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3: Fishing for Paint ball Land One day in 2010 while on their boat, Myth Mustard and his friends Tree Climber and Fruit Freak went out of bed to go fishing. Then Tree Climber got a fish!. Tree Climber looked like a big bear with wings and pattern blocks. But when he got that fish he and his friends teleported to Paint ball Land. They always loved to play paint ball, so they did. The End | I am 8 years old. My favorite subjects in school are Art, P.E. and Science. I like to ride my skateboard and my bike. I want be a Scientist when I grow up. as

5: The Two Headed Bird Once upon a time there was a two headed bird. He was looking for a job. Then he got in his car. When he got into town he saw his friend waving a sign. The sign said 'More New York Police Officers.' He drove over and said "Hi Nick." "Hi," said Nick." "I am looking for a job," said Jack. "Well, you are in the right place.," said Nick. Jack signed the paper to sign up. When he was in training he practiced driving. When he was done with training he went off to be New York police officer. When he was a police officer Jack did a lot of things. He pulled over a car. He arrested someone. He went to a car crash too. When he went back to the police station a police officer said to Jack that he was not a professional police officer. In March he became a professional New York police officer, doing things better. His two heads really helped him drive because he could look forward and backward. | I am 8 years old. My favorite subject is P.E. At home I love to fly airplanes. When I grow up I want to be a pilot. - Nathan Drohan

7: Campout on the Palm Tree Island One July afternoon, Skyreacher was lying under a wide branched Zoogle Tree. It was the middle of the heat wave, and the shade cast by the wide, long branches was very satisfying. Skyreacher has the head and arms of a human and wings, four legs, body, and tail of a dragon. "What a nice day" said Skyreacher. "I think I'll go to the smallest Palm Tree Island". The Palm Tree Islands are a line of islands that look like gigantic palm trees. They have dense palm tree forests, and are fun to explore because no map shows all the whereabouts of them. They are in Imagimyth, where Skyreacher lives. Imagimyth is where made up mythical creatures live. It shares a border with Mythomainia, a place where real mythical creatures live. Since they share a border, creatures from either land can go into the other land. Skyreacher had two mythomainian friends, Firewing and Goldenwing. Firewing was a phoenix. He looked like an eagle, except in color. Firewing was orange, red, yellow, and tinged with blue. He was amazingly strong, and he could not die. Whenever he died he burst into flames and was reborn from the ashes. His tears could heal any wound. Goldenwing was a griffin, and he had the head, front legs, and wings of a bald eagle, the back, tail, and back legs of a lion. Skyreacher went to get them. They packed their bags, and flew off to the smallest Palm Tree Island. When they got there, it was night, so they set up camp, had dinner, and went to bed. The next morning they decided to go for a swim. But when Firewing got in the water, he was on fire and he sank. He leaped out of the water, flapped over to Skyreacher and cried "I can't swim!" Skyreacher thought and thought and then he said "When you went in, you were in fire mode, so try going in while you are in solid mode." ""Okay" said Firewing. "I'll try". So he flew back and got in the water in solid mode and he could swim. "Hooray!" cried Firewing, "I can swim!" So they swam all morning. | I am 8 years old. My favorite subjects in school are Science and Reading. When I grow up I want to be a Network Marketer or work for BNI just like my dad. - Landon McCallister

9: The Power of Friends Once in fiction world in the clouds on planet Gom in Feng there lived Fica, the drawing creature. One day Fica got out of bed and went to draw. She was horrified. She found the drawing equipment gone. She said "Jeck, come here, come on boy." "Meech, Meech," said Jeck the griffen. Then he pounced on Fica. "Okay, okay Jeck," laughed Fica. "I need you to help me find my pencil, paper and other things, okay?" "Meech! screamed Jeck. "Good," said Fica. "Let's go!" So off they went. They went up, and up, and up into the spookiest place, Livonon. "Some people go through those rickety, viny gates and never come out," said Fica. "Ooooooo, Oooooo," came a voice from inside. "Meech!" Jeck said. "It's okay boy, let's go." Then off they went through the rickety gates. Then there it was...Fireball the Phoenix. "Aaaaaah!" Fica said when she flipped." Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha," said Fireball. "I have your drawing things and YOU don't, ha!" "Oh well, you're asking for it!" said Fica. Then she used her ice power bite to freeze him. Just then Fireball turned blue, then said, "Oh please let me go. I was just sad that I couldn't draw." Then he started crying. "Oh," said Fica, then unfreed him. A few days later Fica gave Fireball drawing lessons. Fireball could draw and Fica and Fireball were best friends. | I am 8 years old. My favorite subjects in school are Art. Writing, and Science. When I am not in school I like to draw. When I grow up I want to be an Egyptologist. - Sophie McDonald

