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1: Saturday, January 1 Spent the afternoon with the cousins | Sunday, January 2 Celebrating Hunter's baptism at Thomas Road Baptist Church | Monday, January 3 Shopping at Claire's Boutique | Tuesday, January 4 Dinosaur Club with Captain Vic at the Nature Zone

2: Wednesday, January 5 Dennis and Chloe playing their nightly game of Rummy. She beat him two times. This is no small feat to beat Mr. Iremember everycardyoupickupanddiscardduring the entire game. | Thursday, January 6 Our 3pm homework study group. LOVE these girls! | Friday, January 7 Chloe and Danielle watching Elf and crocheting. | Saturday, January 8 Dennis after he shared at the men's prayer breakfast. I wanted a picture of him with Nathan Puzey, a dear friend and mentor. Nathan continually and unashamedly points us toward Jesus.

3: Sunday, January 9 Nothing brings a smile to Jake's face quicker than a batch of freshly made chex mix, minus the peanuts | Monday, January 10 THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! The DS that he saved for, bid on and won on Ebay finally came in the mail. | Tuesday, January 11 Snow day, minus the snow. Kept a promise to myself and finished a project that needed finishing, painting the dining room. Now pretty much every room in our house is some shade of taupe. | Wednesday, January 12 "A Single Shard, Chloe's 2nd qtr book project. Chloe's sweet little clay monkey sat happily in our kitchen for weeks without incident. It wasn't until the morning of the presentation, that he decided to lose his head, literally.

4: Thursday, January 13 LOVE this book. | Friday, January 14 Dinner from China Royal and Guitar Hero with friends from Genworth. | Saturday, January 15 Uncle Marvin and Aunt Dorothy stopped for dinner and a visit on their way from NJ to NC. | Sunday, January 16 Our fifth (and final) year of teaching the 4th graders at Heritage Baptist Church. We plan to promote ourselves to the jr. high ministry come September.

5: Monday, January 17 Dr. Eppes. An amazing doctor who has cared for Dennis and me for nearly 20 years. No matter what we walk (or roll) into his office with, he knows what needs to be done and gets it done. And the best part is, he loves Jesus. | Tuesday, January 18 A delightful lunch at Myrt's with two sweet friends. My footlong special even made it into the picture. | Wednesday, January 19 The trumpet is a very LOUD instrument...I'm just sayin' | Thursday, January 20 Pressure sores. I've already cried twice today and now I think I've got a grip. Clinging to the promise that He works ALL things together for our good. Romans 8:28"

6: Friday, January 21 Ian and Jake, two peas in a pod. | Saturday, January 22 The Babcocks came in and brightened our day. They came bearing four sweet children, a large Sicilian pizza and lots of laughter to lift our spirits. | Sunday, January 23 On dark winter evenings, when the temperature dips below freezing, a few brave souls are out walking their dogs. I am out, well, walking my son. To have the energy of a 12 year old boy, oh, the things I could accomplish. | Monday, January 24 I have decided my kitchen sink is my "prayer closet." I spend enough time there, it may as well be time well spent.

7: Tuesday, January 25 Hanging out at the doctor's office. We stopped for dinner on the way home, it may qualify as a date night. This picture made us all laugh, so it had to be the picture of the day. | Wednesday, January 26 Now this should be the next New Covenant billboard on Lakeside Drive | Thursday, January 27 Grady came over and spent a lazy-snow-day-afternoon with us. | Friday, January 28 Our goal is 10,000 steps per day. With pedometers in hand, we took a brisk (speed and temperature) walk around Lake Vista.

