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S: The baby book of McKinley Jo Gleckler

BC: And thus began the journey of your life....

FC: McKinley Jo Gleckler Born Oct. 12th 2010

1: one two three four | five | six | ten nine eight seven | twelve | eleven | The 1st TWELVE Months

2: YOUR BIRTH: You were born on Tuesday, October 12th at 10:51 a.m. in Twin Falls, Idaho. It was quite difficult convincing you to come out and enjoy the world. The weekend before you were born they admitted me into the hospital and tried to induce my labor. After 20 long hours of labor, the doctors gave up and sent me home. Three days later, grandma Ruth, your dad and I were having family home evening and laughing hard at your brother Jake being silly; my water broke and so I had to go back into the hospital to get induced again. Thankfully this time you cooperated. I went into the hospital at 9:00 p.m., they put me on Petosin right away and by 5 a.m. the contractions started getting really strong. By 10:51 you were here!!! You were a very healthy little girl weighing 8 lbs. 10 oz. and measuring 20 1/2 inches long. Your most distinguishing characteristic was a full head of crazy, fun hair. I was expecting a blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skinned girl, but you had beautiful olive-red skin, and dark hair and adorable little cheeks---one very cute little girl with her own distinct look. It was so amazing to finally hold you in may arms; I knew immediately that you would bring immeasurable joy to my life. YOUR NAME: We had a hard time picking out your name, but they wouldn't let me leave the hospital without one picked out so I had to make a decision I have always loved the the name, McKinley, which is the tallest mountain in Alaska. I think the name is beautiful, unique and strong--all characteristics we hope will describe you. Given that the outdoors is such an important part of your dad and I's (and hopefully one day) your life as well, we thought it fitting to name you after a mountain.

3: Your middle name comes from your great-grandfather, Joseph Fielding Harker. He was one of the first of your mom's ancestors to convert to the gospel. He was a pioneer who came from England & crossed the plains. He was the first Harker to move to Idaho. Since Jake is named after the first of your dad's ancestors to settle in Oklahoma; we thought it was neat to name you after the first of your mom's ancestors to settle in Idaho. So McKinley Jo Gleckler, we hope you will be strong, adventurous, unique, and exemplary, like the man and the mountain you were named after.

4: We weren't out of the hospital a full hour before Dad had you and I packed up and out on a road trip. The weather was beautiful so we drove down to balanced rock, the fish hatchery and the river for a dutch oven dinner. Almost everyday thereafter we went on a little adventure-4wheeling (not you and I) and picnicking in the hills with grandma and papa. The weather was unseasonably warm, the fall colors spectacular, and you were quite the trooper. We had such a wonderful time bonding with our new little bundle of joy ,and introducing you to the great outdoors!

5: the WORLD

6: COMING HOME | From the moment you 1st met Jake you started watching him intently. I was so surprised how, at just one or two weeks old, you could recognize Jake and track him. It was a rough relationship at times. Jake didn't quite understand soft so you got several bonks and toys in the face. Nevertheless, it was clear you adored your big brother.

7: THE FIRST WEEKS When you first came home you had your nights and days mixed up which made it a little rough for mom, but I loved those many moments of quiet, uninterrupted cuddling. You were definitely a comfort loving little creature. You wouldn't cry for long, but you cried frequently. The moment you were the slightest bit uncomfortable you let us know about it. It was pretty fun to see you with such a big personality at only a few weeks . Although very communicative, you were pretty easy going. We hauled you all around and you were usually good for the adventure! At only 3 &1/2 weeks old you had already been on a road trip and to a BYU football game, go COUGS!

8: 2 weeks old and ever so

9: Those first few weeks where I got to spend most of my day just holding you in my arms and watching you sleep were some of the most cherished moments of my life. You were the best little cuddle-bug, so content and snuggly. I spent hours just watching you lay there perfectly beautiful and peaceful-- one of God's greatest creations.

10: 2-3 Months From sleeps-a-lot to smiles-a-lot At the end of 2 months you started to recognize who your mom was. Whenever I would walk in the room you would perk up and melt your mom's heart. It was so fun to play with you because you were so reactive...very quick to smile and giggle.! You were quite the observant little baby. You very intently watched the world around you and wanted to be a part of it all. !If you were laying down you would try to sit up so you could see.

11: 3-4 Months ...burps-a-lot | You had quite the strong opinion about Tummy wanted nothing to do with it. Finally at 3 months I could coax you into staying on your tummy for a few minutes if I laid down next to you and talked you through it. Sitting up was a different matter. You loved to be propped up so you could see all the action. Although you were super cute, you were incredibly difficult to keep clean--between inordinate amounts of drool and spit up I had to do a lot of laundry. Burp rags and bibs were a permanent accessory, hence the nick name Burps-a-lot.

