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S: 40 Happy Birthday

FC: 40 Happy Birthday

1: This book is a collection of photos, stories, and birthday wishes from friends and family that capture the past 40 years of your life. You have accomplished more in the past 40 years then most people have in a lifetime. You also have gained the respect, love and admiration of friends, family, and pretty much anyone who has met you. This book will allow you to celebrate with friends and family without all the attention and fuss you so dislike. | Dedicated to Caroll and George Henry for raising Andrew to be the person he is today.

2: One month old at Christening with Grandma Edna | Seven months old with Grandma | One year old with Grandpa Gillie | One year old with Grandma | One year old with Dad in St. Mary

5: The Glenleigh School, first school in Jamaica

14: Bachelor party in Miami

15: December 9th | 2000 | Half Moon Resort | Montego Bay, Jamaica

20: Meeting you for the first time | Just one month old | Baker Beach, I knew it was our special place even when I was just a baby | First trip to the pumpkin patch

21: Happy Birthday Dad! Love, Miles

23: I love hanging out with you and learning new things Happy Birthday Dad! Love, George

26: Dearest Andy, I remember when you were two you used to love to sit on your Grandpa Gilly's lap and listen to Anancy stories. Your favorite was Grashani Bull. You were too little to remember the entire story, so you used to say, "once upon a time a bull, end of story." Whenever I come to your home and see the crystal bull on the book shelf in your guest room, these memories come rushing back. Another favorite saying of yours was "you tumin soo gama?"(you coming soon grandma). We left you with Grandma when we travelled in Europe and you were just two years old. | Grandma would put you in your crib in her bedroom at 6 every evening and you wanted her to come and stay with you. Another phrase I remember was "stay with me mommie, get me out of this kangaroo pouch." You used to say this when you were five years old after your hip operation.. You found a way to get around and do everything with the cast on for four months. I realized at this time how much determination and ingenuity you possessed. After the cast came off, your leg was covered with hair after being in the cast for so long.. Heather, Robert, Peter and Marie ran around the house yelling " here comes the hairy man" and it became a fun game all of you would play. We were so relieved when you were able to run, walk and play cricket normally after the cast was removed. You were, still are and will always be a blessed child.. You have always been my child with vision and the ability to translate your vision into reality. You are a special person. Happy Birthday my dearest Andy Pandy and at least forty more! Love, Mom

27: Anancy and Grashani Bull Once upon a time Anancy lived with his grandmother. When he was going out in the morning he took the six johnny cakes she fixed for him. He had to pass through a field where a big bull that was "pretty nuh money" and called Granshani roamed. The bull was feared by all in the community. The King had made an edict that anyone who killed the bull and brought in the golden tongue that the bull was reputed to have could marry his daughter. On hearing this, Anancy set up a plan. The next day he set out with his johnny cakes and six iron spikes which the Blacksmith had made for him. On reaching the field he climbed a tall tree and started to tease the bull by singing "Grashani Oh!" The bull who was far up on the hillside, heard its name, spied Anancy in the tree top and becoming enraged, it charged down the hillside and bucked the tree with all its might. The tree bent to the ground and Anancy said "bear up me good tree bear up, me father cut a dry tree but always lef a green one" and the tree would straighten up. After bucking and pawing at the tree for a long time and unable to get at Anancy, the bull grew tired and lay down at the foot of the tree. Anancy threw six iron spikes down into the bull and killed it. Before Anancy could climb down, a young man came along and saw the dead bull. He cut out the golden tongue and rushed to the king with it. When Anancy came down he wallowed in the bull's blood, cut off it's head and presented himself at the palace gates saying to the soldiers "I've killed Grashani and am bringing the head with th golden tongue to the King". By this time the young man who had previously brought the golden tongue had been ushered into the presence of the King dressed in fine robes and was sitting with his daughter. When the king heard the commotion outside he sent for the soldiers and told them that his order was that anyone coming to the palace gates claiming to have the golden tongue should be brought to him. When they looked inside the bull's head there was no tongue. Anancy was led away, tied to a tree with ropes and irons put in a fire the soldiers had built to brand him for his treachery. Just then Brer Tokhoma was passing by. He saw Anancy tied to the tree and said "What happen to you Anancy?" He replied " Man you see the fire over deh, dem nu cookin big dinna fi mi and a don't know how mi gwine eat it!'" Tokhoma said "Big dinner! Man dat is a job fi mi!" He untied Anancy and made Anancy tie him up in his place, then Anancy dashed out of there. When the soldiers returned with irons, they branded Tokhoma. He cried out "Lawd a no mi you lef ya." The soldiers said " We lef a man and wi come back and fin a man" and they rammed him with another hot branding iron. After three brandings, Tokhoma's wailing burst the ropes. He ran into the forest and hid under a tree bark. From that day you nuh see nuh spider like Tokhoma except in forest under bark.

