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S: Adwell Memories

1: September 8, 2011 Mom and Dad The following pages are a tribute to 55 years of love, laughter and difficulties. Through your hard work and commitment, you've shown us that anything is possible with a little work and determination. There are enough other pictures and stories to fill several more books, but this one will have to do for now. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Anniversary! | Photo book compiled by Patty Carving by Laura

2: Leroy's Parents... | Andrew Jacob Adwell Born July 7, 1900 Died Oct. 14, 1957 Dortha Nettie Mae O'Bannon Born Jan. 17, 1909 Died Feb. 1, 1995 Married Jan. 20, 1927 | 1937 | 1927 | Age 17 or 18

3: I was born in a farm house 4 miles south of Ravenwood, MO. I was told the doctor charged $2.00 and Dad sold 20 bushels of corn at .10 per bu. to pay him. This was in the depression years and money was scarce, but more than low prices caused the troubles. There was the drought and grasshopper years ahead that caused our family to leave Missouri and go to Idaho. We didn't know we were poor because everyone we knew was in the same situation. In Idaho I would pick up coal that fell from the railcars for the home fires. Now I realize that all that coal just didn't fall, but was thrown off by men who were to unload them so as to give us the chance to get free coal. Dad worked at whatever he could find like topping onions, thinning beets, sacking potatoes and then working for the WPA. After a trip back to Missouri to settle my Grandfather Adwell's estate, we moved back to Idaho. Word of Oregon from some of Dad's friends, caused him to take us to Independence, OR where he worked in hop fields, hay fields and then to berry patches. Another friend told him about logging, so we moved to Roger's Mountain near Scio, OR. Here he worked at a logging company and later cut firewood to sell in Salem, OR. It was here that I attended 3rd and 4th grade in a one room schoolhouse. I was the biggest and smartest in my class. (I was the only one.) While living on the mountain, I gathered moss and ferns to sell. I also cut firewood to sell. | Later, when World War II was in progress, we moved to Portland, OR so the folks could work in the shipyards, as welders. Mom fell while at work one day hurting her back and was bedfast many months. As for myself, I had a paper route with around 100 customers. With the money I earned I bought my clothes and a bicycle. When Mom recovered from her back injury, Missouri and the urge to farm was too strong for Dad to resist, so we moved back in 1945. Dad rented a 200 acre farm for about a year before purchasing it for $8,000. Besides raising corn, we milked 20 cows by hand. I enjoyed milking, but in the fall of the year the cows would get their tails full of cockleburrs and when you least expected it, they would fling it around your head, then pull it back rapidly tearing nice little grooves on your cheeks. The family lived there until Dad's death in 1957. His death was the result of a misdiagnosis by the local country doctor who thought his nausea and pain was gall stones. He was actually suffering from appendicitis. Before surgery could be done, his appendex burst filling him with poison. He died in a very short time. He was 57 years old. Dad was a small man, approx. 5'8'', 135 lbs., sandy hair, blue eyes, but strong and wiry. He was a man of many abilities - a good carpenter, knew how to butcher and cut up hogs and beef, and fix just about anything. Most important he was honest and well thought of in the neighborhood. Like many who lived through the depression, he thought Franklin Roosevelt was the nation's savior. Dad was opinionated and we all missed him after his death. | Reminiscences | Leroy A. Adwell

4: Murla's Parents... | William Tobias Becker Born April2, 1903 Died Dec. 16, 1990 Elizabeth Siebrandt Born January 9, 1907 Died July 11, 2001 Married: November 10, 1922 | 40th Wedding Anniversary November 11, 1962 | 50th Wedding Anniversary | A young Bill Becker on his parent's farm

