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S: thirty two

FC: 32.

1: 32 might not seem like a very significant birthday... but a lot of special people in your life had some really significant things to say about you, at 32.

3: A collection of notes to encourage you. - From people who love you. A lot.

4: "Although many people find it difficult or awkward to express their gratitude/love for their siblings, fortunately, this is one area in my life in which I don't feel awkward. It's actually pretty easy for me to be transparent about how much you mean to me. Ever since I was little, I've looked to you as my hero. Sometimes, perhaps to a fault....especially during my teenage years. I think I was more of a disciple of Tripp than a disciple of Jesus. I talked like you (read: used teenage boy lingo like "duuude" and "baaad"), I tried to follow in your activity footsteps (youth group, Look-Up, Asbury), and I listened to everything you said intently. However, as I've grown older and a little more comfortable with who I am, ...I've treasured your words and modeling as a primary source through which God has spoken to me rather than merely trying to be you. To this day, I still value your wisdom immensely. I credit your discernment and guidance as a primary means through which God spoke to me about choosing Steve as a husband. I have tucked away nuggets of your advice from everything about not rushing to kiss someone too soon to not looking to your marriage partner to fulfill the roles girl friends should.

5: Additionally, I value your talents. Clearly one of our struggles in the past centered around my jealousy/resentment towards you. Thankfully, God has shown me how to celebrate all of your many gifts and talents alongside you, rather than try to compete with them! I might be the proudest one of any of your loved ones when I see your commercial on TV or see a random person re-tweet your post. All this to say, thanks for being the best big brother I've ever come across. I celebrate who God has created you to be... ...a hilarious, handsome, intuitive, relationional man of God. It's an honor to be related to you. I love you so much," Melissa

6: "Tripp, I cannot express how thankful I am for you. You've been such a great friend, an amazing mentor, and also someone that I've look to for encouragement and inspiration. Your encouragement throughout my life/career (basically since I was 15) has been truly one of the best things in my life. Thanks so much for everything that you've done for me and all the opportunities that you've given me. I'm glad we are going to stay friends the rest of our lives. Come see us in NYC!" Miller Mobley

7: "You know how we never hug? How we've kind of reached a level of friendship where we don't need to physically remind each other that we're excited to see each other again? That's how I feel right now. I can't put into words what our friendship means to me. You're like a brother. A brother who always looks out for me and makes sure I'm aware of my head's roundness. I'm thankful for you. Raise hell this summer." Tyler Stanton

8: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowliness. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

9: "You inspire me. You have always inspired me. From the moment I first met you and engaged in an intellectual and real conversation (a bit harder to come by at the Ranch that summer), I was inspired and continue to be. Why? Mark Twain said it best: you have sailed away from the safe harbor. You have lived your life exploring, dreaming and discovering. You have chosen a narrow path. You do not shy away from pain, yet you enter into it. You do not let fear drive you, but passion does. You do not give up on love, yet you remain patient. Therefore, you have experienced the depth of love and life. From this experience, you create things that no one else has ever attempted to create. I am truly blessed to have you call me friend." Ginny Reddick

10: "Every time we hang out with you we always have so much fun!!!! We love how you can make even the most boring things fun, but also we love your serious deep thinking side. We believe in you and care about you so much! We will always support you in all you do!" Ben and Audrey Habeck | "Every time we hang out with you we always have so much fun!!!! We love how you can make even the most boring things fun, but also we love your serious deep thinking side. We believe in you and care about you so much! We will always support you in all you do!" Ben and Audrey Habeck

11: "Happy Birthday to the funniest guy I know. God definitely had fun when he made you. I am so thankful for your friendship. I love that you can make me laugh like crazy one minute and the next minute we can have a deep, meaningful conversation. Happy Birthday Tripp. I hope this year is the best one yet." Tiffany Tharp | "Happy Birthday to the funniest guy I know. God definitely had fun when he made you. I am so thankful for your friendship. I love that you can make me laugh like crazy one minute and the next minute we can have a deep, meaningful conversation. Happy Birthday Tripp. I hope this year is the best one yet." Tiffany Tharp