28: Dear Drew, There are so many memories I have of you. Some of my favorites: You cut an extra piece of the basketball net from the state tournament in 89' and gave it to me. You then signed my yearbook: "Wil made free throws!" Being the only attendee at your Senior year track meets because I loved to watch you compete in the long jump "Drew's dope list is now worthless." Coming back from a sorority formal at 11:00 in Oxford,OH & finding out you had come for a surprise visit. Happy 40th, you are the all around nicest guy I've ever known. Snower

29: Drew, Who knew my friend from IU who proceeded every noun with 'crazy' would become a life long friend. It's funny how my friends still ask how is 'crazy Drew' and you are so far from crazy. Do you remember never wearing jeans in college? It is an honor for me to slip on a pair of tan pants/Dockers and think of you. I also need to thank you for introducing me to Public Enemy. I fondly remember PE posters in your room and listening to "hear come the drums" bellowing from your room. Along with PE, I remember you being one of the first people on campus to tap into the new thing called "the Internet" on your computer. Do you remember an argument about which league was better Big 10 vs. ACC hoops? Guess you won that one. And don't forget the patented bank shot from either side of the goal about 12 feet out, loved to hit that spot and nail it at the Hyper. Thank you for the fond memory of Final Four weekend 1991. It was great to make $7,000 and watch the game with you and Jesse Ventura at a Minneapolis bar. Hey what happened after 1991 when no drinking, no smoking, and no shinanigans was broken? Did you stop doing the right thing? I knew after the $7,000 you made on the tickets and the many derivative conversations and Wall Street journals you would be financially savvy. It was amazing to see that you knew where you were headed from day one. Finally I will always remember the day I left college and hugged you goodbye. I cried like a baby, which shows what a dear friend you had been during my college years. Happy Birthday Drew, welcome to the 40's, not all that fun of a club, but my salary keeps getting bigger as my hair goes it works for the j-o-b. Sargent

30: Drew, I always appreciated your enthusiasm for Pearl Jam and remember the time you and Bird flew out to DC to see them in concert. My favorite memory of you being Drew, calm and collected, was the night before the concert. We hit the bars and grabbed a cab home. When we got to my apartment,the cab driver tried to overcharge us. Of course I started to argue with the cab driver,(over probably a buck) but principle is principle when someone is trying to pull one on you. So yelling ensued between myself and the driver while you & Bird just watched and seemed entertained. Suddenly, the cab driver peeled out and started driving off. I started yelling at the cab driver and told him I was a %$#@ lawyer(of course I wasn't). I proceeded to yell "You're never going to drive again in this town!". He ignored me and kept driving. Meanwhile he got on the highway and then the Key Bridge going toward no longer funny. Still I continue yelling at the guy. He keeps driving. Finally, you calmly tell me: "I don't think that's working." So we just sat there, stone silent, as he keeps driving and driving. I remember thinking ok, we are going 60MPH, if I open the door and jump out, will I die? About 15 minutes into our kidnapping trip, you busted out singing: Bob Marley's Babylon System. "Babylon System is the vampire, yeah, sucking the children day by day, yeah..." Somehow, your singing calmed the guy and he turned around and took us back to my place and charged us for the same fare he originally asked for. Wow, I still owe you for that one. Have a great birthday, happy 40th! Bernie

31: DREW AS A BEST FRIEND When I first met Dobbs and the crew on the Vail trip, I recall being touched by the fact that Dobbs was so close with so many of his friends, especially with you. I used to joke that the two of you were worse then teenage girls - talking 4 or 5 times a day on the phone. Ironically, as well as literally, in 1998 as you were leaving Chicago, I was pulling into town. While I will never be able to replace you as a best friend, I hope I've done an adequate job of filling in the space since you left. Happy 4oth Drew Daddy!! Kim

32: Drew, My favorite memory of you was when we first met in Vail. It was one morning when I decided to fry myself a couple of eggs. I had no idea any man could have such a strong feeling about anything, let alone eggs. I heard such things as "don't get that near me","that's disgusting", and "do you know where those come from". I know there is a lot more to you then a disdain for eggs(or maybe that's all there is), but that moment some 15 years ago always sticks with me and I swear to you, that every time I fry an egg for breakfast, I think of you(in a hetero way). Happy 40th Birthday! John Fellner

