mackenzie play with her new toys. She loves her new sand/water table and ride on, as do I! I think we have an outside kind of kid! Today is back to reality. GG and Gpa went home, Kyle went back to work and I am back to house work again(I do have the best job in the world)! We want to say Thank you to everyone for making Mackenzie's first year so special!

4: April Showers Bring May Flowers Winterthur Mansion

5: What is new with the big 1 year old April 22, 2010 I guess it is time for a little update on the busy little lady. Mackenzie seems to be back to herself after experiencing some unpleasant side effects from vaccinations. The last few weeks have been very pleasant outside making life very enjoyable. I can tell already that Mackenzie is going to be an outdoor kind of kid. As soon as we get out of the car she either wants to get in her swing, play in the sand box or take a walk to her favorite tree that houses lots of birds. Speaking of birds, we have our own bird watcher now. Yes, I think Mackenzie gave up on us getting a dog and now walks around the house saying, "Tweet, tweet." She begs to stand up on the couch to look out the window for birds. And before bed we say night night to all the birds in the yard. I personally think it is great that she thinks they live here. It seems as though Mackenzie vocabulary is getting bigger each day. Yesterday we had a playdate over here and she insisted on going back outside. I thought she wanted to swing but after I finally opened the door she waved and said, "bye, bye." I thought it was adorable. Of coarse today I couldn't get her to do it but I know she has the ability. So I have to admit that lately it has been a little sad for me because Mackenzie is really attaching herself to her daddy. Of coarse it comes at a time when I am almost done weaning her so its only natural to have nothing to do with me anymore. I have to say it is adorable and Kyle loves it too! She says I love you to Kyle, walks around the house all day saying "Da da" and anytime she hears a car door she goes to the door hoping Kyle will walk in. But then of coarse she comes running back to me when Kyle puts his foot down, what a smart little girl. Besides that not much else has been going on. Mackenzie has been able to spend some QT with her Aunt Kara and Grandma D while we hang out. It has been nice to get out, I needed a mommy break. I think this weekend we might venture to a farm so Mackenzie can see live farm animals. She absolutley loves playing with her little people farm and making all the animal sounds. I think she will love it!

6: Our new friend Schwinn-May 8, 2010 Stroller BOB got a girlfriend, Schwinn the bike trailer. My life is complete! Two things I will use all the time! Last weekend happened to be the first time Kyle and I were able to go on bike ride together since moving to DE. While we rode Mackenzie enjoyed playing with Aunt Kara. After an afternoon of riding together it ended with us going out and purchasing a new ride for Kenzie. Schwinn the bike trailer. We figure it was time to include her in this fun activity! So on Thursday I took Schwinn for a test ride over to the park for our playdate. Mackenzie at first didn't know what to think of it but by the time we got home she did not want to get out. I was a little tired but made the effort to go around the neighborhood for Mackenzie. We have made a few outings since and everytime seems to be just as enjoyable for little Mac. In fact I wish I had a camera attached to my seat so we could all view her excitement of me pulling her around. The only one major problem we have run into is that her helmet doesn't fit. So I am in search of a little baby helmet. For now we are going to ride it safe on trails. We plan to head down to Fairmount Park in Philly for a fun mother's day! Hopefully the wind will die down before tomorrow or else it might not be so fun! Great weekend-May 18, 2010 This weekend was absolutely beautiful, now I sit here with the heat running. Boo! Saturday Kyle finally got a chance to hook the bike trailer up to his bike. He took Mac over to the dog park for a little play and lunch. That evening grandma and grandpa Denholm came over to watch Mackenzie. They brought her over a new set of wheels, a tricycle! Grandma Eileen can always find me the deals! It was lovely to be able to go out to dinner with another couple without kids. Sunday I put on my running shoes to run my first race in almost 2 years, can't believe it. I decided to run the Wilmington half marathon to see if I still had it in me. To a pleasant surprise I shocked myself with my skills. I mean I hate to brag but I ran a 7:48 minute mile, I can't remember the last time I could run that fast. I don't know if I ever could. I completed the race in 1:42:19 which put me 69th place out of 651, 5th in my age and 18th in gender. The secret to my success was awesome fans (Kyle and Mac), no watch and the motto "Just do it!" As far as Mackenzie goes she is doing great! Working on her molars, which is not that much fun. She loves all her stuffed animals and is now serving them her milk. She also enjoys sitting in corners to read books. And she loves being outside, even when it is raining!