5: I am the youngest daughter and second to the last in a family of eight children. I expect the stories about our parents should come from the older children since they were with our parents when most of the hard times took place. By the time I came into the world, they had already built a new home on the south edge of town. Dad had several various jobs before becoming a self-employed mason. This was hard work as the summers were hot, winters cold, no paid vacations, and no pay if you got yourself hurt or became ill. As far as I can remember, Dad never missed a day of work because of illness. I am proud of Dad - he did well for himself and his family with so little education. He owned his own home, bought two or three other properties, and had money in the bank for his old age. Of course, Mom helped out on the work and the money part. She never wasted any money on foolishness. She always handled the money, making sure all the bills were paid and put money in savings. She raised a large garden, canned quite a lot, had some fruit trees on the back lot, raised chickens every year for laying and eating. She took a crate or two of eggs to market every Saturday, and we sure ate our share to boot. They raised a pig every year to butcher, butchered a beef and placed the meat in the IGA locker. When Mom needed a chicken for dinner, she would go out to the chicken pen, find a rooster, catch it, chop its head off, clean it, and cook it up. We always had a milk cow as well. Sometimes it would be staked out in our large ditch or placed in a rented pasture. Later, Dad bought a half of block of land just a few blocks north of our home. He bought an old barn and had it moved in. | Mom loved flowers, especially roses. After weeding and watering, Mom and Dad both loved to just stand back and enjoy the beauty. The yard always looked nice. For many years, Dad drove a Model A pickup to work carrying all his tools. I sit back now wondering how he got everything in the small pickup bed, but he did. We younger children loved to jump in the bed of the pickup and go with him to mow hay or milk the cow. Whenever the engine needed to be worked on, Dad and my older brother Floyd would pull it out and work on it. After most of the kids were already grown, Dad bought a new 1954 long bed Chevy pickup. It was the last pickup he bought. Dad was quite a collector of all sorts of items. The local junkyard was his favorite place to hang out in after he retired. He always found some sort of treasure. Going to auctions soon became a favorite past time. The folks often bought antique furniture and large iron kettles. Dad also liked to collect old schoolhouses. He had one moved in on a lot behind the house and filled it with the many treasures he had found. Dad was a slim, quiet man standing 6' tall. He often talked about the old days. Mom was short - maybe about 5'5''. She also loved to talk about the old days or just everyday happenings. by Murla Becker Adwell | My parents...

6: Leroy Allen Adwell Born October 9, 1932 | Leroy, the 2nd of 4 children born to Andrew and Dortha Adwell in rural Ravenwood, MO | 1947 - Ravenwood, MO Freshman year | 8th grade class 1946 (Leroy's cousin Ruth O'Bannon is pictured on the far right side and his cousin G. LaVain Slagle is sitting next to Leroy -left side of picture)

7: 1949 Ravenwood Lions Club Softball Team This picture was taken the summer before Leroy's senior year in high school. This team went to the National Softball Tournament in Texas, making it to the quarter finals.

8: One of the fish caught during an overnight fishing trip in June, 1962. Left to right: Leroy (29),younger brother, Gary (14) and nephew Wayne Sledge (15). | Lloyd Eldon Adwell and Leroy. April 1955 - Andrew Adwell farm in Ravenwood, MO. | 1950 - Leroy, age 18 with his Uncle Charlie's team - ready to shuck corn | Sept. 1956 - age 23 1955 Ford Fairlane | How I Came to Kansas... John Mauk was the Skelgas manager at the plant in Ravenwood, MO and stayed with my Uncle Raymond and Aunt Elnora Slagle for awhile. After John was transferred to Conway, KS, the new manager kept in touch with him. It wasn't too long that the Skelgas manager in Ravenwood told me that John was going to fire a couple men at the Conway station and that I should drive down and talk to him about a job. So, my cousin Lloyd Eldon and I drove down so I could talk to John and immediately drove back to MO after my interview. At that time all the roads were two lane, so it was quite a long drive. Some time passed before John called and told me to be there the next day. Early the next morning I stopped at the service station for gas and asked the owner if he had a few extra dollars. (I knew the owner well) I gave him a check for $100 in exchange for a $100 bill. I drove a 1951 Chevy power glide at the time - not one of GMC's better ideas. After arriving that afternoon and talking with John, I went to McPherson to find a place to stay. (This was in Sept. of 1955) After a few months I bought a brand new 1955 Ford Fairlane 4 dr sedan for $2700. I was making $305. per month, so maybe that wasn't one of my better ideas, but I was young and had a lot to learn. I worked at the Conway station 35 yrs. until I took early retirement in 1990.