33: Drew, I remember when we used to drive home from IU to Chicago with Brad Christian or from Chicago to IU. Your mom used to give you shortbread cookies to take back to school. At some point in the trip to IU we would get hungry and start eating the cookies. Unfortunately we never had anything to drink to wash them down and usually had to wait at least 10 to 20 minutes before we could pull over to get something to drink because of the rural surroundings. They were truly the driest cookies of all time. Another funny memory is when you told us about your summer job killing mosquito larva in the Forest Preserves. I laugh when I think of you fully outfitted in a head to toe uniform with netting covering your face and working in swamp-like conditions in 90-100 degree weather. It was great having you as a friend at IU. Happy 40th Birthday! Rod

34: The Blade of Grass There was a seminal moment in your life of which I was very happy(and now grateful) to have been a part. You and I were sitting on the bench during a baseball game during our sophmore year at New Trier. The ballgame itself is not important(although while the following transpired, the score of the game was New Trier 6, Maine East 3 - it was top of the fourth inning), but what happened is. Very slowly, methodically, and carefully,you pulled a long, fresh blade of grass and showed it to me. You posed a query to me as the two of us contemplated the meaning of the blade of grass. "Crowlster, do you realize that if I hadn't just picked up this blade of grass the rest of my entire life would be completely different?" I responded the way any man would respond in my position. I said " Not only will the rest of YOUR life be completely different, since you chose to show me the blade of grass and express that your life will, in fact, be different from here on out as a result of you picking that blade of grass from the earth, MY life will now be forever different too." Because you picked that single blade of fresh grass, the course of events for both of us were set in motion. We discussed many things as we contemplated the significance of the grass blade. We recognized that had you not picked the blade of grass, we would not have been engaged in the discussion and one of us, perhaps, might have gotten up from the bench and walked around only to be hit in the head by a screaming line drive foul ball. Had you not picked up the blade of grass and thus inspired the subsequent discussion, one of us might have fallen asleep there on the bench and the foul ball that was hit directly at us an inning later might have hit one of us either in the head or directly in the abdomen causing severe kidney problems that may have resulted in the need for surgery. The surgery might not have gone the way the doctors had hoped and whoever it was (either me or you) that was having the necessary surgery done might not have made it out alive. One of us might have died right there on the operating table. Had you not picked up that blade of grass and led the two of us into an existential discussion about where you and I fit into the universe's order, we may not have exercised our brains at that very moment in a way that may have, without either of us knowing it at the time, inspired one of us or both of us to pursue what has now become our respective professions. Had we not had that existential discussion, we might have let our

35: brains sit sedentary for that period and perhaps, that sedentary period would have lulled our brains into a period of inactivity that might have ultimately led to one of us becoming mentally challenged at some point within the next five years. So, it's possible(actually it's probable) that at this very moment, I might be mentally impaired due to the inactivity of my brain during the very moments after which you pulled the blade of grass from the earth. You may have been the one to ultimately become victim of a sedentary brain had you not picked up the blade of grass. The odds are very, very strong that at least one of us would have eventually been riddled with mental deficiencies had we not discussed the importance of the blade of grass. Some other things for you to consider with regard to the picking of the blade of grass are less obvious then the examples I have laid out above. It's probable that if you didn't pick that blade of grass from the soil, the events of your life from that point forward would not have led to you meeting your wife. Obviously had you never met Kristin, you never would have engaged in intercourse with her that would have resulted in the birth of your sons. The Henry children probably never would have come to be had you not picked up that blade of grass from the earth that afternoon. Why,one might ask is this probable? Simple, really. By picking that blade of grass, you were correct in stating, at the time, that your life's events were set in motion by the picking of that blade of grass and that whatever happened from that point forward was an indirect(or, perhaps, even a direct) result of the action associated with the picking of the blade of grass. On the bus ride back to school after the ballgame, you and I sat with one another, as we usually did before and after ballgames and we continued our discussion about what the picking of the blade of grass meant at the time and what it would mean in the coming years and beyond. Had you not picked that blade of grass, our discussion on the bus may have been a normal, mundane discussion that would not have led us to discussing our wants, our needs, our desires,our hopes, our dreams,with respect to ways in which we wanted to live our lives. It's probable that your vision of your beautiful wife, Kristin, developed in your head and in your heart during that very discussion on the bus ride. You may not have realized it at the time- and you may not even consciously realize it now- but when you first met Kristin, the feeling you had was a feeling of confirmation resulting from the existential discussion you and I had on the bus following the experience of you picking the blade of grass from the earth.