11: Annie and Her Friends One day, under the sea, there was a sad octopus. Her name was Annie. Annie wanted a friend. One day two kids were scuba diving and they found her cave. Annie grabbed one of the kids with her tentacle. "Ahhh," he said. "Please let my brother go." "Okay," she said. "Do you need any friends?" asked the kids. "Yes, I do," said Annie. "We will be your friends!" said the kids. "Thank you." said Annie. Then the kids told her "We will bring you to our house." "Where is it?" Annie asked. They answered, "L.A." And they lived happily ever after. The End | I am 8 years old. My favorite subject in school is Science. When I am not at school I like to play in my room. When I grow up I would love to be a Secret Agent - Maxine DeMars

13: We Are No Longer Friends Once upon a time there was a beautiful yellow bird named Samantha. She had bright rainbow colored wings, and long golden hair. She wore pretty flower earrings. One day while she was in the rain forest in Africa, she dreamed of going to the park, so she did! She played on the bars. Then she saw some humans named Isabella and John. She played on the bars with them and then they went away. They were no longer friends. Samantha was very sad. But then she saw a little girl. Her name was Kate. Samantha became friends with her. Then they played on the bars. They were B.F.F's! Samantha went to live with Kate and they became like sisters. They always stayed together with each other. They had a beautiful home. It had a gummy bear chandelier in the dining room. They lived a very happy life. | I am 7 years old. My favorite subject in school is Art. When I am not at school I love to ride my bike. When I grow up I want to be a Fashion Designer. - Lauren Browne

15: Mario Mario is part tiger, porcupine and human. Mario is good at climbing trees and he is a good swimmer. His quills are hollow and that makes him float. His cousin Bob from Africa can make a Mohawk from the quills on his back. His brother Joe is cool. His friend Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa. His girlfriend is Peach and she is very vocal. She moans, grunts, wails, whines, shrieks, and clicks her teeth. Mario's spikes are very sharp and long. He uses them to be weapons and a shield. | I am 7 years old. My favorite subject is P.E. When I am not at school I like to ski. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. - Max Sweeney

16: Alec

17: Bub and the Great Adventure of the Melon Once upon a time a long century ago there was a boy. He went into Dodo land. He met dodo birds, Their names were P.J. and Henry. Did I mention the boy's name was Bub? He went into the jungle and found a melon. P.J. stole it from him. Bub was mad. He asked for his lemon back. P.J. said yes and they were best friends. They flew into the jungle for the sunset. They saw the whole flock of dodo birds with the bird claws. It was beautiful and then then they went to bed.

18: Haley Hannah

19: Lila's Life My creature's name is Lila. She lives in the ocean. She has a tail. She has a fish tail. She has wings. She has a crown that protects her against animals. One night she saw a fish net that dropped from the top of the water. She got caught in it. Then she found a knife. She grabbed it with her tail and cut the net to pieces and escaped. She swam deep down in the ocean. She looked up and saw a fisherman. He was holding the fish net. She was really scared of the fisherman. She swam deeper until she reached the bottom of the ocean. She stayed there for a month. She started to feel lonely. She went up to the top of the ocean. She saw two little girls walking around . She said "hi." They said "hi" back to her. Lila and the two little girls became great friends. They saw each other every day. They were best friends. They helped each other and played with each other. The would draw with each other and no one ever harmed them. They believed that they were a family. They all lived happily ever after.

