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BC: Dear Tamastasia, Happy Birthday my dear. There is nobody in the world that can “Voosh,” like you can. I take this memory with me everywhere I go and perform witchcraft, yet nobody can compare to your skilled abilities. I love you, and so I wrote this spell for you. You can call it a rain dance, but please do not perform it in winter, for the raindrops may freeze, and turn into ice, and that leads to scary driving: Voosh Voosh Naka se-ma naka Como se diseh Tu ey mon French classe Voosh Voosh Say this and I will hear it and return to you. (Unless there’s bad reception.) Love, Aleeza

FC: 21 | We hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true! | "Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world."

2: Tamar, I could never ask for a better friend. You are the most special person in the world. You have been there to share my happiest and saddest times with me. You are such a special person how you follow through all the way even when the sadness is no longer being discussed as dramatic. You are amazing. Tamar, there is so many amazing things I can say about you but I don’t even know where to start. You are the most beautiful person inside and out and I am the luckiest person to have met you. I really believe everything is for a reason and I truly think that meeting you enhanced who I am in so many ways. Tamar, I wish you the best birthday in the world and blessings until you are a little old lady of 120. Tamar Markowitz. NEVER CHANGE. You are one of a kind. Seriously. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING AND ITS YOU WHO MAKES ME SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL THE WORLD IS. I LOVE YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE TOOSH

4: Tamar!Happy 21st Birthday I love this picture because I will never forget that night in Israel just hanging out with you and having a good time. You never fail to make me smile or laugh, and you are cute and kind as could be to everyone you know. Although we don't keep in touch regularly, I know that whenever we do hang out, we always have a good time and pick up exactly where we left off. I love you!

5: Roses are red. Violets are blue. You are the greatest friend. And I love you. | Dearest Tayters, I cannot express my appriciation for you and your magnificant companionship. Your ravishing delinquent cannot undertake reasonings for the inept presumption of thee.. Happy Birthday Tayter Tots. I LOVE YOU! <3, Alyssa Brooke

6: Tamar my love! Happy 21st. Your'e so cool I just don't know what to do with myself. I know you don't remember that crazy bus ride but it's one of the most distinct Tamar + Alyssa memories I have. We were just being complete fools while everyone else was passed out and I don't even remember what was going on but I ended up on the floor [see picture for reference] and we were just being very silly. I love that you can be a total idiot with me and also talk to me for hours about boys. I know that sounds like the lamest thing i could ever say, like classic girl right there but its so true. Funny i just realized that little chat happened also while everyone was sleeping in the hotel on Rosh Hashana. I'm starting to detect a pattern [refer to the picture of me you talia and yard on the bed. I chose it because of that memory, but also because of yard's (now totally married) boobs are everywhere! hahahaah] Anyway there were a million more pics I wanted to send but there were them damn email size restrictions. Remember when we totally re-enacted the shoes video? That was fun. We put that bitch in her place. We should have made the original. I love you so much and I hope you have the best birthday every and I will wine and dine you and kiss you goodnight at your doorstep one of these days as a birthday present. Because you are super klassy with a c. I know I'm weird. But I also know you love it. Happy twenty one! All the best! Lots of Kinderlach! When the time is right. Love, Alyssa Tova Stein. I don't know why I just wrote my full name. It just came out. LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

8: Dearest Tammy, You have been my friend from the very start A true EB girl, with a golden heart In nursery we played house and with blocks And in pink and blue heaven, which always rocks We watched Mrs. America to see who would win Learned gymnastics and the gymnasium gym You taught me that salt goes on a cucumber And we went to Gan-Izzy together every summer As we got older the closer we grew Taking hip-hop and Israeli dance with our fellow EB crew You were always there when I needed a friend I knew on you I could always depend From 6th to 8th grade you would help me with math Even when you were sick, to which we would say, “fetter fast” The birthday dance we all made for ones special day And when I was down you would give me the chills to make the pain go away At the beginning of ninth grade, to different schools we went Nonetheless, together many Shabbats were spent Then you switched to my school, and the closer we became Even more so on Sulam, where singing, “we are” incorrectly me you would blame Our jogs and swing talks I truly did treasure Rain, clouds, or shine; it didn’t matter the weather When you moved to “our side” the excitement was clear For everyone loved having you near Awesome and sweet like the chocolate you adore Tam Tam, you are the best friend that anyone could ever ask for So caring and giving, so smiley and kind I would like to be your friend forever, if you don’t mind So happy birthday to you on this very special day There is just one more thing that I would like to say Never change, you are perfect, just the way you are Till 120, I LOVE YOU, I know you’ll go far!! Happy Birthday Tammy I love you so much! Thank you for being you! Love, forever and always, Shosh!!!!

9: Tammy & Shosh

10: Make a wish!