9: Active military service started in February 1953. Released in January 1955. Leroy was part of a Float Bridge Company, placing temporary bridges where permanent bridges had been destroyed in battle. | KOREAN WAR | Title and Duties of Assignment 11-6-1953 to 2-21-1954 - Bridge Specialist 2-22-54 to 4-14-54 - Asst. Platoon Sergeant 4-14-54 to 7-17-54 - Platoon Sergeant | Picture taken in Japan while attending engineering school.

10: Leroy's family and relatives... | Shirley (Adwell) Coffelt holding her daugher, Beverly, while her Dad, Andrew is holding grandson, David Coffelt. | Mary Lou (Adwell) Sledge, Gary Adwell, Shirley (Adwell) Coffelt | Gary Adwell as a teenager. Gary was killed in a tragic automobile accident on April 8, 1967, just a few weeks shy of his 19th birthday. He was attending Oregon State University | John Franklin Adwell Family Two boys standing in the back are Charles and Andrew (Leroy's Dad) Elnora, John F., Alfred, Earl, and Harriet holding Roy (3 more children would be born - Leonna who died as a baby, Woodrow and Donald) John F. Adwell 1862-1933 Harriet Ellen Bollin Adwell 1875 to 1929 The John F. Adwell family lived on a farm in Ravenwood, MO

11: The O'Bannon side... | Eldridge Ellis O'Bannon (last name originally spelled O'Banion) Born: Sept. 12, 1878 Gentry County, MO Died: Feb. 7, 1976 at the age of 97 Married to Nona B Deaton on Jan. 1, 1902 in Darlington, MT Nona B. Deaton Born - Sept. 12, 1883 Gentry County, MO Died - Aug. 15, 1974 at the age of 95 To this union 4 children were born: Thelma Gladys - 7- 20-1904 to 2-5-1984 Dortha Nettie Mae - 1-17-1909 to 2-1-1995 Ellis Allen - 10-14-1910 to 8-2-1945 Ermal - 1914 to 1-19-1992 | Eldridge and Nona with grandson Gary Adwell - age 1 on Adwell farm in MO. 1949 | As I remember, my grandfather was a joy to be around. He loved story telling and his family. Children had to work hard to find disfavor. As long as I knew him, he had wavy, silver hair, He stood about 5'11" tall and weighed 185-200 lbs. When the family lived in the Ravenwood area, he was the tax assessor. Very popular with the people because of his easy nature. Most of his life he was a farmer. In his later years, the family moved to Bremerton, WA where he worked in the Naval shipyards. In his retirement years he did gardening and raised berries. He was active until close to his death. My grandmother was a kind, gentle, quiet, slender woman. I fondly remember her cookies and what a treat they were to eat. | Ellis Allen O'Bannon | Ermal, Thelma and Dortha

12: Murla Dean Becker Born August 24, 1935 | Murla, the 7th of 8 children in the William and Elizabeth Becker family

13: Murla, age 2 | Standing beside her 1951 Ford | As a young girl | Grade school | Through the years...