7: May 2010- 13 Months

8: Mother's Day Weekend- May 11, 2010 Man do I feel like a lucky mom! Kyle and Mackenzie sure treated me like a queen this last weekend. I was spoiled with a weekend of fine food prepared by my very own chef Kyle and a wonderfully behaved daughter. Friday, Kyle brought home flowers and prepared me a delicious halibut meal. He paired it with one of our favorite wines from Castoro (it was our last bottle, we must go back to Cali!). Saturday he made me some delicious waffles with a side of fruit salad and homemade whipped cream. That afternoon we went to the Wilmington Flower Market (a festival) to see what it was all about. We nearly were blown away but it was nice to walk around and look at all the crafts, animals and flowers. Saturday night Kyle cooked the remainder of the halibut and used a new recipe from Guy Fieri, Halibut Veracruz-delicious! Mackenzie usually likes fish but it just wasn't her thing she was more into trying corn off the cob and BEGGING to eat the lime. She learned her lesson, the lime was not as good as it looked! And on Sunday, actual mothers day Kyle prepared a Blueberry Bake for breakfast. Kind of like a bread pudding for breakfast, can't go wrong. After Mackenzie's 1st nap we went down to Philly to battle the wind. It was a bummer we couldn't bike down there but another weekend. We strolled along the water in Fairmount park and ended our adventure at this amazing park. It is not your normal playground, it had a HUGE playhouse (24,000 square feet) and 6 acres of playgrounds. I had to come home and do a little researching on this park because it was free and I had a hard time figuring out how it was so well maintained! The playhouse was 3 stories with any type of toy you could imagine. It reminded me a lot of a childcare set up in various centers. It even had a whole basement of cars and tricycles for the little ones to ride on. The whole house was designed for 5 and under and the playground was for 10 and under. Very rare to find! We will be heading back shortly! Our day ended with yet another piece of fish, ahi! This meal was not for Mac it was for ME! Again Kyle did a spectacular job with dinner. I truly had a wonderful weekend with the family. I wish he could do this for me all the time. I am starting to rule out things I will never cook because Kyle just makes them so much better. One is fish and the other is pizza. Last night I tried SO hard to get the dough ready before Kyle got home but it ended up with me screaming and Mackenzie crying. She wanted the dough and I wanted to throw it on the ground. Luckily Kyle walked in and saved the day and everyone was happy again! I hope all the moms had a lovely mother's day, I think we need one every month! : ) I forgot to mention that Kyle even got crafty with Mackenzie. He got me a 3 section frame engraved with Happy Mother's day and the date. He made Mackenzie's foot and handprint on each side of the frame. I love it!

9: Mothers Day 2010

10: Cousin Jake visits for the weekend! Linvilla farms here we come!

12: 14 Months Old Picking Strawberries | June 2010

13: 14 months, growing fast -June 10, 2010 I am a little behind with updating what has been going on with busy Mac. That is because she keeps me busy! We finally found some time to go strawberry picking at one of the farms. It was a very enjoyable trip. Mackenzie seemed to like the stems of the strawberries more than the actual fruit. She did manage to eat more than I thought she could and of coarse get them all over herself. She did very well in the fields, didn't step on the plants and only picked a few strawberries that we asked her to pick. She was too busy running up and down the rows! The strawberries have been very delicious. I have made a crisp, stuffed french toast and healthy muffins for kenzie! Yummy! Can't wait to go peach picking next! Last weekend Kyle and I were able to spend the weekend together after we dropped Mackenzie off a Grandma D's for a little sleep over. We celebrated our anniversary early due to a busy June schedule. The whole weekend to ourselves was spent test driving new cars. : ) Not exactly romantic but much easier without a kid! We managed to also try out a new restaurant that specializes in local organic food, it was delicious! The house was a little lonely without Mackenzie but it was nice to be on our own schedule. As far as Mackenzie she is learning so much everyday. Just this week the new words from her mouth, cracker, elephant, thank you, car, shovel and truck. I am really starting to see what impact reading has on a kid. She loves her books and is quickly learning her favorites. Today she managed to find her current favorite book (Brown bear, Brown bear what do you see?) at our playdate, grabbed it off the shelf and brought it to me to read. Lately she has been going into her room to read books to herself and stuffed animals while I am doing work around the house. Independent play?!?