11: Tamah, First of all HAPPY 21ST birthday! WOO! Legal drinking and all that really great stuff! Hahaha I can't believe you're so old. I remember when we were in seminary and we were 18! So young. It's really a lot harder to think of life before marriage now even the wedding feels like a dream (because you were there, duh). I was so happy and grateful that you came, though. You were the best shomeret eHer. It was the best wedding present I could have got EHER. The next best wedding present will be when YOU get engaged, eHer :) Anyway, back to your birthday! According to my calculations, you were born on Rosh Chodesh Nissan. A very special birthday. In your birthday Parsha (Vayikra), Rashi interprets the first word "Vayikra" to mean to call in a loving way. Hashem doesn't call Moshe to get his attention, rather, he calls to Moshe lovingly. Rashi adds that this is how Hashem would act at every opportunity when he would call to Moshe to tell him words of Torah. In other words, the very name of the Parsha, Vayikra, symbolizes Hashem's deep love for Moshe Rabbeinu, as well as for every individual member of Bnei Yisrael. This love comes even BEFORE Hashem's love for words of Torah-- before Hashem would start giving over words of Torah he would address Moshe with love because Hashem's love for Moshe and for every Jew is rooted in His identity, even deeper than the Torah itself. According to Rashi's interpretation, a simple question arises: The last part of Parshat Vayikra deals with the laws of a man that sinned unintentionally/intentionally. So if the message of Vayikra is the love of Hashem for every Jew, why does the end of the Parsha discuss a sin- something that would cause a rift between a Jew and Hashem? In truth, the end of Vayikra doesn't deal with sin, rather, with Teshuva. The fact that a Jew can sin and do everything wrong and still return to Hashem as if he were brand new is the epitome of Hashem's deep connection to a Jew. Even if a Jew completely disconnects himself from the Torah, the love that Hashem has for him constitutes a cause that somehow forgives his spiritual weaknesses. Therefore, the end of Vayikra completes the idea of Hashem's deep love for every single Jew. Every Jew has a chance to do Teshuva because Hashem's love for us will always be a free pass back into a life of Torah and Mitzvot "Be'Ahava." I wish for you, Tamar Markowitz, to always feel loved by Hashem, whether in good times and bad times, and always not to forget to kiss Him (Hashem) before you go to sleep! I'm so happy that I have you in my life, even when you're thousands and thousands and thousands of miles away. I hope you have an amazing birthday and may you live for another 99 years (Ad Meah Ve'esrim) in happiness and health and emunah! Luh You Always and Foreher, Yahd

13: Dearest Tamshkiloo, Shushu, Tom Tom, Hailey, Birthday cards are always interesting to write because they come every year and well most of the time the same thing can be said every time. I also am having a hard time finding the right words because with you Tammytunes there is just so much to say! You are honestly one of the most sincere and warm people I have ever encountered. Everyone who meets you goes on to say how good you made them feel and I don't think I've ever seen someone walk away from a conversation with you not smiling. I know I've definitely experienced this countless times. You're just a one of a kind friend and person in general which is why you deserve someone so special, not just any regular Joe (pun intended). You're a beautiful neshama and it shows in everything you do, I have so much to learn from you and am SO thankful to Hashem that I get to have you as a friend. I love you so much Tamar and hope b'ezras Hashem our friendship continues only to grow stronger over the years, and that I can internalize everything I learn from you! I wish you the most incredible birthday because I couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more than you. This year and all the subsequent years ad meah v'esrim should bring you nothing but bracha, simcha, shalom and the best of gashmius and ruchnius, growth as a person, friend and in your role as a bas yisroel, amazing friendships and relationships and everything your huge heart can dream! I love you! Love Always, Chaya Rivka the other fairy :)

14: "Not Just Friends, Soulmates" -Rav k | “I don't need to pay a therapist to give me crap. I have a roommate that does it for free.”