14: Murla's family ... | 1954 Chevy pickup | Ready for church - Bert, Murla, James and Edgar | Violet, Malinda, and Sadie | Edgar sitting on tail gate of his Dad's Model "A" Pickup. This pickup was the work pickup for many years before the 1954 Chevy pickup was bought | Becker Home located at 224 W. Hoch Street, Moundridge, KS | Floyd

15: Elizabeth (Alice) & Andrew Siebrandt | Murla's grandparents... | Andrew - 1867 to 1952 Occupations: veterinary work, farmer, manager of livery barn in Moundridge, KS Elizabeth - 1867 to 1957 Mother to 14 children Married on May 31, 1887 | Tobias & Nettie Becker | Tobias - 1866 to 1927 Occupation: farming Owned farms in Finney, Harvey and McPherson Counties Aganetha (Nettie) - 1872 to 1948 Mother to 11 children Both were baptized into the Mennonite (Holdeman) faith. Married on November 5, 1887 | Both sets of grandparents were born in Russia and came to America as young children with their parents in search of religious freedom.

16: Wedding Day Sept. 8, 1956 Presbyterian Chapel McPherson, KS | Leroy had a blind date with a girl from Moundridge who stood him up. As he was driving around town, he noticed a young woman standing in front of the telephone office talking on the pay phone. He decided to pull up and ask if she would like to drive around with him. The young woman who happened to be Murla, said her plans were to pick up a girlfriend of hers. After some persuasion on Leroy's part, they picked up Murla's friend, Janie and Leroy's friend, Milo. They drove out to a field where an oil rig was drilling for oil. This also happened to be where Milo was working. Leroy, Murla and Janie ended up watching Milo do some work on the rig while they were there. So much for an exciting first date. After dating on and off for a short time, Leroy decided to pop the question - and as they say, the rest is history. | How They Met...

17: The newlyweds rented a basement apartment for a short time before renting this small garage turned apartment where two soon became three. | 1/2 South Elm Street, McPherson, KS | Summer 1957 Tomato plants planted by Leroy and landlord Eldon Anderson

18: And baby makes three with the arrival of Patricia Ann Adwell May 19, 1957

19: "A quiet, determined child". | 1965 - 2nd grade | 1960 | 1960 | 1st bike - age 6 | 1958

20: Soon a boy followed... | Roger Alan Adwell December 23, 1958

21: 4th grade | Christmas 1969 | 1971 Age 12 | July 1970 Played on the McPherson Browns baseball team Age 11 | 1st grade | ...loved to take things apart. He was also "Lego King". | 1964 Holding a fish from Dad's fishing trip

22: Third child to bless the family is Laura Anne Adwell April 18, 1962

23: Laura preferred playing outside with her brothers. She loved animals, riding horses and motor scooters. | 1st grade | Kindergarten | Age 9 | Age 9 | Age 1 1/2 - with Spooky

24: The fourth and final child is Douglas Leroy Adwell June 17, 1964 | Doug was a very quiet child. He loved playing outdoors and getting into mischief with Laura.

25: Christmas 1969 - age 5 | 2nd grade | Laura and Doug with 7 week old puppy Laddie | 6th grade | Age 13 | 1973 Age 9 McPherson Jets football team

26: The first of many projects... | In 1960 Dad and Mom purchased this odd looking 60 year old house in Conway, KS from George Wegman for $3000. Over the course of several years and alot of hard work, it was transformed into an attractive and comfortable 3 bedroom home for the growing family.

27: House as it looked in 1968. Pickup camper was also built by Dad. The family spent many weekends at Kanopolis Lake in it. | By 1969, the urge to move to a country setting outside of Conway resulted in the selling of this property and building a new house 1/4 mile North.

28: Roger, age 2 and Patty, age 4 sit on fishing boat Dad built. | First Playhouse | Merry-go-round and barrell horse | Go cart | Bar-b-que grill. Grandpa Becker is standing in the background | Dad's hands were never idle. His passion for constructing useful or "just for fun" things kept him busy.

