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S: The Story Of How The Vision Board Came To Life

1: To My Best Friend I am honored to be a part of your past, present, and future. The wedding planning chapter has been one to remember always...

2: You're Engaged... | The nervous phone call came while I was working. You were pretty panicked after Brandon took you to the pumpkin patch and had you wait in this little shop. Although you had suspicions, the moment came and you were kind of freaking out. You promised to take a few deep breaths and call me as soon as you could. A little while later my phone rang and you told me that YOU WERE ENGAGED! The official request for maid of honor was made and I was happy to accept.

3: Everyone came to Columbus to celebrate your engagement! Your mom made an amazing dinner, we toasted to yours and Brandon's future, and lit the chiminea. After, you changed into your light-up heels and we made our way to Arena District.

4: The day we visited Franklin Park conservatory was when it all started. It was the moment I realized I needed to write everything down somewhere because this experiences was going to be way too amazing to forget any detail. The day began as we made our way to Franklin Park, we walked around and began to brainstorm about many possibilities this beautiful location presented you with. Leaving with your head spinning you were really excited about this location.

5: We went to Mongolian BBQ where wedding talk continued... after we finally chose a table because your mom was very specific about which table she wanted to sit at! It wasn't until returning to your house that the first mention of "The Budget" was brought up, leaving you in tears and all of us in need of a movie night/wine night. I will never forget this night because it set the tone for the rest of the wedding planning... While watching Bride Wars your mom said "If I have to sell my body we are not going to do stuff like that!"

6: Starting the morning off with a Starbucks run, we made our way to Girls In White Dresses. Your mom, Mimi, you, and I, arrived for your eleven o'clock appointment. "I've been watching those bridal shows, and some of those mothers and grandmothers are awful. I'm going to keep my comments to myself."-Mimi

7: "That dress looks like a bedspread!"- Mimi "I wouldn't word it like that"- Me

8: Encouraged to have a little fun, you pulled some dresses off the rack. | You liked all of the dresses, but still none had taken the number one spot until...

9: Favorite dress of the day... | Throughout the day I looked like the worst maid of honor ever. I "texted" the whole time, ensuring you had many photo reminders of your favorites from the day. Top Mimi Quotes: "That dress looks like something bad happened to me!" "I would quit if I had to work for Vera Wang, I'd just walk out!!" After the first day of wedding dress shopping we made our way to Cup-O-Joe to check out the illegal pictures I managed to capture and form opinions about which dresses you liked the best. Driving home... "Why's my butt hot?"- Mimi

10: The Bridal Show January 9th, 2011

11: From cakes, to photographers, invitations, and florists we learned quite a bit from the expo. We also did a little vendor snooping for Sus! By the end of the expo, tensions were running high and everyone was hot and on edge. Calling it a day we made our way back to the car and headed for home.

12: You found your dress!! You said I couldn't see it but I threatened to put the Maid-of-Honor curse on your wedding!

13: Picture Perfect

14: The Month of April April 12th: You had a job interview in Indy.Of course you were offered the position and you accepted. It was hard to say goodbye but it was so exciting to start thinking about decorating the apartment. The wedding planning was put on hold for a little while. April 20th: We met Mimi and Papaw on our lunch break. Mimi brought you the belt she made for your wedding dress!!! IT WAS PERFECT! You also saw the garter for the first time. Breathtaking. April 22nd: Wedding planning is back in full swing! April 29th: While watching the royal wedding the princess has a bling belt. "where is your belt Meg" your mom asked. "I don't know!" you replied. "Seriously?" she said. "I really don't know!" you ran around the house looking in a bunch of different places. Once you found it you said "I knew I put it somewhere smart".

15: May and June Its been meeting after meeting but you officially booked Lotz Photography and an efficient! YAY! You said the meeting went really and that he had some catholic tendencies that you thought Brandon would really like. You've been getting very emotional about moving and I've been working on your memory book in preparation of your move! You said that you had a panic feeling in your chest and were freaking out a little bit BUT I knew you were excited! We went to see the movie Bridesmaids and grabbed drinks with everyone for a going away party in the arena district for your going away celebration. You moved on Wednesday. We loaded the Trailer on Tuesday night after grabbing drinks at Average Joe's with a few people from Compass. Before you officially moved out of the state of Ohio you had the following booked: florist,photographer, videographer, venue, dress, music (ceremony and reception), florist, menu, and much more. Now on to the small details.