8: Saturday, January 29 Uncle Darryl joined us for dinner and a game of cards. | Sunday, January 30 Jake and I walked to church. 3.1 miles. His reward was a quick stop at Sheetz for a cookies & creme milkshake. | Monday, January 31 So it seems I have created a monster. Give Chloe a goal and she is bound and DETERMINED to meet it...even if that means walking around the kitchen island 742 times in order to get those last 4,092 steps in for the day. | Tuesday, February 1 A little care package that I put together for a sweet girl that Dennis and I have had in our 4th grade class for 2 years. By the world's standards, she has nothing. But somehow, she marches into class each Sunday morning with a smile on her face and a hug for her teacher. Those hugs remind me why we do what we do.

9: Wednesday, February 2 Today my 2003 Honda CRV hit 70,000 miles. I enjoy my little car as much today as I did the day Dennis gave it to me. | Thursday, February 3 I never had the privilege of knowing my maternal grandparents. One of the most difficult things about losing my mom, is knowing that my children will never know her. | Friday, February 4 When you have a son with seemingly endless energy, the treadmill can be your best friend. He has logged many, many miles on that thing. And yes, he likes to walk on it backwards. If he's happy, I'm happy. | Saturday, February 5 It's a bit LOUD over here at the Ingersoll household, it's called the Brad & Jake Show. It involves laughing, yelling, wrestling and lots of bodily noises.

10: Sunday, February 6 Superbowl party at our house with half time football in the front yard. When Jake was about 4 years old, he told me "Uncle Danny brings all the fun!" Apparently, 8 years later, that still holds true. | Monday, February 7 I'm not much for visiting grave sites, but I do enjoy my little brick. | Tuesday, February 8 Ballet class #2. She is loving every minute of it. | Wednesday, February 9 Chloe received a special Valentine's day gift from Mr. Jay. We all love his little sneakers.

11: Thursday, February 10 Sick. 102 degree temperature. That would mean missing your 4th grade class Valentine's day party. She was one sad girl. | Friday, February 11 Graves Mill Road leading into Lake Vista. My camera did not do God's handiwork justice. | Saturday, February 12 Maggie, Abigail and Chloe at the father daughter prayer breakfast at church. | Sunday, February 13 Rejoice spring musical kick off..."SIMON SAYS The Rockin' Trial of Simon Peter." Jake's last musical. That's a little sad.

12: Monday, February 14 We were honored to celebrate Valentine's day with Mrs. Smith and Caden. Jake made grilled ham and cheese for our lunch and we had chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. | Tuesday, February 15 Drawing and listening to Adventures in Odyssey, two of Jake's favorite things. | Wednesday, February 16 Dinner with Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Loretta. Uncle Ronnie tells a good story and keeps a captive audience. | Thursday, February 17 A 3 mile walk around the lake...good for meeting your goal of 10,000 steps per day, GREAT for finding out what is going on in the life of your 12 year old!

13: Friday, February 18 An 8pm snack for the boys...an Oreo McFlurry and a large order of fries to share. | Saturday, February 19 NJOY party at the Puzey's house. Nathan modeling his squirrel t-shirt, just before we play Dirty Santa...in February. | Sunday, February 20 Chloe is so thoughtful in her gift giving. For Valentine's day she picked out a 1,000 piece puzzle for Dennis. Dennis loves to work on jigsaw puzzles; the more difficult, the better. | Monday, February 21 Dennis and Jake often read together in the evenings. Jake did this drawing while Dennis was reading to him. I'm not a big fan of Pokemon, but I thought that this was pretty cool.

14: Tuesday, February 22 The kids may not grasp the significance...nevertheless, a day of celebration at the Ingersoll home. | Wednesday, February 23 Joined Dennis on an overnight business trip to Richmond. Stopped at the Colleen drive-in and shared 2 hot dogs, a small rootbeer and a large chocolate malt. It's the little things I love the most. | Thursday, February 24 Spent the day at Short Pump Mall. Practically had the place to myself. Shopped for 5 hours, spent $5.12 and enjoyed every minute of it. | Friday, February 25 Had the Matney family over for dinner. Elizabeth and Jake became fast friends.