15: My Dearest Tamsky, Tamaroo and Best Friend, A 21st birthday in my opinion is a big deal. To me, it means hopefully by now you have impacted the world in some way, made a difference, achieved some goals but mostly, touched people’s lives. For me, you certainly touched mine. It is weird to think that we have only known each other for 3 years because it feels like I have known you forever. There’s no friendship where I feel more at ease, than ours. The comfort and excitement I have returning to our apartment to just hang, watch TV, eat, chill, dance, study the dreadful music, shiver because were cold, and just talk all night long is indescribable. When people ask me what its like to room with your best friend its easy for me to respond. To me Tamar, you aren’t just a best friend you are like a sister. We have seen each other at our highest points, our lowest points, tears, happiness, anxiety, sleep deprivation, crankiness, and hyperness. The crazy part is we still love, accept, understand and are there for each other at the end of the day, no matter what happened- that is bond like sister, an unconditional love. We have been through Israel, illnesses, Binghamton, drunken nights, tummy aches, snow storms, Tazimuden, matt ingber, bad spellers, food shopping, dates, boy escapades that lead to giggling, dancing, prank phone calls, challaettes, weddings, nature refugees, Purim, Chanukah dinners, sexy chic, simchas torah at Andy, Arizona for pesach, touro friends, your fall during ballet, random middle of the night talks, stupid cuny first, chocolate rampages, gossip girl, one tree hill, the big C, breaking the salad tongs bc u were pissed, you being a dead fish in Bing,la Bella restaurant, encore battles, throwing out old food, shopping for gum, changes or colors, needing salt shakers, cooking tryout, studying for music and macro, sleepovers, walks to 711, girls nights out and laughing fits over your naiveté’s. Even when I am away from you for just one day, I feel lonely. Tamar you have such a gift at bringing ease to people and that’s what makes me know and believe that you will be the best industrial psychologist in the world, your going to make a difference. Tamar, you are the number one person I turn to, the person who knows how to make me laugh and cheer me up, the person who acts weird with me, discusses religion with me, my gossip girl buddy and the one who I tell all my dirty details! I only hope that I am half as good as a friend to you as your are to me, because you are the best. I wish with all my heart that your 21st birthday and year is filled with an excess of love, happiness, health, lots and lots of smile (you have the best), ease, comfort and random dance outbursts. I Love youuuuuu home girl, neva 4 get it! -T

16: Dear Tam, Do you remember us in our little metallic bathing suits on vacation? Me either, but we look like we're having a blast! Happy 21st birthday! I can't believe we're already so old! Many more happy years to come!!! Love you always, Lee

17: Happy Birthday Tamar! For some reason your birthdays stick out to me more than any of my other friends. I remember doing this dance party in your basement, where we have the classic pictures of us on your stairs - we were just too cute. Then who can forget your surprise party where we watched Remember the Titans. I remember being so nervous for you to walk in, as I never surprised anyone before that. And unfortunately, the birthday that Aliza and I were off by two days thinking it was the 25th and putting birthday signs on your locker. No matter what the year or what the birthday celebration may be, it is obvious that our friendship is one for the books. We all speak about being from East Brunswick and the special bond that creates. While this is completely true, there are some friendships within East Brunswick that go past the "EB Girls" and I think we are one of them. You are someone I admire and look-up to for advice, especially in the boy domain. You are someone who knows when I need a laugh and when I need a good cry. Mostly though its laughs. And boy do we have many of those (just to name a few: frozen potato roll always, EB blizzard bus for Alex's wedding, Bruriah?!?!, peeing in your pants when Alyssa was over for Shabbat...). Tamar, you are a friend I value to no end. A friend that I know will be here for me through thick and thin, the funny and the sad. A friend that I share a wonderful past with and will share an amazing future with. A friend that knows me in a way no one else does. I hope this birthday brings you much laughter and fond memories. Happy Birthday - I love you! Love always and forever, Shira

18: true joy is a byproduct of living meaningfully

19: Dear tamskyyy, Wow its hard for me to write this because it hurts how much I miss you!!, firstly I wanna wish you a happy happy 21st birthday!!!!! Its so nuts how were getting so oldd and im so sad I can’t be there with you to celebrate this very special day!! But I was told to write some kind of memory that we shared but when I think about us and our friendship, it’s like every second we spend together is a memory and its way too hard to choose so I decided to take this letter thing and tell you how special you are and make you realize how your friends really do love and appreciate you. I think its crazy that everyone in Israel hears the name Tamar and doesn’t even let me finish my sentence because they automatically say “wee knowwww, she’s amazing and you love her and she’s your best friend etc...” And I’m so happy that they got to meet you in person and experience your unbelievable caring, genuine, inspiring and fun vibe and attitude that you give off, now they all understand why im so obsessed. But tam honestly you’ve gone so far in your life, I’ve watched you develop and strengthen yourself and it’s made a huge impact on my life. You’re the one person that when I think of coming home, I don’t get stressed. You’re the one person that somehow I always have time for without going crazy, knowing that you would be so understanding about anything last minute that would come up. You know me inside and out and always have the right things to say. I’m honestly blessed to have you as my best friend, to be as in touch with you and even more so than in high school and to know and feel like you will really be part of my life forever. Tamar I want to wish you the happiest birthday you can have. Take advantage of every second. Live this 21st year of life to the fullest, have no regrets and continue to be the most unique, genuine and inspiring person that you are. I really love you soo much and it makes me feel so special to see that your friends back at home are taking care of you for me and are making sure that you will have this book for your birthday. I love you soo much ad 120!!!!! And may all your deep and thoughtful wishes come truee and may hashem show you the presence of his guidance in your life and may you have clarity in all your life changing decisions that you will make. Lovee you soo soo much tammy miss you and happy happy birthday!!!!! Woohoooo goo partyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