16: To put it simply, an Indy trip was needed for you to keep your sanity so Lizzy and I packed our bags and headed out to the lake meeting you and Tasha. We spent the day on the water, drinking out of our super cool floating bottles! | 4th of July | The next day we went to a wine tasting. Drinking wine and sitting outside eating bread and cheese, we just enjoyed the day and each others company... even the huge goldfish in the pond ;)

17: After our day with Tasha at the lake, we made our way back to your apartment to check it out for the first time. We went to dinner with Brandon at the restaurant right down the street, where he told you his mom wanted to have an engagement party in Chicago in October. After this trip, July got a little crazy to say the least... Hyatt sells to the Cheriton and you quit your job! Life is a little hectic for you but you manage to stay in control and solve some problems. The ceremony is now set for the Statehouse and you had an interview, accepting a job as an IPS Teacher :) July 16th: Food tasting at Milo's. The food was amazing! Your dad said he still thought we should just be having steak and potatoes... You tried to explain your wedding vision yet again, but he just didn't get it. You packed up a to-go box for Brandon to sample. After the food tasting, we went back to your house to finish the save the dates. Luck would have it that your Megan&Brandon stamper arrived and I had a job. Your mom trimmed the story cards, you stuffed and labeled the envelopes, and I added the final stamp. You cracked a bottle of "relax" wine at 3:00 and we said it was never too early to celebrate the moments "You will only ever get to do this once" Save the dates completed, you decided to keep the productivity ball rolling and head to Mimi's to get your measurements taken for your reworked party dress!

18: September 18th: You called today and we talked about how crazy your life is at the moment. Grandma priest passed away , Brandon accepted the 4 month position in New York, you've been planning Katie's bachelorette party, and leaving work you left your laptop on top of your car :( Trying to find the positive news, Your dress is in and you are going to try it on next weekend! I can't wait to see it. October 2nd:Back from Maine, I made my way to your house but I missed you in your dress by a few minutes. Mimi was there with your party dress so I saw that one instead. It looked really great but papaw said " You need to puff up your boobs a bit"! October 3rd: Bringing coffee I came over to see the dress. It looked great and we took a few pictures to practice and see how it photographed. You decided on a game plan to walk down the stairs and realized there are many more details still to decide on. Your mom found her dress on line, ordered 2, and said she would just return the one that didn't fit or both if she didn't like it. Your engagement party is right around the corner and next week is your October break so more wedding news to come. October 12th: You called today freaking out that you think you might have found a new dress... You're feeling guilty, its actually kind of crazy but we decided to go tomorrow and check it our. You have also been feeling a little frantic this week on your October break while working on wedding stuff with your mom.

19: We made our way upstairs to try on the potential new dress. It was wishy washy but you ultimately knew your dress was the one. Olga came to help make the decision as well.After weighing the options and getting a feel for both dresses, we left the store. In the car you confessed that you knew up in the store which decision you wanted to make; Classical traditional dress, modified to be perfect for you! You went with your gut and decided to stick with your dress :) | October 13th: Downstairs I tried on the bridesmaid options all of which were a flop. So we searched for awhile and ended up finding a new dress that I was in love with. You were happy with it, so the decision was basically made. | Following the dress craziness, we went to Northstar unwinding with a glass of wine. You raised your glass to make a toast "Toasting to lasting friendships, because not everyone is as blessed as we are! We truly are blessed to be with a group of friends to celebrate the special moments and to cherish the success in each others lives. Following wine, we met your dad at Longhorn. "We can't talk about the wedding and we can't talk about work.."-Me, "we can talk about the wedding..."-Mr. Mike "Oh really?"- the whole table, "yes, because I don't care anymore1"- Mr. Mike, "And why is that?"- Meg, "Because my daughter will only get married once"-Mr. Mike, "Sounds like something Mom's been saying! Haha!"- Meg "Are you going to cry dad?" "Only when I see the bill"- Mr. Mike

