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S: Owen Michael Seibert 2008/2009

FC: Owen Michael Seibert

1: 2008

2: You loved playing with the light saber and the red cape! Owen, you are all boy! | You can be my Super Hero anytime!

3: I don't think you were a big fan of the snow. Your shoes may have been covered in the white stuff (your trusty crocs) but you didn't have much interest in playing in it after this photo was taken. | Paige built the snowman in the front yard. He didn't last long, but it was fun to have him around for a little while. January 2008

4: We spent the morning with our friends hunting for eggs. Can't wait to see what treat awaits you inside each egg! Spring 2008

5: Block's Return | Kayla and the kids have missed us so much that they came back the first chance they had. | You had so much fun - dancing around and playing | We sure hated to see them go! | Nyah & Paige Cam and Kam | Kayla and Kennah

6: Emergency Room | Your first trip to the ER remains a bit of a mystery to this day. Our best guess is that you fell out of bed and cracked your head but we can't figure out on what. When the bleeding finally stopped and you fell asleep your hair got stuck in the wound. When I went to pull your hair out of the dried blood in the morning it started bleeding again and wouldn't stop. I had to take you to the ER and they kept asking me how it happened. I didn't think that this mystery would be the reason we ended up there. I thought for sure we would have a much better story to tell. You are so strong that the nurse had to papoose you and 3 of us had to hold you down. Of course, you being who you are, you ripped the glue off within 2 days! That's my boy!

7: Owen, you are one of the silliest, happy boys I know. Always looking for fun no matter where you go. We were at parent night at Paige's dance class. You couldn't pass up the opportunity to dance around. Your smile lights up the room. I hope it always does.

8: Eddins County Fair The 4 of us had so much fun. We played games and even tried to dunk Mrs. Boyd in the dunking tank. The best part of the evening was when you got to eat this blue cupcake! The picture of you below is one of my favorites! Love you so much! Spring 2008

9: Stonebridge Ranch. Tennis Courts.

10: Choo! Choo! Owen, you love playing with Thomas and friends. I found you laying in the dining room chilling and playing with your trains on the carpet. I think you look so peaceful and content. I love this photo of you. It shows your sweet soul.

11: Tap Out Owen, you love to wrestle and fight. Every chance you get you ask Daddy if he wants to fight. It is good for both of you because you are so competitive. Cam joins in....and Paige too sometimes. You will see this picture someday and remember how much fun it was to play with Daddy like this. | Let's Fight

12: Family Time

13: We spent the evening hanging in the backyard It was a beautiful night. Cam played a little golf and Paige played on the swings. You were content to hang with Daddy. | What a better way to spend a warm Spring evening? 2008

14: Bye-Bye 2's | So sad to say good-bye to our friends in the Lamb's class at KDO. Ms. Paula is our favorite. She knows just how to handle you and loves you to pieces. Time to say good-bye to Abby and Emma. Sniff! Sniff!

15: You love running the halls at Eddins. Today was the kid's last day of school so we spent most of our day there with them. ALL the big kids and teachers love you.

17: Bubble. Bath. Fun.

18: I love these photographs of you and Pocky! The time you get to spend with him when we visit St. Louis is beyond precious. He loves you so much and you make him laugh, which is so good for the soul. My favorite thing about these photos is how eager you and Cam were to work with Pocky. Such awesome helpers! I hope you always remember the time you spent with Pocky when you are a Grandpa yourself. This is such a special relationship!


21: CUP- CAKE FACE! | At Grandma and Grandpa Schwab's house celebrating your upcoming birthday. She knows the way to your heart.

22: Fish Pulley Bubbles Pizzeria Construction

23: A St. Louis trip wouldn't be complete without a trip to The Magic House.! This year was extra fun. They had a gigantic sandbox and sand sculpture in the back lot. After we spent the day playing and exploring inside we hit the sand box. You and Cam and Paige had a blast playing in the sand. | The Magic House

24: We always visit with The Faulkner girls when we hit St. Louis. One of the things you love to do as a group is sing karaoke and dance. Katie and I are the judges. It is so much fun!