20: Dearest Tamar, Happy 21st Birthday!!! It’s crazy thinking about how long we’ve been friends. We go waaay back – as evidenced by the lovely ;) pictures – and plan on it staying that way! Remember the RPRY days of allergies and mono and EB girls Some things never change. You are a special person and a special friend, always smiling and making those around you feel comfortable. Whether it is including a friend or acting as the mommy of the group, you sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. And you manage to do it in a subtle way, a way in which people do not feel guilty for your kindness. My bracha to you is that the same warmth and kindness that you so willingly give to others should be bestowed upon you. Can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you in the future!! Love you always, (A)Lexis

21: Dear Tamar, Happy Birthday!! I can’t believe you and I have come this long and that we are still such good friends. I mean, on one hand I can’t believe it but then again, I didn’t have any doubt that we would stay friends, since after all, we are soul mates! But still, I got worried there for a bit when we almost lost touchbut now we’re living next door to each other! Seriously that’s how I know it’s not a joke, and that G-d really wants us to be together hahaI’ll never forget Bruriah when you were the only reason I didn’t kill myself...and you know I’m not lying because when you left I left too! Lolbut I really do have good memories from there and you are in almost every onelike when we would go to each other’s houses and stay up till 6 in the morning studying chumash or being really mature 9th graders and contemplating life and religion hahaand then after we switched schools remember the first time we got drunk?? (or maybe it was just me? I can’t remember)you came to me for Simchat Torah and we stole alcohol from my parents and we got trashed in my roomhahah we were like puking in each other’s hair over the garbageand on the floor lolomg I’ll never forget thatwowbut then towards the end of highschool and Israel when we sort of lost touch a little bit whenever I bumped into a mutual friend I would be like “omg you know tamar? Tamar and I are soulmates we were best friends!” and then I would get sad that we didn’t talk but it was just so hard to keep in touch because you live in middle of no where!! Lol jk but really, I can’t even describe to you how happy I am that you are back in my lifeI want you to know that you are one of the most special people I know. It’s weird how I can’t even imagine you being anything but good hearted (weird in an awesomely amazing way, obviously lol) to anyone. I hope that you always know that and know how much I love you! I wish you an awesome year with lots of happiness and health and lots and lots of fun (let’s not let school get in the way this year) the best best birthday you’ve ever had!!! I love you!!!! With love, Racheli

22: friends

23: Dear Tamar, So I know that you wrote me that card one time, which I love, and I never did return the favor. But really its because what am I meant to write to you in a card? Really, what could I write to sum up what you are to me, and how happy I am that you were born. I'm sure I've said this before but you really are like a sister to me in the way that I cant imagine chas v'shalom ever not having a connection with you or not being friends (sisters) with you. Not having you in Israel is one of the hardest things for me but I always know that I can call you or text you and you'll be there for me. To listen, to comfort and just to make me feel like I'm home. You have always had the most amazing ability to do that for me and that's something that I could never repay you for and I am forever grateful to you. You truly have been there with me through anything and everything, by my side always. You know all this but I cant stress enough how much it's gotten me through. And so I guess its obvious that for this year I wish just everything good that life has to offer, joy and happiness, clarity and growth and everything else you wish for yourself. Say amen:). You truly deserve it. I love you so so much happy happy birthday beautiful girl! All my love, Tali P.S I could go on for forever but I don't know how long this is meant to be and stuff. Just so you know P.P.S I LOVE YOUU

24: Prom | Birthday | Israel

25: Dearest Tamar, Happy 21st Birthday! I hope this year brings you all the best, everything you hope and wish for. Tamar, thank you for being an unbelievable friend over the past years—for being my best friend, partner-in-crime, confidante, chill-giver, and neighbor! I know we didn’t quite hit it off back in YIEB preschool, but from the moment we discovered each other and became friends, I didn’t ever want to leave your side. You are so fun to be around, and you are extremely honest, sincere and giving. You’ve always been an amazing listener and advice-giver. I have such great memories with you, from the times we would talk with our eyes and just “get” it, to the times you would make me eat my cheese at lunch, to the time we made up our own lyrics to Macy Gray and JLo, to the time we laughed/cried on your bedroom floor for 20 minutes straight. The memories go on and on, and I am so happy that we continue to make many more as our friendship continues to grow. Although we don’t get to see each other often enough, I always look forward to seeing you, and I feel such a sense of warmth and comfort when I get to spend time with you. Thank you for being an amazing friend and a part of my family. I really love you with you all my heart. Love always and forever, Leez

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