15: Happy Father's Day

16: Mackenzie and I continued our journey south to see GG and Bumpa for the week. Mary Alex joined in on the fun for 3 days. The girls had a great time playing in the pool and sandbox together. They even managed to have stroller races around the house. Mackenzie and Mary Alex finally were able to play together and it didn't seem like such a gap between them. They are going to be some trouble making cousins! The best part about the trip was I got a break! Imagine that, I left Kenzie for the weekend and went on a wine trip with friends from college! I got to sleep in, eat meals in peace and talk without being screamed at. Lovely! On the trip back we got to see Jake and Stacie one last time. I love having Tysons in the middle of our trip so Mackenzie and I can stretch our legs and eat some food with somebody. When we finally arrived home Mackenzie would not go inside, she was too excited to see her swing and sandbox. We played for nearly and hour before she thought it was time to come in! Now its back to the real world for me...laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc! Already a busy week ahead with playdates and Ryan visiting Grandma and Grandpa D. Can't wait for a 3 day weekend! | Down south -June 30, 2010 A week of fun down in the South has sadly come to an end. Our adventure started at the National Zoo in DC and ended with not wanting to go inside our house when we returned (wanted to play in her sandbox). We have really been wanting to take Kenzie to the zoo since she has shown such an interest in animals. She has extended her knowledge of animal sounds and recognition to a tiger, elephant, monkey, snake and bear. Our 1st stop while in the zoo was the Monkey house, she left screaming after the monkey came swinging down right in front of her. Great start! But no worries she loved seeing the elephants and pandas eat. We hope to take her to the Philly zoo sometime this summer. While in Northern VA we celebrated Grandma E big 60th, Ryan's Baptism and Father's day. Wow, lots to take in! Mackenzie enjoyed spending time with all the Denholm's and having a sleep over at the Haaga's. She was so worn out from playing with all sorts of new toys and seeing so many faces. A very nice weekend!

18: July is here and flying by - July 13, 2010 Where does time go in the summer? We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We celebrated of Mackenzie's twin friends birthday, hit up the ice cream festival, spent time with Aunt Kara and took Kyle along for a mommy and Kenzie day! Kyle joined us in a gymboree class followed by an afternoon at the pool. We spent this past weekend down in Richmond celebrating GG's birthday and Great Grandpa or DD's birthday. Friday we got a chance to hang out with a few friends, Saturday we held a surprise party at a local Mediterranean restaurant and Sunday we headed to the farm to celebrate DD's birthday. It was great to get all the family together and see how much all the kiddos are growing. Today Mackenzie had her 15 month check up. She seems to be doing great and slowly growing. She weighed in at almost 21lb and grew 2 inches reaching 30.5inches! She did a great job showing off her gross motor skills by climbing on all the furniture and nearly jumping off the table. She also kept telling the Dr. bye bye and going to the door like she was going to get out of getting shots. That didn't really work! She has exceeded the benchmark in vocabulary and is doing great with her fine and gross motor skills. | July 2010

19: Ice Cream Festival!

21: "Good times are even better when they are shared" | Gymboree Fun

22: Having fun at GG and Papa's house!

23: GG's 60th Birthday

24: Arbor, Mackenzie and Chase | Using a spoon | Applying makeup to blue

25: Port Discovery | Beach with Carter and Owen | a big milestone for Kenzie -July 22, 2010 So I am not going to get too excited but Mackenzie went potty on the toilet today! She has recently been showing more interest in using the potty. Usually she just sits on the potty and reads a book or plays with blue. But today she was walking around with the potty box looking like she might need to go, so she escorted me into the bathroom. She sat down and did it! Yea! It probably won't happen again forever, but it was exciting for the moment. We have had 2 exciting playdates away from Wilmington this week. Over the weekend we went down to Dewey to visit Mackenzie's friends Owen and Carter for a little fun on the beach. They had the best idea ever by bringing a mini pool for the beach. It entertained the kids the whole time. That is a must on our beach trips! The second trip we took was down to Baltimore to meet up with Stacie and Jake at Port Discovery. The kids seemed to really enjoy the museum, especially the Bob the Builder area. Mackenzie was a little young or short for some of the stuff but it was still a very enjoyable trip. The kids did a great job. I think Stacie and I were more worn out than they were!

