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FC: Things In My Heart By: Olivia Fredrickson

1: Things In My Heart By: Olivia Fredrickson

3: Mexico The slight breeze carries my hair. I take a breath in. My mind is content with the humid air. The sand pelts my burning back. I feel the soft rays of the mid-morning sun. I wince as my sunburns yelp and cry for help. My mind drifts. My body is a blanket strewn across the chair. The excited yelps of little girls making their first sandcastles ring in my ear. I grin, knowing that one day that was me making enormous sand castles with my petite fingers. My body is wet from the salty, sandy, slick water. I bake in the sun. I make every attempt to tan my body until it can’t take anymore. I smell the hot, fresh French Fries being made in the distant “ snack shack”. Boys squeal as they splash their mom, knowing that their mother will soon get angry with them, but they still continue to test their poor parents. The distant laughing of adults fills the air. My thoughts wander. I get sprayed by the slapping of feet hitting the pavement. Kids run from their older siblings, and the life guard yells. The tall palm trees tower over me, giving me the littlest bit of shade. The condensed air surrounds my hot body. I drift off into sleep. Nothing can annoy me now.

4: Winter Park<3

5: Dear Kristen, Girl, you are my friend, my sister, and my teammate. We are like long lost sisters. You are my other half. We thought we were spreading apart, yet we have only grown closer. Many things have changed in our lives, but the hilarious memories live on. First, we were the blueberries. Our four foot bodies walked around the petite soccer field as if we owned the place. I am pretty sure we did. We kicked those boys’ butts easily. They came crying begging for mercy. Now we are gangsters. We dance like rappers. I’m Shaniqua, and of course you’re Sha-Nay-Nay. We dance to any beat given to us, even if we look stupid. We fist pump, and we soon find out we are the only ones dancing. When I glanced back at you at Out Door Ed, I found such a sight. You were laughing, but there was blood streaming down your pail face. We all laughed at your pain, and that when I proclaimed that’s my best friend. We are besties, and we always will be. You are kerbalicious in every possible way. You complete me, and I know around you I can truly be myself. Although you aren’t the drama type, I am positive you would help me with any drama I needed help with. In soccer, we make things happen. We will never be torn apart. Just when I think I am an outsider among people who are afraid to show their true colors, you are there dancing with me. So, when everyone says that we are weird, just remember that we are weird together. Love, Liv

7: Tubing I stepped out into the frigid air. The snow crunched under my boots. I held my tube up, imagining myself flying down the steep, slick, scary mountain terrain. I tightened my goggles so that they were snug against my cold skin. I released the handle, and my tube slapped the icy ground. My heart jumped out of my chest as I saw the other kids fly down the hill. I took a deep breath, and chose a line. “Ugh, I can’t wait,” Kristen explained “These stupid lines are too long.” “Neither can I,” I muttered. Then, we stepped into the line. Butterflies stung inside my stomach. We kept on getting closer to the steep hill. I watched as the employees spun and pushed the other tubers down the hill. Their piercing screams shattered the silence. The adrenalin pumped through my veins. I looked down at my tube, hoping that it would hold up on this punishing hill. Suddenly, we were at the front of the line. The employee ordered us to get into our tubes. I plopped into my tube. My fingers clung to Kristen’s tube. Here we go, I thought. I closed my eyes and gathered my thoughts. “WOO HOO!!!!!!” Kristen screamed. “’ Would you liked to be spinned?” The worker asked. “Heck yes!” Kristen replied I was to panic stricken to answer the question. I took a deep gulp, as the worker dropped us over the side of the hill. Then my sight disappeared. It was an assortment of shapes as the tube flung around. I tried to scream, but the wind stole my words. The tube was like a rocket, as it sped down the hill. Heavy snow pelted my raw face. I clenched my teeth. I held onto the tube as if it was the end of the world. Then, I squeezed my eyes shut. I opened them, and as if on cue the tube slowed to a halt. Kristen’s face was unexplainable. I laughed as I saw her dumb founded expression. “That was a rush,” I explained. “Heck yes it was, let’s go do it again!” Kristen yelled. “ Hahaha, okay lets go,” I replied. We sprinted to the magic carpet. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I made my way up to the top again. I went through the same steps, and then I was in the front of the line. I jumped on my tube, and once again I was speeding down the hill.