20: Engagement Party in Chicago October 28th-30th, 2011 October 28th: Lizzy, Sus, and I arrived at your place around 10pm. You had dinner from OG waiting for us and we enjoyed time with you and Tasha. Helping Tasha wrap up her homework, we began to play apples to apples! "Who's Gym Lockers?"The night was filled with a lot of laughter and reminded us why we need good "life energy". October 29th: Heading to Chicago we played some old school jams on the bing music app. We had an amazing road trip with a great dance party. Arriving at the Hampton we all got ready for the party. Mimi saved the day with lotion for static :) Opening a bottle of wine, we toasted to your quote :To cherishing the moments and celebrating the success in each others lives. "where'd you get those Amish shoes?"- Mr. Mike "I want you to find an Amish bitch that's going to rock these shoes like me"-Meg "444-Daddy!" We arrived at the Dewing's and enjoyed a wonderful evening. It was really great to all be together to celebrate you and Brandon. Engagement party memories: "Way to fool 'em all Meg!"- Mr. Mike "No give backs Brandon!"- Mrs. Pam

21: October 30th: Driving home was an adventurer all on its own. "Always plan for four" You decided you wanted a coon skin hat from the gas station we stopped at on the trip home! Sus read her Snapple fact: "A group of jelly fish is called a smack... Guys we should be the smack pack! We are pretty but we will sting ya!" "We've got tentacles, the perfect amount of tentacles."

22: November 19, 2011 Today we all met at La June Marie and placed the order for our bridesmaid dresses. Everyone really seemed to like them and it was a perfect fit for everyone. Your mom looked at some dresses too and plans to go back and try them on. After dress shopping we went to lunch. First we thought we would go to La Chatalain but then changed our minds and decided to go to Old Bag of Nails. You had a French Dip and clam chowder but said it was too fishy HA. Everyone was there and it was perfect, except for Olga who had to work. It was one of those rare occasions everyone is able to get together. After lunch we got lost heading home. As soon as we made it back to your house, you busted out the jewelry to show me... After we were SHOCKED by the SPARKLE factor, an interesting conversation took place about yours and Brandon's bathroom habits. Haha Wanting to try your dress on with your new sparkle jewelry, you made your way upstairs to try everything on together... in the moment you decided some things: (that would most likely change...) * Hair up and to the side *Veil low *Jewelry is beautiful *Pinning down some fabric in the back of the dress * You have a saggy butt and need to do some exercises.

23: Coming back downstairs we talked about the black sashes and you were thinking a different one for each bridesmaid. We also explored all Etsy had to offer and searched for clip-on earrings for Lizzy (continuously saying "Seriously? Who doesn't have their ears pierced?") You took a cat nap on the couch and woke up ready to make a time line leading up until the wedding. Your mom was kind of freaking out about all the stuff that started popping up, but we were all really excited. You were so excited you did something I have never witnessed in all of our years of friendship. It was an epic moment I will not put in writing but will remember always! We then ate pumpkin pie ice cream, deciding it needed to be a new tradition because it was so good. ** This is when wedding planning and such takes a break for the holidays... don't worry though, it comes back full force in 2012

24: The Month of January January 4th: You texted me during my lunch break and told me you almost fainted during your dress fitting. Your mom said I needed to be there to write it down in my little notebook because it was quite the experience... your hands turned bluish purple and you almost fainted. I met you at NorthStar at Easton to have a glass of wine and talk about the amazing wedding planner you hired and the meeting you had with the lighting people at the statehouse. Amazing night- dinner with Tina at Piada for the first time... you knew Brandon would love it, but probably not as much as Chipotle... we will forget that after this evening I either got food poisoning or the flu. :/ Throughout the Month: I've been meeting individually with the bridesmaids to update them and fill in all the details. You asked me to come with you to your dress fitting on February 4th because your mom will be in Boston and you are in need of another pair of eyes. There is also that whole fainting thing... can't be having that!