26: August 2010- 16 Months

27: beach trip #1 was successful! - August 16, 2010 We packed up the car and headed south for a little fun in the sun with the Seaborn's at Edisto Island, SC. It had been nearly 15 years since our last visit to Edisto Island so it was time to head back. The week was to celebrate GG's Birthday, Aunt Stacie's birthday, Bumpa's birthday and Uncle Matt finishing law school and the bar. I guess we were just along for the fun with no important celebrations, unless you count Mackenzie turning 16 months. Edisto has always been known as being very low key and relaxing for families. It seemed as though nothing changed. The same run down Piggly Wiggly was still standing and BINGO was still played on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I am proud to say I won a new can opener for us at BINGO, good times! It was a very successful week for us. Mackenzie did great on the car ride, we didn't even have to bring out the DVD's. I guess I am good enough entertainment for her. : ) Mackenzie LOVED the ocean, no doubt about it. No hesitations to sit right down in the water when we got to the beach. It was hard for her to understand that it was not always safe for her to go into the ocean due to high tide. But she found sitting in the waves was also very enjoyable. While at the beach she had fun playing with Jake. Together they could move a lot of sand. We also were able to bike around the island and hit up a few playgrounds. But Mackenzie insisted on going back to the beach while biking along. One day the whole family had a lovely but very hot day in Charleston. We grabbed some lunch, strolled through the market and played in the fountains. Kyle and I also got away for the night visiting an old high school friend and had an eating tour of the city. It was very nice to go the beach, we had a great time. Mackenzie cried when we left saying, "beach" and "outside." We are looking forward to beach trip #2 or should I say shore trip #1 in a few weeks with the Denholm's. Mackenzie is a lucky little girl this year! : ) In addition to going to the beach we were able to meet little Eleanor Cate Seaborn. We were sad that Mary Alex and Ellie couldn't make it but maybe next year. I really enjoyed holding Ellie, I forgot how small newborns are! Mackenzie did hit the 16 month mark and I believe she is growing into a sassy little girl. Very expressive and verbal but a lot of fun. She now has a full set of teeth, just the 2 year molars to go. It only took a year to get this many! Her vocabulary is just expanding each day. My favorite word of the week is, "Kyle." I guess it is time I start calling Kyle, "Dad." She really enjoys saying the word but also knows he is dad.

28: Edisto Island August 2010

31: Family Pictures! | Wanting to run in!

32: Can never take too many pictures! I love summer!

33: Splashing!

34: September 2010- 17 Months Sea Isle City, NJ

35: Good bye summer : ( - September 15, 2010 September already?!? Can't believe summer is over! At least we ended it with another successful trip to the beach! We had a lovely trip to the beach with the Denholm crew. It was filled with sunshine, digging in the sand, riding in the wagon, buggy rides and eating LOTs of food! Mackenzie had a great time playing with cousin Ryan and watching him make great strides in the walking world. Before we know it they will be playing non stop. A trip to NJ is not complete with out a trip to Wards, a local pastry shop. Kara and I met the family there after she biked and I ran the 12 mile voyage. Mackenzie was very eagerly to get her "nack" when we arrived. That cinnamon roll sure did make her a happy girl! Mackenzie is getting older, already 17 months. She really seems to amaze us each day with her curiosity. She is really starting to become more "girly." Everything is "uck," "icky" or "dirty." It is making our life good and bad. Good because she wants to wear a bib, keep food in her bowl, wash her hands and pick up food she drops. Bad because she is always in the back seat of the car saying, "icky" and we can't help her or she is dirty and the stain won't come off right away. She is also doing very well with her manners; her new word is "Bless you." She has learned to pretend cough and sneeze then says bless you. I am still working on thank you, don't know how she picked up on bless you before thank you. She also enjoys singing the "ABC's", "Twinkle, Twinkle little star," "Old MacDonald," and "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep." Of coarse she is not singing the whole song but parts of them. Fall is here! We will be enjoying every free moment!

37: Apple Picking with Mom & Valley Forge, PA

38: Play time!

39: Whee! Pushing Blue!

40: Jakes 2nd Birthday and Ellie's Baptism

43: Say Cheese! | Sesame Place

44: 18 months - October 14, 2010 Little Mackenzie is already 18 months, can't hardly believe it. We finally had our dr check up today to see how she is growing. Mackenzie weighed in at 22lb and 13 oz still hanging out in the 25th percentile. The doctor made me feel good about the amount of food Mackenzie has been consuming. It must be in correlations with the amount of energy she has been using since learning how to run. She measured 31.5 inches, growing a full inch since July. Surprisingly she is in the 50th percentile for height. Who knew? Some new things Mackenzie is doing is singing songs on command. Her favorite songs are "Elmo’s World," "ABC's," "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Twinkle Twinkle little star." We see a future in acting world with her! She has been reading books to us, usually making up sentences but in the tone of the story and adding in sounds. She absolutely loves to read (I find this totally crazy coming from me, must be Kyle). The girl would rather play with books than toys. I have even brought out my teacher books since she cares for her books so well. Lets hope that last! Coloring is another favorite activity of hers. When coloring in a book she does a great job with scribbling on the people or objects. She always insists on me drawing certain things for her: airplane, apple, pumpkin, circle, ABC's and stars. She is starting to label her drawings; they are mostly pictures of airplanes. I guess she likes airplanes like me. We are working on learning shapes and colors. She knows heart, circle and star and the colors green, pink and purple (but mostly everything is green). She can count to 3 and identify the number 2. She is becoming familiar with the letters in the alphabet; "E" and "M" are two she can find. Hmm..ELMO maybe? That takes us into October’s fun! | October 2010 18 Months