36: The subsequent courting of Kristin, the subsequent relationship, building experiences the two of you shared from that point on, the foundation of that entire interlude and all that has come after it was built,obviously during the discussions both on the bench immediately following and on the bus shortly following the picking of the blade of grass. I haven't ever discussed with you what I will share now - I know that you have spent many, many hours in your bedrooms(at home, in college, in apartments in Chicago & San Francisco, etc...) contemplating what that blade of grass actually meant. I'm here to tell you, on your 4oth Birthday, that the blade of grass that you picked that one afternoon meant, means, and will forever mean everything. The blade of grass is life. The blade of grass is your life. The blade of grass is the lives of all who you love and all who love you. I send you best wishes on your 40th Birthday. I hope you now can lay to rest any questions or concerns regarding the blade of grass. The blade of grass can be seen in the eyes of Miles and George. The blade of grass can be heard in the sound of your adoring wife's voice. The blade of grass can be felt when you open the front door to your warm home. The blade of grass is EVERYTHING. Love, Robert Crowley Sullivan, Jr.

37: ALL TIME ALL TOPIC DOPE LIST David Halloway - BC Camp Lake Ave Dairy Queen BoJo's Maria Guadalup Maguire New Trie Mormon Babes POF Comar's lunch money New Edition Kendall Grill Lamp Shades Karen Lautens Gamekeepers Margart Leggett Bob Marley Carribean Bakery Patties Napkin Soaked NT pizza Larry Grote Wilwork Nike flip flops Everet Stephens Allen Iverson Koe Moe Doe Al B Sure Reggie Williams Eggs Marche Sedgewicks Wishbone Leon Searcy Double Decker Grill Cheese Jeeeeeeeery Staaaaaackhouse "Are you a J Crew Model?" David Wingate Say wicked Red Hot mamas Bloody Game machines Jazzy Jeff Samantha the Fresh, overly loved dog Big George Caroll Robert | Big Pete Heather Top floor Hi Rise swimming pools Social Club Bud light Michael Graham Sedgewick and Dickins Gold Coast Dogs Tower Records Cleveland and Menomonie Mel Sheets Roach Motel Alonzi Mourning Bucktown Bennie Blades Jamelle Holloway Len Bias Evanston Lung Chess King Asian Pencil Flipping Trick Little 500 Losing to Jean in 40yd dash Pissing on Tie Soft City Larry Gailbrath Jamie Brandon Charles Thompson Michael Irvin Marcus Liberty Wall Sweet A Few Good Men Doug E Fresh Slick Rick Mama Tish Michael Jordan Daniel Stubbs Schooly D Alonzo Highsmith De La Soul Baby Jordan Carlos Huerta Eric B and Rakim Shawn Kemp(BC Camp Days) Kurtis Blow -Bird & Jean

38: ALL TIME ALL TOPIC DOPE LIST Cranfill's breath Chudinski Rob Base Kenny Battle LL Cool J Brian Blades Brady Bunch game Public Enemy Derrick Chevious Flava Flav Vinny Testaverde Chuck D Mario Bros Pearl Washington Run DMC Othella Harrington Money Ball Ernest Goes to Camp Club Snow Whodini Stevie Thompson BDP Horace Broadnax Dana Dane Michael Sweetney UTFO Beastie Boys Todd Poulous Jaren Jackson Heavy Dee Lietenant Caffe Doubling on Birds Bike Bizmarke Bob Knight Derrick Coleman Cal Chaney Happy 40th Drew! Love, Bird & Jean

39: Drew's Top 10 All Time Favorite HOYAS 1. ALLEN IVERSON 2. Reggie Williams 3. David Wingate 4. Eric 'Sleepy' Floyd 5. Charles Smith 6. Patrick Ewing 7. Michael Graham 8. Alonzo Mourning 9. Michael Jackson 10. Dikembe Mutombo The Dope List All Time Top 10 1. ALLEN IVERSON 2. Kevin Durant 3. Brandon Roy 4. Gerry McNamara 5. Tayshaun Prince 6. Richard Jefferson 7. Randy Foye 8. Darren Collison 9. Joseph Forte 10. Victor Page Drew's Top Chicago Favorites Wishbone Soul Kitchen Club Lucky Iggy's Funky Buddha Lounge Kincade's Dairy Queen _- | Drew Quirks Insane dislike for eggs Uncanny ability to adopt the #1 team in the country as his favorite team. Some of my favorite memories: 1.) All NYC trips (with 2 standouts being the US Open Tennis tournament trip,Kournikova, and renting tuxes on a whim and going to a black tie on the USS Intrepid) 2.) Miami - Florida St. in the Orange Bowl. 3.) Chris Weber event in Vegas with Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick 4.) Going out on a Tuesday in Lincoln Park and pretending it was one of our birthdays. 5.)All Vail trips 6.) All Vegas trips 7.) 4th of July Keg party on Cleveland and Menomenee(visit to the park) 8.) Going out on the night of a holiday in the city Most Mad I've Ever Seen Drew When I accidentally left the car door open and his FRESH Nike flip flops were stolen at a high school summer league game just off of Lake Shore Drive. Happy 40th Birthday! Thanks for always being there for me. Dobbs