25: The Month Of February February 4th: We met at your house and headed to Starbucks for a coffee to "Get us started" for your day of fittings and hair. You grabbed your new amazing wedding shoes and we headed out. The lady who was working on your dress was so sweet and she did an amazing job. The dress looked great and the shoes were perfect! We took a video for your mom and she was giving her input via text. Cindy: "Just stick a pin in there..." Me: "I'm not sticking anything into this dress!!" During this fitting, you decided to change up the originally bustle idea you had and instead went with a different technique, giving it a slight ball gown feel. Using the word amazing doesn't even come close to describing it. | After the fitting we made it over to Lacey's. She dyed your hair and it looked great. We started talking about your hair for the wedding and got into our first official debate. I voted all up and you want half up half down. it was a little intense but truthfully I know you will look amazing either way.

26: February 4th continued: Walking around Kroger you were shouting "Kylee, I'm not buying you any more wine until you agree to go to an AA meeting..." We bought wine and stuff for chocolate fountain because we were having a game night at your house. Game night consisted of pizza, games, wine, and chocolate fountain. Olga, Sus, Lizzy, you, and I all hung out at your house, caught up on each others lives while playing Apples to Apples, Balderdash, and Scategories. Your dad seemed to have fun and told us some crazy stories about drinking, racing, and getting into fights. So funny to hear about the young, crazy Mr. Mike. February 5th: You were getting ready to leave to head back to Indy and asked your dad for your tax papers... he handed them over and said " One more thing you don't need me for anymore". :( | February 11th: I received the invitation to your bridal shower today! So exciting! You said they were classic and very you, job well done. You also said you had your first wedding freak out while you were on line and checking out all of the rooms that had already filled at the hotel. The whole block was already booked. You said you were worried about everyone having a good time, thinking you needed to add more, what if people were bored? I told you to take a deep breath and reminded you that everyone was talked about your wedding because of the detail you were putting into it, not super extravagant things.

27: February 18th-20th: You came home with Steve and Brandon for the weekend. The boys went to the Blue Jackets game and you, me, and your mom went looking for a dress for the shower. We didn't have much luck with your dress but I found one. You did a little strip show in your white stripper dress . You were very excited though to find your bedding at Macys, which your mom bought for you as a shower gift. We went to dinner with everyone at Montgomery Inn and spent all of dinner talking about the craziest things we had all done over the years, your mom and dad joined in too! Before Brandon was about to leave he said goodbye to Chelsey (maybe it was going to be her die-day). When he didn't pet her you said "What, are you not going to touch her, she might die?" and then Brandon did pet her and said in his funny Brandon way "It'll be good though..." we all cracked up. Accomplishments of the weekend: *Half of the ribbons found for the bells * Half of the ribbon found for the bridesmaid belts *Chargers found at Garden Ridge *Urns found at Garden Ridge Lulu's Birthday! 2 years old and celebrated with 72 balloons! February 21st: You called me to tell me that the second block of rooms had filled up at the hotel!

28: The Month of March March 9th: KELLY CLARKSON IN CHICAGO! Our morning began when you took me to yours and Brandon's favorite breakfast place, so delicious! Then we hit the road, arriving in Hammond IN. A series of random events landed us in Chicago for the night... forcing us to call Brandon for help resulted in an amazing hotel room, unforgettable experience tasting mini martinis, taking the shuttle, first casino experience, viewing Hammond IN at it's finest, and a night out at the bars in downtown Chicago loaded with Vegas bombs. The morning after we found a little restaurant for lunch and tried to fight a slight hangover with a lot of coffee and good food. We also saw 2 of the biggest dogs in the world! Never a dull moment.

29: March 21st and 22nd: Preparation for your Bridal Shower! Your mom and I spent a lot of time together working on the details of your shower. She had thought of everything! We were trying to get as much done as possible before you came home on spring break... We had a bottle of wine and chocolate covered espresso beans. March 24th: You arrived in Dublin for your spring break, this was going to be the last long visit you would make before the wedding. We planned our coffee drink tasting and to pick up my dress. Coffee tasting was AMAZING! We all chose our favorites but unanimously decided that we do not like Grander Mariner in any beverage! Your mom made many references to the lighting, little did you know the dilemma we were having with the lighting at the arena for your shower. | After we went to Polaris to dress shop, I had a lot of luck but you not so much. We then picked up dinner at Bravo. Your mom went in to get the food and you tried to peek at the stuff in the trunk... I told you I would tackle you in the parking lot if you tried anything.