15: Saturday, February 26 Jake made dinner from start to finish...I could get use to this. | Sunday, February 27 As much as I love to eat out, buffet restaurants do nothing for me. My kids think they are the BEST THING EVER. | Monday, February 28 My level of interest in video games is *Z*E*R*O*. Thankful for a husband who takes the time to play the games before deciding if they are appropriate for the kids. | Tuesday, March 1 This most delightful little green box was waiting for me on my kitchen counter when I came home this evening. Dennis knows that in the rule book of Dana, this trumps a bouquet of flowers any day.

16: Wednesday, March 2 Playing www.thegrocerygame.com Total of $82.74, paid $21.91. | Thursday, March 3 SPRING BREAK at Disney's Hilton Head Resort. | Friday, March 4 Grabbing some lunch at the cute little outdoor snack shop. | Saturday, March 5 Dennis was able to get within just a few feet of the ocean...makes my heart happy.

17: Sunday, March 6 Oh how happy, the ocean makes me. Jake and Chloe had waded out and found some little fish. | Monday, March 7 Can you find Jake in this picture? | Tuesday, March 8 Thumbs up for heated pools. | Wednesday, March 9 Goofy BINGO by the pool.

18: Thursday, March 10 My dad's love language is, without a doubt, acts of service. When your hot water heater decides to spring a leak, as you are walking out the front door to go out of town, he's the man to call. | Friday, March 11 We have been praying fervently for Becky and her girls for weeks. Yesterday, God answered our prayers in a BIG way with their safe arrival in the USA, Thank you, Jesus! | Saturday, March 12 I shop when things are on sale and I have coupons for the sale items. This week was a good week for Chex cereal. Jake eats the stuff by the boat load. Now I am prepared for his next voyage. | Sunday, March 13 Lunch at one of Lynchburg's finest dining establishments. We consumed 6 hot dogs, 1 cheesy western, 2 bags of chips and 4 sodas.

19: Monday, March 14 Friday was Dennis' last day at his old job. Monday begins a new chapter in his career at Genworth. We went in to help clean out his office. It was a little sad. | Tuesday, March 15 This crisp spring weather is good for taking long walks. Chloe loves to hold hands as we walk. I love that she still loves to hold my hand. | Wednesday, March 16 I am not a morning person; never have been, never will be. Thankful for a husband who actually likes to get up at 5am to have his quiet time when the house truly is quiet. | Thursday, March 17 Fourth grade field trip to Roanoke to see Pippi Longstocking. Looks like my driving may have scared poor Charley.

20: Friday, March 18 Two 4th grade book projects down, one to go. Chloe loves to do this kind of stuff, so it is actually enjoyable. (And yes, the California flag is suppose to be upside down.) | Saturday, March 19 Another gorgeous spring day. We spent 2 hours at Peaks View Park decorating and then racing our ducks down the stream. Jake's duck won. He would want you to know that. | Sunday, March 20 Took Dennis' wheelchair to the bike shop downtown to be fixed. While we waited, Chloe and I walked the Blackwater Creek Trail loop. | Monday, March 21 Jake and 36 of his closest friends are on their way to Williamsburg. I would just like to apologize up front for the 10 pack of Chocolate Creme Twinkies, which my son requested and I, in a moment of weakness, purchased. Please forgive me.

21: Tuesday, March 22 It's beginning to look a lot like an art fair at New Covenant. The Disney poster is Chloe's and the Pokemon poster is Jake's. | Wednesday, March 23 Our Wednesday evening NJOY ladies prayer group. Praying for our dear friend, Karen Matney. | Thursday, March 24 Battle of the pressure sore continues. Some days it's 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Other days, it's the opposite. We spare no expense on bringing in talent to keep Dennis entertained. | Friday, March 25 Life lesson of the day...it never hurts to have a sweet and very smart young lady on your team of mostly crazy boys.

