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FC: The Calkins Farm

1: 2488 East Casco Rd. Beaufort, MO 63013 Established approx. Early 20s 185 acres | The Calkins put up around 400 bales of hay to use for their cattle, and also put up around 200 bales to sell. | The old house where Grandad was raised. It is now used as a feed house. | The shop...many hours are spent here fixing things. Sam and Logan love to help fix in the shop.

2: Much time is spent caring for the cattle. This is one of the boy's favorite jobs while visiting the farm. This usually involves a ride in the golf cart, big red, big kub, or a tractor.!

3: The Calkins' farm is home to 80 head of cattle. They are rotated in the various pastures throughout the year and are fed grain and hay that are straight from their farm.

4: Uncle David and his hired men farm approx. 1500 acres a year. They plant and harvest beans, corn, milo, wheat, and hay. They also make all their grain to feed the cows, and sell the remaining feed.

5: This has always been a John Deere Tractor Farm. Grandad began with a B, a 70, and an A. He then got a 730, 630, and a 530. They currently use the following John Deere Tractors: 4850, 4430, 4840, 4010, 4020.

6: Grain bin work at the "Baily Farm". Sam was very interested in the construction of the newest grain bin. This bin makes the 10th grain bin that the Calkins have. They store their harvest in the bins until they haul the crop to sell at Grain ADM or Grainte Grain in St. Louis. The bins at the Bailey Farm use air to dry the harvest, and the bins at the East Casco farm use gas to dry the harvest.

7: Like father, like Gradfather, like Uncle, like Great-Grandad-farming is in the Calkins blood!

8: Sam and Logan helping Daddy plant the Voss bottom. Many of the acres they farm are rented. When Grandad began renting he usually paid 2/3 of the bills and got 2/3 of the profit, leaving the renter with1/3 of the bills and 1/3 of the profit. Uncle David mostly pays for everything and gives the renter 1/4 of the crops.

9: Preparing the Combine for the Harvest Season!!! | Sam washing the dirt off the combine | going up to check things out | taking a look at what needs to be replaced | JD 9500

10: Combining starts at different times depending on the crop. Wheat is combined at the end of June. Corn is combined beginning in September, followed by beans in October. They started with a pull-type JD 30, then a self propelled JD 45. Next, they went to a JD55, 4400, 6620, 9500, and now they own a 9650.

11: Family Time

12: Friday Farm nights are nights we started before Sam was born. Now that the boys are getting older, they are nights that we can't live without.!

13: Our farm nights always include some type of farm work, a home cooked meal by Granny Shirley, and some special family time.

14: Cultivating is Grandad's favorite farm work. When they started Cultivating they began with a 2 row cultivator. Everyone took a turn cultivating.

15: Watching Gramps cultivate @ Ralph Schmidt's Farm

16: Teaching Sam the "ropes". I am so thankful that my boys have been able to meet and be with their Great-Grandpa Calkins...he is a man that you would want your children to be like! Love You Grandad!

17: "The blessings of a Grandfather's heart will never end, when he has grandkids who have grown into the best of friends." Grandad and his buddies getting reading to cultivate some corn. Granny and Mommy said "no rides" but Gramps said "come on boys".

18: Spending some time with uncle Al. Farming is a lot of work, but at the end of the day it is being with friends and family that means the most.

19: Uncle David slows down very little, but he always makes time for his buddies Sam and Logan. They really look up to Uncle David and want to be just like him when they grow up. They are treated like one of the guys when they are with him. This is how they come back looking most days! Mommy has gotten really good at stain removal!

20: The winter of 2010 and Spring of 2011 was extremely wet and mud was more of an issue that it has ever been! Feeding the cows was quite the chore, but Sam and Logan still wanted to be a part of it! During the winter they feed the cows grain and round bales. They also unroll round bales for feed and bedding.

22: The feeding process! Sam and Logan think the grain pile is like a big sand box! The cows like it when they feed because they always seem to give a little extra!

23: St. John's Creek-where sam and logan love to play and throw rocks into the water! if the water is low enough you can cross it here. it connects east casco to old state

24: Farm fun at the bailey farm

25: Planting potatoes with Granny shirley. She sure is a special granny! she would do anything for us and we love her so much! thanks for all you do granny!

26: Harvesting wheat along hwy 185. mark ware combined the wheat for david since he didn't have his new combine yet. after the wheat was harvested, grandad worked hard to bale straw bales. shortly after, richard showed up to drill the beans into the field. that was a busy days work in these fields!!!!

29: We had to come help before the other help arrived! the boys really enjoyed being a part of this day and helping grandad farm!

30: straw bale time!

32: 7148 Hwy 185 Leslie, MO 63056 | The Bailey Farm Est. Approx. 1965 | 193 acres when purchased, 232 acres currently | Originally owned by Cecil Bailey

33: Hay Season is always a part of the summer months. Good equipment has made the job a little easier-they have made many improvements and upgrades!

34: There are many things to do in one day...spraying, disking, spreading ammonia...many hands makes the day easier.

