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BC: By: Amy Kozikowski

FC: To Kill A Mockingbird.

1: This is me, Scout, and my brother Jem. We live in Maycomb County with our father, Atticus. We go to school, but I don't like it all that much. I like playing with Jem and Dill by Boo Radleys house. Jem and Dill think that he is dead, but I heard him inside that house and I know that he is not dead. He is alive. Yes'm he is.

2: "Are we poor, Atticus?" I did not understand why Mr. Cunningham did not pay Atticus after his entailment. Atticus told me that it was because the Cunningham's were poor farm folks who didn't have much money. We are poor, but not as poor as the Cunningham's.

3: It was summer now and school was over. Dill came back to Maycomb too and we began our games again. Jem and Dill are pretty close now which makes me feel left out alot. But I've grown fond of our neighbor, Miss Maudie Atkinson. I go over her place often.

4: Atticus wakes me one night to find that Miss Maudie's house is on fire. They saved the furniture but the house is completely burnt good to the ground. She's seemingly happy though cause' she is planning on havin' a smaller house built for her so she can grow gardens bigger and bigger.

5: I was gettin' picked on school. Some kid was telling me that "Scout Finches daddy defends black people." Atticus was asked to defend Tom Robinson. Tom was a black man who got accused of raping a white girl by the name of Mayella. I had to hold off on the kid. I wanted to fight him.

6: Another neighbor, Mrs. Dubose likes to mess with me'n Jem. Jem can't take it when she crosses the line and says something rude about Atticus. So Jem tears up all her camellia bushes. Atticus finds out and he makes Jem go and read to her every single day for a whole month. Mrs. Dubose died a few days after his month was up. Atticus gave Jem a box from mrs. Dubose with a single camellia flower in it.

7: One Sunday, Calpurnia takes us to her all blacks church called First Purchase. One women by the name of Lula goes off on Calpurnia about bringing two white children into their church. Everyone else is generally nice to us though. That same day we find out that Tom Robinson has been accused of the crime by Bob Ewell.

8: Aunt Alexandra came to live with us for a while. She thought that we needed to have a "feminine influence" around, especially me. Everyone in town welcomed her and she talked about all the different families. Me'n her don't get along too well..

9: Me'n Jem got into a fight when we tried lecturing me about not messin' with Aunt Alexandra. Atticus sent us both to bed. I heard a noise under my bed only to find it was nothing but Dill, who had been hiding under there for some time.

10: The trial started. Me, Jem'n Dill snuck in behind the crowd so that Atticus wouldn't see us. Reverend Sykes lets us sit in the balcony where black people are permitted to sit during the trial. We can see the whole courtroom from here.

11: First they talk to Heck Tate since he was called to the Ewells house when everything happened. He recalls that he found Mayella Ewell. Heck says that when he got there, he found Mayella lying bruised and beaten. He also says that Bob Ewell told him that Tom Robinson did it.

12: Bob Ewell is called up next. He recalls that he was in the woods getting a load of wood when he heard Mayella screaming. He ran to his house and saw Tom Robinson inside beating his daughter. He says that Robinson fled. Atticus then has Bob write his name. Ya' see, Mayellas bruises are mostly on the right side of her face. Atticus points out that Bob is left handed. Someone left handed would be able to hit the right side of the face better.

13: Mayella is called up next to recall her side of the story. She says that she invited Tom Robinson in the fence and offered him a nickel if he smashed a dresser for her. She said once he got in the house he started beating her and taking advantage of her. What Atticus brings up is why her screams weren't loud enough to bring the other children running and why she didn't put up a better fight and also why most of the bruises were on the right side of her face, if the man was right handed.

14: Tom Robinson comes up next. Atticus asks for his side of the story. Tom recounts how he passed the Ewell house that day and Mayella asked him to come inside to fix a door. He states that all the other children were gone and the door was fine. He said that she asked then to get something off a high shelf, she grabbed his legs causing him to fall, she then hugged him and told him to kiss her. That's when Bob Ewell saw them thorugh the window.

15: One of the neighbors informs us that after the verdict was made, Bob Ewell threatened Atticus. This worried me'n Jem.

16: Aunt Alexandra invites her missionary circle over to have tea. They discuss many things but then Atticus called me and Aunt Alexadnra into the kitchen to tell us that Tom Robinson had tried to escape and he got shot seventeen times.

17: Bob Ewell starts following Helen Robinson around all the time. He keeps his distance but he says nasty things to her. Someone threatens to arrest him if he does not cut it out.

18: I'm in a play at my school. I have to dress up like a ham. before the show starts though, I fall asleep and I miss my entrance! When I wake up I run on to the stage only to be laughed at.

19: After the show me and Jem are walking home. We start to hear noises in the bushes behind us. We think it's just Cecil Jacobs trying to scare us again. We're almost to the road when this man starts running after us. I started to run away but my darn ham costume got in my way and caused me to fall.

20: After much struggle I start making my way home. I can see someone carrying Jem home. Aunt Alexandra calls the doctor and Atticus calls Heck Tate to tell him his children have been attacked. Jem is unconscious and has a broken arm. Bob Ewell is found under a tree, with a knife in his ribs. Turns out, it was Boo Radley that saved me and Jem that night. I realized that night what a nice, kind man he was. And how he wasn't what everyone had made him seem.

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