12: Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift. 2 Corinthians 9:15

13: "Trippy, Your friendship really has been an indescribable gift to me. I will forever be thankful for you and the amazing memories we have. Thank you for being such a faithful friend and for always being there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on. :) Thank you for speaking hard truth to me and helping me become the woman I am today. Through different seasons of my life you have been my best friend and the brother I never had. There is no one like you and you will forever have a special place in my heart!! Although our time together these days is short and far between I know that the depth of our friendship will last a lifetime. I hope you have an incredible birthday and know how much you are loved!" Anna Maner

14: Happy Birthday! This time 32 years ago Dad and I were more excited than we had ever been in our entire lives. We were about to have our first child! This would be a blessing and gift that would be one of the biggest imprints on our lives forever! I want to share a few things things that come to my mind and from my heart about you. However, you must understand how difficult this is because there is no way to put into words my feelings and love for you. You were always a serious quiet baby. You would stare intently and study everything! I should have know right away that this was an indication of your gifts and creativity. You paid very much attention to detail seeing things that others would never notice. The next sign that comes to my mind would be how long it would take you to get ready for trick or treating and preparing your costume and all the fine details. During your younger years you would spend much of your free time drawing. For a treat I would always buy you drawing pencils and pads which would engross you for hours on end! Of course all that changed when Dad bought our first video camera. That then became your main source of entertainment! Thank goodness for bonus rooms!!! Tripp you were always such a loving and caring young man. You were such a good big brother to our second blessing, Melissa. I really can never remember a time that you were jealous of her as a new baby. You were patient with Melissa and were so understanding about sharing your parents. The two of you grew up as best friends.

15: I give thanks and praise to God for choosing Dad and I to be your parents. I know He has his hand on you continually. I am especially thankful that at a very young age you chose to allow Jesus to be the center of your life. I cannot begin to even mention all the ways that you have honored him in your life. As a result of those choices you have impacted our lives as well as the lives of so many others. I know that God has so many more wonderful plans for your life and I only hope to be able to share in those moments with you. We always know that when we are with you there will never be a DULL moment. The word DULL does not exist in your life. I hope you know how much we love being entertained by you. Laughter is medicine for the soul and when you are around we gets lots of it! Tripp there is just no way to put into words all that you mean to me. I want you to know how proud of you I am for the person you are and all the many things that you do for others. It is an honor and a privilege to call you my son. I love you with all my heart and wish you a very Happy BIrthday." Love always, Mom

16: "Tripp Crosby used to be one of my favorite things about attending North Point. Long before I actually met him, I would watch the videos he made and die laughing, wondering "Who is this guy?" There was part of me that was afraid that if I met him, he wouldn't be as funny in real life. Like the time I met Robert Townsend at the airport. Fortunately, the things that make Tripp great on film are only amplified in real life. In the last few years, things have gotten weird with traveling to conferences and being backstage in unexpected places. It's always a great comfort to run into Tripp. He's honest, hilarious and one of my favorite people on the planet." Jon Acuff

17: "Happy birthday my friend. There’s a lot of reasons to be thankful for you...not least of which is the fact that I can cuss around you! Although I didn’t realize that when I first met you... I hope this short note is one of many from people reminding you of how much you are loved and what a special man you are. Thanks for being the real you and for inviting others to be the real them. It’s rare, and so difficult to do when “the facade” is so much easier! I love how quickly you bring freedom... Love you bro, so thankful for you... and hope you have an amazing birthday!" LV

18: "You bring life to everything you touch, wether work, parties, spur of the moment trips to West Palm, or renting scooters (and dirt bikes) in the Dominican Republic. Thanks for being a good friend and shining the light of Christ in a new way. God has big plans for your life and your influence. Happy Birthday my friend! PS- I have undoubtedly seen your ass more than any of my friends in the world. Kudos for that achievement.(See photo attached)" Blake Howard

19: "I just want to let you know how thankful I am for the joy you've brought into my life. Few people make me laugh as hard as you, and few people have so lovingly and graciously spoken hard truth to me too. I hope to have you in my life until the day I die man. Love you like crazy." Aaron Keyes