45: This month we had a special day at Sesame Place! We were able to eat breakfast with the characters, go on rides and see the shows. A big thanks to Kyle's cousin who works there! The character breakfast was a little scary for her but the hostess did an awesome job getting the characters to sneak up for a picture! You know me; I didn't want to come home with no pictures! Mackenzie loved the rides but we realized how weak our stomachs are now. The shows were amazing and hilarious. It was great fun for all of us. Next year we will have to go in the summer for the big water park! This was the beginning of theme parks, wahoo! We just got back from a trip south to celebrate Jake's 2nd birthday and the baptism of Eleanor. After a very rainy week both celebrations had beautiful weather. Mackenzie was so lucky to be able to play with her cousins 2 times. She really enjoyed exploring and playing with Jake and Mary Alex's kitchen sets. Each time we see the cousins they seem to play better together, learning new things from the old kids. Eleanor was the most well behaved baby and slept through the whole ceremony. It was a lovely services and I am so happy to be her godmother! This weekend GramE is coming over for a little consignment shopping. I am working a sale while GramE comes to shop. We are also going to a fall festival and the pumpkin patch. | Playing with Chase | Along the James River

47: Pumpkin Patch

48: Trick or Treat

50: October

51: Trick or Treat! | Pumpkin Carving

52: Don't try to take my candy dad! | Enjoying M&M's | Our little Duckie! | Running to the next house

53: Halloween Night!

54: November 2010 19 Months

57: the leaves are falling too FAST! November 9, 2010 AHH! I love fall but it just seems like it has gone by way too fast and I dread winter. So here we are in November already and Mackenzie is 19 months. She is now closer to 2 than 1, oh great. Actually she is more like 16 these days with her little attitude. Okay a little extreme but still some days I wonder what I am going to do with myself when she really is 16. Things with Mackenzie are going great. She is just a little sponge these days, always showing Kyle something new when he gets home from work. A few new things... She has learned all the letters in her name or at least can spell her name when looking at it on the wall or paper. She enjoys watching football with Dada. She actually asks to watch it on Saturday. She also does a great job saying Go Hokies and Go Aggies! : ) Two proud parents! We color with markers everyday for about an hour. She has learned the motion of making circles. She is learning to put "s" on the end of words and speaking in sentences. She loves stickers so recently I have been giving them to her if she sits on the potty. Lastly, the girl LOVES books. I cannot express how much she loves them and reads them to herself. Every she takes all the books from the shelf and reads each of them. She uses the pictures as context clues. Usually I can understand about 1 or 2 words in on each page. Some books she knows the title but all books end with "The End."

58: Brandywine River

60: Thanks to everyone! - November 16, 2010 This past weekend was amazing for many reasons. First off I want to thank my family and friends for all the support, encouragement and babysitting that made one of my dreams come true. I qualified for the Boston marathon, a huge deal to me! I kept this goal of mine somewhat of a secret because I was not confident I could do it. However, there is one person who had a lot of faith in me to get me to the finish line under 3 hours and 40 minutes. Kyle is an amazing husband and father. I know he will never run with me but his heart and soul does. He does an awesome job supporting me through the whole training period and on race day. He made it to 5 spots on the coarse cheering me on at the end. I truly can't thank him enough. Over the last 18 weeks my family has been very supportive with my running. We planned many weekends around my long runs and Mackenzie learned 2 things about me. I run and shop. I think we have added coffee to that list now. There were many days when I really didn't want to run and he would tell me that I had to. He would say you are so close to Boston, you can do it. I often wanted to punch him and hug him at the same time. Even the day of the race he showed me the sign he made "Racing to Boston 2012" and I got mad because I was scared I wouldn't make it. However I did! The race was great up until mile 16/17. I ran with a pace group so I could finish in 3hr 30mins however I got behind after a hill and cramping. I kept running knowing I still had a chance, especially after the Haaga family surprised me on the course at mile 20. I was cramping so bad in my stomach and legs that I wanted to stop but was determined to make it. My watch kept going off telling me I was going to slow and my legs were in pain. Once I reached mile 25 I saw my parents and baby girl cheering me on and I had 15 minutes left before I wouldn't make it. I got chills and ran my heart out. I crossed the finish line at 3:36:07. I finished 100th for my age group, 20th for gender/age and 572 overall. So now I am Boston bound, 2012! Thanks again to all my support! It was a lovely weekend. I am resting for now but have plans of running again soon! : )

61: Train ride to Ridchmond | Prerace | Feeling good...mile 4 | My support team!