40: Drew, I first met you on the 2nd floor of Bocobo dorm at IU. While you were mostly quiet and did your own thing, you had one thing no one else had on the floor...a computer in your room!! With this computer you figured out how to connect to a nascent concept in 1989 called the Internet. This was obviously before iPhones, but even more fascinating, this was before Netscape browsers. While I am not entirely proud of this, I was fascinated how you connected through(i think) one of the three connections on all of IU campus at 3:00 AM to read electronic copies of Fortune magazine. Yes, Fortune magazine, not illicit material, not programming new ways for social media, but being able to read Fortune magazine, for free at 3 AM that took about an hour to download maybe one article. At that point, I knew you had it going on. I also remember during our senior year at IU our road trip to New Orleans for the Final Four. Again, this was not a trip to watch our beloved Hoosiers play basketball, but a trip to make money. You had planned the whole trip out: how we would go to the host hotel and start making markets in final four tickets. We bought and sold all weekend and finally, at the end of the weekend, I think we had enough money to get gas to drive back to Bloomington! Needless to say, it isn't how you start, but how you finish and you certainly finished on top. It has been fun reminiscing about our time at IU, but it will not be complete unless I mention Pearl Jam and Arrested Development. I especially remember when "Mr. Wendell" would come on the CD player and you would become possessed. You are a great guy and one of my closest friends. Hopefully we can spend more time together over the next forty years. Happy Birthday Drew! Daniel Goldman

41: "Drew-isms" "Less is more" "Crazy tripod dog" "We're going to have fun" "Dope" "That's a fresh idea" "I'll get on that" "It'll be a money present" "Time to make the donuts" "Always tell the truth" "Money" "Don't sugar coat it, be honest and up front" "There is a difference between want & need" Drew's world "Levertis" "Jamelle!" "Straw!" "Marcus!" "Dirt" "Fresh" "Canes" "Hoyas Boyee!"

42: Drew Daddy by Ruby That dog in the backyard Shannon and Big Drew Don't believe the hype Working at the school Shopping for Dobbs Tarheels Alleyoop Kenny and Fellner George and Miles Farmer's Market Bird is absurd Crescent City Soul Kitchen Drewing out Mason Park Big George The Family Freshness Wishbone Yeah Boy The Floor Galbraith Mudslide COMAR! Liberty Hoyas Vincic Sarge Dirt Vol WIL Sall

43: Drew, There are so many stories I have of you but here are some favorites... Sectional Track Meet our Senior Year: Gordy and I went out to support you in the sectional track meet. You were placed as the final leg on the 4 X 100 relay team. You had never run that position before and you ended up pulling up just short of the finish line. Several runners passed you in those last few yards. Immediately, you grabbed your hamstring and had a look of pain and agony on your face. Gordy and I looked at each other concerned about your health and went down to the track to check on you. When we found you, Gordy asked if you got confused about where the finish line was and if you were faking the injury to avoid the embarrassment of missing the finish line. You acknowledged to us under your breath, in fact, Gordy's assessment was correct. | You continued to limp around the rest of the time you were out at that track meet. Whenever I am at a track meet(which is rare), I always think of you missing the finish line at Glenbrook South High School. Drew's Moment of Fame: 1988 NBA All-Star Game.Your moment will forever have a place in NBA history at this All Star game in Chicago. Several New Trier players had an opportunity to work as ballboys for the three point contest on NBA Saturday. At the conclusion of the 3 point contest, the ballboys were allowed to sit wherever they could find a space around the court. You and Brian Bird claimed the area on the basket support where the dunk contest was taking place. Michael Jordan's final dunk was one of the most memorable dunks in history as he took off from the free throw line, "flew" through the air and dunked the ball. You, sitting on the basket support where this dunk took place, were overcome with emotion. You reacted by jumping up and grabbing the closest person to you, Michael Jordan, and shaking him. That scene is shown on every Michael Jordan highlight film and most dunk contest reviews to this day. Favorite Image of Drew-The day we went to the set of the Jenny Jones show in Chicago is my favorite image of you. I believe we were in college at the time and Bird's friend, Karen Lautens, was some type of production assistant on the show.