20: "It's a joy to send a message for your birthday. You were an enormous blessing to teach during your time at Asbury and I always felt like your talent was too big for the room. I wish we lived closer because I'd love to still be part of your life. Know that I still think of you with great love and appreciation and wish you all the best on your birthday!" Kathy Bruner "Ever since you and I freaked out at the fake turd at granddaddy's birthday I knew something stank. It is your bingo skills cuz... they are just bad. Joking though, you are almost as good as your grandmother. Well at least as good as a 56 year old woman. Seriously though, happy birthday, we have had some fun times with the family and will continue in the future." David Byrd

21: "You are a stud. It's a blast having you involved with Catalyst. And I appreciate your friendship immensely. I am glad to know you as a friend. Thanks for your contribution in making people laugh, creating moments for leaders to learn, and influencing our generation." Brad Lomenick "You undoubtedly will receive many birthday greetings praising your immense talents and unique sense of humor. While you are very gifted and are most recognized for the comic persona you project, it is your heart and sense of purpose that I admire most about you. I love working with you and am better for knowing you. Happy birthday pal." Ken Coleman

22: "You are the bomb. You really are! You're the only person I know that can seamlessly move a room full of strangers to an engaged, warm crowd with your fearless personality and vivacious spirit; and can also sit down with you one-on-one and be completely genuine and personable. What you see is what you get. No layers to peel back.You are a blessing to be near, and a gift to any team you are a part of. I'm grateful to have collided with you, and I look forward to watching you continue to shine and bless the lives of many more with your infectious gifts. Happy Birthday, Tripp!!" Tara Makarechi

23: "What a pleasure it is and has been watching you grow and mature in the journey God has you on. I can't wait to see what's next. I love telling people that I know 'Tripp'. May God continue to Bless." Sonny Newton

24: "Tripp, I can't remember exactly how it happened but I am sure glad that God made our paths cross. I admire you on so many levels it is hard to know where to start. I think you are incredibly talented. I have always said that you can't teach someone to be funny, and you my friend are funny. You also know how to make that work in different mediums. I would trust you in anything you asked me to be a part of. You are self aware. Not many guys your age can make that claim. You actually work at rounding your edges, strengthening your weaknesses and trying to lay out a path for where you want to go. You are wise beyond your years. I wish I had had the wisdom and foresight to seek out the advice of men that I admired. I have always said that wisdom is knowledge plus scars. Hopefully the way you are doing it you can eliminate a few of the scars. You have a great heart. The way you serve at the Mission makes me so proud to be your friend. As we have discussed many times, I get so turned off by "church people" but in just serving those that the world shuns I think it is when we look most appealing to non-believers.

25: It shows a heart that the "world" does not often see. And it allows us into the mystery of when we think we are blessing someone that we in fact are most often the one being blessed. Being an old guy it is fun to watch your life unfold, both creatively and personally. There is no way to know where it will lead, so enjoy the journey each day. I can honestly say Gregg and I enjoyed each phase without worrying too much about when and where the next one would lead. If you had asked us at anytime, "What are you going to be doing two years from now?" we would have looked at each other and laughed and said, "I don't know." You are a good friend. I am very thankful that I can call you that. Thank you for the encouragement that you give me. Thank you for being courageous enough to live out your faith, even if it doesn't always fit the "church" mold. You are a man of God." Happy Birthday buddy, Jeff Foxworthy

26: "Happy Birthday Tripp, I can't believe you are turning 32 already (because I can't believe Brent is also 32 (1/30). It seems like yesterday that your Mom and I were both pregnant and going to child birth classes together. We had such a great time in those early years. I know you have heard the stories of us getting together and bringing our ping-pong table to your Mom and Dad's house and just having fun. Those were the days and we miss them. As ya'll got older and were involved in your own schools, our families did not see as much of each other as we would have liked but we reconnected a few years ago and it was as if we were never apart. Tripp you have turned out to be such a fine young man with a wonderful sense of humor and great morals. You are so much fun to be with and we need to get together more often. We hope that you have a great birthday." Much Love, Ann and Dale DuBose

