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S: William & Brendan- What Did We Do In Year Number Two?

BC: ... and oh what a year it was. | February 2011 | February 2012

FC: William and Brendan What Did We Do In Year Number Two? February 2011-February 2012

1: February 2011 William and Brendan are 1 year old and doing new things every day. William's first word was "hi" and Brendan's first word was "car." They love to blow kisses, clap hands and play with their maracas. Brendan was the first to walk! | Look Willy, I'm walking! | In the double shopping cart at Costco

2: The winner is William Klaff! | March 2011 William and Brendan competed in a crawling contest at the Islander game on March 5th. William won the contest, and received 6 months of free diapers! Brendan and the other two babies were too overwhelmed by the crowd screaming to move. William just wanted to get to mommy. | Crawl to the remote control boys! | ... and the crowd goes wild!

3: March 2011 William loves to say “tree,” along with Brendan’s favorite word “car”. They also say "cheese," which is one of their favorite foods. Will tries to woof when he sees a dogie, but can only say “ffff,” which is very funny. He has now caught up to Brendan and is walking. Both boys are walking all over the house. William is very curious and says (what sound like) "what's that," while pointing at everything he sees. Brendan gets himself into mischief all the time. Whatever you tell him not to do he does (while looking right at you with a little smirk). Usually whatever one boy does the other soon follows.

5: This month we went to the LI Children's Museum for the first time. Everyone had lots of fun. Both boys were walking around and exploring, but Brendan was a bit more daring than William. Will always wanted to make sure mommy was right beside him or holding him. Brendan, on the other hand, almost got run over by people multiple times because he ran away from daddy so quickly. We also went to Ian Kotler’s 3rd birthday, and an Easter egg hunt party the twin group held. Brendan says “Willy” and he wiggles his little finger back and forth when anyone says “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.” He jumps into his Elmo doll's arms and gives him a big hug. The boys learned some sign language at school. They do the sign for “more” when they want more food or they are enjoying something. The boys celebrated their second Passover. Grandma Stephanie and Grandpa Harry came in to celebrate with us. | April 2011

6: We took our first trip to the Old Westbury Gardens with Grandma and Grandpa for Mother's Day. The boys loved running around, looking at all the flowers and splashing in the fountain. They did the sign for “more” when they saw all of the flowers.

7: May 2011 For their 15 month checkup Will was 26 lbs. 7 oz. and 33 inches tall (95th percentile for his age). Brendan was 21 lbs. and 10 oz. and 31 inches tall (50th percentile in height and 10th percentile in weight). Both boys are developing wonderfully!! Will now calls Brendan “B.” Both boys love to give hugs and kisses. They even give each other hugs and kisses, which is so cute! Daddy loves to quiz the boys on animal sounds. They know “moo moo,” “ba ba,” quack quack,” “tweet tweet,” “ka” (for oink), “fffff” (for woof), “hoo hoo” (for owl), “nay nay,” and “grrr” (bear). They also know that monkeys eat “naa nahs,” and say “oo-oo ah-ah.” When they see pictures of babies they say “baby.” They say “ba-ba” when they want their bottle and “wa-wa” (for water). They love pointing out the stars in their room, and say “star.” They also say “circle,” “shoe,” “hi-ya,” “ba-bye,” “cookie” (mom gives them teddy grahams), and “cracker” (they love crackers!). Dad lets them strum his guitar with picks and they are getting pretty good (for one year olds). They are also learning the parts of the body. They know head, shoulder, knees, toes, hair, ears, and eyes. We have been skyping with Grandma Stephanie and Grandpa Harry, and the boys run to the computer when daddy says the word skype.

8: Our dad teaches us how to read, play guitar, mow the lawn and make fart noises... everything little boys should be learning.

9: June 2011 | We celebrated Father's Day this month and ventured out to the boys’ first real restaurant with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Keri. Will and Brendan were great, and loved looking around at everyone and trying some Greek food. Daddy plays a game called “FUMBLE” with the boys, though they call it “MUMBLE.” He throws a ball on the floor and they run to go on top of it while yelling “FUMBLE” (or “MUMBLE”). Brendan started walking very casually with his hands clasped behind his back. It's really funny to see, and it looks like he will start whistling while doing it. Their new favorite things are books! They love flipping through the pages and being read to. Grandma and Grandpa take them to the children's room at the library, where they pull all of the books they can off of the shelves at once. The boys put all of their animal sounds to good use when we went to the Queens County Farm and White Post Farms. They loved seeing all of the animals in person, and did lots of moo-ing, ba-ba-ing and quack-quack-ing. Brendan was the daredevil if the two, while William got scared of a lot of the animals when they got too close.