25: Hard to believe that you are turning 3! I can't wait to see how muh fun this year will be!

26: You picked this cake out all by yourself and couldn't have been more proud! I am so happy to be your Mom. You make me proud everyday! I love watching you grow and learn new things . Owen, you had a great party with the usual suspects...Ryan, Sam and of course their families. We like to keep the party small around here! You and Ryan had fun playing SuperHero!

27: Hapy Birthday Owen

28: Our Puppy Hank | We went looking at puppies on your birthday at Trade Days. You really loved puppies at the time and I wanted one. So, two days later we went back and picked out our little Hank Dog. Paige was down on her knees begging to take him home! Hank loves to play and sleep and I don't think we could have found a better puppy to fit into our life! | Cutest. Puppy.Ever.

29: RON comes to Big D | The Lang's were in town for a wedding which meant that we got to spend some extra time with them on our turf. Normally, we have to go to St. Louis to see them. We picked Ron up at the hotel in Dallas and brought him back to our house in McKinney. We had the chance to show him where we live and introduce him to Hank! Grandma Mary was also in town for her summer visit. Too bad Barb and Chris couldn't make it to the house! We sure missed them! You can't tell how much Ron loves you can you?????

30: Lovin' on Hank

31: Playing with Grandma Mary is so much fun. You got this super cool race track and some balloons with a pump to blow | them up. She plays with you all so much when she is with you. What an awesome Grandma! Too bad she doesn't live here in Dallas so we could see her more.

32: The rain wasn't going to keep you from playing outside. Judy and the boys were coming over to enjoy one of the last few days of summer and it started to pour. You boys weren't about to come in out of the rain. You had a blast running through the rain and getting wet. I don't think I'll ever forget this day!

34: Swimmin' with the Fishes! | St. Francis KDO

35: September 22. My Birthday. It was still warm out, which you can tell based on your outfit. You, Dad and Cam were playing hockey in the driveway. Things were not going your way. You dealt with it by sitting on the driveway and pouting. Capturing this moment was a must and I am happy I did. Happy or Sad. I love you!

36: Oktoberfest | Hanging with The Honeas at the first ever McKinney Oktoberfest!

37: Uncle Tim and Aunt Marcia visit Texas

38: Dinosaurs at The Heard Our first trip to The Heard was to check out the Dinosaurs. It was such a wonderful place. You had the chance to dig for bones and see other animals that live at The Heard full time. We went with our friends with The Mom's Club.

40: You and Diego always see each other at the tennis court. Jim Courier was there to play Louis in a match so you and Diego took the empty court and made your own fun throwing the balls and running. | Let's Play!

41: It is hard to find time to give you all the attention you need, want and deserve. When I found you and Daddy in the chair reading I knew I needed this picture for your book. The smile on your face speaks volumes about how happy you were to have him all to yourself! | Owen & Daddy Time

42: KDO Halloween These are the only pictures I have of you in your costume. You Trick or Treated for the first time this year and keeping up with you and a camera was out of the question. I think you made an awesome Scooby Doo! It was a few sizes to small, but you refused to be something else. It was Scooby or nothing!

43: Owen, you have the ability to fall asleep in some of the most random places. I think my favorite would have to be the stool. These photo ops were too good to pass up.!

44: We love the Carcagnos! They let us bring Hank over to play! Lets give thanks for them!!

45: Visiting with G & G Schwab and all of their puppies! | We knocked out our Christmas Card picutre while we were there!

46: More Magic House | I think you would move in if you could. Always fun to be had at this house!

47: Kickin' it with The Langs | Chris and Ash were both available to see us. You had so much fun playing with them.

48: Pajamma Day! It wasDecember 18th, Cam's Birthday, your last day of KDO for Christmas Break and Pajamma Day at Eddins. You and Mommy finished up at your party, grabbed lunch and headed to Eddins so we could celebrate Cam's Birthday with him! What an fun, busy day!

49: Merry Christmas | So happy with the new presents! Ready for a day of fun with all your new loot!