9: Colorado Buffaloes Football Game The aroma of salty popcorn fills the air. The air is thick of tension. Who is going to be the best? People gather around the wet pavement fresh of what was someone’s favorite soda. A parade of college students marches through you, as if you are not there. The band marches around you, a tuba blows, a clarinet sings, and the drum hollers. You make your way down to your solid, steep, soggy seats, and you feel as if you are about to explode. Out of the blue, an immense amount of players sprints out from the dark tunnel. Their fresh cleats tear the grass, and what was an empty stadium a day ago is now filled with crazed fans. You are stressed out; however, you never want the excitement to end. Your eyes drift to the clock. Tick tock! Tick tock! It sings. The player line up on the freshly coated paint lines, and then out of the blue comes the signal that the other team has arrived. The hum of the constant boo, fills the arena. You join in on the hatred surrounding the opposing force. They sprint out onto the field, and the hate rises as they act as if they own the place. The experience suddenly feels real as the final buzzer sounds. The players run with their kicker in perfect order and then the ball is hit. The crowd suddenly goes quite, and then you know that the game has started.

11: Defense The hot, bright sun baked my bare sweaty skin. My body longed for any kind of fluid. But no.. I can’t quit, I can’t stop. My damp cleats clawed into the blades of grass. I felt fame, I felt admiration. My legs ached and screamed to stop but I would not stop. I just had to try harder. I would not let go. I absolutely had to go harder. I bolted after the figure ahead. Then, I was only a few steps away. I had to do this, I had to be the best. It ran in my blood. My passion was so strong. Then it hit me, I was going to catch her. I was going to get what was rightfully mine. I had to win it, and the I felt the slight pressure of a shoulder on mine. I went hard, and soon the girl was sprawled out onto the ground. The ball was in between my feet, and I lunged at it. It flew through the air, and out of the area. I felt victory upon me. It crawled up my body, and I felt the need to do it all over again. That was my moment, my moment when I stopped what was planned to be the winning goal.

13: Shaving Cream I thought it was going to open. I thought we could control it. I thought it was harmless, but I was wrong. I thought when I pounded it with the screw driver it would give in, not fight back. I thought that it wasn’t capable of destruction. I thought it was a normal bottle of shaving cream, but I was wrong. I thought it would be contained, not fly all over the walls. But, I thought wrong. I thought it was hilarious as the fluff pelted the wall. I thought it really gave color to the room, and so did you. I thought it would be easy to clean, but I was wrong. I thought the towel would soak up the puffy mess. “Katie, I thought this would work”. I thought we wouldn’t get in trouble. I thought it was one of the funniest moment ever, but I was wrong.

15: Shootout I stepped out onto the cold blades of grass. My cleats were sponges that soaked up the water. I set the ball down, and placed it so that the ADIDAS sign was sticking up into the air. I backed up to the white painted line. I glanced back at my team. Every girl looked like a deer in the headlights. It was so quiet, that I could hear my heart beating out of my chest. I took a deep breath and knew that I absolutely had to accomplish this. I stood in pure terror, and backed away slowly. Sweat and rain danced down my skin. I was afraid to breath. But, I had to do this. Then, I heard the shrill of the whistle. As if on cue, I started sprinting at the ball. The ball got closer and closer. Then it was right in front of me. I took a quick glance and struck the ball. I watched as it spiraled through the frigid air. I closed my eyes. Then I heard it. The screams rang through my ears. I peeked out of one eye, and the dreaded ADIDAS ball was in the back of the net. My heart jumped and I screamed as if no one was watching. I ran back at my team , they were jumping up and down. The crowd lit up, and you could hear them from miles away. I slid into the thick mud but the damp cleats. The sudden sense of pressure smashed my head into the ground, and the girls piled on top of my body. I was smiling and I didn’t even know it. After the dog pile, I sprang up to my feet receiving hugs from everyone around. I ran to the crowd, as they chanted Blast! Blast! Blast! I smiled from ear to ear. I knew that, that day I made my team proud. They had accepted me because I had won the championship in the shootout.

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