20: Natalie

21: When the Sun Sets A long, long time ago, when the earth was young, there was a goddess named Cina. One day when Cina went walking by the river, she jumped in the river. She used her powerful feet to propel her through the water. Her hair flowing behind her, and her tail a rudder. She saw Mac at the bottom of the river but centaurs can't swim. Cina swam down, grabbed Mac and swam to the surface. Mac asked Cina how he could re pay Cina. They settled on killing the Sun Queen so they could sleep. They went on a long journey to the sky. When they go to the sky they met the Sun Queen and they challenged her to a duel. Mac was distracting the Sun Queen while Cina crept up behind her and tore her head off. The Sun Queen's head went into space. We now call it the sun. Cina and Mac became King and Queen of the sky. They lived happily ever after. The End

22: Abby

23: Mythical World There once was a science lab in Las Vegas. The scientist there made a creature. He named him Anthro. Anthro did not have a mom or a dad. The scientist programmed him to go back to 1400 B.C. all the way to the end of the world. In 2011 Anthro ran away into the wild. He was wandering around. The world he is living in now is like a wonderland. with make-believe animals, like a doodle bird and lion fish and pine-pine birds. Anthro made a small kind of shelter. Then a few days later on foggy day, Anthro moved to another mythical world in Malibu. He brought food from another mythical world. The he found a friend that was no mythical. He was just a hedgehog.. A few days later they became B.F.F. Hedgie got the food every night and Anthro made the fire. The food Hedgie got was vegetables. Anthro and Hedgie lived in a tunnel. They moved again to a normal rain forest in Hawaii. Anthro and Hedgie found lots of food there. After that Hedgie and Anthro met a family; a mom, a dad, and two sisters. Hedgie was part of the family too.

25: Fireball and the Nature Wall Fireball is a colorful creature. One day she was walking in a forest. She sees a bush move. The bushes all around her interlock with each other! The other plants do the same!. They form an unbreakable wall. Three more walls form the same way. Then one more thing happens...the ceiling is formed! Then, something bad happens. The Polluter and the Nature Destroyer come to destroy the Nature Wall, but they can't. Fireball is truly amazed. She is very happy when she climbs the trees and the walls. When she tweaks a branch a door opens on the wall and she goes out and sees no branches, trees, or plants. They are all a part of the Nature Wall! Then she goes home and has hot clover soup, then goes to bed and dreams of nature.

27: The Very Evil Scientist Once upon a time there was a anthropomorphic creature named Two Face. He was playing hopscotch at the park while Meaco the jaguar was in the forest hunting. They both were thirsty so they went to the river. They met and decided to be friends. Meaco told Two Face about an evil scientist. "He has been terrorizing the town!" said Meaco. Two face listened. "I want to give him to the police!" said Two Face. "Wait!" said Meaco. "We do not know where he is." "Well, you've got a point. Let's find him!" said Two Face, and he ran into the woods. One of the evil scientist's spy robots caught their every move. He has many robots, about one billion. "I have the power of strength." said Two Face. "And I have the power of speed." said Meaco. "Hey, that makes a good combination!" said Two Face. "I heard his lab and his castle are right there," said Meaco. "Let's go." Minutes later they got there. "Let's look in the lab," said Meaco. He was not there. "I'll look in the castle...bye!" said Two Face, and took off. He saw the evil scientist and attacked him. They fought until they just about had it. The evil scientist picked up a knife. But Meaco saved the world and he caught the evil scientist and he gave him to the police and was arrested.

29: Werewolf and Cat One time 200 years ago, there was a werewolf who lived in the jungle. He walked up to an owl one day and said "I am going to catch you," and then a cat came down from a tree and said "You can't catch the owl, because it can fly." "Okay," said the werewolf. "I guess I can't catch him, but I can catch you!" Then the werewolf chased the cat and the cat ran away. The cat ran up a tree and the werewolf couldn't climb trees so the werewolf waited for the cat to come down from the tree. He waited a long time for the cat to com down. Finally the cat came down. Then the werewolf jumped to catch the cat and the werewolf said "I just wanted someone to play with. That's why I chased you." "Okay, " said the cat. "Let's go play." So the cat and the werewolf played together.

