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S: Happy 16th Birthday Ethan

BC: thats the end! The last note is "Happy birthday!" love mom and dad

FC: Sixteen notes for Ethan

2: Sailing Trip Grade 9

3: adam My funniest memory of Ethan was in grade 8 when he was trying to argue that his bike-cupholder made of foam was better than my headphone watch. Haha Something I like about ethan are his Interests that I also share like fishing, water sports and recently golf. Ethan and I like to joke around a lot anywhere at anytime and sometimes on each other. Grade 10 has been one of the best school years so far and I hope there will be some awesome moments to come. -Adam

5: eric Ethan and i love to go biking. Especially to 130th a lot of the time to eat as much as possible. some of the best memories with ethan are in sylvan lake boating, golfing, and when adam was with us as well. another thing i will never forget is the fishing ethan, adam, mitchell, brett, and i did all summer. probably most of all the two years ethan mooched off of us to play call of duty since he was the only one without a ps3. eric

7: Mitchell something I like about ethan is he is really good at volleyball and he crushes the ball 9 times outta 10 so he is really fun to play with

9: Ferris I like to spend time with ethan when he eats snacks. Sometimes that works out well for me. In the back forty he throws balls and i bring them back. I think ethan really enjoys that! it seems like he wants to do that all day, he always tells me to come back with the ball! ethan and i are very similar. we both love to play games. we both like our hair a bit shaggy. we both like to sleep - sometimes he and i are the only ones still sleeping at 1130 in the morning!

11: paul and cindy 16 Ethan Memories: 1) A little boy playing outside with any kind of a ball, hockey puck, diablo, bike or skateboard. 2) Turquoise Soccer Jersey 3) Meatatarian 4) Firm believer that doing homework when it isn't dark out is a " waste of daylight". 5) Little side grin that says what he really thinks about Tammy and Cindy reacting to a "potentially dangerous" situation on the boat. 6) Amazing, wake boarding, volleyball...and anything else he tries. 7) Kind, smart and funny. 8) Appreciates a good pair of socks. 9) Believes that a breakfast of champions includes " steak and cake". 10) Falls on his head....a lot! 11) Loves Ribs! (See card....there are some coming your way in the near future). 12) Enjoys dabbling in pyromania. 13) Always willing to help out in an electronic crisis. 14) Well versed in ponzi schemes...always a good back up if a career in Engineering doesn't pan out. 15) Enjoys jumping over walls and then having a quick rest on some stranger's lawn....see "Falls on his head a lot". 16) Ethan, it has been wonderful to watch you grow up over the years. We hope you have a great 16th birthday and we wish for you a year of driving, golfing and all things fun. ( AND SAFE) Paul and Cindy

13: Paula, Mark, Emma and Dane Dear Ethan, You have been such an amazing role model for my children, i can only hope that emma and dane achieve what you have when they are 16. your academic and athletic achievements are something to be proud of but most of all you are so kind and giving of your time. the age difference between you and dane is huge but you still take time to teach him to fish and to ride bikes with him. you are a great cousin and nephew and we are blessed to have you in our life. we love you so much, auntie paula, uncle mark, emma and dane

15: uncle randy When I think of memories of ethan I think of the times when I used to come and visit from Saskatoon and how it was always a fun stay. other things as well like watching him play hockey. One thing I can say about Ethan is how smart I think he is, and he's just a nice kid. Love Uncle Randy

17: grama My funniest memory of ethan was when we were all snuggled up in the hotel bed on our trip to disneyland. ethan was hungry and so i gave him a can of peanuts, but when he opened the can a snake jumped out at him. something i like about ethan is his sweet smile and disposition. i also like ethan's sense of humor (like when mary asked him to pass the cereal box and he did pass the box ... but he kept the cereal!) Ethan and i like to hang out for dinner dates and eat bacon. i remember ethan wearing his big purple snow suit and going for rides on the swing at the park. now that he is older i am flattered that he still likes to hang out with me (not too many boys are willing to spend time with gramas - i am truely flattered) A great memory for me is the day ethan was born. i was so proud of tammy and murray, even if murray did bust me for smoking. Love Grama

19: Grandpa ETHAN Born on Chinese New Year 16 years ago, according to Chinese tradition makes and gives Ethan lots of LUCK throughout life. I like watching Ethan play hockey, Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball with aggressiveness, however with kindness, love and fair play. I liked the way Ethan handled the adversity of coming off a couple of concussions and having to change sports to a less aggressive contact sports onto Volleyball and Basketball after being requested by Mom and Dad without a lot of fuss by him. I like Ethan because he was the first boy in our family; therefore he was like my first son in a house of beautiful would never trade daughters. I like Ethan as he is always generous in sharing the shower and washroom when visiting over my many weekends at his home. I like Ethan because I always got a good smile and a twinkle from his eye when visiting. One of the funnier things was my first golf game with Ethan which became quite a challenge as it was one of Ethan’s first golf games and Grandpa was a bit rusty also, must I say more. A hit for me with Ethan was taking in with him the many Hitman hockey games while I lived in Calgary. Never had one challenge with him; however could he wolf down the treats. The one and only visit to the race track was exciting and look forward to many more visits. I like watching any sport with Ethan as he always knows so much about the players, the sport and the history of the players and teams. I think he should be a NHL commentator. The main reason for liking Ethan the most is the respect he shows to his parents, grandparents and other elders. He is a very fine gentleman at the ripe old age of 16, showing great qualities of being a distinguished and learned person in the years to come. Grandpa is behind you all the way.