10: Summer 2011

11: July William and Brendan’s vocabularies are growing by the day. They repeat and mimic a lot. Some new words are “choo-choo” for train, “do” for shoe, “bubble” (they love bubbles), “mower” (they love their toy lawn mower and looking at people around the neighborhood mowing their lawn), “teet” (for treat—which is a yogurt bite, and also means teeth). Whenever they see a guitar or a violin on T.V. or in a book they say “da-da” (because da-da plays the guitar). Though they can now say “mommy” and “daddy,” instead of “ma-ma” and “da-da.” They love to say “Riley” and “Brody” (two of their classmates). Both boys “roar” when anyone says the word “dinosaur,” but Brendan is so funny when he does it because it is so loud. They love Elmo and call him “Mel-mo.” William has a weird obsession with Ernie from Sesame Street, and shouts “Nani” when he sees him. Grandma Stephanie and Grandpa Harry came to visit this month. We went to the Old Westbury Gardens, a little zoo, and the Long Island Children's Museum. The boys had lots of fun and loved to explore. We also went out to the Feinberg’s house in Southold and went splashing in the pool. Will loved the water and Brendan did not.

12: We love to go "weeee" at Grandma "Ma" and Grandpa "Ca's" house.!! | . . .More Summer Fun! | We shop at Home Depot like the "man."

13: At The Bronx Zoo with our Cousins.! | Brendan got his first real haircut on August 31st. He was such a good boy.! | August This has been one hectic month! We renovated our kitchen and the whole first floor (minus the bedrooms and bathrooms). The boys knew there was a “man” in the house doing work and loved saying “man.” They also pretend to fix the walls like the man. They were very helpful! They were not able to walk around the house because of the various dangers, so when they were not at daycare we went to Grandma “Ma” and Grandpa “Ca’s” house. They loved going “wee” on the rocking chairs on their porch, ringing their door bell, saying “gong, gong” (knock, knock), and saying “shhhh, “ because the ladies next door were sleeping. For their 18 month checkup, Will was 28 lbs., and 34 1/4”, and Brendan was 24 lbs., and 31 3/4”. The boys love to dance, and Will especially can't stop moving when he hears music. They love the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog Song, and request that we play it on YouTube all the time. Brendan loves to do whatever you till him not to do. He is our "little menace." The boys are able to communicate with us more and more, which makes them (and us) a lot less frustrated. They say "uppie" (for up) and "down." They know all the parts of their body, even their eyebrows. They are also obsessed with pictures of Uncle Matt when he was a little boy. They love holding the pictures and looking at them (especially Brendan). They say "Ma" for Uncle Matt and "Keri" for Aunt Keri. They also love to skype with Grandpa “Harry” and Grandma “S.”

15: September The boys started their first day in their new classroom. They have now left the Infant Room and entered the Toddler Room. They LOVE it and don't want to go back. One of their old teacher's came into the room to help out and Will thought she was going to take him back to the infant room. He started crying, but once she explained that she would be playing with him in his new room he perked right up. Will and Brendan are saying so many new words that they can't be listed anymore. They are repeating so much and understand pretty much anything you say to them. They know lots of colors, shapes, and animals. It's amazing how quickly they are developing! We celebrated Rosh Hashanah in our newly renovated house. Grandma “S” and Grandpa “Harry” came to visit. The boys put on quite a show for everyone! They were dancing, turning in circles, running around, and just being too cute!

16: Fall Fun!

17: October 2011 We went pumpkin picking this month twice! We went once with Aunt Keri and Uncle Matt, and again with our friends Adrienne, Doug, and Ryan. The boys love pumpkins! William even made up a pumpkin dance where he says “pu-kin, pu-kin, pu-kin,” and bops around. We also went to the Panther Pride carnival at SUNY Old Westbury (where mom works) and went on ponies. We went to fire safety day at the Plainview Fire Department and got to see real fire trucks! Grandma and Grandpa come over every morning to help mommy get the boys out of the house and ready for school. They take the boys to the corner and waive to all the big kids going on the school bus. They love to see the “yellow bus” and say “bye” to the kids.