62: Newscaster Mackenzie | Cherry Hill Discovery Museum

63: Make a Wish! | Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to Ryan Happy Birthday Tooooo YOOOOOU! | Cousin Ryan's 1st Birthday

65: A great month, almost over - November 28, 2010 Within days of returning from Richmond the leaves on the trees changed from beautiful fall colors to dead on the ground. And it got cold. The last few weeks have been busy celebrating birthdays! First was Kyles, then mine, then Ryan's 1st birthday. It has been lovely being able to see family all month long! Mackenzie loves the attention. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, just about food and family. This year I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time for our parents. Kara was also present but she has spent a few Thanksgivings with us. I love cooking and entertaining but our house can be little challenging. I thought with the limited cooking space and eating space the dinner turned out pretty darn good. I look forward to hosting more for the holidays. I would much rather cook than drive on the roads with Mackenzie! We look forward to seeing GG and Papa back up here for Christmas so we don't have to travel! I do have to add something funny about our little girl. Boy does she have a sweet tooth, no surprise there! At Thanksgiving the girl went from person to person helping to eat up their dessert. Some people she only made a quick stop because they had no desserts left. It was very funny but kind of scary how much the girl likes chocolate. Well Thanksgiving is over and we are moving on to celebrating Christmas or as Mackenzie would say "Happy Halloween." She knows about Santa and that he says HO! HO! HO! She just can't remember the holiday. This year we decided to start a new tradition with the book, Elf on the Shelf. It is a very cute book that we read each night to Mackenzie and then the following morning she has to find the Elf. The elf watches Mackenzie and reports to Santa at night. He has not been named yet but she knows he is watching her. We are excited to start this tradition. Speaking of tradition we got our Christmas tree today! It was a morning! First, the breakfast place was closed. Seriously who is closed on Sunday for breakfast? So we went back to the place we went last year that was very tasty, but we totally missed the daily specials that sound awesome. So now we have to go back again. Our journey to our Christmas tree took a little longer than expected but we eventually found our way and our very plump Christmas tree. In our little house the tree takes up a good portion of our living room. But we love it! It is decorated and ready for some presents and pictures! : ) I am so excited for this Christmas! We have lots of fun things planned!

66: Dear Santa, I want one of everything

67: December 2010 20 Months

68: J O Y | C H R I S T M A S T R E E

69: The most wonderful time of the year! December 11, 2010 December with a little one is the most wonderful time of the year. It is so much fun to see Mackenzie's excitement for Santa, Elf, snowmen and the lights. First thing in the morning Mackenzie is wanting to see the Christmas tree, find Elfie (our elf on the shelf) and see what is in her Elf Advent calender (she hopes it is a bow everyday but has been disappointed since day 2). She also insists on music being played 24-7. One of my favorite things is she loves to read Christmas stories, even long ones like The Polar Express. We have been seeking out holiday events/activities to do with Mackenzie and so far she has loved them all. We saw part of a Christmas Parade with GramE, Grandpa and Aunt Kara the other weekend. She loved the marching bands, begging for more music after they passed. Last weekend we visited the downtown Macy's. I was hoping to get a quick photo with Santa but Mackenzie decided she didn't want that. She was a little scared of the Dickens Village but loved seeing the amazing light show that goes on inside the building. This weekend we are going to go on a hayride with Christmas carols and do our tour of lights. Hopefully she will enjoy that. We are looking forward to more fun this month. One thing I am looking forward to this Friday is hosting a playdate cookie exchange with all my mom friends. I know Kyle can't wait to come home from work that day to find cookies. This Christmas we are spending at home but lucky enough to see lots of family! Mackenzie hit 20 months, can you believe it? Her little brain isn't so little, she always seems to amaze me with what she knows. Some new things she can do is count to 10, sing all the ABC's (identifies about half of them), spells her name out loud, identifies colors (10 in the marker pack) and knows a few shapes. She has recently found a new love for Olivia the pig. If you don't know Olivia you need to pick up a book or watch the show and see how much Mackenzie is like her. I think it is funny. She LOVES LOVES going to Barnes and Noble to read stories or play with Thomas and Olivia. She is a little librarian, takes books off the shelf goes to the stage and reads them to ME on the bench. She honestly would spend hours there if I let her. She is very interested in learning, I hope I can keep up! Merry Christmas!