12: Your first cross-country ski trip was over Thanksgiving weekend when we dragged you up to get a Christmas tree. You loved to look at the lights of the tree and to dance to the Christmas music. We took you to meet Santa but you didn't exactly snuggle in...poor Santa. For Christmas day we went down to Richfield to spend the holiday with Grannny and Granddad and the Steeles. This was the first time meeting the Gleckler crew. You got passed around lots and lots and seemed more than content with all the extra attention and love.

13: A FATHER'S BLESSING Since so many of your dad's family were able to gather for the Christmas holiday we decided to do your blessing while down in Utah. Even though you were blessed in a different ward it was very special. Grandma and Papa came up and we had the Steeles and Glecklers there. Dad blessed you that you would be healthy and strong, and that you make good decisions throughout your life.

15: First adventures Our first cross-country ski trip with you was a bit of a disaster. It took 2 1/2 hours of driving, an hour of dressing, all for thirty minutes of skiing. You and Jake both started crying right after we put you in the packs. Although discouraged we didn't give up. We took some kind of ski adventure almost every weekend thereafter. Although there were a few crazy moments, overall you and Jake did remarkably well. You seemed to like being outside. Our new discovery of the year was the warming hut. We would ski 4 miles into it and then have a hot lunch before skiing back out. We even did a couple of overnight trips, which were amazing. It was tough packing you and all the gear in so you and Jake slept in Dad and I's coats! We also enjoyed a few whisperlite meals as we discovered new trails in the South Hills. A few other fun adventures were hiking under the Twin Falls Bridge and watching base jumpers, exploring Box Canyon, and bird hunting. With those great ear muffs, you slept right through the gun shots. We wasted no time introducing you to the great outdoors, and you seemed to enjoy it.

16: You were very adamant about wanting to sit up. Even when you were only a couple of months old you would do ab crunches. At 4 1/2 months, you were strong enough to sit up on your own. It all happened so fast. One day you could sit up for 10 seconds, the next day you could sit up several minutes. You were very smart about it too; you would put your hands down to prop yourself up and keep yourself balanced. It was so adorable the first time you sat-up, you started giggling and babbling--unmistakenly proud of your accomplishment! I was quite relieved to see you sit up as you HATED tummy time. You pretty much skipped through the whole roll over phase and went right to sitting. At 4 months your hair finally started growing again. It naturally spiked up so we had fun giving you mohawks and crazy-dos.

17: 4 to 5 Months

18: Between 5 & 6 months you turned from a curious bystander to an active participant. You just wanted to get your hands and mouth on everything. It was so hard to hold you because you would reach for and grab anything you could get your hands on. You had more than mastered sitting up. Now the challenge was figuring out all those neat toys! Between 5 & 6 months you also learned to eat solids. The first week or so you just spit it out but then you realized, HEY this stuff is good! We were so happy that you were a good eater. We didn't have to worry about your weight at all. At your 6 month check-up they said you were in the 90th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for healthy, vivacious little girl! | 5-6 Months from sits a lot to grabs a lot

20: At six months you really became a wiggle worm. You definitely used your body to communicate your feelings. Your legs and arms served as a mood gage. The happier or angrier you were the more fervently you would flail your appendages and the more energetically you would squirm around. You were always quite intense with your emotions. When you were happy, it was nothing but smiles and giggles but when you were mad, you REALLY knew how to pout, scream and flail. At 6 and a half months you broke your first tooth. It was bit of a brutal experience. You had an ear infection, broke your bottom two teeth and had a horrible cold all at once. Shortly after recovering from one cold you got another--so it was long month of many tears and doses of tylenol, interspersed with some fun giggles and sweet cuddles. | 6-7 Months from grabs-a-lot to wiggles-a-lot

22: Almost the very day you turned 7 months you started babbling. It started with mamama and bababa. It was really cute though because you loved to suck in your lips while you did it.! You finally got over all your teething & became that smiley little girl we enjoyed so much. You also started to get rather opinionated. If something didn't go the way you wanted you would stretch your arms out, clench your fists and shake. If you got your way you chuckled in triumph. You also developed a pretty strong affection to soft fuzzy blankets. When I put you down to sleep you would put the blanket over your face and lovingly rub it in your hands. It is a good thing grandma made you several fuzzy blankets.

23: 7-8 MONTHS ...babbles a lot | The first time we sat you down in grass you didn't know quite what to think. You would hold your hands up the whole time and pull your feet and up down. You were also unsure about animals.

24: Couldn't be happier

25: "No mystery here" You did not have any problems letting others know how you felt. I loved all your many facial expressions. I would pull the camera out and shoot twenty pictures and not get a single one like another. But, I could always count on that beautiful, whole-hearted smile of yours.