29: 1968 | Dad loved to fish whenever he got the chance. We kids found ways to entertain ourselves. | 32nd birthday | The Conway years... | Roger, Laura, and Patty | Roger and Patty | Spooky

30: More Conway years... | Besides being Dad's "right hand man", Mom always had time for her flower garden. | Laura checks to see if Dad is really reading or sleeping | Merry-go-round Dad built from an old wagon wheel | A proud big brother | Roger, Patty and Laura

31: Spooky Spooky was the best dog we ever had. He was not a purebred Spitz, but we always told people he was a Spitz when asked what breed he was. Mom thinks she paid her brother Floyd's wife $5.00 for him as a puppy. Roger was still in diapers at this time, so being a puppy, Spooky found it quite fun to play tug-of-war with Roger's diaper. Mom usually had to intervene to make him let go. Spooky soon developed a real hatred for mice, rats and cats. He once had an encounter with a muskrat in an old garage on our property and won. Where that muskrat came from is anyone's guess. Grandma Becker claims Spooky was a talking dog. She and Grandpa came for a visit one Sunday afternoon while we were gone. Spooky met them on the sidewalk and began to make noises as if he was telling them the family was gone. Grandma was amused by this. Another time, Spooky got fed up with the Purple Martin birds dive bombing him in his own backyard. After trying unsuccessfully to catch one in his mouth, he decided to try another approach. He laid on his back and pretended to be asleep, with one eye just barely open to see the birds. He let them dive at him getting closer and closer before raising his head and snapping one in his mouth. After catching a few of them using this method, the birds got wise and left him alone. Spooky loved to go places with us. He usually went with the family to Kanopolis Lake in the early years and would ride in the boat with us. He also loved to ride along in the pickup and also occasionally in the tractor scoop in his later years. By the time we moved to the "Circle A" location, he was getting quite old. He developed a severe case of arthritis resulting in a lot of pain. Dad finally had to put him down. Spooky truly felt his job was to protect us. There are many, many more stories, but not enough room to write them here. He was an amazing dog.

32: This location was named "Shady Glade" because of the grove of trees on the property. | The next major project started in the Fall of 1969 with the building of a new homestead 1/4 mile N. of Conway. | It wasn't long before raising pigs became another source of income. | The Winter of '69 was cold with plenty of snow. Dad and Mom did all the work on the house them- selves. Since Doug was 4 yrs. old at the time, he had no choice but to go along with them to the building site. He was bundled up so much that if he fell he could not get up by himself. Grandpa Becker showed Dad how to lay the rock work under the bed-room windows and the walk out basement.

33: At home on Shady Glade ... | Jan. 1972 Leroy, age 39 | "The farmhands"... 1946 Ford Ferguson tractor nicknamed "Old Blue" - paid $400. for it | 1971 Murla on her 1953 Cushman Husky Scooter | Patty age 14 Played in the McPherson Middle School Band | May 1972 Laura and Doug with Fred the goat. Roger taught Fred how to stand on his hind legs and box with him. | 1970 Waiting for the school bus | Mom painted these dancing pigs on front of the farrowing house after seeing them on the TV show "Hee Haw".

34: Mom was wakened by a very loud noise. She could see a red glow through the window shade next to her bed. After waking Dad up, they hurriedly dressed and ran outside to investigate. They saw indications of a flash fire from a propane explosion. An underground storage facility to the West of our property leaked out propane, due to human error, which filled in the low lying area behind the house including the area in the trees where some of the hogs were kept. This ignited causing a huge explosion. Several hogs were severely burned and had to be put down. (Unfortunately, Fred the goat was also in the blast area and had to be destroyed as well.) Part of the settlement with the company responsible consisted of moving the house onto 57 acres five miles North of Conway. | May 24, 1972