70: Tis the Season to be Jolly! | Making cookies | Tasting the cookies | Decorating a gingerbread house | Philadelphia Macy's | Linvilla

71: Longwood Gardens | Linvilla Orchards Caroling | Making a plate for Santa | Ho! Ho! Ho!

73: Christmas Eve at GramE's and Grandpa Denholm

74: "Although it's been said, many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you!" | Christmas Eve Presents

75: Christmas Day | Kitchen from Santa | New Chair | Presents | Baby


77: New Years Eve Happy Hour with Chase and Arbor

78: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - December 29, 2010 Ho! Ho! Ho! Life is returning to normal after a wonderful Christmas. I am so sad to see it over but thrilled to see Mackenzie entertaining herself with all her new toys. It seems as though Elfie gave good reports back to Santa because Mackenzie has a room full of new toys and books. She has been so busy playing that we have gone back to 2 naps. We were able to spend Christmas Eve over at GramE's and Grandpa Denholm along with the rest of the Denholm family. It was a lovely time. It was complete with food, playing and opening presents. We were so thankful for all the wonderful gifts we got. That evening we went to Church the services was packed of singing, perfect for Mackenzie. She seemed to like it a lot and asked for more music anytime it went silent. Santa made his way to our house. Mackenzie walked outside her door to find carrots, broccoli and peas sitting on Santa's cookie plate. After rounding the corner she dropped everything in her hands and ran for her kitchen. The girl did not want to stop to open any presents and went down for a nap about 2 hours after she woke up. Lovely! After nap we continued on and opened the remainder of her presents. She really seemed to like everything she got. Later in the day GG and Papa arrived at our house to celebrate Christmas. Mackenzie had round 3 of presents, spoiled little girl. She became an official mom after getting a doll set from GG and Papa. It is funny to see how motherly Mackenzie is at such a young age. Scary! She has been taking good care of her baby and making sure we are well fed from the kitchen. We really enjoyed spending Christmas at home. Kyle and I are having fun creating new traditions; as well as, sharing old traditions from our families. Speaking of traditions we will be sure to eat a lucky Southern New Years day feast consisting of greens (money), black eye peas (coins) and pork (health). I used to hate this meal but after finding the right recipes this meal has become a winner. We wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! | January 2011 21 Months

79: Please Touch Me Museum

80: Supervising Mom shoveling

81: Snow Angel | Phillie Snowman

82: Winter Fun


85: Haaga's Visit

86: February 2011 22 Months

87: I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

89: You know your baby girl is growing up when... February 28, 2011 The shortest month of the year ended with the arrival of a new cousin! Jack Edwards son of Kevin and Shannon was born Feb 28th weighing 10lb, 4oz and 22inches long. Congrats! I am starting to see a pattern with cousins...girl (Mary Alex), boy (Jake), girl (Mackenzie), boy (Ryan), girl (Ellie), boy (Jack), girl (baby Haaga). So it looks like whoever gets pregnant next is having a boy, I predict! : ) Holy cow that is a lot of cousins in 3 years! Well we are happy that spring is slowly coming but sad that my baby girl is turning 2 in a month. Wow! You know your baby girl is growing up when... 1. she starts saying "no thanks mom" 2. she says "no mom, I do it" 3. puts on her own shoes 4. can undress herself 5. recaps her day for dad, even telling dad my secrets "mom got coffee" and "shopping" 6. can name songs faster than me 7. goes potty on our toilet 8. asks to potty in EVERY store when out shopping. I am saving lots of money with potty training! 9. starts wearing big girl undies 10. this is the last month I can take pictures of her with month signs, hello 23 months. Our little girl is growing up, I have to face it. But there is one thing that has not changed, the girls loves to cuddle. Pretty much everyday I get to cuddle with her and I LOVE IT! I am not going to lie or try to stop it anytime soon. I am going to soak it up for as long as she will let it happen. So as you can see we are in potty training mode, for the week. Okay so we are going on 2 weeks of using the potty about a dozen times a day. Not every time is a success but it is a try. It was a rude awakening to me on Friday when I went to the mall and costco and the girl asked for the 1st time to use the potty. So here I was dashing for the bathroom and figuring out a way to keep her clean. CHALLENGE! The other challenge is the self flushing toilets that are very LOUD! While shopping she asked a total of 4 times and went 3, I consider it worth my time to drop everything and go. It is all good! I am learning. Not really sure where to go next, I guess it will just happen. She seems very excited to have big girl undies but accidents do happen. Not really sure where February went, all the weekends just blend together. Spent some time trying to shop at outlets but the power went out. Mackenzie has had some time visiting Grame and Grandpa and the animals. This past weekend was exciting we got to see Thomas the Train live thanks to a Christmas gift from Aunt Kara. Mackenzie's eyes stayed glued to the stage the whole time and she became very disappointed at intermission. Luckily the trains came back! I was not able to get a good picture of Mackenzie because she would not stop looking at the trains. A busy spring seems to be approaching quickly and I can't wait! A few of Mackenzie's friends start turning 2 so our weekends are filled with birthday parties! : ) Happy March and no more snow!

