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1: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress By Dai Sijie | Mixbook by: Andrew & Allen

2: TABLE OF CONTENTS | Page 4.........Summary 1 Page 1 Page 6 & 8....... Vocab 1 | Page 8..........Summary 2 Page 9...........Pictures 2 Page 10 & 11......Vocab 2 | Page 12..........Summary 3 Page 13..........Pictures 3

3: Page 14...... Summary 4 Page 15.....Pictures 4 | Page 16....... Summary 5 Page 5 | Page 18 & 19.... Work Cited

4: I | In the story of Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress the narrator and his friend Luo are sent for reeducation by peasants at a place called Phoenix of the Sky. Luo has a talent for telling stories and so the head of the village sends Luo and the narrator to watch movies and retell them to the villagers. One day the narrator and Luo travel to another village to tailor Luo’s pants. In the tailor’s shop a young seamstress attends business as her dad is out traveling. The narrator is fond of the seamstress, and Luo tries to connect with the seamstress by somehow knowing her second toe was bigger than her first toe, which was like him. It seems as though both Luo and the narrator like the Chinese seamstress. Besides reciting movies, Luo and the narrator are assigned to work in the coal mines. The coal mines are extremely dangerous due to the fact that there was little safety devices installed to protect the miners. Eventually Luo becomes sick with malaria and is whipped to try to rid him from the disease but nothing is curing him and his health is declining.

5: This picture is of chinease miners. in the story the two main charactors are forced to work in the minds. One of the main Charactors beleaves he will die in these minds. | This is a picture of the mountain the story takes place on. the main charactors are taken there because of the chinease revolution for reeducated.

6: statutory Adj Lawful or concerning law The judge is a statutory person. | foist Adj to force something on someone I foist my little brother to shovel snow for me.

7: vertiginous Adj causing dizziness After the roller coaster ride i felt vertiginous | serpentine Adj resembling a serpent in form The long rope was suspiciously serpentine

8: When Luo arrives at the seamstress’ house he has another malaria attack. The little seamstress asks three witch doctors to heal Luo. When the witch doctors come they have to stay awake all night to guard Luo of the evil spirits. To help them stay awake the narrator retells a story he has seen but at the end Luo dramatically says the end asking the doctors cry. Then out of the corner of his eye the narrator spots the seamstress kissing Luo. In the morning the seamstress applies a poultice to a blister and Luo seems to heal. On their way back to the village, Luo and the narrator come across Four-Eyes and his village. Four-eyes invites them into his house, and the narrator tries to find a rope for Luo. While searching for the rope in a suitcase under Four-Eyes bed the narrator finds another suitcase with a lock. At dinner with Four-Eyes the narrator asks about the suitcase and suddenly Four-eyes is taken back by surprise. He avoids the topic and when they leave Four-eyes locks up his house and the suit-case is no longer under the bed. All the while at Four-Eyes house they wonder what was in the suitcase and they finally come to the conclusion that it must be books. While carrying a heavy bag of rice up the mountain the two boys make a deal with Four-eyes to lend them a book if they carried the rice. Four-Eyes give them the book Ulsura by Balzac. One day while the narrator is reading the book Luo tells him that he just made love with the seamstress.

9: This is a book written by the French writter balzac. the main charactor of the book got in for helping for eyes carry his rice. he really likd this book a lot. he wrote one of the chapturs in his jacket | This is a ginkgo tree. luo had sex with the little seamstress on this tree. the main charactor is now very jelious of him.

10: superannuated adj to old for uses, work, or service The house had holes in its roof and was flooding in the basement making the home buyer think the house was superannuated. | fulminate verb to explode with a loud noise the boom fulminated as it hit the ground

11: lintel noun Horizontal beam over a door or window. The tall man hit his head on the lintel when we walked into the house.