27: "Usually I'd try to write a joke here, but I think this is a great chance to express some gratitude. You've invested in me like a true friend and mentor, and have led me into opportunities that have been life changing. You make a difference everywhere you go, and people remember you. Saying that you have talent is an understatement, because your passion for loving God and others allows you to make an impact beyond the scope of any one talent. You've defined for me what friendship should be, and I'm proud to be able to call you my friend." David Robertson

28: "But now, thus says the Lord, who created YOU...and formed YOU...: Fear not, for I have redeemed YOU; I have called YOU by your name; YOU are Mine. When YOU pass through the waters, I will be with YOU; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow YOU. When YOU walk through the fire, YOU shall not be burned. For I am the Lord YOUR God...; YOU have been honored, and I have loved YOU." Is. 43:1-4

29: "Seems like just yesterday Anna, Amelia, and I were making the long road trip to Lexington where I would meet you for the very first time. Little did I know that would be the start of our special and unique relationship. From our talks at JH Ranch, to you taking out my trash, to secretly giving me an IPod, to climbing St. Mountain, to playing truth or dare on the roof of your parent's house, etc...you've always known how to make me smile. And while our friendship has had it's ups and downs, I've always known in my heart that you care, and I pray you've always known that I care too. On your 32nd birthday may you know that you are irreplaceable, one of a kind, and will always have a special place in my heart. I'm so proud of all your accomplishments. You are gifted in so many ways, and I love the doors God seems to continue to open for you. Never hide those gifts, but always use them for His glory. I'm excited for the future God has for you. It has only just begun!! Thank you for the many times you have affirmed and encouraged me and others in your life. Now it's your turn to be affirmed. May this be your best birthday yet as you are reminded of how loved you are by those in your life. Know that I am forever grateful for you and the impact you've had on my life. You truly are an irreplaceable friend!!" Love, Aimee Maner Flores

30: "Thanks for inviting us to be a part of Green Trike and for being so welcoming and encouraging throughout our big move. You've created an inspiring path, and we look forward to joining you on it. Happy Birthday, Tripp!" Parker & Lauren Wilson

31: "You'll probably get a lot of funny comments in this book... I was going to try and compete but I'll leave it to people funnier than me. I was then going to talk about all the times I've seen you naked but then I thought how gay that would sound. So I'll just speak from the heart, that's not funny or gay. You've been a huge part of my life over the past 4+ years. As I recall all of the memories, they are ones that will stand out for a lifetime. You are a person who makes people around you better - I know that my life is better because of you. You go after your dreams in life, you're not afraid to fail, you're not afraid to stand up for what you believe in, you are a leader among your peers, and people enjoy life more because you are around. You have the unique ability of inspiring people because of who you are - I've seen it in my own life...part of where I am in life is because of your influence. That's something special. You care about relationships, people and feelings - You're one of the only people I've never been mad at... That's rare to say the least. I'm truly excited to see where life takes you. You're one of my best friends and that's something I cherish. Thank you for being who you are and daring to be yourself." Mack Kitchel

32: "Trippy, There are few people in my life that no matter how long we spend a part, when we get together, we pick right back up where we left off. I don't have many friends like that. You have been the type of friend that doesn't come along very often. When I hear people talking about you or something you've done, I always brag that you're one of my closest friends. Mainly because I want people to be in awe of me because I know you. Selfish, I know... ...but I'm just really proud of you and the way you live your life. You're honest, real, hilarious, creative, genuine, you don't judge me, and your heart for people challenges me every time we talk. You're one of the most talented people I know and I honestly think you have no idea what you're capable of. I respect the way you live your life and how you love people so well. Thank you for being my most favorite roommate and for always being there for me. Love you bro." Matty

33: "Tripp is worst roommate you will ever love to live with. The encouragement and humor Tripp is gifted with make you overlook his roaming the house in black boxer briefs at all hours and parking his car in the neighbors flower bed. As long as I have a place to live, Tripp Crosby will always have a couch to crash on. At least for a few days..." Mitch Smith | "Happy Birthday from your ol' buddy Mark Danzey. It's been many years since years since we have seen each other but I speak of you and pray for you from time to time. The "Gospel Commandments of Leadership" that you printed for me 14 years ago has remained on my desk in 4 different offices. May God bless you as you serve him. Hope to hear from you some day! Happy Birthday." Mark

