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1: Emmeline Sage

2: Emmeline Sage you were on our minds just a few short months after we were married. We were on our summer break for BYU and we wanted you so bad! Dad and I wanted a little girl to set the tone in our home, which you have. We fell in love with Emmeline when we were taking church history and came across the woman who started food storage and was a Relief Society President, Emmeline B. Wells! Sage comes from a friend of mines who's daughter, Sage, had just past away. Plus Emmeline Sage sounded too beautiful not to use!

3: Something funny is I won 2nd place in a hula hoop contest when I was 9 months pregnant with you! This fun time caused my hips to move so badly that I felt like my bones were rubbing together for a week. I also just finished my last exam at BYU one week before you were due. | I craved mashed potatoes from KFC and pizza. We ate a lot of breakfast because that is what i liked and all I could cook, which explains your taste for pancakes!

4: Dad was a huge help, but even he admits that while I was pushing that he thought you were never coming out!!! Of course he never told me, but he was such a champ! We recovered there for two days and since you had a hard time breathing they wanted to keep an eye on you! So we missed Dad's graduation. He hated leaving us, but we took the time to get dressed and ready, I had the nurses give you a blue bow and I put you in a blue blanket!!! | We got up early Wednesday April 23rd, 2003 to get induced, one day after your due date. I had wanted you before your Dad graduated, but you had other plans! They broke my water around 9:30am, when they found meconium present and I didn't have a lot of contractions, so they gave me piticion a few hours later. After about 3 hours on that I got an epidural and layed almost comatose on the bed with oxygen. TIME, I started pushing and after a half hour I said, "That's it! I quit! I can't due this anymore!" Dad and Buggy looked at each other and tried not to laugh, because I was the only person that could get you out. So I pushed for another 30 minutes and out you came! I remember how much you looked like a little bug and thought we'd nickname you that, but it never stuck!

5: It was quite a day! We worked hard and tried to sleep good that night, but we were too excited having you here! | I love this one!

6: Most beautiful baby! | Dad's famous shot!

7: Mom and Dad after graduation! Dad brought you the tassle from his hat, but you slept through it. You were such a esay sleeper, content, our little love bug! | koby 4 months riggin 2 months emme 1 day

8: dad would snuggle you all day if he could | The first week we had you home, you would stay awake til 1am just staring around, not making a peep. | Mom's 1st Mother's Day!

9: The middle left picture is of you and Buggy when you tried on her baby dress, bottom left is the first time meeting G-ma Logie and the bottom right is you and Nanny! | At about 5 weeks you found your thumb! You would sleep from 7am- 9am and take two three hour naps a day for the first 8 months of life!

11: This was one of the most beautiful days in my life. I loved that both families were there. Dad gave a beautiful blessing for a beautiful girl. Heavenly Father loves you so much! | Blessing Day

12: Bottom left is me and you pack up MC 301. Bottom right was your first Halloween with your WT parents. | top right: is you and your cousin's first picture all together with great aunt Tani! Middle right is you as baby Jesus.

13: Shortly after Christmas we went to Spring Haven and played a lot! You were the center of attention. All the stardom pushed you into finally crawling at 9months. | Your first Chirstmas was so fun. We celebrated with the Hilbigs in DT SLC. All morning all you wanted to do was play with that darn red bow!

14: first actual hair cut. | you were such a good baby. mom had to finish school at home and you would come take test with me.

15: you were a girly girl and always liked to hang with me while getting ready and try on shoes! you also loved to read to your self, as shown below. you got a black eye when you were a year. you fell off the bed, that was only 6 inches from the ground.

16: You loved to be outside.

17: You started wrestling at a young age; luckily Leighton was always on your side! | you always liked getting your picture taken.

18: You loved the pool! We were in there at least 3 times a week! Dad liked to treat you like his little buddy. You got pretty good at hiking the ball! | TL & ML: Is the first time you went camping! TR: Is your first Eagle Fun Days Parade!

19: When we went to the fair in 2004 we saw the cutest pink boots, that we HAD to buy for you! We loved that you were a cow girl! | We spent a lot of time on the lake with both Walker's and Hilbig's. You loved the boat, but didn't like Dad when he was out on the water!