30: March 30th: The week leading up to your shower your mom was busy working on stuff and needed to get you out of the house, Then she went into cleaning mode trying to get the house ready for Debbie and the Dewing's. The day before the shower, you and your mom had a day at the spa in preparation for your shower. You needed pampered and she needed to relax. That night, you and Debbie went to the Blue Jackets game while your mom, Cindy, and I set up the space at the arena.

31: March 31st: The morning of your shower began with me running a few errands in the morning and solving a few last minute issues. I met your mom at 11 and we made a quick stop for coffee and punch ingredients before making our way to the arena to add the finishing touches. Tina was the first to arrive at the arena to help pull things together (credit is deserved for this :) ) While preparing for your arrival, Tina, Lizzy, Sus, and Olga worked on M&M's, fans in the windows, and pictures of you on the time line.

32: You Finally Arrive...

33: Party Time...

34: The Month of April April 1st and 2nd- Sunday after the shower was a day of rest. Monday you had your final dress fitting! I went to the mall to check on the robes I ordered for your spa party. I met you at your house for dinner. We ate tacos and then you tried on your party dress with your horse hair bow...The bow was just a little big for your tiny little waist and your mom said she could make some adjustments.You and your mom then called me a slave driver because I made you both tie the ribbons on the bells.. One project finished! April 4th- You and I made our way to Easton to meet Olga, Tina, and Sus for their birthday dinner and a drink. Of course the typical drama took place but dinner was great and then we went to see Olga's new place across the street. April 5th- Hair and Makeup with Lacey. Your heart was already set on half up and half down but Lacey played around with it a little bit. The poof was too high at first but she lowered it a little. You decided you liked the hot roller curls better and then tried on the veil. You looked AMAZING. Lacey pulled your hair to the side just to appease me. I appreciated the fact you cared about my opinion BUT I know you will make the decision you really want to make. After hair, Susan did your makeup. She wasn't really my cup of tea but she did an OK job. You said you know you could do your makeup yourself but you don't want to have to worry about it. The blush has to go thought, it was terrible!

35: April 5th Continued- Ending the night back at your house, I brought my dress and shoes so you could try your secret belt and check out the whole thing put together. We talked about my hear and then it was time to move on to the big project... the invitations! You had a printing issue yesterday but they came out beautifully. We spent the night gluing and stuffing pockets. they looked amazing when we were done, just needed the ribbon finish. You tried to kick me out but I assured you I would only be a MOH once and lived for the projects. I wouldn't have it any other way. You head back to Indy tomorrow, I already miss you but I am trying to cherish the time between now the wedding. April 9th- Your wedding invitation arrived in the mail April 28th- Your mom and I jet-setted our way to Chicago for you Chicago shower. Catching an early flight, we landed a little early and killed some time at the mall before picking you up at the Dewing's and making our way to a nice Italian restaurant. We were announced before taking our seats and enjoying a delicious 3 course lunch. We played a few games and were a little too chatty ... HaHa. After the shower was over, your mom and I helped pack everything up and then made our way back to the airport. Just remember I rode a plane twice in one day for you ;) A little over one month until the wedding....

36: The Month Of May Looking back on the month of May in my notes, I only made one entry. This reminds me of the fact that this month was slightly crazy! As I was busy planning race for the cure, vacation, and preparations of your bachelorette party you were wrapping up your school year and final preparations for the wedding were underway. I do remember alteration stress was setting in. Both your mom and I were having issues with Cindy's attitude at zip alterations, we were attempting to make sure all of the bridesmaids picked up their dresses, and that alterations were going smoothly. The only entry I have for May is... May 25th- I just got back from vacation and you texted me telling me about all the wedding stuff that happened while I was away. Some of the bridesmaids still haven't picked up their dresses, You fired Jared because of a lawsuit and you needed to fix a makeup lady situation. Yikes, The wedding is right around the corner, crunch time! I decided to drive to Indy to go to the Grand Prix with you. Ill never forget you saying "This is my drinking bachelorette party with just me and you" HAHA.