35: Thus the beginning of "Circle A Ranch"... | Chester Koehn of rural Galva, KS was hired to move the house. Dad and Mom had to remove the garage and tear off the rock work from the front of the house before the house could be moved. The big day came in August of 1973. Because the dirt used to fill in along the basement had not fully settled and also due to some rain prior to moving, it was impossible for the movers to get close enough to the basement to set the house on. There was no option but to wait for the ground to firm up. In the meantime, we needed a place to eat and sleep as we were not to go into the house for safety reasons. Dad rented a small pull type camping trailer for $50.00 a week. Dad slept in the new shed on an old couch. Roger slept on the floor of the camper, while the rest of us tried to fit on the bed. Don't remember if anyone got much sleep. That was only one of our discomforts. Mom was determined that we have baths. So, much to our dismay, bath time was done in one of the grain bins in a plastic swimming pool which attracted lots of bugs. Needless to say, we were very happy to see the day come when Chester came back to move the house onto the basement. | A large shed was built before the house was moved in.

36: Iron man was made from an old water heater and scraps of metal. It was one of the items moved to Lindsborg in 1984. | One of Dad's brief hobby's besides "working" was playing with his ham radio. | This homestead was named "Circle A Ranch". A small pond behind the house was home to various ducks and geese Mom bought.

37: The "Circle A" Years... 1973 to 1984 | 1977 | Roger - 18 Patty -20 | Doug on Brownie Laura on Domino | Doug Age 13 | 1981 Laura, 18, enjoys a warm April day with dog Moses.

38: In 1973 an 80'x120' shed was built to store hay bales and firewood. It could easily hold 3000 bales. Prairie hay was baled in our pasture and the neighboring pasture to the North that Dad rented. Besides raising hogs, calves were added to the mix. Many trips to Wisconsin were made to pick up Holstein calves. | In 1984 Dad and Mom decided to sell Circle A and move to Lindsborg. An auction was held to sell the equipment. Allen Sents, a classmate of Patty's bought the house and ground. | "Circle A" continued...

39: 303 N. Main Lindsborg, KS | 1984 | 2011 | 2010

40: Senior year - 1975 McPherson High School McPherson, KS | Patty's first job was during her senior year in high school working for Carol Lee Donuts in McPherson. The family enjoyed this job as there were many times she would bring day old donuts home. The summer after graduating, she was hired by Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Company as a policy writer- a job she held for almost 10 years. She worked up to, including the day Sondra was born. Other jobs held after the kids were in school: Anderson Butik, McPherson Sentinel, Scott's Hometown Foods and Smoky Hill Bison Co. | Patty... | Patty became the bride of Bryce Turnquist on May 5, 1978 in a private ceremony - Monitor Church of the Brethren - a small country church between Conway and Inman, KS- | March 1979 Keystone, CO | 1977 - age 20 | 3 children completed the family: Sondra Renee - Feb. 8, 1985 Brent Alan - Mar. 25, 1987 Melissa Anne - Jan. 20, 1989 | Sondra and Brent | Melissa

41: Sondra and Thomas Swift July 10, 2010 | Nick and Melissa Bylsma July 25, 2009 | Jenny Menke and Brent Engaged to be married on November 11, 2011 | Posing as a Viking family for Anderson Butik's 1996-1997 Swedish mail order catalog. | 1990 Melissa, Sondra and Brent stand beside Grandma Adwell's craft sign. (Mom and Dad made and sold crafts for several years during early retirement) | 2007 - 1st yr of teaching | Melissa SVHS Softball | 2007 Brent

42: Roger... | Jobs: -Plainsman in McPherson during high school -Texaco - Conway Station - summer before Vo-Tech Plainsman in Salina while attending Vo-Tech -Kustom Signals, Chanute, KS Industrial Electric, McPherson, KS Back to -Kustom Signals, Chanute, KS where he is Senior Design Engineer | Senior - Class of 1976 McPherson High School | Benjamin Alan Adwell 6 days old | 1987 Trevor and Stephen | Roger married Melody Sherbenou on May 24, 1981 - Snyder Chapel, Chanute, KS | Three sons soon followed: Trevor Phillip Oct. 3, 1983 Stephen Douglas Jan. 16, 1987 and Benjamin Alan Feb. 25, 1988 | 1994 Front: Ben, 6 Stephen, 7 Back: Trevor, 9

