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BC: The End :D

FC: Our Spain Mixbook | Jonathan Zavala Joyce Alegeh Thomas Collins Parth Amin

1: Table of Contents | Famous Explorers Spain's National Anthem Our National Anthem Cartographer Explorer Political Ambassador Environmentalist/ Technology Specialist Royal Historian The End

2: Famous Explorers | Christopher Columbus Vasco de Balboa Fernando Magellon Hernando Cortes Juan de Ponce

3: Maps of Exploration

4: Spain's National Anthem | Viva Espana! Cantemos todos juntos con distinta voz y un solo corazon. Viva Espana! Desde los verdes valles al inmenso mar, un himno de hermandad. Ama a la Patria pues sabe abrazar, bajo su cielo azul, pueblos en libertad. Gloria a los hijos que a la Historia dan justicia y grandeza democracia y paz. | Long live Spain! Let us all sing together with different voices and one heart. Long live Spain! From the green valleys to the vast sea a hymn of brotherhood. Love the fatherland as it knows how to embrace under its blue sky peoples in freedom. Glory to its children who to History give justice and grandeur democracy and peace.

5: Our National Anthem | STANZA 1 Long live our great nation may our flag fly high its beauty is a sensation that flutters in the sky Our valleys are green our oceans are blue our land is clean and our hearts are true Our land is great you shall not dictate STANZA 2 Our navy is strong our will is pure you can’t go wrong if you can just endure The battles are vicious the wars are brutal our warriors are tenacious and our victories are crucial our conquering of Texas was legendary our victory of America will be honorary | STANZA 3 Our kings are crazy but still have some sane they can be quite scary your fear will sustain They rule our kingdom and conquer new land they support our freedom so we take their hand We live, we fight and all at his say we do it all for our homes and friends we celebrate for all at our lovely bay we mourn for him as his rein ends Long live Spain, for our hearts and imagination For nothings above this great nation.

6: Cartographer | One of the most famous explorers of all time was Christopher Columbus. What he did to make him one of the most famous explorers of all time was find the new world. What history says is that Columbus (who was sailing for Spain) was on the mission to find a new route to India. The reason for this is because the King of Spain during that time had wanted to find a cheaper way of transporting goods from India. Columbus accepted the task and started to sail west. It took him about five weeks to arrive on the canary islands which are in South America. When he arrived he found Native Americans. Not knowing what he just discovered he thought that he had arrived in India so he named them Indians. After that discovering all of Europe would start claiming land in the Americas.

8: Cartographer | When Juan de Grijalva reported his discovery of Mexico in 1518, Velasquez picked Cortez to build a colony there. Velasquez soon suspected Cortez would go beyond his orders and cancelled the expedition. Unfortunately for Velasquez, Cortez had already assembled men and equipment and set sail. He rounded the peninsula at Yucatan and touched Mexico on the coast of what is now the state of Tabasco. During the battle with Indians there, he took many captives including a young Aztec princess. She became his interpreter and advisor. Cortez continued up the coast. On April 21,1519, he landed near the site of Veracruz. There, to prevent all thought of retreat, he burned his ships. Leaving a small force on the coast, Cortez led the rest of his men into the interior. A warlike tribe of natives attacked his party. The Indians outnumbered the Spaniards 300 to 1. On November 8, 1519, Cortez reached Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) and was graciously received by Montezuma, the Aztec emperor. Soon after Cortez established headquarters in the capital, he learned that the Aztecs had plundered Veracruz. He seized Montezuma and forced him to surrender the attackers. Then he had them executed. Meanwhile Velasquez had sent 1,400 soldiers to arrest Cortez and bring him back to Cuba. Cortez defeated this army and most of the survivors joined Cortez. He returned to the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan. As Cortez and his men reached the heart of the city, they were attacked by thousands of Aztec warriors. Montezuma was brought out to pacify his people, but they stoned him, and later he died of his wounds. Cortez' army was surrounded and apparently doomed, but he and three others managed to get to the chieftain of the Aztecs and killed him. Confused by this apparent "miracle," the Aztecs retreated. With fewer than 500 of his men left alive, Cortez, in July of 1520, made his way back to his Indian allies. Cortez attacked Tenochtitlan again by ship the following May. On August 13, 1521, Guatemoc, the new Aztec emperor, surrendered. This was the end of the great empire of the Aztecs.

10: Explorer | The two most importent tribes in Spain during the 1450 -1750 was the Incas and the Aztacs. Lets start with the incas .The Incas was located on the western side of South America. the Chancay attacked the Incas. The Incas won. In 1438, the new Inca ruler Pachacuti set about conquering all the other tribes on the western side of South America. witch mean they had a strong army and that u would be protected . Now lets talk about the aztacs ;the aztacs are located he South Central region of present-day Mexico was once the home of the Aztec. They lived in the highlands of Mesoamerica in an area of basins separated by eroded volcanic peaks and dissected mountain ranges. they made a livin by fishing, hunting, gathering and gardening techniques. The valley rivers were rich in fish, insects, shrimp, tadpoles, and a naturally occurring pasta called ahuatle. Those near the ocean ate crabs, oysters, fish and turtles.