37: JUNE!!!! Obviously the first two weeks of June were so exciting. everything started coming together and I started a count down on your facebook. We spent the week confirming plans, reviewing the time line, picking up dresses, and getting so excited for your big day. I met with the bridesmaids to practice speeches, and literally put my speech off to the last possible minute! June 14th:Assembling my maid of honor emergency bag, finishing the cookies, stealing Tasha to help me drop stuff off at the spa and then packing my bag for the big weekend, it was officially your WEDDING WEEKEND....

38: June 15th Bachelorette Party | The early morning started out at the Woodhouse Spa in Old Dublin. We spent the morning getting pedicures and manicures, relaxing before the big day.

39: Taking the Limo, We made our way to Camelot Cellars for a wine tasting before the rehearsal dinner. In the limo, Vanessa suggested that we each propose a toast about the things we most love about you. Tina taught us a really good trick to amplify music using a glass! | Wine tasting was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about the different wines. Our rating system always makes me laugh, smiles, hearts, and sad faces HA! After the tasting, the limo dropped you off at the hotel so you could get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

40: The Rehearsal June 15, 2012 After all getting ready at the hotel, you and I made our way over to the Statehouse! We were slightly "fashionably late" but everyone looked amazing and were excited to get started. In typical style Olga and Tina were running late but we lined up without them. The officiant ran through the ceremony quickly and before we knew it, we were done! EEKK! We literally walked all the way around the Statehouse trying to get to dinner... HA!

41: The Rehearsal Dinner at Mitchell's Steakhouse June 15, 2012 Dinner was amazing! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was really great to see a whole group of people come together and genuinely share a friendship! You handed out the bridesmaids gifts, you and Brandon made a wonderful speech, and you both gave your parents their gifts. Leaving the rehearsal, you and I made our way back tot he hotel to try and get some beauty rest before the big day. As we walked out of the restaurant Brandon began busting out the macarena! We looked up to the hotel of the Renaissance to see the groomsmen at the rooftop pool with a beer in hand! Tina pulled some strings to get Christopher into one of the downtown bars so the boys went out for a bit while we went back to the hotel.

42: The Night Before the Big Day The Doubletree Hotel After leaving Brandon dancing on the street, we walked back to the hotel. Changing into pj's, washing off our makeup, and making you a cup of tea for your hoarse voice, I surprised you with Bride Wars on my handy dandy lap top and a big bag of M&M's. You were surprisingly calm and just seemed excited! I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before you though! HA. "Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you will find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding. But there's also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself is the same person who's been standing beside you all along."- Marion St. Claire, Bride Wars

43: The Morning of the Big Day The epic morning began with us waking up and jumping on the bed shouting "You're getting married today!" and "It's my wedding day!" :) After, we then decided to go get some coffee at Tim Horton's, the classic iced capps made with chocolate milk (very fitting for a Saturday morning together) One thing I will never forgive myself for is that I did not write down the amazing quote from the random guy in the street... it will forever haunt me that we can't remember! On our way back from coffee is when we realizes something was going on downtown. Remaining calm while realizing the Pride Parade was literally happening right in front of the hotel, we were proactive and began finding places for people to park and making the necessary phone calls. (Doubletree= so NOT helpful) It was shortly after showering that we realized we needed more champagne and possibly some redbull. you dared me to wear my robe to CVS, soI double dared your right back... you should know better by now... ;)

44: Getting Ready for Your Big Day Everyone arrived at the hotel mostly on time and ready experience your day with you! Hair and makeup was happening in every available space around the room, mimosas were made and the energy level was high. | June 16th, 2012

45: Making our way to the Statehouse, we left the hotel (and the crazy elevators) and piled into the limo! The evidence the boys had been there remained in the ice bucket :) It was like a secret service mission getting you inside without being seen!