34: "So, you're a funny guy. But everyone knows that. And that's cool, and it sure makes you fun to be around...But that's not who you are. You have an enormous heart under the sarcasm, and you're vulnerability is evident, even in all your self assuredness. I loved getting to see these things more clearly last summer. I loved that I could make you uncomfortable by paying you a compliment. :) And I loved hearing your heart for actual, impactful and meaningful ministry. You're pretty great, and I'm glad we're friends. So happy birthday, funny guy. I hope it's the best yet!" Love, Candi P. Shelton

35: "I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and let you know how much I appreciate you. Thanks for being such a perfect example of someone who is super fearless, uber-talented and mega-brilliant. The world needs more people like you living life to the fullest and not afraid to go for it! I know I tell you this all the time when we talk but I'm your biggest fan! And I mean that! You rock in every way! Don't ever forget that! Don't ever doubt that! Thankful to call you my friend. Have a wonderful birthday celebration!" Mike Foster

36: "Tripp- This is Tim. I'm speaking on behalf of everyone that has ever met you in saying that we are all better for having met you. Speaking on behalf of myself, if I had never met you I would probably be in the same life stage, but with a lot less laughter. I know you probably never think about it, but you have had an impact on literally thousands of people! Me? 17-19. You. Thousands. I'm one of those thousands. Much love! Let's hang next Thursday." Tim Bratley

37: "My "very so rad" cousin. You may not realize this, but you are an inspiration to me. I have watched you work extremely hard over the years- stopping at nothing until you achieve your goals. I think back on all you have done: The video shorts on YouTube (especially "Things You Can Only do in a Pool"), your work at the Olympics, your work with Buckhead Church, the video you shot- and got an award for, the commercial that is airing on TV now, and on, and on and on!! Tripp- sometimes I am tired, no downright exhausted with all life throws my way and I think about you, and how "giving up" isn't a phrase in your vocabulary. I then am able to muster up a little more strength, push a little harder and work to achieve my goals, too. That's your influence on me and everyone you come in contact with. Please know how special you are. Not only do I admire your perseverance, but how can I not mention your sense of humor? Thank you for cracking us all up ever since you were born! Don't ever stop! You are a great cousin and friend, Tripp, and I am so grateful you are a part of my life and family." Love, Meg

38: "Tripp is a trip. Most of the stuff would be best left unsaid. But words that come to mind is comedically creative. When I think about the fact that the first thing God revealed concerning His attributes is that He is Creative, I would say that Tripp in his own unique way, is one of the most Godly men I know. Enjoyed your time at the House of Hoffman." Buddy

39: "Put a piece of birthday cake I.Y.B... Put a bouy from the lake I.Y.B... Tripp, I never fail to cry laughing in your presence. Thanks for being so naturally ridiculous. You always seem to slip and slide over the line and I appreciate it. Hope this year's the best EVER!!" Beth Pilgreen

40: "Trippy, It has been ten years since the days we shared our college experience together. Consequently it has also been about ten years since we shared a room, a shower, our noises and smells, and too many laughs and pranks to recall. Across all categories (except the category for "Nothing Normal About You", which would go to Craig Luck) you certainly take the prize for best possible roommate. Though we are hundreds of miles apart and would tie in a contest for worst-communicators-when-separated-by-more-than-20-miles... we still share so many memories... an undying passion for humor, the Roman numeral III, and most importantly our love for Christ and a desire for the lost to know Him. We couldn't live more different lives now, but I love that we shared our college experience together. I think it's because those four years were so impacting that they still seem so current. As a result when we do reconnect it is as though no time has passed. And it is fun seeing how God has placed us where our shared passions can be put to use, though our lives are so different.