35: A first for the Calkins Farm-a tractor trailer truck! The boys couldn't be more excited! They have been using it to haul harvested crops to sell. Before they owned one, they hired people to haul their crops. This newest addition was added to the farm in early 2011!

36: A big day in 2001 when Shannon drove the new 9500 home from all the way north of Mexico, MO! A few neighbors even stopped by to check it out! | The big quesiton...will it fit in the barn???? David and Brad are watching to see!

37: Lenard, Glen, Al, Rich, Brad, David, Shannon, Gramps, and Granny...all at the farm to see the new upgrade!

38: Another big day on the Calkins Farm,7-9-11, a truck is coming from IL with the new 9650 combine that Uncle David bought on a sale. We met him in Beaufort to guide him to the farm and to be sure that he would fit under the electrical lines in Beaufort and to help flag traffic along 185. Sam and Logan watched his every turn from the back seat window. Sam is excited that he was a part of picking this one out at the sale with Daddy and Uncle David.

39: Today was Papa Brad's birthday-we joked that this was his present! The tire is taller than the boys! | Everyone watched as the driver drove it off the trailer without his hands on the wheel!!

40: A four generation picture: Grandad (BC) (86), Brad (50), Shannon (31), Sam (4), and Logan (2).

41: Another Friday Farm Night! 7-22-11. Mommy, Sam, Logan, and "Sunni" went along to the creek with Uncle David to check the fence so that they could move the cows across the road. While Uncle David fixed, Sam, Logan, and Sunni played in the creek. The boys love to help David and they love to play in the creek!

42: 7-22-11 Mommy, Sam, and Logan went for a golf cart ride to check out Uncle David's corn. We couldn't believe how much it has grown despite the awful heat this week! Good job planting this corn Uncle David! | Sammy | Loggie

43: 9-11-11 The Tractor Parade to support the local food pantry. Uncle Al drove one of the JD's and we went to town to cheer him on. The boys loved watching all the tractors pull in and out. What a great cause to support.

45: 9-17-11 The very first Beaufort-Leslie Tractor Parade with our very own Gramps leading the way. They ended at the Church Tractor Show. It was an exciting day for all the tractor lovers...young and old.

46: 9-21-11 Sam and Logan were the first in line to ride on the first field to be combined this year with the new combine...a very exciting day.

47: 10-7-11 Happy Birthday Uncle Dave! We decided to make Uncle Dave his favorite...homemade donuts. The only problem is that they taste the best fresh and he doesn't come home too early this time of the we went and found him! We enjoyed a birthday snack in the middle of a freshly combined field. YOU couldn't ask for better family time. The boys sure love their Uncle David!

49: 10-9-11 Combine Time at Mill Rock! Gramps was there to make sure everything was done right and we were along to enjoy the harvest process. The boys love to help! | Granny always makes sure the guys are well fed. Lunch time is never skipped and the lunch bucket is always packed with love by Granny!

50: Farmers in... | training!!!

51: 11-18-11 We were having a very mild start to winter and Gramps wanted the baler fixed so he could bale a little. Sam and Logan knew how to fix it and thought they should show Papa. We baled a wagon full and enjoyed the day with Gramps and Papa! | Logan was going to sit on that foot step until it was time to go...he wasn't about to be left behind!

52: 11-25-11 Fixin' at the Farm! This is one of their favorite places to be on the farm. Uncle David treats them like "one of the guys". They get to use the tools and fix...even Unlce Dave's truck!

53: We know it has been a good night when our hands are dirty and we look like a piggy! Good thing Mommy has a good washing machine!

54: 12/1/11 Happy Birthday to the best Gramps a family could ever ask for! We are so thankful he is a part of our life and we have had so much time to make memories with him. We brought him his favorite...angel food cake, dream whip, and strawberries. He enjoyed blowing out candles with the boys. Love you Gramps!

55: 12-31-11 Enjoying a very warm Dec. day by helping Uncle Dave load hay for Mullins. We had to go to Ralph Schmidt's to load the hay and deliver it to Mullins. Daddy hauled a load in Uncle Dave's truck and we helped Uncle Dave haul a load with our truck.

56: 3/25/12 Enjoying another above normal spring day at the farm! It is the time of year where the Calkins have to keep a close eye on the cattle. They have to watch for new babies and sick babies! Uncle David is feeding the sick calf in the lot to help it get stronger. The boys are feeding the mommy cow while David works with the baby so she is distracted and not so nervous!

57: 5/27/12 Memorial Day Parade!! | This is always a special day for Gramps. We love to be a part of it.

59: June 2012...Gramps was so proud of this field at Tony Bafolto's farm. He asked us to go on a road trip to take a few pics! It was a very nice looking field!

60: Our family rock...Gramps. We think he is pretty special and you can't find anyone who doesn't know him or he won't talk to! We love you Gramps!

61: Our newest addition to the family...Heather's fiancé, Jesse. He has been a huge help to the farm and has enjoyed helping Uncle David plant, and complete the daily farm chores. The kids love him, and we all think he is a great "catch". Welcome to the family Jess!