20: This was the time you walked with me across the stage to receive my diploma from BYU! If I didn't have your support I deffinately couldn't have done it! | Miss M

21: Your second Fourth of July was down in Utah with the Saylin's and G-ma and G-pa Hilbig. There was a big parade with tons of kids. However you didn't like it so much, but you did look totally cute!

22: The Day Brig came Home! | You were excited, just not at first! But I think you knew Dad was leaving soon to go back to school. Don't worry I was crying too!

23: Meeting Dad in SD 3 weeks after Brig was born! | Your first time on the beach!

24: Living in San Diego was Daddy's Dream that we soon became a part of! You loved playing in the sand and water! | Daddy's little beach girl!

26: You have always had a desire to learn. From an early age you could put together the US puzzle! You loved the play ground! | Big girl you started potty training at 2 1/2 yrs old. You also LOVED your new bed!

27: where we were the minority! You loved the old man Lawry who taught us many funny songs we sing to day. "My Mum gave me a nickle" | The train at the mall kept us entertained, as well as Sea World. You also went to a community play group

28: Shortly after G-ma Logie was sealed to G-pa Logie and we spent some more time at Spring Haven. Pretty sure this was your first snowman. | For Christmas we flew to Utah to celebrate! You were Mary for the first time. You got to share it with lots of cousins! You got your first sleeping bag!

29: When we returned home Lily and Jason announced that they were getting baptized! | After Christmas we went up to Boise where Brig was blessed.

30: You loved being with your brother and I caught you several times in your room with the lights on and you in his crib laughing together. | Girls with their Dads!

31: We also got to celebrate Easter at the Stone's. You and I were like kid's in a candy store! | This is your 3 year old Birthday! We celebrated in Boise after Nanny's Funeral.

33: Your true birthday in San Diego. We got you a kitchen that you LOVED! You were always cooking us up something yummy!

34: Dad's words from Family Journal: "Emme is very active, very social, thinks she is Ariel from the Little Mermaid, loves movies, loves dad, is the best to play with, laughs hestarically when tickled, everyone is her cousin, simply happy and loves life, I took her to the school today and a girl stopped us and said "She's going to be a model. She just floats when she walks."

35: May 21, 2006 Mom's words from family journal: "Emme knows how to work the system- i.e. if she wants something she sits on Craig's lap and hugs him and asks "Pleeeease"!

36: It was hard walking away from San Diego. We made such good friends and had a wonderful life there! You missed Lawry and Lily. | Last night in San Diego, saying good-bye to the beach!

37: At Daddy's graduation! You were so excited you couldn't sit still!!

38: This is when you really started getting into baking, especially pancakes! | Our apartment in Boise, behind target. You were quite excited to be back around family!

39: FJ 12-3-06 "Emme told Craig to hurry in Spanish today...she also learned to say "i'm sorry" when she does something wrong...she bore her testimony today about Grandma, Craig and the truth." | Arrrrr Maty, cousin shower, bike equitment, bubbles and bikes for Christmas!

40: with Truman, you even called me "Big MaMa!" You and Riggin used to snuggle and Leighton and you always dressed up! | We used to spend a lot of time at the park behind our house. You loved me getting bigger

41: Before Truman came we celebrated Easter with the Hilbig's and did some swimming!

42: We spent a lot of time at our house, watching it grow and be completed! | You were always making us laugh! | The last picture taken before Truman entered the world.

43: You were such a big helper and LOVED being the big sister. You always kept us entertained! | You were so excited for Tru we made a paper chain to count down and you asked everyday if he was coming! I think you were a little more excited then me!

44: This was one of your first dates with Papa! When you were little you used to be afraid of him, but now you love hime! | Your all time favorite thing to do with Dad... WRESTLING!

45: I love this picture of you, Mazi and Riggin! You have always perferred cousins over friends! | Look who's 4! You were so excited to have your birthday close to Truman's!

46: FJ 5-15-07 "Emme just had her Big Show at gymnastics, she was definately best in class! Now she wants to try dance! I said after summer. She asks now everyday if summers over! She also likes to work out with me! We get up at 7am and work out at our gym."