46: Your Final Moments as a Priest! After the big reveal, we wanted to make a toast to let you know why we were so honored to be standing next to you on your big day. Kylee: Someone once said “We do not remember days; we remember moments”. – We wanted to take a minute to honor the many moments we have had with Megan as a Priest, Olga: the unfailing friendship you have shown, Sus: the comical moments Lizzy: and jokes we have shared, Tina: and our history that has molded us into the group of friends we are today. Today marks the last time we will all be here with you as a Priest! For as long as we have been friends, you has been known as Tina- Megs Olgs- Priesty Sus- Meg Lizzy- Muskrat Kylee- Monkey and much more. All of us have shared special moments with you throughout our 10 years of friendship and you have touched each one of our lives in a profound way. The Memories our countless but we wanted to talk about just a few. Tina- Thinking back to the beginning of our friendship I remember making our very own Wilson volleyball friend, dressing up like pink ladies, and being complete goofballs. Lizzy: I feel I should say thank you for slowly adding the element of old baseball t-shirts to my high school wardrobe thanks to take-home pajamas from the numerous, unplanned sleepovers we had at your house. You always had the best pajama drawer Olga: From our memories beginning in 8th grade making fashion statements in our exact same tank tops we all shared (just in different colors) to all the memories we created in high school. We always stuck together as a group, going to all dances together as one big happy family, having endless chocolate fountain parties at your house, ice cream experience at my house, riding in style together with Mr. Mike as our driver on our last day of high school in the red truck All of those memories we made is what made going to college so easy, because we all knew we weren’t leaving this group behind Kylee: Birthday parties and summer camps at the chiller made me realize what an amazing team we made. This was also when we discovered our love for Kelly Clarkson, Jam sessions in the car, Iced caps with chocolate milk and blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese, (and no Brando did not invent that combo)and skipping first and second period to drive around and listen to the music we swear related to our lives. Tina: Speaking of driving, I will never forget LEARNING TO DRIVE! First experience on the road was with you and Mr. Mike, you were warning me to look out for groundhogs a mile away as I almost run into walls and Mr. Mike fearing for his life while we acted like “we got this” and were ready to cruise with the radio up. I still always think back and laugh about this every time I notice my skills aren’t quite up to par Sus: Those driving skills came in handy since we all chose different colleges. The distance didn’t seem to hurt our friendships at all, in fact, Purdue trips created some of our best memories. Crusin’ around campus and getting our Super Gulps. Olga: The drives to Purdue always made it worth the experiences we shared while visiting you, tailgating all day and night for the Purdue vs. OSU football gamesfinding the true usage of canister, me making sure each and every guest during Tasha’s 21st birthday bash was tipping the bartender so he was happy. Still to this day my cousin asks why is it that I visited you much more at Purdue than him at IU but no one ever could understand the fun we all have when you put all of us together in one place.

47: Tina: Exposing me to how the pros make jello shots, and me trying to repay the favor by selling cheez its to party guests! Kylee: From an Epic 19th birthday party and Harry Buffalo Drinks, Mean Megan moments, Dance parties in the living room, random guys with pretty awesome fish tanks, Grand Prix and shaving cream battles, to early morning Breakfast club and muffin wars, Purdue has been an epic chapter of our friendship. Lizzy: Purdue was also where you met Brandon, who knew that your freshman year of college you would meet the man that would sit next to you on your wedding day. A Blind date and foam party changed your life I knew Brandon was the one for you after the cupid shuffle in the parking lot at PurdueThe true test of a man is in his dance skills. The ultimate test of man is his willingness to show his skills off during dance parties with his girlfriend’s friendsBrandon succeeded in both of these. He was a true prodigy and I knew he was here to stay Sus: I would agree. The moment I knew Brandon was the one was when We were celebrating New Year’s eve at my apartment on Campus and Brandon was in Ohio that year. All of the sudden, a dance tune popped on and without even saying anything, the two of you started doing a dance off!!!!! It was the most amazing thing Ive ever seen, with Brandon doing his moves and you getting very serious, trying to show that your dance moves were so much better! By the end, I am pretty sure that you won but I knew that they were perfect for each other! Kylee: I think we can all agree that Brandon has some pretty awesome dance skills. He busted out a pretty epic Dewing Dance at his 21st birthday party! Dance compatibility aside, I believe I knew Brandon was the one for you when you were picking a fight over something stupid, and Brandon told you to call him when you were done being “Mean Megan”. It’s a joke now among us, but I know that was the moment when I respected the way you challenged each other and the fact that Brandon could put you in her place from time to time. As your relationship has grown, I have seen you continue to challenge each other and push each other towards opportunities, I believe it is one of your strongest strengths as a couple. Tina: I have known you for a long time and it was great to see you find a man you could be yourself around. From the beginning, you seem to have found a comfort in each other, which is evident to all of us. Olga: From all the memories we shared with you and Brandon, I knew he was the one for you a few summers back when Brandon was in Columbus all summer for an internship, being away from his family and most friends. Brandon managed to survive a whole summer of putting up with all of us girls, listening to our girl gossip over dinners and shaking his head very calmly at it, but that was all I needed to see to know for sure that this one was and is a keeper! Lizzy: Obviously we love you Meg, but the most amazing thing for us is that we are able to stand here today, next to you as you say your vows, and to witness a love we truly believe in. Olga: Our friendship has been built on many moments, some good and some we needed a little help to get through, but we did it together. Sus: We want you to know how honored we all are to stand beside you today and share yet another memorable moment with you. Tina: Not everyone is as lucky as we are! We are blessed with a group of friends to celebrate the special moments and cherish the successes in each others lives. Lizzy: We look forward to the many more memories we will make with you as a Dewing and wish you and Brandon much success and love in your future together. Kylee: - It has been said “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.” We are all honored to be a part of your past as a Priest and look forward to the journey you will take as a Dewing. May all of your dreams come true. Cheers.