50: 2009

51: January | The year started off with a little ice. The fort had tons of icicles to check out so that is where you all headed to play.

52: My Boy | It was a beautiful Friday afternoon so we headed outside (in shorts) for some fun in the yard. You played on the fort and with bubbles.

53: Eddins Valentine's Day Dance | People loved watching you dance. You have some serious moves. We had an AWESOME night dancing and chilling with our friends!

54: OUCH! Owen, Owen, Owen. I need to wrap you in bubble wrap! You and Ryan were jumping on the furniture. Not a problem until you hit the part that isn't soft and cushy.....with your face. It didn't look this bad at first. I handed you an ice pack and told you to go lay down. When you woke up, this is what your eye looked like. I just about died! You followed this injury up with a sprained ankle and, as the picture on the opposite page shows another face injury. You ran face first into the Orr's tree when you were playing. What am I gonna do with you?


56: Poor thing. You have to wait for me to get ready so sometimes you have to make your own fun. On this day you jumped into the tub and put on my goggles. So handsome!

57: Holy Leprechauns! | While you were at music class some naughty leprechauns came into your classroom and made a HUGE mess. You can see their footprints all over the room. As you followed the footsteps it gave all of you an opportunity to explore the messes they made. | St. Patrick's Day

58: Our first visit to Owens Farm was so fun. You had the chance to feed the animals and we also went on a hay ride. We got to check out some chickens too! You and your boys had a great day checking out the farm. I was so happy to be there with you!

59: I wish I could explain the relationship between you and Tatum. You were just drawn to her. She was smitten with you too. No matter where we were if Tatum was around you wanted to be with her. These pictures were taken at the Eddins Field Day when she was in 5th Grade and you were three. I think it is safe to say that Tatum was your first crush.

60: Never Forget | Traveling VietNam Memorial Wall. Fair Park. Dallas, Texas

61: Kick It! Your first soccer team was The Tiny Tornados. The games were all at Blue Sky in The Colony. Cam played indoor at Blue Sky when he was your age too. You are a good little player. So competitive and a trash talker too! Our team was awesome. Great kids and great parents. Daddy and I were relieved that this was such a positive experience.

62: A fun visit with Grandpa Charlie in the woods behind his house. There are lots of things to see. They get a lot of deer so they keep a salt lick out back. The background paper I used here is a picture I took looking up in the middle of the woods. You all had fun checking it out.

63: Some sights around St. Louis. They were all taken in Downtown St. Louis. The top row of pictures and the one of the bridge are all from The Landing. The Arch was taken in Kiener Plaza. It was the week before the MLB All Star Game and the city was all spruced up. The last two photos are from the brewery. So many more sights to see and show you from where Dad and I grew up.

64: S | This was our first trip to Six Flags in St. Louis. Your favorite ride was the Tidal Wave. It was just you, me and Dad. It was late in the day and getting dark so there wasn't a long line. You loved it so much the operator let us go again without getting off. We were SOAKED. We had to go and get you a new shirt because you were getting cold. It was so fun for all of us! | SIX FLAGS

65: A Birthday celebration was a must before we left St. Louis. Grandma and Pocky bought you this Spiderman cake. The picture says it all......you loved it! The "Happy Birthday" cake stand has been in the Seibert household since the 1950's or 1960's. I was excited that Grandma dug it out for you to use to celebrate your birthday. Hopefully you will be able to have a child use that stand for their birthday cake someday!

66: I took this photograph of you and I absolutely love it. Maybe it is your eyes. Maybe it is the look on your face. I can't put my finger on it.

67: Happy 4th Birthday, Owen! | Ryan, Landry, Sam, Nicholas | Build A Bear. Stonebriar Mall. Frisco, TX | After building our new friends and one for Jackson because he couldn't make it, we went and picked up cookies and juice and ate them in the mall and hung out.

68: TKD | Tiny Tigers

69: You weren't just smitten with one Vanderpool, but two. Tatum's sister, Sydney also stole your heart. They both babysat for you and you were on cloud nine when they did. Since they were making the move to Houston, we wanted to get them a gift to remember you by. We dropped off the gift and Sydney came home to say good-bye. Tatum was busy so we didn't see her. Sniff, Sniff! | Vanderpool Part 2 | Sydney.......