21: Baba Wow Ethan, 16 years old. I find it hard to relate to the fact that you are grown up (could be that then i have to admit to the fact that I too am getting older). To quote a cliche, "where has the time gone?" I don't know that There was a "Baba' who was more proud or happy the day that you were born. i was quite excited when we finally got to come to calgary from drayton valley to see you for the first time. and then i finally got to hold you. even as i type this i have tears in my eyes. I have so many happy memories spending time with you when you were little riding your 'dump dozer' everywhere, picking you up from grade "k" when your parents had gone somewhere and i stayed with you, your first day of school, and the list goes on and on. i have loved being at the lake when you're there. i just love that you come over just to say "hi" when you get there. you are so thoughtful and kind. it's been such fun to watch you play hockey and volleyball. to progress from being just a beginner to the stage you are at now. Most of all ethan, i love the fact that you are just you ... don't ever change ... i am so very proud of you and love you soooooo much. luv baba

23: gido 1. Funniest memory: ethan would have been about 2 years old, we were riding in the car. ethan was in his car seat in the back, baba was trying very carefully to unwrap a hard candy so that ethan would not hear, then we heard his voice from the back "what is that rustling noise i hear?" needless to say after a good laugh he also got a candy. 2. what i like about ethan: while he may tease his sisters i feel that he is very protective of them. 3. ethan and i like to golf and fish, however we do not do enough of these things together. 4. every time i turn onto fairmount drive i always think of ethan. his first day of school and i was going to pick him up at the end of the day. i should have paid more attention when his mother drove him to school, i remembered you go down anderson and go right on acadia go two blocks, turn left and the school is on the left hand side of the road. when i got there, there was no school. panic set in, i only had about 15 minutes before school is let out. driving around like a crazy trying to find the school. (this was a long time ago, everyone didn't have a cell phone). first day of school and grandfather loses his grandson. i stopped and asked someone on the street and they said they were aware of a school on fairmount drive. i finally got to the school just as classes were leaving. so much for thinking i was going to be late and ethan would have to wonder who was picking him up. love gido

25: ella Ethan. Efffffiiinnn. "butt-nugget", if you will. Well considering I've known you my whole life, i have a few things to say. I'm thinking that since the day i was born, we have been competing. Whether it be on DDR; which we beat after a long week of non-stop dancing, who can hang from the swing set the longest, or who can hold their breath the longest. With my slim figure and slight muscles, you've beaten me almost every time. Thank you for teaching me setting tips in volleyball and playing badminton with me in the front yard. I think i have learned a lot sport-wise from you. Most of our meaningful conversations have taken place in the hot tub. Don't worry, your secrets are still safe with me. ;) So happy 16th- annoying, exasperating, but somehow still somewhat good, big brother. ella

27: mary i really like it when we go knee boarding together and have a splashing contest. one of my favorite memories with you is when we were playing cops and robbers and all of the little kids were in the jail and you were coming to save us and all the older kids were chasing you and you ended up getting caught. it was funny when you froze your hair so it stuck straight up. luv mary

29: mom Ethan, I can’t believe 16 years have passed since I felt that first flutter when I was pregnant with you! I longed to have a baby and I have not been disappointed once. Some great memories so far are: Cuddling you as a baby and you cuddling right back for hours at a time. Taking you to the park (age 3) and you gave your toy to a kid in the sand so he could play too. The moms who were there all commented that you sure were a nice boy to share without being asked. Seeing you hugging Ella and Mary when you were young and now spending time together. Watching you support the boys on your volleyball team. If a player missed a serve or a ball I would see you go over and pat them to reassure them that it was ok. (This means even more because I know you are competitive and that this is a skill you have learned with practice). Laughing as you and your friends got up to crazy ideas, like when you put the snowboard on and did snowboard tricks on the trampoline, or when you and Jake were freezing bees so you could slip a leash on them. Making this book has flooded me with pride again. I learned from the comments of your friends and family that many people think you are really special. I think you are special too .. and not just when you bring home the highest mark in the class or nail the volleyball, but always. doing dishes and driving on errands with you makes me happy and i am here to support you thorough bad days and mistakes too. I love you more than I can put in words! love Mom

31: dad Happy 16th Birthday Ethan! I think you are a great guy. I'm lucky to have you as a son. Ethan E: Everything goes. Ethan you are willing to try anything once. If I want a buddy to go hiking, you are there. If I want someone to go rock climbing with, you're ready on the belay. Mountain biking? Boating in the rain? As long as it's not the crack of dawn I can count on having you as great company. T: Thankful. Your mom and I are so thankful we have you. You scared the pants off us when you were born all limp and blue. We were so scared when the crash team arrived in the labour room but then so thankful when we heard you finally cry out. We're thankful that you are a great big brother, cuddling with Ella (you know you do and you know you like it) and joking and gaming with Mary. H: Handsome. I think so. Always have been, always will be. A: Athletic. Sports seem very natural for you, Ethan. You are fit and you naturally excel at whichever sport you participate in: hockey, volleyball, biking and anything behind the boat. Those gifts will make it easy for you to stay active and remain healthy all your life. N: Noticed. Ethan, you are going to be noticed. You have been gifted with a big brain. You like to be mentally challenged and you figure things out quickly. If I need some quick math done you have the answer before I can reach for the calculator. When you grow older, I know that you'll use your smarts to make a positive difference in the world. You have to ability to work on and help solve big problems. You make your Mom and I proud with your good grades today, we're looking forward to many more proud moments. I love you and wish you a great 16th birthday. love dad

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