41: The day my boys can meet you can't come quickly enough. They have heard so many stories, watched so many YouTube videos and seen so many pictures that they practically know you already. I fear for their futures knowing and seeing what they have about our mischief! You have a huge part in this, so what I am basically saying is that you share in the blame :-) Tripp, I will always consider you my best friend. You will always be the guy I'd choose to stand next to me at my wedding, though that was a one-time thing... remember, I promised Sarah and a bunch of people heard me! Seriously though, I am forever grateful that God placed you in my life to laugh, cry and grow together at such a formative time of life. It has been great seeing God unfold His plans for you, and I know He has so much more ahead that you cannot fathom. Much love to you and Happy Birthday!" Ben Wehling

42: "Tripp, What can I say? My favorite memory of you-- Who in the world would show up with a bag full of one hundred one dollar bills for a $100 reimbursement? Only you my funny friend. Only you. But in all seriousness, that is what I love about you so much. You see life differently, and then you aren't afraid to live it. You have this amazing depth to your life and you ask hard questions that so many people work to avoid. And yet you pair all of this with your humor which makes the hard questions easier to receive, and actually invite you to linger in thought. It's quite a dynamic duo, and quite frankly it's why I believe you are so gifted with what you are about in life. We share quite an interesting bond--wouldn't you say? That drive by at 7:00 in the morning with your "sense" was quite an experience. | For you it affirmed that you could hear the voice of God which was much needed in that present time, and for me it affirmed that God wasn't unaware of my circumstances. I still scratch my head and wonder what that was all about, but then again He works in mysterious ways. And one thing that will never remain a mystery is why you were put here on this earth. You are an amazing human being Tripp. A great son, a great brother, and a great friend. I'm so happy that I know you and I've had a chance to live a little bit of the journey of life with you." Happy Birthday my friend- Lauren Tomlin

43: "Beyond the humor, wit and incredible talent is a guy who is a deep thinker making an important contribution to the Kingdom. That's how I think of you. I'm proud to call you a friend (and business partner!) Have a great birthday!!" Jeff Henderson

44: "It is a real blessing that my brother in law is one of my closest friends. You are one of only two or three people I've ever enjoyed having deep conversations with, and I feel like you sharpen me spiritually. I love you." Your brother, Steve

45: "Happy birthday! Truly grateful for you, our years of friendship...and all the entertaining moments we've created throughout them. From road trips to Charlotte, beach trips to San Clemente, bday celebrations, house boat adventures, 4th of July dock parties, family dinners at your parents, Johnnys adventures, Chicago escapades, weekends on the b.lake boat, and so many other great memories. It's been really encouraging and inspiring to watch you step out and do what you have been made to do. It's a rad adventure to share together and watch dreams come true. I'm excited about what this year holds for you. There is still so much more to come. I really do feel it will be the best yet. Happy birthday to a dear friend and fellow ENFP. :)" Carrie Allen

46: "As a friend, mentor, key discipler, and otherwise major influence in your life there are a few things I would like to share with you on this celebration of 3 decades plus 2 years of your life. 1) I was lying regarding our Stone Mountain discussion on pigs. It never was an issue in my life... I was just trying to make you feel better. 2) I peed on your leg in the shower more than the one time you caught me. 3) The whole Melissa Camp thing is old history and I will try my hardest not to ever bring it up again. 4) I don't know how she does it, but your mom just keeps getting better looking with age. In fact if they had a "Mrs. Atlanta--Empty Nester" edition she should definitely enter. The real reason I came over to your house in high school was in the hopes of getting a hug from Aunt Phoebes. And a high five from Big Wave Dave. 5) When I open a restaurant I'm going to serve blue spaghetti and call it "Trippghetti." I'll spend a lot of time and money getting it ready, and then no one will buy it until eventually everyone just forgets about it, kind of like "Don't Be that Guy." 6) The original footage of "Mr. Toothbrush, My Best Friend" will show up at some point in your life in the future. 7) I've been married now for 9 years and I still think I've seen you naked more times than anyone else on the planet.

