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S: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress By. Dai Sijie

FC: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress By. Dai Sijie

1: JiSoo Lee

3: In this book is about this two boys, there are the main character who is the narrator and Luo, narrator friend. They are in China at narrator's house and the headman says that we have to burn the violin because, he thinks the violin is bourgeois toy but Luo helps him not to burn the violin and so, narrator had to play violin. for the headman to prove it's not a bourgeois toy. Then when the headman heard him playing, he decides not to burn the violin. And they go up to the mountain to "re-educate" themselves.

4: They went to the mountain to try to make the old man to sing. That was a deal that Luo and the narrator did with Four-Eyes to give him more books by Balzac. When they went up to the old man, he was very ugly and wrinkly and taste the pebbles with salt and then spit it out. They got the old man to sing.

6: Luo and Ma (referred to as the narrator throughout the novel), who are sent to be reeducated at the Mountain of the Phoenix of the Sky, because their doctor parents have been declared "enemies of the people" and "reactionaries of the bourgeoise" by the Communist state. There, they are captivated by and fall in love with the daughter of the local tailor, the Little Seamstress. At the same time, they meet Four-Eyes who also is being reeducated. Although he is succeeding in reeducation, he in truth is hiding forbidden western books. The boys convince Four-Eyes to lend them a book, Ursule Mirout by Honoré de Balzac. Later, when Four-Eyes's mother comes to take him back to the city, they steal the books.

8: P. 4 - Surreptitious, Adj: Trying to avoid being noticed. | "I saw Luo giving me a surreptitious wink"

10: P. 7 -Statutory, Adj: Subject to penalty | "When we were sent off to the mountains as young intellectuals we had only had the statutory three years of lower middle school"

12: P. 8 - Foist, V: Impose something on someone else | "First we were refused admission to high school to high school, then the role of young intellectuals was foisted on us on account of our parents being labelled "enemies of the people"

14: P.12 - Vertiginous: Dizzying | "Looking up at the vertiginous slopes all around me"

16: P. 91 - Lintel, N: Support beam on a door or window | "Each side was hinged in two holes, one in the threshold, the other in the lintel, and they were secured in middle with a chain and a copper padlock.

18: P. 119 - Fulminate, V: Speak scathingly, explode | "His face contorted with rage as he fulminated against one of the revolutionary doctors at the district hospital"

20: When Luo and the narrator finally got the books that the Four Eyes were hiding, they've looked over the books and it was about the world of women, love and sex as revealed to them by these Western writers. The next night, the narrator had this nightmare which there was Luo and Seamstress. Seamstress was flying with her beautiful hair and Luo was there, so, the narrator ran towards him, and when he grabbed Luo, Luo started to bleed from his mouth, arm, his left nose and one of his ear. When the narrator woke up from the nightmare he told Luo and went out to see Seamstress

22: The Headman cames and told Luo to fix his tooth, since Luo's dad is the great dentist. But Luo doesn't help Headman's tooth. Then the Old tailor, Seamstress's dad, asks favor to the narrator to tell him the story, because Seamstress told her dad that he is a good story teller. And he agreed to tell the the story about the French sailor. The Old tailor liked the narrator's story, but he gets in trouble for telling this story, because the Headman was listening to the whole story secretly. And tells Luo to cure his tooth or the narrator has to go to the Security Office with the Headman.

24: So, Luo decides to fix the Headman's tooth to save the narrator. And so, they fix the Headman with the old sewing machine. And when they finished fixing them, the Headman decides not to tell about the narrator telling the story. On page 135 to 146, it's about their story, what they've saw with their eyes. The Old Miller's story, it describes deeply what he saw and what he felt. He saw Luo and Seamstress being naked. He was very surprised. For Luo, he was happy with Seamstress. When they were playing game, he lost his key. And had to go see his mother because she's ill. Seamstress, also having fun with Luo, but she got bitten to a snake when she tired to find Luo's key.

26: In this chapter, it was about Seamstress having a baby in her belly. And she came up to Mushi Mushi, and told about her pregnancy. She didn't have her period for 3 months. Little Seamstress was scared that Luo will be captured by her dad, and go to prison or death if the Old Tailor gets really mad and crazy. And when Mushi Mushi heard this. Mushi Mushi had an idea to go to the hospital and find something to cure her pregnancy.

28: As he went to the hospital. There was a doctor and he had to tell him that Seamstress has a baby. But he can't say Seamstress has a baby because, Mushi Mushi will get in to trouble. So, he tells a lie that Mushi Mushi has a sister, who is pregnant and the doctor knew that he was lying. And the doctor decide not to help him, but as Mushi Mushi offered a Balzac book, If the doctor helps him, he can have the book, but is he doesn't ,too bad for him. Then doctor decide to help him. And when the doctor checked Seamstress, it was girl, inside Little Chinese Seamstress.

30: Now, the Little Chinese Seamstress gets an abortion. And the Little Seamstress changes her looks; hair, clothes and shoes. And the boys, Luo and Mushi Mushi, thinks that she is hot and they like what she's doing (changing her looks). Later on, the Old Tailor calls Luo and Mushi Mushi to come to his house. And when they did, the Old Tailor told them that Little Seamstress has been gone. And Luo and Mushi Mushi, goes up to the mountain tries to catch up with her. And when they found her, Little Seamstress left to the city.

32: Pictures March/13/2011 Book cover. http://www.worldmovies.net/_uploads/images/movies/1099449416515_0.8236711536644123.jpg Violin. http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs19/f/2007/263/5/6/Violin_by_vladstudio.jpg Play guitar.

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