43: Roger and Melody took the family to England in celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary. This picture was taken at the William Wallace Monument; Stirling, Scotland July 2006 | 1981 | 2009 Bottom to top: Ben 21 Stephen 22 Trevor 25 | Stephen married Leah Angleton on March 13, 2010 in Chanute, KS | 2008 Britney Angle and Trevor (Engaged to be married) | 1990 | Stephen - 2005 | Trevor - 2003 | Ben - 2006

44: Senior - Class of 1980 McPherson High School Laura worked for Plainsman Supply in McPherson during her Jr and Sr years in high school. In 1983, a week before her wedding, she was hired by Dillons (McPherson) to work in the Bakery Dept. where she eventually became an assistant manager in that dept. She quit a week before Jacob arrived in 1992. | Laura... | Laura became the bride of Richard Johannsen on August 6, 1983 in Saxman, KS | Jacob William Johannsen Born Feb. 26, 1992 | Joshua Edward Johannsen Born Oct. 12, 1993

45: 2010 | Halloween 1997 Dressed as "Woody" from the movie "Toy Story" Jacob, 5 - Josh, 4 | Josh - 2009 | 2010 Josh - SVHS Jazz Band | 2007 | Some of Laura's carvings | "Mom and Dad" | 1995 | 2011 Jacob-Bethany College | Jacob - Class of 2010 Smoky Valley High School | Carved from a tree stump in their front yard.

46: Doug... | Doug and Linda (Urban) were married December 31, 1987 Wichita, KS | Senior picture 1982 McPherson High School | Spring 1992 | June 1993 Doug took part in the Bike Across Kansas | Doug and Linda's children: Darren Leroy Adwell Feb. 25, 1994 Logan Seth Adwell July 25, 1999 Denae Nicole Adwell Mar. 27, 2001 | Darren | Logan | Denae

47: Doug worked for Getty Oil - Lyons station during his summer breaks from Vo-Tech in Salina. After graduating with a degree in Electronics, he moved to Chanute where he worked for Birdview Satelite for 2 1/2 yrs. Then a move to Wichita where he got a job at Rockwell Collins as an avionic technician where he currently works. | 2005 Played for the Bulldozers, a Wichita Vintage Baseball Team Positions played: pitcher and catcher NIckname: Cotton Top | 2010 Galveston Island, TX | Logan - 2005 | Darren - Fall 2010 Cross Country meet - Rim Rock Farm, Lawrence, KS | Denae - 2009 | Logan 2010 | Darren - 2010 1st car | 2003

48: 2006 50th wedding anniversary | Denae | 2011- Oct. birthdays | Jake and Josh help Grandpa | 2010 | "I can't believe we wore the same thing!" Ben and Brent - 2005 | "Hold on!" - Trevor and Sondra - 1987 | 2003 - Dad, age 70 | A carving of Dad with his rabbit "Blue"

49: 2004 Mom holds cake Laura made for Mother's Day | Christmas 2010 | 2005 Watching a vintage baseball game | 2007 Doug and Logan | 2005 | Ben and Trevor play a duet at a Christmas gathering in Lindsborg | Christmas 2009 | 2010 Darren and Jacob | A grandma's shoulder is nice to rest on. Sondra and "Grandma" | Thanksgiving 2002 | 2001 - "The Granddaughters" Melissa, Denae and Sondra | 2004

50: James Becker holds "Mr Fix-It" - a piece he asked Laura to carve for him. | April 2004 | James and Pat Becker brought their 1912 Model T Touring Car from Colorado for Melissa and Nick's wedding as transportation for the newlyweds to their reception. | Other Special Memories... | 1991 Shirley, Dad, Grandma Childress and MaryLou (The siblings continue to keep in touch with each other.) | Dortha Adwell married Harold Childress in 1983. They were together until his death in 1990.

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