48: Maid Of Honor Speech (So you never forget what a nervous wreck I was) Almost 2 years ago, I was working in Athens when my phone rang. Seeing Megan’s name appear on my caller id, I quickly announced that I needed to step outside and take a phone call. On the other end of the phone was Megan very nervously explaining that Brandon had taken her to this little coffee shop at the pumpkin patch and left her there. Even though you knew the day was coming, the moment came and you were nervous. After reminding you to take a few deep breaths and that this could possibly be the moment you had been waiting for, you calmed down a bit and told me you would call me back shortly. About 1 hour later my phone rang again, You told me Brandon asked you to marry you and asked me to be your maid of honor. Of course I accepted, and since that day we have been thinking wedding wedding wedding. It’s strange to be standing here today, seeing everything come together. All of the planning and hard work paid off and this day has been amazing. I would expect nothing less from Megan, she has always been the planner. In our 10 years of friendship we have planned everything from Proms and Senior skip days to birthday parties and road trips. Some plans falling into place and others falling apart. Recently Megan and I have spent some time thinking about those disaster trips and how some of the unplanned moments have turned out to be the best memories. We’ve decided our new plan is to have no plan.

49: I challenge both of you to have this motto in your marriage as well. I think both Megan and Brandon would agree that not every moment has gone according to plan throughout their relationship over the past 5 years. Life has certainly given them opportunities to strengthen their relationship and grow together. **feeling lucky to have been apart of this from the beginning The two of you overcame struggles in the early years of your relationship which led you to learn to compromise and test each others limits. You then grew in the love you had found, building confidence and challenging each other. Today the two of you stand together as one, encouraging and supporting each other. Whether it is encouraging a business opportunity even if it means 4 months in New York, or supporting the others decision to quit a job when she tells you she just is not happy. The strength and love seen in the two of you is what tells me you both can handle any challenge that life throws your way. I know you two will plan a future together, from pumpkin carving and the annual gingerbread house competition to buying a house and starting a family. But the How and where and why and when? might change. Just remember that the best moments happen when you are not planning them; the moments when you let the other persons love for you take you by surprise. Raise Glass** CHEERS! To the many unplanned moments in your future together- I hope to see your name on my caller ID, ready to tell me all about them TO MEGAN AND BRANDON

50: Meg, I am forever thankful to have been a part of such a memorable chapter of your life and of our friendship together. I look forward to the many more stories we will tell and share with one another (although I most likely will not keep a diary of them...) and can not think of a single person I would rather have beside me throughout life's journey, You are and always will be my "forever friend". Best wishes always to both you and Brandon, I could not be happier for the two of you and look forward to the story you will write together. Love Always, Kylee

51: The Story Continues as a Dewing...

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