26: For Mother's day you and I took a little get-a-way to Las Vegas and St. George where we met up with Aunt Stephie, Anniston, Aunt Camille, Kaylena, Aunt Michelle, Grandma and Papa. It was your first airplane trip and you did great. We were lucky to have Aunt Michelle with us on the flight cause she hauled all your gear. It was a quick trip but oh so fun. We spent lots of hours by the pool, shopping, and eating like any good girls trip. Everywhere we went people stopped and gooed over how cute you were, especially in your swim hat. We also went to Zions and had a fabulous time hiking around the beautiful canyon. One of the best parts of the trip though was just watching you scope out Kaylena and Anniston...sure friends in the making. !

28: ROLLING ALONG at 8 months old

29: UP AND CRALWING.... From Wiggles a lot to Rocks a lot. Your Mom was more than content to have you in the sitting phase but papa and grandma came to visit and they were all excited to get you crawling. They spent many hours on the floor with you bribing you with toys. Two days after we left their house, the whole crawling concept cliqued and you were off and going. It was July 12 so you were exactly 9 months when you first crawled.

30: Copies a lot. At 9 months you started copying what we would do. You started to say uh-oh, clap, wave good-bye and stick out your tongue. It was a very busy and fun month for you with lots of celebrations and cousin play time. We went to UT for Brandalyn's wedding, we went to the zoo, swam, and played with cousins there. Then the week after returning home we went up to Montana to spend the Fourth of July with Grandma and Papa and Uncle Chuck You sure did love all the spoiling and extra family time. You were quite the fan of Uncle Chuck. I don't know if it has something to do with Chuck and I looking so much a like but if he was in the room you were leaning his way. As for milestones, you broke 3 top teeth and started scooting. | 8 | 9

31: Can't have enough blankets! | Introducing Cookies--YUM! | Grandmommy luvs | Getting Ready for Fireworks | I can do that too! | tough life

32: Since DAD is gone a lot in the summer fighting fires, the summer months are vacation/road trip time for mom and the kids. The summer of 2011 was no exception. We spent two weeks partying it up at the Reid reunion in Montana and Twin Falls. Then we got real spoiled and spent an extra week with Papa and Grandma. Lots of fun. I think watching Kaylena, Anniston, and Evageline motivated you to try your legs cause as soon as they left you started pulling yourself up on everything and climbing up and down the --> | 9-10 MONTHS

33: stairs every moment you could. And man did u want to be on those stairs. The first time I put the gate up, pulled yourself up and spent 15 minutes shaking the gate and chewing it out for being in your way! This month You also learned to love human food. Spending time with grandparents meant you got bites of ice cream, chips, and big girl food. There was no turning back for you. After that trip you wanted nothing to do with baby food (not that I can blame you, that stuff is pretty nasty!) Although you didn't care for toys too much, you loved swings and slides and being pushed around on your scooter by Jake.

34: CAMPING WITH GRANDMA AND PAPA... Your first summer of camping you were spoiled. All of our camping trips were with Papa and Grandma who let us crash their truck camper. We had two particularly memorable trips, one up to Seeley and one to Island Park. This picture is literally the view from our campsite at Island Park. You loved camping with Papa and Grandma; they introduced you to smores, and huckleberry ice cream, and the joy of throwing rocks into the river. It is a little hard to keep you clean since you were crawling everywhere. Thankfully you were content to spend hours playing and observing everything from your pack and play.

36: 10-11 Months You loved the freedom of being able to crawl, it opened up a whole new world of toys. Jake used to hand select what you got to play with, but once you could crawl, the choice was yours. Although this created a little bit of a power struggle, you quickly stood your territory. You may have been smaller in size but what you lacked in mass, you more than made up for with sass. Despite the little Tiffs you and Jake were best of buds. I had a little bit of a hard time getting you to play with toys, you much preferred rocks, phones, remotes, and whatever mom had in her hand. I would bring out a bucket of baby toys and you would go for the plastic bag, bottle of lotion, or whatever you had seen mom holding.

37: 11-12 Months You really started spending a lot of time on your legs at 11 months. You loved holding on to things and exploring. A few distinctinve things about you. First of all you were a flopper, you loved to flop onto the bed, people, and blankets. You were also a bit of a giggler. Every time you got your way you would make this adorable little, triumphant chuckle You were also a great cuddler. If I let you get away with it, you would be held most of the time. Especially by your grandma. The two of you loved to snuggle. At 12 months you were 29" and 20 lbs. (The 35th percentile for weight and the 65th percentile for height.). A very expresive, energetic girl.

38: 1 Year Old | Your first Birthday was lots of fun.. Jake was particularly excited. He had just figured out that princesses were for girls so he picked you out a special princess toy and princess cupcakes. You loved the present opening; you picked up right away that there were exciting toys inside those bags. But you were even more thrilled about eating your cake. You dove right in and made one big mess. You definitely zeroed in on the frosting, you licked it all off first while saying Mmmmmm!!!

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