63: summer time means garden time! the bunnies were taking over granny's garden so we helped her replant a few things and put a fence around the beans to keep them out...we all love fresh veggies!

64: Owensville Thrashers Show 7/22/12 Rosebud, MO

65: Gramps and Logan rode in the tractor parade on a JD B and Sam finally got up the nerve to pull in the pedal pull and ended up winning third place and his first trophy! Logan loved the car and truck show!

66: Silage Making 2012 @ The Calkins Farm

67: The neighbors came to help and the day went pretty smoothly...many hands makes work lighter. Of course...the boys were there to help.

70: July 31, 2012

71: The Feth Family got together to thrash wheat and Gramps was there to watch. It is great to get together and enjoy the old ways.

73: The Beaufort Tractor Parade...led by Gramps

74: Veteran's Day.....2012 We went to Borgia's Ceremony to honor our own special Vet.......Gramps!

75: Spending Gramp's 88th Birthday doing what he loves....putting up hay! We were so thankful to help and be a part of it! We love spending time together and working on the farm! It was a warm day too!

76: The farm has gained a few new upgrades in the past year...including a new wheel loader and a wagon that grinds a round bale of hay and grain or distillers to feed the cows...all ways to make operations a little easier! The boys love when Uncle Dave gets new toys! | Gramps

77: The excitement of new toys....the boys could hear them coming from miles away.

82: A few more new things popping up at the farm...a new drivable sprayer and trailer and another tractor. Of course, there is still always plenty to fix too.

84: Logan celebrated his birthday at his favorite place...the farm. Dena made him a yummy cake and we all ate dinner our farm nights.

87: May 4th was a very blessed day! Congrats Heather & Jesse.! We love you and are so glad to be a part of your big day!

89: Fun Farm Stories... *When they began farming Homer Eggert's Farm the ground was so tough that they had to hook 2 tractors to the plow to break up the ground. *Once they were going to fatten up some steers and keep them on the Bailey Farm. They forgot to shut the gates and they got out. They looked for hours. The next morning they returned to the farm to find the steers laying in the barn...waiting to be fed. *Once Bill Mentz and Granny were both combining a field and they ran face into each other. Of course, it was Grannay's fault for getting out of her row and boy was Driver mad! *When they built their house they had a deal of problems with copper heads, scorpions, and snakes-yikes! *As with all farm work, there were many close calls and dangerous moments. While most of the tractor accidents included Brad, Al was taking a combine up a hill by Noser Mill and the axel broke and the big tire fell off. Thank goodness for his new rubber boots, because they gave him enough grip to hold on!

90: Important Notes and Facts.... *After Gramps came back from the Navy, Granny started the "chase" after him. He was best friends with her brother and she always tried to be everywhere he was. The Lime trucks always passed her on the road, but she would only take rides from Gramps. One time when Gramps was hauling corn, she made sure she helped and he asked her if she wanted a kiss...only to pull out a Hershey Kiss from his pocket. They went to a picnic together with Bud and Velma and he finally gave in and started courting her. They mostly went to the Drive-In. Once during a hayride he asked her if she wanted a stick of gum and after saying yes, he told her "your kindness is only equal to your beauty." He always took good care of her! *Grandad's father, Louis Calkins brought the farm from their cousins. The Greenstreets originally owned it. *In 1961 Patrick Calkins built the house that they currently live in and BC and Shirley rented it from him. They lived together until Granny and Gramps bought the house from Pat and he built his house along 185. * Grandad's father farmed. Grandad farmed while building roads, working in a food factory, and making basements. He eventually farmed full time. Granny worked in the shoe factory until the kids were born. She went back to the shoe factory after the kids were in school. *The Calkins raised hogs for many years before the hog market went to 9 cents a pound. They stopped about 15 years ago (from 2011). They raised the hogs to sell and fed them grain that they made on the farm.

91: *The Owner of the Bailey Farm, Cecil Bailey got drunk one night and listed the property to sell. Once he sobered up and realized what had happened he begged Gramps to purchase the land so he wouldn't loose it. They borrowed enough to give the real estate their share and made payments to Mr. Bailey while he stilled lived there. *Driver and Gramps farmed as a partnership for 15years. *The first hired man on the farm was Bill Mentz. *Other hired men included: Jim Griefe, Val Bolzenius, Dan Vanleer, Larry Sullentrup, Nick Kimbler, Shannon Calkins (who also became a "live-in" camping many nights on the porch), and Richard Bade who worked the longest with them-approx. 25 years. *These are the farms that Grandad farmed which David has taken over: Fishers (now Dan Peterson), Homer Eggerts (now Unnerstall), Kapplemans (now Schuenemeyer), Hoemann, Kermsey (now Schuh), Ralph Schmidt, and Paul Koenig. *These are the farms David is also currently farming: Tony Bufalo, Nick Zagarri, Rafgaver, Paul York, Susan Dueber, Noonan, Wildhabers, Langenbacker, Tom Kennedy, Dustin Gerling, Preston Swaford, Stewart Robinson.

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