47: This was on Memorial Day 07! I love this picture of you! | Tubby time and shower time was the best time!

48: These kids couldn't be any cuter or closer! All were born in less than 3 months and are pretty inseperatable! | Muscle Mania!

49: Bunkn' Bronco!!!

50: Emme loved her new found freedom of being outside in the backyard or riding bikes in the front! | Emme and Dad know how to have fun together. It's a gift!

51: We had our family reunion in Utah this year; we enjoyed alot of water activities, parks and BBQ's! Oh and some cousins! | Emme milked a cow for the first time... four years old and did something Dad and I have never done!

53: Emme you are a spaz! You always love to make us laugh! You also were the first and only to loose a tooth in Pre-school!!!

54: Emme from a young age always wanted to learn. So half way through pre-school I took her out so i could teach her how to read. A week later she was watching a commercial for "Hooked On Phonics" and said "Mom I want to learn how to read!" That got me all excited and we took off from there! She learned in less that 3 months!

56: Emme wanted a scooter this year! She knew how to ride within seconds! Emme loves being outstide! | Emme loves setting up the tree and always wants to be the one to put the top on the tree!

57: First snow man that was made in our own backyard! First time making snow angels too! You love snow! | A date with Papa! Nothing gets better than pancakes with Papa followed up with making doughnuts in his truck!

58: Emme's first time skiing!

59: First attempt at braiding Emme's hair. Not too shabby!

60: She is always helping her brothers and is constantly playing new games with the. ML: is Emme and Brig conducting their own music! | Emme is my little model, she knows how to work the camera. I love taking her picture!

61: The bottom right shows all their fun personalities. And aren't they all FUN! | March of 2008 I got to take Emme and her cousins on a photo shoot. They were such good sports.

62: Brig, Mazi and Emme, cutest little bunch! | Emme's birthday date with Papa! A ride in the 'widow maker' and a bucket full of treats! | Hugging her soccer net. Emme LOVES soccer, but also LOVES cheering from the sidelines

63: "Maybe if I wear this hat dad will mistake me for Brig and take me on Father's and Son's campout!" | Cheaper by the dozen! | Rocking the curls! Shirley Temple!

64: There are many words that I can use to describe Emme, but my favorite is "Carefree!" | Poppy is Momma Bug's Dad. We went up to Garden Valley the end of May to celebrate his birthday!

65: This was the summer before you entered elementary school! I loved having you home and was sad to see you go. But with your excitement, I was able to say good bye more easily.

66: Rockn' R Ranch This year for our family reunion we decided to do a cowboy experience in Southern Utah. On our way we got to walk through the Twin Fall's open house. Emme's favorite part was the baptistry. | Mutton Bustn'

67: This girl was a natural. Couldn't get her off the horse. She truly has G-PA Hilbig blood. | Cheesecake

68: First day at school! I was more nervous than you were. You loved it! | Here we are all packed up ready to start our adventure in Idaho Falls!

69: Emme riding her bike at 5 1/2 years old! You could have learned earlier, but your parents were worry warts! | When we first moved to Idaho Falls we had a lesson on Lehi and his family moving because the Lord commanded them.

70: Thanksgiving Sun Valley 2008

71: Emme knows how to fly and dance.

72: First snow fall, but not the last! | Watching the snow fall...

73: Didn't matter the temperature you were out every chance you got! | Burried alive in the snow! | Hilbig's go sledding!

74: This year Santa brought the much needed sleds and sleeping bags! You were all so excited! | searching the skies for Santa

75: That face says "complete joy"! dad would take Elleigh into your room when she was first born and you said, "It's like she's a doll"! | The only kid to say good bye!

76: This was such a special day! I love how you LOVE your sister! You were so excited once she got to sleep in your room! | Elleigh's Blessing Day | Esther and The King 3/14/09

77: Emme wanted to buy Leighton a matching sweater, so when Leighton came to play for a week we went shopping!

78: Loving the baby time! And you also got your hair cut! | Happy 6th Birthday! We brought in Hannah Montana cupcakes, which were a big hit!