44: Due to this connection, we had either front or second row seats. I recall that one of the guests on the show that day was a mother who was talking about the challenges of having a child with allergies. While that was not a laughing matter, you were clearly frustrated as to how bad the show was and that you were sitting in this studio on a nice summer day. At one point the mother began to cry as she talked about how her son reacted to different environmental factors. I looked at you at that moment and you had your classic look of frustration with the whole situation. As I looked at you, I began to laugh at your facial expression and that caused Bird to begin laughing as well. We could not have been more then 15 feet from Jenny Jones and her guest and there we were laughing at the most inappropriate of times of the entire show - all because of the look on your face. Fortunately they did not stop the show due to our behavior, but it was an embarrassing situation as all disapproving eyes were on us. Shopping with Drew - One year when you were getting ready to go to college, you decided you wanted some moccasins. I started out thinking this was a quick trip to the mall and then we would be on with the day....Nope! We spent 2 or 3 full hours looking for your moccasins and you had me driving all over the Chicago area, we may have gone up to Wisconsin at some point. At each stop along the way, we would disagree | more and more with each other about the whole process. I can't recall if we ever found what you wanted, but as dysfunctional as the whole process was, we both agreed that I was the only person you would have wanted for that adventure. I know we repeated that process on several other shopping missions over the years. I hope for Kristin's sake you have made some changes with your shopping routine. Drew's First Piece of Artwork - I was in town visiting for Thanksgiving shortly after you moved into the Bucktown condo. As I was looking forward to meeting up with the rest of our crowd, I took a quick tour of your new place and then I was ready to get going. You informed me we had to hang your first artwork purchase before we went out. I looked at the piece and said I don't think I am the guy for this task, especially because I just wanted to go out. The next thing I know I am holding this huge piece up to the wall as you are trying to center it on the wall. I could tell my hands were beginning to shake and my grip was poor. Sure enough it slipped out of my hands and the frame was damaged when it fell to the floor. I could not have felt worse. After that incident, you have never asked me to hang anything or to perform any type of handiwork. All the best for a happy birthday. Thanks for all of your friendship & encouragement over the years. I appreciate that you challenge me to be my best and I respect that you never hold back sharing what you believe. Comar

45: Top 10 Reasons the Ederers Heart Andrew 10. His last call is lagavulin 9. He never bullshits(ever!!). 8. He seems to actually like us. 7. He appreciates substance over style. 6. He's fiercely loyal and protective of the ones he loves. 5. He cooks us divine meals. 4. He's as hot in a sombrero as he is with jheri curl. 3. He's his own man. 2. He's family to us. 1. He's letting us crash his 40th(non party) birthday in Tahoe! Happy 40th Andrew! xoxo manda +john+the boys

46: I have so many great memories of you. Some of my favorite times are: Buffalo Joe's, hot tubbin' at 1225 Ridge Road, The Lords of Discipline, WGCI 107.5, twirling pencil, no jeans in high school rule, Spanish class, KU trip with Sarge, New Orleans Final Four 1993, Fabulous San Francisco restaurants:Jackson Fillmore, Firefly, Indian Oven, Mexican restaurant with the kids, Cooter Browns, Readin' and talkin', Napa Valley, Half Moon Bay, lagavulin, our dads.... These are just some of my memories from a friendship that started 25 years ago. We have not lived in the same city since the spring of 1989. But as we have moved all over, our friendship has been a touchstone for me. You are quiet, thoughtful, true, determined, humble, confident, and GENUINE. Happy Birthday to my dear,OLD friend, Ann & Mark

47: Drew, You have always been a great friend and someone who I wish I could see more often. I feel lucky we get to see each other every year in Vail and when you visit NYC. You are a calm, cool, collected customer and someone who never gets frazzled. You are certainly one of the most mellow and even keeled people that I know. I appreciate your love of food. It is always great to go out to dinner with you because you always pick out the best items and order phenomenal wine. I will always remember my first trip to Vail when you introduced me to foi gras on toast with a spectacular bottle of Sautern. To this day I think of you when I think or order Sautern. I wish you all the best on your 40th! Badner

48: A few things Drew has strong opinions about... his family, money, education, everything he does, everything you do, New York, your family, his neighbors, your neighbors, his contractor, your contractor, the cab driver, his risotto, any risotto, Detroit, wine, art, furniture, fixtures, all things latin every restaurant he has ever been to, every restaurant he has not been to, every restaurant you should go to, his car, your car, any other car he sees, Andrew Carnegie, the weather, books, pigeons, math, beef patties, tacos, ice cream, every player on any team from Jamaica, every player not on any team from Jamaica, shoes, sweaters, accessories, risk, his friends, his friends' friends, his friends' friends' friends, people he knew in third grade, philosophy, Chicago, politics, politicians, race, religion, home schooling, shopping, relationships, air travel, language, accents, your work, your university, the university you should have gone to, Andrew Jackson, Jackson Pollock, Tahoe, your house, his house, the house that should be your house, Italy, how fast you drive, cell phones, banks, marriage, movies, television, every celebrity that has ever been to Jamaica, what Dobbs does on Tuesday, what you do on Friday, what he sees on Wednesday, airports, museums, history, morality, war, Paris, and a bunch more things that he has just not had a chance to tell you about.... | A few things Drew doesn't have strong opinions about... -Shannon