47: 8) I still have a set of your car keys and have been moving your Altima around in various parking lots. The real challenge isn't confusing you, it's keeping up with your most recent automobile purchase. 9)You never fooled me with the "too-short" tux pants. The real surprise was that you weren't actually trying to get away with man-capri's at my wedding. 10) No matter how many times you touch your nose and say "See, I can still feel my face" doesn't prove that you haven't had too much to drink. 11) I really hope that when we are 80 years old we're still laughing, still loving life, and still willing to belly crawl across a lake of muddy sludge together. I hope you know how much your friendship has meant to me over the years. You have been there for me in success and failure, you have accepted me at my best and my worst, and you have never stopped encouraging, loving, and believing in me and the man I could be. I know Jesus better because of you. I am in ministry because of you. And I hope you know that I have never stopped believing in you and all that Jesus has for you. I am so proud to be your friend. I know you know what I am wanting to say, but I simply don't have words to tell you how much you mean to me, but my heart is so full when I think back on the last 20 years of life. May God continue to pour out his blessing on you and through you. Celebrate Life my friend, and may the Lord allow me to be there alongside you when you do!" With much love, Brian Krawczyk

48: "Over the last 6 months, I've watched you rearrange your life for people the world had written off. Setting aside professional ambitions, instead ambitiously helping others with no foundation in their life. I won't ever forget the first time you nervously stepped foot in that room of men. The natural first question was written on your face "Who are they?", not long after that first meeting the words continuously read "Who am I?" Who am I that you are mindful of me, who am I that you let me see your work in less than ordinary men most would rather leave forgotten. Thanks for your bleeding heart, taking the time to fellowship and have lunch with a forgotten face. Thanks for your selflessness, spending precious holidays apart from family so that others who have no family may feel valued. Thanks for your generosity, giving countless hours and resources to help lift the lives of broken individuals. Thanks for being an unexpected friend and partner in discovering God's purposes for our lives here in this City." Joshua Harrelson

49: As you know, I'm a man of few words but I what I do say I mean from the bottom of my heart. You are half my age but have done so much more in your lifetime than I could even have imagined doing. You have traveled more, seen more, experienced more than most people I know. It's because you have taken your God-given talents and run with them. They have taken you a long way in such a relatively short time but I'm sure God has so much more in store for you. Watching you doing what you did last week was a treat for me. It made me proud and it also made me happy to see you doing something that you truly love to do. Most folks go to their jobs and do so purely out of obligation. You go, you create, you laugh, you encourage, you make others laugh. Not that what you do isn't stressful and is all fun and games...quite the contrary. But you have always seemed to make things work. When I watched the DVD of your early years recently it reminded me of how much joy you brought into my life and the life of your mom. Many years have passed since then but those memories will always be with me. As will our times together now...going to Tech games, laughing together, just hanging out together. I feel so sorry for some of the guys I know who don't have any relationship with their son. How sad that must be. You know this but I want to say it again...I love you! HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY!!! Dad

50: "Nothing is more practical than finding God; that is, falling in love in a quite absolute, final way. What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the morning, what you will do with your evenings, how you will spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude. Fall in love; stay in love, and it will decide everything." -Pedro Arrupe, SJ

52: "As you know, I procrastinate but apparently, so do most of your friends. So as I am sitting here trying to figure out what all I want to say to you (the day before this needs to print), I am reading these incredible notes from all these people who love you so much, and I am thanking God for the time I have gotten to know you. Beyond this incredibly talented, humorous, and creative man, there is a young spirit filled with this enormous ability to bring people to life... ...Tripp, you have this way of making people around you want to be better. Everyday that I have spent with you, I have become better. I admire you. Not just because of your successes... ...but of your ability to see yourself as human; you admit when you are wrong; you constantly put yourself in check; you ask yourself the hard questions; you lay down your pride; I have never met anyone that wants so bad to be the best person they can be. By being transparent with your brokenness, you allow us to be the broken people that we are, and you take us in and love us the way that God does. You are not the kind of guy that walks around preaching about how you want to be more like Jesus. You are the kind of guy that is actively becoming more like Jesus and everyone around you knows it.

53: You are such an unexpected gift in my life. Being around you makes me feel closer to God. I honestly don’t think there could be a better compliment than that and I know from collecting all of these letters that many people in your life feel the same way. Thank you for challenging me. Thank you for striving to constantly be the best man you can be. Thank you for showing men who have lost everything and think they are worth nothing that they have purpose. Thank you for being patient with me and doing your best to understand me. Thank you for proving me wrong on many accounts of course, but mostly on my view of men. I cannot thank you enough for treating me the way that God intended. Sometimes I feel like I must just be on a high, but lately I have realized because of your relationship with God, you have permanently changed my life." Love, Hannah

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