18: We Love School | William and Brendan do so many fun things at school! They have different learning centers every day. Some centers are cars & trucks, blocks, dress-up clothes, books, puzzles, Mr. Potato Head, crayons/markers/paint on paper, and many others. They play in the outdoor and indoor playgrounds and go for walks to look at nature (rocks, leaves, sticks, etc.). They have circle time every day where they talk about the theme of the week, say the day of the week, say their names, sing songs and read books. After the class has a much needed two hour nap , they do an art project , have song and dance time, do sensory play (play dough, water table, sand, rice, shaving cream, etc.), and play on the computer (with a touch screen). Most days they come home wearing all sorts of paint and marker colors! Needless to say they are exhausted when they get home and are in bed by 6:30 pm.

19: Trick or Treat | William and Brendan were fighting crime as Batman and Robin this Halloween. They had so much fun marching in the Halloween parade at school and then trick-or-treating around the neighborhood later that day. They loved it so much they didn't want to go home.

20: We are going to be big track stars one day too!

21: This month one of mommy all time dream came true (besides having two amazing boys!) Mommy and daddy got their bedroom made over by HGTV! The Klaff household turned into a tv-set for a week, which was very exciting. William and Brendan were filmed while playing with mommy and daddy. They will make their television debut in the spring of 2012. Will and Brendan celebrated their second Thanksgiving with both sets of Grandparents! They loved eating turkey, yelling “THANKSGIVING,” and saying “gobble gobble.” Brendan has a favorite stuffed monkey names Pete and William has a favorite stuffed panda bear named Ralphy. They call Grandma Marilyn “Me Ma” and Grandpa Carl “Pe Pa.” When they see Grandma and Grandpa they shout “Me Ma, Me Ma, Pe Pa, Pe Pa.” | November 2011 Happy Thanksgiving!

22: At the Cradle of Aviation Museum “ "driving"” the airplane. | Feinberg Chanukah Party | At the Feinberg Chanukah Party

23: Happy | Chanukah | Happy | At the Feinberg Chanukah Party | December 2011 William and Brendan are putting two and three words together when talking. They are able to communicate very well and understand so much. They can even count to ten (when they want to). At night when they come home from school they love to point out the moon, the stars and Jupiter. They say “bye moon,” and “bye Jupiter” when we have to go into the house. They discovered a new show called the Fresh Beat Band on Nick Junior. They watch the shows over and over and love dancing to the songs. They talk about winter at school and are getting ready for Chanukah. They say “Happy Chanukah,” “Dredel,” and “Menorah.” They know Brendan starts with the letter B and William starts with the letter W. William can almost spell his name, and on December 30th, he walked in a shopping center, and spelled the word “sale” – well, he said the letters in a row on the sign. We went to a Chanukah party at the Feinberg’s house. They had lots of fun and got to open presents and danced! For New Year’s Eve we had Doug, Adrienne and our buddy Ryan over for an early New Year’s Party. The party started at 3:00 pm and ended at 6:30 pm. That was just our speed and William and Brendan went right to bed after our friends left. Bye bye 2011!

24: Do I have anything in my teeth? | Pizza and cupcakes in Florida, what can be better?

25: January 2012 This month William and Brendan took their second trip to Florida to visit Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Eric, Aunt Meredith, Sadie and Nathaniel. They had so much fun playing with their older cousins! Brendan LOVES Sadie, and kept shouting “Sadie Rose, Sadie Rose.” He always wanted to hold her hand. Grandma and Grandpa had an early 2nd Birthday party for the boys at a pizza restaurant, which was lots of fun. We went to a wild life preserve and saw lots of birds, alligators and turtles. The boys took a ride in Grandma and Grandpa's golf cart, played at the park, ate brunch at Grandma and Grandpa's club, and took lots of walks in the warm Florida weather. They had a lot of fun and were really good boys! The boys learned a little bit of Spanish in school and love to say “adiós” for goodbye. They say some full sentences now and surprise us every day by how much they know and the random things they remember. When Will does something he's excited about he screams “Willy did it!” Then Brendan says “Brendan too!”

26: Happy 2nd Birthday William & Brendan!

27: February 2012 William and Brendan had a great birthday weekend! They had a pizza and cupcakes with their friends at school on Friday, February 3rd. Mom came in to join the class for cupcakes, which was a bit upsetting to Brendan. All the birthday excitement plus mommy in the room was just too much for him. It didn't faze William though...he just chowed down on his cupcake! On Saturday morning we went to the Firefighter Museum and Cradle of Aviation Museum with Uncle Matt and Aunt Keri. Everyone had a great time! After lunch and an afternoon nap Uncle Matt, Aunt Keri, Me-ma, and Pe-pa came over and the boys opened their gifts. Then everyone went to an Italian restaurant for a pizza dinner and then back to the house for cupcakes! It was a very fun weekend and it ended with Super Bowl XLVI. The Giants beat the Patriots 21-17.

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