49: Recipe for Drew the Dancer Drew is a dancer, but 99.99999% of the time he thinks it's the wrong thing to do. Until he doesn't, and when he doesn't, he cannot be stopped. To get him started, just add 1 part dinner, 6 to 8 parts alcohol(adjusted for altitude), take him to a place where at least 6 other people are dancing, dim the lights, wait 27 minutes and then request a trigger song; such as songs by Puff Daddy, Jay Z, MC Hammer, Sean Paul, and anybody else from Jamaica. Stand back immediately though, because he may start before the song starts. His response will be totally involuntary. He will no longer have control of his body and even he doesn't know what will happen next. | Drew, You are the only guy I know that can text 40 words per minute without making any mistakes, but still you don't know you can hold the phone in the same position to talk and listen. Have a great 40th Birthday! Patrick Shannon

50: Drew, There is not a more unique individual that I know. You are definitely one of a kind. The words respect, independent thinker, and family man come to mind when I think of you. I have no doubt you have made your family proud and I know you are instilling your special traits in Miles and George. You are definitely president of the dope list. Happy 4oth! David Gross | Happy 4oth Drew, Cheers to Sweet Basil, big red wines, obscenely wealthy South Americans and flights of 50 year old Grand Marnier. Have a nice bottle of wine and cheers to you on your birthday. Al

51: King Andy Pandy Do you remember when Dad used to tell us stories when there were power outages in Hampstead? He would tell us a story or three ranging from those involving the scenes of his rural childhood, to the infamous "teeth like these". I must have picked up on Dad's story telling bug somewhere along the way, because I recall an occasion when I decided to try my own hand at story telling for Andy Pandy's benefit. I think it was a lights out situation and I wasn't having any luck gaining your attention with my fairly competent attempts at re-telling dad's stories, but I quickly noticed that interjecting Andy Pandy into the stories gained your rapt attention. In fact over the course of the evening, the King Andy Pandy story evolved from being a fantastic adventure of you and all of us scaling a mountain in some adventure to where I had to retell it and embellish the conclusion with King Andy Pandy sitting atop a mountain eating a giant bowl of ice cream to his hearts content. In fact upon requesting the re-telling of the King Andy Pandy story it came down to you saying, " just get to the part where I"m king of everything and I get all the ice-cream I can eat & everyone loves me because I'm like an awesome king." Soon the days of requesting King Andy Pandy stories were replaced by your obsession with hoarding $ under your mattress and selling produce to higgles(produce middle women) presumably so you could buy real ice cream. Happy 40th Birthday! Robert

52: Andrew, When the boys were asked what they like about Uncle Andrew, here were their replies: "Uncle Andrew makes the best bisquits. Uncle Andrew makes great macaroni and cheese. Uncle Andrew is fun! Uncle Andrew is strong, he can pick you up and spin you around. Uncle Andrew cuts his hair really short." You are the king of self expression; achieving powerful effects with a few choice words. You can also be funny or serious with the same unflappable tone. You crack us up when you might only crack that tiny "Andrew half smile". You are kind, generous, and super sweet. You can barely tolerate the many compliments and affection that should shower you constantly. Happy 40th Birthday Andrew!!! We love you, Lisa, Peter, Christian, Langston, Hayden, & Harrison

53: Drew, I remember you were born on Voting Day and I was so upset. I really wanted a baby sister and got you instead. You were such a stoic, brave little boy. You once took a cricket bat to the face and had two black eyes,but you did not complain. You also were so brave when you spent weeks away from home after your hip surgery. You only complained when they tried to serve you tripe for dinner. I also knew you would be successful when at 4 or 5 years old you were a budding entrepreneur who sold tangerines at the roadside by our front gate in Jamaica. You have come a long way from a feisty young boy nicknamed Iggy by dad after the Little Nancy comic strip to now a cool, calm, collected and brilliant man. You are the epitome of grace under pressure and your work has suited you well. I was so impressed and proud when you were the highest earning young trader in the history of your first firm. I wish you only the best in this upcoming year. Happy Birthday Iggy! Love, Heather

54: Happy Big 4-0 Uncle Andrew I am grateful to have an uncle like you. I wish I lived closer to San Francisco so we could visit more and do fun things together. When I thought of something to say about you, the following came to mind... A - always learning a new fact with you N - never a dull moment with you D - Drew is short for Andrew R - respectful parent E - endless love for his family W - wonderful cook and uncle May your next forty be as good as your first forty! Tony