70: Finally! We made it to the 4's! We thought you would be a Hummingbird, but there was a name change to the "Owls" class. Seems fitting as you are the big kids on campus. Can't wait to see what the year has in store. | Wise Old Owl

71: Crape Myrtle Family Fun Run | This was our first fun run as a family......hopefully not our last. We all had a great morning together.

72: Best Friends!

73: Pancakes and PJ's! For the first time I was able to help with this day at KDO. I helped to make and serve the pancakes to your class as well as the other 4's. I had such a fun time!

74: Grandma Mary came to town to visit us and Hudson. You had some time with her without Cam and Paige.....how fun for you! She played beads with you and then we took you out for your favorite.....donuts! Later in the day, Grandma and I came up to KDO to sit in your class for the Teacher Lunch. She got to meet all of your friends.

75: KDO Hallowen

77: So, I get a phone call from KDO that you smashed your thumb in the iron gate at school. I could hear you screaming in the background. I knew it couldn't be good because you, Owen, are a TOUGH boy! I took you to Dr. Davidson immediately. He sent us for x-rays. You tried to kick the tech taking the films because you didn't want her to put the apron on you. They had to call in reinforcements to help. While we waited to get the results back, you ran around the waiting area of the hospital like it was no big deal and nothing hurt. Once the "broken" diagnosis came down it was time to see the Pediatric Orthopedist. He informed us that the break was on a growth plate and that he needed you to keep your thumb from moving at all, so we had to cast you up past your elbow. I know you. I am certain you would have figured out how to get out of a cast any smaller than this one. Here is where this gets kind of funny....now. When the nurse put the blue casting tape on you tried to unroll it and take it off. You screamed at me and told me, "I told you I didn't need a band-aid!" The nurse had to re-roll some of what you had unravaled. Once we get this situation under control we head out to the front desk. I tried to offer you a sucker. You proceeded to throw it across the room and scream at me some more that you didn't want a sucker. Clearly, you were upset by the events of the day. I understand. The audience who witnessed this sucker throwing incident also had a good chuckle and were grateful that they weren't riding home with you. You wore the cast for 4 weeks. Durkin was the first to sign the cast.

78: You and Ryan had a contest to see who could shove a candy bar into their mouth and be the first to finish.....getting it all in your tiny mouths. Kinda cool and kinda gross. Guess who is claiming victory on this challenge? | Yummy Chocolate

79: Our annual adventure for the perfect picture for our Christmas Card. This year we went to Bee Tree Park. Daddy and I took our Wedding pictures in the same place. It meant a lot to me to take you there and take your picture where we took ours. | Hank was in on the fun. You made us laugh too. You told Santa that he wasn't the real Santa. You were so matter of fact about it. | Bee Tree Park

80: We met Aunt Marcia at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was your first time to visit. I hadn't been there in years. The gardens are as beautiful as I remember, especially the Japanese Gardens.

82: Paige was sick so it was just the 3 of us. You boys had fun just hanging together. The construction area was your favorite. You got your head stuck in the opening behind the yellow bucket in the picture below.

83: St. Francis KDO Christmas Program Hard to believe that this is our last Christmas as a student in KDO. What wonderful memories we have. I am happy to have shared in all of these special times with you.

84: Eddins Elementary teachers were coming to sing Christmas songs while they were being driven around in the back of a flatbed trailer. We stood in the cold and wet night waiting for them.

85: You and your friends loved to play with Little Pet Shop animals. For Christmas you got a LPS play center. Lots of little animals to keep you busy! Zhu Zhu pets also showed up and new Webkinz!

86: Ending the year with some snow. | Good-bye 2009, Hello 2010!

87: Owen, these last 2 years have been so much fun watching you grow and learn everyday. There are so many exciting adventures ahead of us and I know that there will never be a dull moment. I look forward to the next book I do to see how big you have gotten and all of the awesome new things you will have tried.

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