12: Explorer

14: Political Ambassador | Spain. What can I said that hasn’t been said already. Shall I talk about its riveting beauty or shall I state the amazing history of this land. No; I am a political ambassador who soul purpose in this message is inform you about our successes during the time of exploration. I shall start with the Spanish inquisition. This was all started by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1478. Our wonderful rulers started this inquisition to help Spain become a better country. They decided that anyone that wasn’t a roman catholic was a danger to our country. 2,000 wrong doers were caught and killed and because of that Spain grew into a global power. The inquisition was a huge step in our country. Our successes during the exploration period were grand. We conquered Texas, Florida, half of Mexico and some parts of Africa. If you ask anybody around, they would say that this is an impressive accomplishment. In fact Hernando Cortez (who is a famous explorer) said that he was impressed from our conquest of the Aztec’s; even though he was the one who conquered them.

16: Political Ambassador | Alright some of the things that your need to know for Spain are that our economy is one of the best in Europe. Thanks to the Columbian Exchange we have plenty of live stock to go around and our resources are abundant. Our political views are that you just worship one king which is our king and that you follow the laws. Other than that you are free to do as you wish. Our environment is amazing. We have plenty of mountains and natural wonders for you to see. Our religion is Roman Catholic so everyone in our country should feel very comfortable. Every body here is very friendly and willing to help you out if you ask so that should cover social. We have many inventions and you will benefit from them all. Our art is one of a kind. You will be amazed at what we can do. Alright I think that this should cover it all. So if you want to come to a country that has it all come to Spain and you’ll have a great time.

18: Economic/Technology Specialist | The Spanish had some important technological advancements. The Spanish invented rifling, which is where the bullet spirals when it is fired from the barrel. This gave Spain a more accurate rifle. The spanish also had the number one navy in the world called the spanish armada. This navy was superior due to thier sails and sturdy rudders. Also the Spanish used the magnetic compass. This helped them navigate the ocean to get to thier destination. They also used the sextant to magnify thier view of thier suroundings. This gave them an advantage because they could see the enemy coming from far away.

20: Economic/Technology Specialist | The spanish used pasetas as thier currency. They imported lots of spices and exported silk. They also traded silver and gold to other countries.

22: Royal Historian | One of our more famous kings was Charles the V. He was born on February 24, 1500 by the time it was 1520 at the age of 20 he was already one of the most vigorous kings. he had dominion over the Spanish kingdoms,the Netherlands, the Italian cities Naples, Sicily and Sardinia. he also reined over the Spanish conquests to the Americas and Africa and all of the Hapsburg lands. he ruled with the motive of uniting his multicultural lands under one religion. France didn't see eye to eye with our great king so we went to war which ended badly for France seeing that we had such a strong army they were brutally defeated with this victory the French king was forced to sign a treaty that acknowledged that they had know claim to Italy. | King Phillip the II was another great leader of Spain. he was born May 21, 1527 in 1554 he married Mary Tudor Queen of England which allowed him to gain support and new subjects from that country. Even though the marriage didn’t last very long. in 1955 one month after the marriage ended he became a powerful potentate of Europe he had many cities and countries under his sway. Such as Spain the two Sicily's, Milanese, the low countries Franche Comte, Mexico and Peru. All of his European countries were wealthy and fertile than the rest of the entire continent. Our army is the best of the best being the most discipline with only the greatest generals of age. The French still felt that they deserved our Italian territories took us to war against them and lost. once again this great rulers reign had to come to an end but he left us with the grandson of Charles the V, King Phillip the III of Spain. | King Phillip the III of Spain was truly a great leader in all aspects of the term. His rule began in 1598. He ruled over Spain, Sicily, and Naples. he had the help of the duque de Lerma. peace had finally been attained with a peace treaty Vervins with France. Peace with England soon followed.

23: Phillip the III son of Phillip the II | Phillip the II son of Charles the V | Charles the V son of Joanna

24: Royal Historian | Phillip V was one of the best of our rulers he began his reign in 1700 he was the first Bourbon on the throne of Spain. out king was all about enlightenment so he he brought about the enlightenment reformation. as a war erupted king Phillip V went to Naples to fight in the battles and lead our country to victory. After all of the wars had ended he updated his policies for reformation regarding government, economic development, culture, and revision of the harshest terms imposed by the Treaty of Utrecht. when his reign ended his son Louis the I took over the throne. | Louis was born during the War of the Spanish Succession, which disputed his French father’s succession to the Spanish throne; thus, his birth was celebrated by the French and the Spanish. Louis XIV of France was his great-grandfather. In 1709 he was recognized as heir presumptive, being named príncipe (prince) de Asturias, and succeeded to the throne on Jan. 15, 1724, upon the abdication of his father. On February 9 he was formally proclaimed king. He fell ill, however, probably of smallpox, on August 19 and died 12 days later. Philip V returned to the throne.

25: Louis I son of Phillip V | Phillip V great grandson of Phillip IV

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