55: Uncle Andrew, I wish I was there to celebrate your upcoming fortieth birthday in San Francisco. I am sure the food and atmosphere will be enjoyable. I can imagine being with Miles and George at the table blowing out your numerous candles(along with the fire department). When I think of you, the first thing that comes to mind is Mrs. Grossman's Sticker factory we made you visit with my mom. You were so nice to find the little factory in the middle of Petaluma. Once we got there, you didn't contain your excitement about being there and you fell asleep during the presentation. Another thing I think of is the wonderful lentil soup you made when I was visiting. Lentil soup is something I never had before and I was worried I would not like it. I am glad I tried it because it was delicious. Our love of cooking is something we share and I am getting pretty good at it. I also wish you were closer to us in Detroit(well not in tonight's minus 10 windchill weather & 12 inches of snow). Uncle, in Uncle Drew, is... U - Unselfish in his love for his family & friends N - Nice and never says no C - can cook creatively L - likes to bring home sweet treats for his boys E - enjoys reading a good book Enjoy your 40th Birthday! Alexandra

56: Happy 4oth Birthday Andrew, I can not believe you are 40 this month! At these milestones in your life you should take time to do a little self evaluation and look back at your accomplishments. I would like to say when I look back on your 40 years, and by only going from the input I received from your aunts, Heather, and mom in Jamaica at your wedding,I would say that all your saving of your money as a young lad helped to get you to where you are now financially. The trips to the bank with your mom(deposits had to be at least a dollar) really paid off. The Lake Tahoe house would not have been possible if not for your discipline.The investment you unselfishly put into Kristin and the boys is another accreditation to the wonderful job you have done with your life. And how could I ever forget our trip to Target. It was the summer you visited us in Detroit. You came for a quick run to the store with Lynn and I. I still remember the look in your eyes when we were throwing stuff in the basket and I was getting the need vs. want look. It reminded me of a cartoon, a freighter on the lake with the name "Wants" on the side, and a rowboat passing by with "Needs" on it. If only I bought what I needed, I would have money in the bank for later "wants" in my life. Well again Happy Birthday Andrew. I wish I lived in Sonoma growing some beautiful plants while drinking some good wine, then I could drop in for your celebration. Drink some really good wine on your birthday and think of me there next to you clinking your glass. Cheers! Diane

57: Andrew, Being the maid of honor at your wedding was so much fun. I felt so petite for the first time in my life when standing next to you and all of your tall, handsome family members. But you are not just a tall, good looking gentlemen. You are a loving father who wakes up early on Saturday mornings to have a picnic breakfast with your sons in front of the morning shows. You are also a board member at your sons' school and you read to Miles and George each night. Your family is fortunate to have lovely dinners and Kristin is lucky to be whisked away on wonderful vacations. I wish you all the best on your birthday and I wish you many, many more. Love, Lynn Andrew, Happy 40th Birthday and I wish you many more to come. Kristin thinks the world of you and is very happy. The most important thing to a mother is that her children are happy. Thank you for being a wonderful husband and making her smile each day. Love, Gloria

58: Drew Memories Feb 24 Lefty "That Guy"(in MS) Shingles porch Jamal Meeks, My interview - your job in the BPO Sink the Bizzy BK, "The General" Fighting Bernie "Bloomington" twins Cubbie Bear/Glascotts - sketch Map Room Wishbone breakfasts Buck Town Roof top parties Weiner Circle Bus Stop Crissy Field La Taqueria Elbow Room Sketchy food missions Climbing Mt. Tam Bizarro Drew in S. Lake Tahoe(who was that guy?!) Cooking risotto(among other things) Ms. Vera Dragon Bay Kingston with your family Career discussions The 'best' babysitter ever Dropping $300 on the street many memories to come,,, Drew, lucky to have you in my life, even luckier to call you my friend. Happy 40th - here's to making more lasting memories in the years to come. Love, Your boy "Sof"

59: Andrew, I will always remember our early days in Chicago when we started dating over 14 years ago. Your condo, the Coca cola sign, berry chimichanga, fried sage leaves, centipede, ravioli with classico sauce, Harry's velvet room, chocolate cigar, chester, and hanging out on your couch will always bring back fond memories of our early years together. You whisked me away to Mexico, Paris, and eventually Venice where our lives as one was set on course. I will forever remember our special day at Half Moon when you said I do. I was worried it might not happen when you became sick the evening before, but you pulled through and were there for me as you always are. I never thought it would be possible to have a more memorable day as our wedding day, until the days Miles and George were born. I knew you would be an amazing father when I first saw you hold the boys and look at their faces. Watching you with them has made me love you even more over the years. I look forward to more special moments and adventures this year and years to come. I wish you a wonderful 40th and hope this year brings you clarity of vision and direction that makes you prosperous and happy. I love you, Kristin

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