31: A.C. The Alien Commander A..C. (Alien Commander) was born at the beach. Then Bob came to the beach and snuck up on A.C. and bugged him. Then Bob put a cage at One O'Clock Eastern time. Them Joe rescued A.C. and threw Bob in the very, very deep sea. Then Bob was eaten by a shark. A.C. has wings, claws, very sharp teeth and he can dive under water. He eats fish. A.C. can swim very, very fast. He is a bird so he can fly very fast. A.C. at the shark that ate Bob and then he went back to the beach. There he found a cave and lived in the cave. The A.C. figured out that he was living in a gold and diamond mine. So he went and cut some trees and made a door. Then he found iron and coal. Next he made a smelter and smelted sand a made glass for the door. After that he put the door in place and made torches and lit up the cave. He became rich. How you might ask? He just put wood and iron together and got a lot of gold and diamonds.

33: Once upon a time there was a snow creature named Jake. He lived up in the snowy mountains in Switzerland. He has a big house that is covered in snow. One day he went skiing and crashed into his friend Bob. The Bob said "Are you Okay?" Jake said, "Yes. I am alright, are you? Bob said "Yes, I am alright too." Bob went to Jakes house and they watched a movie and drank hot chocolate. It was very windy outside and a tree fell down and Bob and Jake screamed. Bob's dad is a firefighter and he asked Jake's mom if she could call him. She said yes. So she called Bob's dad to come to Jake's house and take the branch off the roof and he did. Then Jake and his mom said "Thank you." Jake, his mom and his dad lived happily ever after.

35: Magic Wings One day, Rainy was at flying school and he got teased by his friends because he couldn't fly yet. But his friends could. But he was going to learn. When he got home he found his mom's dictionary. He was looking for the word fly because he didn't know how to fly. He thought it told him how to fly, but it didn't. Then he remembered something. He remembered the wings factory where they made wings. Maybe they knew how to fly. So he went there, but they said no. But they knew someone who could help him. And they said, "The wise jokester at Big Tree." So he went there and he told Rainy all about a pair of magic wings. The magic wings were a regular pair of wings, but when you put them on they glow. "Then you would take them off and you would be able to fly," He said, "The wings are in a deep forest." He went into the forest. He stopped at a tree. Rainy knew this was the one. So he tried to climb up the tree, but that didn't work. Then he punched the tree five times and the wings came down! Rainy quickly put the wings on, then they turned golden. Then he took them off. Now he could fly! Then he flew all the way home.

37: Grog's Adventure One day Grog was strolling in the Goftee forest and he met his awesome friend Bub. Bub lead Grog to the largest city in the world, Snoode. Then these two cool guys had a soccer lesson and a soccer game versus Fottoe. Grog is a good soccer player because he has many legs. After the soccer game they went to get ice cream. Grog got chocolate ice cream and Bob got vanilla.. That cooled them down. They went to New York City and got beat up good by the Cookee team. Just then Diong, their enemy, came in and punched and kicked Grog in the stomach and Zeerey, another enemy came in and blew fire at Bob abd Grog. Grog put out his shield to protect Bub. Bub ran up and blew green fire at Diong and Zeerey and Bob defeated them! Grog and Bub celebrated with cookies and cakes and cupcakes.

39: Anthropomorphic Saves the Day Once upon a time there was a creature named Spike. He was a human on one side and a dinosaur on the other side. Spike had a tail with spikes, big claws, sharp teeth and scales.On the other side he had a shirt, a belt, an arm and a leg. Spike lived in La-La-Land. La-La-Land was built from the future. When Spike was walking on a cloud he saw a penguin named Hopper. Soon after that Spike and Hopper became close friends. "Do you want to go to The House of Air?" Hopper asked. "Yes!' said Spike. So Spike and Hopper went to the House of Air. That

40: Ben

42: Clayton

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