79: Last day of school. I made you a flower necklace and picked you up at school on your scooter, so we could ride home together! | Happy Mother's Day! What a fun way to say I Love You!

82: Emme loved playing with all her girl cousins. There are six that were born in a two year span! They are inseparable! | McCall 2009

83: More horse back riding! This girl is a pro! She loved riding the tube too!

84: Emme's first job, selling hand sanitizers with Dad and Brig! She made around 30 in a few hours! | Always making us laugh! Those teeth.... YUCK!

85: Emme is a fantastic swimmer and has always LOVED the water! At the end of the summer she was swimming w/o wings! | This shot was taken at 8am so Emme could show her skills to dad before work!

86: Top Right: The morning Papa picked us up in a charter bus to go eat at McDonald's! It was then he told us that is what we'd be taking to Disneyland! | First day at Hunter Elemetary. Mrs. Shade 1st grade!

87: Emme, always the angel! I love the picture of you and Tru watching for Santa! | Thanksgiving at the Grand America in Utah 2009! We had chocolate fondue at G-Ma!

88: Beach 2010~ We made it to California! Emme memorized all 13 articles of faith! Between Papa and Emme the dream was realized! | G-ma Logie came to visit us! We love to play lot's of games with her and hearing her stories!

89: We had such a fun time running from ride to ride but, Emme's favorite ride was Space Mountain! I think you were the first awake and the last to fall asleep! | Emme got to visit the princesses at Disneyland! And Cinderella was her favorite!

90: Emme started piano Jan. 2010! She took off on it and LOVES it! This picture to the right is the morning of her 7th B-day! | Emme's favorite memory of G-Pa Hilbig is when we had a snow ball fight in their swim suits!

91: Emme did cheer camp this year at Rocky Mountain with Mazi! Then we enjoyed Eagle Fun Days! | Emme getting her ears pierced! I thought for sure you'd cry or scream, but you didn't even flinch!

93: Aana came to visit this summer. She is from Washington and you guys are the same age! You two became fast friends! | This summer we got to go to Nauvoo, Emme loved the concerts and made a big sister for life!

94: Emme started Ballet this year, she is one of the oldest and loves it! This Halloween Emme was Queen Esther! | Summer fun, jumping, swimming, putting on talent shows for FHE and being silly!

95: Emme loved being at Aunt Lexa's wedding! She was taring up the dance floor and eating all the fair food she could!

96: Miss M- You have grown up too fast. You are my first daughter, the first to make me LOVE motherhood! Being a Mom was a breeze with a daughter like you! You have brought me closer to my Savior. I hope as a mother I can teach you the blessings of keeping the commandments! You have always been a doer of good! When you were tiny you'd give hugs to strangers and wave and | blow kisses to everyone! You started bearing your testimony at a young age. You truly LOVE the Lord. You strive to do what is right every day. I am grateful for your example and the peace you bring into our home! Emme I want you to know that you are a beautiful daughter of Heavenly Father! He loves you so much! You are here on earth to accomplish a huge mission in bringing the | gospel to everyone. And you do! People can see the light of Christ in your eyes! Through your goodness and love, you already have brought two people into the waters of baptism! Lilly and Jason could feel your peace in our home! You are a true follower of Christ! Keep your eyes focused on the temple and you won't stray far from the path! I love you! Mom 3/16/11 | A word from your Mom~

97: Emmeline, Congratulations on your choice to enter the waters of baptism and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! You have now made a promise to your Heavenly Father to always keep the commandments and to always remember your Savior. You have always done so, it's just who you are, and I have full confidence in you that you will endure to the end in doing so. You have a gift to love, to serve, to lift and cheer others up, | to care for, to console, to invite and include, to be a friend, to laugh and be silly, to read and learn, and to be the best daughter in the world! There is nothing more important in your life than coming to better know your Heavenly Father, then to | trust in him, and then to actually do what He says through our living prophets and apostles, scripture, and personal revelation. Exaltation is real, and I want to be there with you. I love you, Emme. I look up to you. I am so excited for you. You are truly the best! Love, Dad 3/16/11 | A piece of Dad's mind~

99: April 30th, 2011

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