12: The boys finished the book by Balzac and they returned the book to Four-eyes as they had promised. When they asked for more books he would not give it to them. When Four-eyes lost his glasses the kids sought the opportunity to get more books. Unfortunately for the kids, Four-eyes got new glasses. One day when they come to Four-eyes house they find him boiling his clothes. Four-eyes tells them the story about how he is trying to get a job from a journalist. This journalist was a fan of his moms work and said that he would hire Four-eyes if he could find a authentic mountain song. Four-eyes stumbles upon an old miller who claimed to know many mountainous songs. When Four-eyes denies the miller his salted rock snacks, the miller gets upset and refuses to read song. Then Luo and the narrator decide to get the songs from the miller in return for a couple of books. They pretend to be government officials and get the songs for the miller. When they get to Four-eyes house, he is not satisfied with the quality of the songs and refuses to give them the book. The narrator punches them and then they leave, without books.

13: This is a picture of the old miller. four eyes wants Luo and the Narrators to steal songs from him. | This is a picture of where the old miller lives. Its is a very old house filled with bugs and lice. As the miller preformed his songs the main characters could feel the bugs eat at there legs

14: After the violent encounter with Four-Eyes, the narrator and Luo were not invited to his house again. They were sent to the town of Yong Jing for another movie telling assignment. They watched a movie with the Little Seamstress and after that, Luo and the seamstress went to visit her diseased grandfather. The narrator cooked meat on a rocky ledge. On the ledge he meets Four-Eyes mom. As the narrator pretends to be Luo he finds out the Four-Eyes will be leaving re-education. The narrator becomes sad when he realizes that he will no longer have the books if Four-Eyes leaves. When Luo and the seamstress come back from the graveyard the narrator tells them the story and then the seamstress suggests stealing the books. The narrator and Luo agree with the idea and decide the best time to do this is during Four-Eyes departure feast. During the feast they snuck into Four-Eyes’ house. The found the suitcase but then Four-Eyes and his mother came in. The narrator and Luo hid and within 5 minutes they left. Luo and the narrator took the suitcase and left

15: This is a picture of the suitcase in Four eyes cabin. It was filled with a secret stash of books. He couldn't show anyone them because they were elegal and would be burned. the narator and Luo stole it during four eyes ceremony. | This is a picture of the buffalo that broke four eyes glasses. For four eyes ceremony they village sacrifed the buffalo by throwing it off a cliff. four eyes drank its blood.

16: The narrator and Luo feel like they have entered a new world when they start reading For-eyes books. When reading the book Jean-Christophe, the narrator desires individualism. He wants something for his own so he gets Luo to let the Jean-Christophe book to be his. Luo likes Balzac and sneaks out of the city to read to the little seamstress. He crosses a dangerous path so he could get the seamstress village without being noticed. Then narrator talks to the old miller first who apparently saw Luo and the Seamstress making love in the valley. The miller, when describing the scene, focused more on the physical, sensual part of the event. Luo and the Seamstress on the other hand focused on the love for each other. Luo talked about how elegant the seamstress was and the Seamstress talked about she loved the books Luo read to her and that she seeks adventure now. When Luo leaves to the city because his mother is ill he asks the narrator to watch her. While Luo is away they find out that the seamstress is pregnant. The narrator tries to find an abortion because it would be a disgrace to her family is she gave birth before marriage. The narrator goes to a hospital to try to find a gynecologist. He finds the gynocologist and they get the Seamstress's abortion. After the abortion, the seamstress changes into a educated young woman. She leaves Luo and tells him that she learned from Balzac that a womans beauty is their biggest treasure. After that the narrator and Luo burn all the books. I believe that we all learn one lesson: books can dramatically change a person.

17: This is the picture of a key chain. It had Luo's home keys on it. He was loosing hope he was never going home again so he through it in the lake. The little seamstress jumped into the lake and retreved it. | This is a picture of someone getting dentistry work done on there teeth. The headman caught the Boys telling a story so they had to remove his infected tooth so he wont tell anyone. they didn't have proper tools so it was very painful.

18: The End

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