22: Friday, March 25 (again) Chloe, Chloe, Chloe was our star of the evening. She won 1st place with her Disney picture and Best in Show (4th,5th,6th) So proud of the young lady she is becoming. | Saturday, March 26 Celebrating Grandma's birthday. I am thankful for the woman who raised 3 amazing young men, 1 of whom is my very best friend. | Sunday, March 27 | Monday, March 28 I.love.this.school. (Even on the days when my kids don't.) Chloe took this picture; just want to give credit where credit is due.

23: Tuesday, March 29 I'm off to study and learn from the life of Jonah, pray with some dear friends and pretend that raw carrots and celery are just as yummy as Hershey's milk chocolate drops. | Wednesday, March 30 A belated birthday lunch with my dad. It was his choice and my treat. He chose an Italian sub from Jersey Mike's. | Thursday, March 31 | Friday, April 1 On a whirlwind weekend trip to NJ. Having one of my all time favorites, the original panzorati, with Dianne (also one of my all time favorites).

24: Saturday, April 2 Congratulations to Pud and Jessie. What a beautiful ceremony. | Sunday, April 3 Lunch on the drive back to Virginia. I made it to Wawa 3 times over the weekend. The other 2 times I purchased fruits and vegetables and really healthy stuff : ) | Monday, April 4 Neatness counts. One of my children ascribes to this theory. | Tuesday, April 5 Driving on Fort Avenue and happen to notice the Babcock's front door is open. I called Heather on her cell phone and find out that they are in Charlottesville.

25: Wednesday, April 6 If you could see me right now, I have on my "I survived driving a car load of 6th grade boys to Richmond and back" t-shirt. | Thursday, April 7 | Friday, April 8 Decided to celebrate a great week at school with a trip to Sweet Frog. Were pleasantly surprised when we "ran into" Angela, Vincent and Sean. | Saturday, April 9 Rare, highly sought after, behind the scenes footage. Teri and Joan working their magic on what is soon to be the very cool set for "Simon Says."

26: Sunday, April 10 We've been busy, busy, busy with a surprise visit from Flat Heather. First stop of the day, Target. | Monday, April 11 Feeling THANKFUL and BLESSED by the people the Lord has placed in my life. | Tuesday, April 12 Praying friends are the best. | Wednesday, April 13 We met Grandpa for seniors night at Captain D's.

27: Thursday, April 14 | Friday, April 15 | Saturday, April 16 | Sunday, April 17

28: Monday, April 18 | Tuesday, April 19 | Wednesday, April 20 | Thursday, April 21

29: Friday, April 22 | Saturday, April 23 | Sunday, April 24 | Monday, April 25

30: Tuesday, April 26 | Wednesday, April 27 | Thursday, April 28 | Friday, April 29

31: Saturday, April 30 | Sunday, May 1 | Monday, May 2 | Tuesday, May 3

32: Wednesday, May 4 | Thursday, May 5 | Friday, May 6 | Saturday, May 7

33: Sunday, May 8 | Monday, May 9 | Tuesday, May 10 | Wednesday, May 11

34: Thursday, May 12 | Friday, May 13 | Saturday, May 14 | Sunday, May 15

35: Monday, May 16 | Tuesday, May 17 | Wednesday, May 18 | Thursday, May 19

36: Friday, May 20 | Saturday, May 21 | Sunday, May 22 | Monday, May 23

37: Tuesday, May 24 | Wednesday, May 25 | Thursday, May 26 | Friday, May 27

38: Saturday, May 28 | Sunday, May 29 | Monday, May 30 | Tuesday, May 31

39: Wednesday, June 1 | Thursday, June 2 | Friday, June 3 | Saturday, June 4

40: Sunday, June 5 | Monday, June 6 | Tuesday, June 7 | Wednesday, June 8

41: Thursday, June 9 | Friday, June 10 | Saturday, June 11 | Sunday, June 12

42: Monday, June 13 | Tuesday, June 14 | Wednesday, June 15 | Thursday, June 16

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