90: March 2011-23 Months

91: It is official, we are moving March 30, 2011 I can't even believe how crazy this last month has been, really it hasn't even been a month since Kyle landed a new job! I am so proud of him, he has worked very hard to earn this opportunity. For those of you who don't know the news (which is a lot, since I haven't had time to tell anyone) we are moving to VA. Kyle will be working in a small town, Stuarts Draft, located between Harrisonburg and Charlottesville (aka VA wine country). I never thought we would move there but we are thrilled. We are looking more towards the outskirts of Charlottesville so that Mackenzie and I can be close to activities. No worries I made sure that all of our bases were program, Target, gym, good grocery stores, children museum. THe area might be small but it seems to have a lot for kids to do, not just a college town! The only negative is there isn't a costco. Mackenzie might have to learn to eat a piece of Sams pizza instead. Kyle and I have both worked very hard to complete a list of to do. We got it done right before the realtors came and we had nothing else to fix! Lovely! Now, I am afraid to move and eat in my own house because I will have to clean. Thankfully I planned ahead and we have a freezer full of food so I don't have to cook! Our house hits the market today, lets hope we can sell this bad boy. Mackenzie has been doing great through all the craziness. I know she senses stress but I have been working hard to keep her busy with the same activities and give her attention she needs. She is a little worried about where her toys went but hopefully it will bring a lot of excitement when we unpack them! I can't believe we are rounding the corner to 2. A day with her is never dull and always something to laugh about. She has recently started making jokes and laughing at our jokes. It is fun! We had 2 life lessons yesterday, thankful she is okay after both. Miss Independent wanted to walk down the stair by herself so I went in front of her to put down her sippy cup and turned around and she came rolling down the stairs. Luckily nothing major just a bruise on her head. The next boo boo happened at bath time when she reached too far into the tub to feel the water and went head first into the tub while it was filling up. I think she was more upset about her clothes getting wet than she was about falling in the tub. Again I was right there so I quickly rescued her. A little scary, we aren't use to her being so courageous. She is still doing awesome at potty training, accident free for a month (night and day). She uses as a control thing though so that does stink for me. She loves to test out every public toilet, multiply times. At the house she hardly goes, go figure. We are looking forward to seeing friends and family for her birthday. When asked how old she is going to be she responds with 2! She is pretty excited! I asked her last night (2 different times) what she wanted for her birthday and she responded, "Chase." Adorable and it is going to break my heart when we have to leave him. I wish I could give her birthday wish!

92: spring: a. The season of the year, occurring between winter and summer, during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive, extending in the Northern Hemisphere from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice and popularly considered to comprise March, April, and May. b. A time of growth and renewal. | Brandywine Zoo!

93: Please Touch Me Museum

94: Happy Birthday big girl! April 5, 2011 Mackenzie is 2! So big! The last 2 years have been amazing. We love seeing Mackenzie grow each and everyday. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful little girl. I hate seeing her grow older but also get excited by all the new things she is learning. Her mind never stops thinking! Milestones she has hit... 1. Identifies all the ABC's and can sing the song 2. Identifies 0-9 and can count to 15 3. Can tell you how old she is 4. Identifies and says colors 5. Identifies shapes correctly 6. Potty trained (for the time being, I know the move might throw us off) 7. Learning to jump 8. Can name songs faster than I can and can sing over a dozen songs 9. Uses pictures in books to tell me what is happening 10. Overall, loves learning new things! Things she enjoys doing... 1. Reading 2. Puzzles 3. Playing in "Santa's" kitchen and helping mom cook in her kitchen 4. Music class 5. Soccer 6. LOVEs coloring and any art activity 7. taking care of baby Kenzie 8. Playing at the playground 9. Being Independent! We are looking forward to some birthday fun this month!

97: Birthday Girl! | Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mackenzie, Happy Birthday to you!

98: Birthday Party with the Denholm's!

99: Birthday Party in Virginia

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